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  1. Looks waaaaay better already! What size tires are on the 8 bolt narrow front? I like the look.
  2. They come out clean and surface rust is gone. Badly pitted parts may require more effort.
  3. I don't think that I would paint those hoods. They look great!
  4. Nice 826! Have you submitted the serial number for the registry?
  5. You may indeed be right about the 1190. I value everyone's insights! ?
  6. Few more interesting facts. The white IH pickup with red stripe; visible on SW corner was used for service calls. Sold new, traded back in. Uncle Norm painted it white with red stripe prior to becoming the shop truck. The green Travelall parked along south property line belonged to old man Custer. His daily driver. Two 86 series tractors parked north of shop were likely going through dealer prep. Behind the paint booth, adjacent to the tractor shop door in the corner was the scrap metal pile. See the auger along the building? Lots of equipment around the building. I can see a 241 baler, corn head, 990 mower conditioner, model 80 snowblower, square baler. Our 915 combine was a trade in on the first rotary combine Custer sold. We bought the 915 after the 815 overheated and locked up the engine combining beans. Our 1976 1500 Truck also came from Custer. Uncle swapped the box and hoist over off the 1947 Ford we traded in. I hope you enjoy my rambling. I love sharing these old stories with everyone. Helps keep these old places alive long after they are gone.
  7. My uncle and I studied this photo awhile and he offered some insights that I will share. The showroom was on the NE corner. Employee parking on the south side along the building. Norm's motorcycle is visible in the photo. To the south along the property line, customer units would wait for service and delivery. Across the street to the North, new and used equipment was on display. West on the next block a lot and building housed new equipment and a place for set-up of new units (tillage and such). Most new combines were parked there. The wash bay/ paint booth was on NW corner. Three overhead doors on the north wall allowed access to wash bay ,shop and showroom. The overhead door in the center of west wall allowed another entry into main shop. Taller door on SW corner allowed entry into combine shop. Parts room was on SE corner. It was torn down when the tire store moved in. (Customer parking visible in my photo.)
  8. Custer was Dad and Grandpa's IH dealer for many years. My uncle (Dad's brother) was a mechanic there from 1971 to 1985. Uncle Norman always worked on our equipment when it needed repairs. He and I analyzed this photograph and determined that it must have been taken in 1977. There are 86 series and 2+2 tractors visible in the photo. Also a 915 combine. This photo was taken from the west side. My current view is from the east.
  9. I will start with a photo of the building today. It became the home for Bear's Inc. OK Tire Store after Custer closed in 1985. You can see the lower section of the pylon on the RH side of the photo.
  10. Brian, how many tractors do you have a loader on? I saw a 1066 BS and a 1026 in that last montage of photos. I thought the loader was on the faded black stripe most recently? Just curious. Another great find, Sir.
  11. I have used my wide front C with cultivator to keep the sweet corn clean.
  12. My Rat Terrier has obviously called this helpline in the past........
  13. Winburn Farms, Grinnell, Iowa serial# 9103. Painted long ago as a demo, but it is not. Red dash, red panels by 1026 emblems.
  14. Sledge has inspired me to dust off my model building skills. The last one I completed was a Model T Ford for my sister in 2002. I dug through the 50-60 model kits (all unassembled) I have tucked away and dug out this Scout II. It is dated from 2007. I purchased some basic supplies last night. Looking for some creative inspiration. If you have a Scout II or a Rallye you would like to see me recreate, post pictures here. This should be fun!
  15. Dalton, I have an original paint 4 row model 448 cultivator made to fit an M. It has a red frame with blue shanks and sweeps. The model number is stenciled in a yellowish color. McCormick decals. Hope this photo helps you out.
  16. Looking great! I really love the look of the long axles and the dual hubs on that 14. Will you put the emblems on the weights like on the 1026 awhile back?
  17. Don't know if you have researched these or not.
  18. Not the one we are looking for, but another for the registry.
  19. Talked to Jim last weekend. He said he bought another 1456 in your "competition " to have the most 14's! ? The tractor looks great. Waiting to see the cab now!
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