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  1. I chuckled pretty good when you said that you did not mention stopping over to your wife! Mine called while we were together and She asked if I was having fun working on old red tractors with my forum buddies. She knows what makes me tick and supports me! I need to pick a day and invite all the forum members who would like to stop over for a shed tour. It would be a good time!
  2. Sounds like my life story as well. Grandpa taught me what he could, as we worked together in the evenings. Now, Dad is the old man and I am the one with the skills to keep the machines running.
  3. Best wishes for today and many more, my Friend!
  4. I have a 4 foot S-K breaker bar. Even with a long cheater pipe and my bulk, it has never failed me yet!
  5. Thanks also for the nickel tour of the farm! Should have stopped long ago. You have several nice tractors. Something satisfying about a sharp Allis Chalmers machine! The ole 1066 looked nice in front of the house. Stopped to check it out on my way out the driveway. I dont have a project that I need a hand with, but you and Iowaboy need to stop over for the nickel tour of my place. I will upgrade to the dime tour, no extra charge!
  6. You are very welcome, Mike! My pleasure. It was nice to meet Iowaboy as well. It never occurred to me to get a photo of the 3 of us in front of the 756.... By the way, I verified in Ken Updike's serial number bible. Yes, your 756 is the first one off the line in 1969!
  7. If I reincarnated as a dog, I wanna live with you, Lorenzo!?
  8. Watchout, Kitty! Slippery when wet!
  9. I did just look in Ken Updike's serial number bible. Yes, your 756 is the first one built in 1969!
  10. It was very satisfying to hear it run for the first time! You still have a few little adjustments to make, but definitely getting there. Thanks for the nickel tour of the farm, sir. The old 1066 looks good out front, stopped on my out the driveway for a peek!
  11. Have several from Kimball Midwest.
  12. Please share your progress with us as you repair this 1026. I always thought a row crop 1026 with the diamond cab was the best combination!
  13. I finally dug the book out tonight. I hope this helps. If you need any clarification, I will be glad to help.
  14. Congratulations! Looks great to me.
  15. See, I learn something every day! That is the fun of this forum. Still, the tag will eliminate all doubt. It very well could be one of the 55? built. For all we know, the hoods are gold underneath! As a side note, and I have told many friends: with the parts I find here at work, I could try to fake a couple gold demonstrator and other unusual models with parts at hand. But, I would never do that because it ruins the history of the machine and the value of what is left. I have collected most of the parts to make a parts matching rare model, but I would never alter or replace the serial number tag. It would be presented as a tribute machine. Only if I could find a legit tag, would I consider that unusual combination as original. Of course, I would document the source of the tag. My thoughts.
  16. We will never need an electric powered airplane. To replace all the internal combustion engines that make modern life possible, without coal or nuclear power; we will use up all available ground space for wind turbines and solar panels. NO PLACE LEFT FOR A RUNWAY ( or a field of corn). Good luck with that short sighted idealistic mindset!
  17. I would love to see the 1026 tag on that rear end with the "I" clearly visible to prove the heritage of the rear end. Looks more like a row crop configuration, but some of them came that way. Anyone can bolt 2 tractors together. For machines this rare, verification definately determines the value. The appearance of the rear and and the lack of lights in the grille all point toward a row crop heritage. A front bolster, a couple frame rails and rear wheels are all that point to a wheatland machine. I am not questioning anyone's integrity, just examining the clues. How many "rare" HTA tractors are running around? ?
  18. We have a 1026 row crop with an 806 rear end here at work. Original identity of the 1026 was lost with the rear end.
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