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  1. 1 hour ago, Hydro70 said:

    Anybody remember that post I did with the picture of the 5288 in southern Arkansas in a jockeys lot that almost started the Civil War again cause everybody said thats what them tractors down south look like.....hahah.....and boy the arguing was on, bet it was going back and forth for bouth a month

    I think Mike Links at Triple R Tractors ended up restoring that machine to showroom condition,  if I remember correctly....

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  2. Big storm expected tonight through late tomorrow:  9 to 12 more inches!  So, I dumped in 20 gallons of diesel from the station in town.  Primed the system on the Ambac 100 pump.  In 23 degree weather, that Hydro 100 fired right up!  Sputtered a bit as the air worked out of the lines, then ran smooth. 20240111_190519.thumb.jpg.1a2ccd7a62a780032da6df16c663c656.jpg


    Opened up Dad's shop, moved his 706 out and hooked the model 80 up.  Tested it a bit on Dad's yard.  That is the perfect rig for snow! 20240111_193628.thumb.jpg.5f68b44e0bbcd168a3c4d89e1b9214a8.jpg

    Sitting north of my house now, engine heater plugged in.  Ready for whatever mother nature dumps on me.


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  3. 3 hours ago, Jacka said:

    I had to sell farm machinery that my dad bought also and were family "heirlooms" so to speak.I bought them from my mom after dad passed and several years later had to sell a few pieces to pay the electric bill and taxes to keep milking. Mom said do what you have to dad would understand.I did.I also survived and prospered.I still look for them at auctions, maybe I will get a chance to buy a piece back.

    The only machine that tugs at my heart is Dad's 856 Custom.   He bought it in 1976.  I grew up running that tractor on the disk in the spring and on the Behlen batch dryer in the fall.  Traced it through 3 owners and never could find it.  I sold a 94 Ford F250 4x4, my 1466 with red cab and my Vermer 605 Super J on the same sale as Dad's 856 in 96.  Only miss that 856!

  4. Dad has sold farm equipment twice to settle debts.  Once mandated by the bank in the 80's.  In the 90's him and I sold off equipment (our own choosing) to pay our debt off to the bank.  Can seem like a hard pill to swallow,  but we were stronger and better for it.

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  5. Spent this afternoon moving snow with the 656 hydro.






    Drove over to Dad's place to discover that he had moved enough snow to get out to the road, so I headed home.  

    Hydro 100 sitting out of diesel with the snowblower just behind it in the shed!



    The road between Dad's place and mine.  (Quarter mile)




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  6. Finally have the 656 ready to move snow from this upcoming storm.   Latest I have ever done that task. 




    Drove the Hydro 100 up to Dad's to mount the model 80 snowblower.   It ran out of diesel while I was moving his 706 out from in front of the blower.  The diesel barrel is empty: Dad forgot to call for fuel.  SO, that project is on hold!

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  7. I will be 50 in March.  How can the 5 millionth 1066 (Feb. 1st 1974) be 50 years old?  Lots of them still earning their keep on farms everywhere!  Now my high school pickup is considered collectible.....

    I will take age with experience over being younger any day of the week! Will just embrace my age and keep on going...😁

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  8. Prayers from Central Iowa. 

    My sister had similar injuries in a bad wreck in March 1995. She survived and your friend seems to be on a path to recovery as well. I will keep him in my thoughts. 

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  9. 17 hours ago, acem said:

    I have an urge to repaint mine as a black stripe 4366. I realize they weren't made but I think it would look good.

    Go for it, Ace!  Sounds cool.😎👍

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  10. 22 was a rough year for me.  23 was busy,  but good.  High hopes for 24.  Come and see us Iowa Folks in June for the Red Power Roundup in Spencer Iowa!  That alone will make 24 a good one....😀

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