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  1. Glad that the 3 point works for you, Dennis. I will stick to my 656!
  2. A testament to the power that the 407 had from the factory. Plus, this tractor came off the farm. Engine likely not recently overhauled.
  3. Our outside dog killed a groundhog early this week. I keep taking the carcass away from the house and she finds it and brings it back. All 3 of our indoor dogs have rolled in it this week and promptly received a bath from our daughter!
  4. Wow, what a nice pull! That 407 just sings. What did you do to the engine? Any upgrades or is it mostly the way it came off the farm?
  5. AP Air is another good source.
  6. I remove 1 frame rail at a time for cleaning and painting on each full restoration project. No big deal.
  7. Wow! Looks great, Rusty. Now we know what you have been up to lately. ?
  8. I thought it was a good idea. So much going on, and so many rigs in use right now! I could also have included the 656 hydro with 1100 sickle mower for roadside mowing, the Super C with woods belly mower and the 826 on the 990 mower conditioner. But, they were all inside a dark shed!
  9. Dad and I drove to southern Illinois to purchase it. Just before Christmas 2017. Would have driven much further. Definitely not one on every block!
  10. You might be seeing the grass in the ditch. Dad turned around while I was taking those pictures. I was up on the road.
  11. Thank you. We take pride in them. Keep them washed, waxed and shedded whenever possible.
  12. I can take a photo of the pump. It has a hose from the tank to a manifold at the base of the pump. Up to 8 rubber hoses can be attached to the manifold. The chain drives a 4 roller assembly that squeezes the rubber hose from bottom to top as it rotates, thus moving a squirt of nitrogen up the hose to another line down to each row unit. Kind of pulsates the fertilizer through the lines. Make sense? We use the squeeze pump and the coulter units on the planter as we plant the corn as well. Sometimes, we spray a little nitrogen with the sprayer on the corn too.
  13. My tractor collection kind of started out of necessity. When Dad (now retired) and I both worked off the farm, time was crucial. So, with each rig hooked up, we just jumped on and went to work with the time we had available!
  14. It is a John Blue squeeze pump. It is ground driven off the Buffalo cultivator unit with a chain. Tank on the front of the 1206 supplies the nitrogen. Dad and I built that machine from a inline ripper, Asherman fertilizer coulters, Buffalo row unit, and an IH weight bracket and 100# weights for down pressure. Even a 560 slab weight hanging on the Buffalo unit!
  15. This corn received nitrogen this afternoon and could definitely use a nice rain. This is the final field of soybeans we planted. Looking decent so far. Feel free to add your farm equipment your and crop update photos!
  16. 756 on the Westfield truck auger. Dad has been loading a load of soybeans every evening and delivering them first thing every morning this week.
  17. 544 with woods M5 rotary mower. My waterway mowing rig and ride for tonight.
  18. 1206 with the 3 point nitrogen sidedressing toolbar.
  19. Hydro 100 on the sprayer tender.
  20. Took a walk this evening when I arrived home from work. Decided to show off some of our machines at work. Dad in the 856 with 3 point sprayer, applying post emergence in corn.
  21. It is so much more difficult now. When I was young, the line between right and wrong was very defined. The consequences for poor choices were clearly explained to me. At home, at school, in public, etc these expectations were enforced. Now, the lines are blurred. Legalization of marijuana for social use, the idea that kids are buddies and we let them do what pleases them, social acceptance of sins spelled out in the Bible, poor example of behavior from elders to the influential young people have led to advanced social decay. We as adults have lost the ability to discipline the young. Now, they have the control AND they know it. My dad would beat my a**, if I stepped over the line. But, that seldom happened BECAUSE I respected him and other elders. Now that respect is gone. Heaven help us now. Church, 4-H, FFA are still organizations that teach values, skills and social growth. I recommend them. Be good to your kids, show them mercy and love. But, remind them that your experience that comes with age. Ask them to trust you judgment and encourage good behavior. Responsibility and family time are the best tools for a modern parent to influence a young mind, in my opinion.
  22. The regional TA debate is an interesting one. Here in the upper midwest, the TA was nice option to have for the work at hand. Tractors here were likely driven by family members or a single trusted hired man, so proper use was more likely. In the south, lots of hired labor led to the mistreatment of the TA. So, a lower cost machine without the torque to be destroyed made more sense. Lots of southern machines also had the TA handle removed. Problem solved. On our farm, the TA made a smaller tractor bigger; when you could use the TA on hills when necessary. We pulled Implements too big for the tractor and the TA was valuable in tough spots or up hill.
  23. Dad had a Hy Capacity spragless TA in his 856 Custom . One of the first in the area. Installed at Custer Implement in Tama, IA. The guys from Hy Capacity would come interview Dad about the TA. See how it was holding up. I don't know how many hours the original TA had, but the tractor had over 12,000 hours when we sold it in 1995.
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