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  1. I love the dog in this photo! He rides with them on whatever they are doing. Tractor, hay rack, wagon, buddy seat, etc. Bob on his mini 826 gold demo with matching cadet trailer. The MIAPA club firetruck. Irene in the front passenger seat financed the restoration, the gentleman driving did the work.
  2. Parade of power. Leading the parade, Fever with his 4020 LP and no.6 sheller. DT on his 856 Bob on his 826 Gold Demo Unusual AC 190 high crop.
  3. Steam threshing. Potato digging (IH horse drawn harvester.)
  4. Corn shelling. Tractor games. Stationary baler.
  5. A few of the day's activities: Plowing and discing.
  6. Farmall 1066, I am sorry that I missed you. Mike told me after the fact that you were there. Would have made an effort to stop and chat! Please do come and visit when IH is featured. Red is strong in our area!
  7. Few photos I took. This Ford F3 started life as a grain truck. Only the frame and the cab are original. Has a flip nose conversion. Case 830 with turbo. This 4020 and 4440 belong to a regular customer at work. They are flawless! Few other neat John Deeres Will take more tomorrow, today was kinda busy!
  8. The military display today. I am sure this will vary day by day.
  9. His static sheller up on the hill in the JD display. His auger drag. I have never seen one before.
  10. Fever's shelling rig on the ear corn crib. It really gobbles the corn! He explained the drag storage to me. A separate PTO gearbox operates a mechanism to pull the drag sections up from the rear.
  11. Load #1 Load#2 My machines at the show this evening.
  12. My machines washed up to go. Left the 656 home in favor of the Ranger. My parents want to use it on the grounds Saturday.
  13. Here are photos of DT with the 856 on the dyno. I have the 2nd highest HP of the day! The day's results: My friend Bob has his 826 diesel hydro at the show. So do I. They are both 1970 models EXACTLY 100 serial numbers apart! His is 11,756 and mine is 11,856. They were pretty even in horsepower, mine was 83 HP, Bob's was 82 HP.
  14. The 140 is running off the factory fuel tank....for now. Lots more fines coming into the sediment bowl than I anticipated. But, the best way to flush it is to use it! I will bring the temporary tank along in case I plug up the sediment bowl completely. Put a coat of wax on. Should be ready to go. The 826 was running a spare on the right front. I had purchased a matching tire for the original rim and mounted it up tonight after work. Came home and mounted it on the tractor. Added some hy tran. Needs a quick bath in the morning.
  15. Would larger rear tires fix the issue? Easier to swap out.
  16. Welcome. Glad to help. Just left on UPS.
  17. I am bringing the 826 hydro to pull the people movers with, the 140 and the 656.
  18. A few scattered hog confinements around my neighborhood. Dad and I farrow to finished 250 sows up till "the end" in 1996. Still miss hogs, they are so enjoyable. Always wanting a scratch on the head or back. Always curious what you are up to! About like a Dairy operation, hard to get away very long. I will try to look up some old photos.
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