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  1. I have never seen them used either. The idea was that you moved the cylinder from one piece of equipment to another to save on having multiple. You left the hydraulic hoses connected and hung the cylinder from the hook. As implements grew larger, with specialized cylinders for them, the concept was abandoned. See it used more on JD 2 cylinder machines than on IH. (IH had their fast hitch. ) Why they appear on a tractor from 1975, I have no idea! I have used them going out to fix pasture fence. Hang plastic ice cream buckets full of insulators, clips and staples in them; on those hooks.
  2. Hydro 100 has category 2 3 point. Same style as late 706, all 856, 826, etc. and 966. Rounded cast housings with ball handle cranks on them.
  3. Maybe the rear tires don't have air? Foam filled instead. No blow outs under those crazy covers? Wonder how that would work in midwest slush and snow packing in up under there?🤔
  4. Until the wind goes down and the county can put plows back on the rural roads; I am not going anywhere. I guarantee that it is 4 feet deep on the hill west past my parents house!
  5. Clutch housing. Does not have the cab mounts on the rear end housing that the later BS models had.
  6. I have nearly all of his books as well. Definitely have all the Sackett novels.
  7. It Is nasty out there! Will likely need to put this combo to work when this storm ends. For now: recliner and a good Clive Cusser novel!
  8. You mean November 1975. Mine was the 55th one built.
  9. All that beautiful, dead brown grass. SO JEALOUS!
  10. Mine is also a late 1975!!!!! Serial number 12,290.
  11. I think Mike Links at Triple R Tractors ended up restoring that machine to showroom condition, if I remember correctly....
  12. There's a second man that went missing in that area as well. Something odd going on up there.
  13. Big storm expected tonight through late tomorrow: 9 to 12 more inches! So, I dumped in 20 gallons of diesel from the station in town. Primed the system on the Ambac 100 pump. In 23 degree weather, that Hydro 100 fired right up! Sputtered a bit as the air worked out of the lines, then ran smooth. Opened up Dad's shop, moved his 706 out and hooked the model 80 up. Tested it a bit on Dad's yard. That is the perfect rig for snow! Sitting north of my house now, engine heater plugged in. Ready for whatever mother nature dumps on me.
  14. The only machine that tugs at my heart is Dad's 856 Custom. He bought it in 1976. I grew up running that tractor on the disk in the spring and on the Behlen batch dryer in the fall. Traced it through 3 owners and never could find it. I sold a 94 Ford F250 4x4, my 1466 with red cab and my Vermer 605 Super J on the same sale as Dad's 856 in 96. Only miss that 856!
  15. Dad has sold farm equipment twice to settle debts. Once mandated by the bank in the 80's. In the 90's him and I sold off equipment (our own choosing) to pay our debt off to the bank. Can seem like a hard pill to swallow, but we were stronger and better for it.
  16. December 2009 for me. So, 15 years last month. Wow! Lots of great people on here. Many have become good friends. Some have left, others have passed on. Still visit this forum daily to check in with everyone. 😊
  17. Spent this afternoon moving snow with the 656 hydro. Drove over to Dad's place to discover that he had moved enough snow to get out to the road, so I headed home. Hydro 100 sitting out of diesel with the snowblower just behind it in the shed! The road between Dad's place and mine. (Quarter mile)
  18. The scammers invent new methods every day. If you worked that hard at a legitimate job.....
  19. Finally have the 656 ready to move snow from this upcoming storm. Latest I have ever done that task. Drove the Hydro 100 up to Dad's to mount the model 80 snowblower. It ran out of diesel while I was moving his 706 out from in front of the blower. The diesel barrel is empty: Dad forgot to call for fuel. SO, that project is on hold!
  20. If we don't get a long stretch of really cold weather, lots of insects and weeds will survive.
  21. I will be 50 in March. How can the 5 millionth 1066 (Feb. 1st 1974) be 50 years old? Lots of them still earning their keep on farms everywhere! Now my high school pickup is considered collectible..... I will take age with experience over being younger any day of the week! Will just embrace my age and keep on going...😁
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