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  1. "And now you know the rest of the story." Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  2. The new farmland was a good investment! In time, you will have the 40×60 (or larger!) as well. 🤠
  3. Happy birthday, Lorenzo! Be sure to share some birthday cake with Emma.
  4. Patted the Hydro 100 on the hood as I walked past it to the car this morning.
  5. Dad's 856 Custom used a quart a day when doing fieldwork the entire time he owned it. Had over 12,000 hours on the engine and it had never been opened up. He used Archer oil in it the entire time. That tractor did most of the tillage, all the spraying and ran the Behlen 500 bushel batch dryer on 12,000 bushels of corn every fall.
  6. Looks like the scene in the Great Escape when Steve McQueen jumped over the barbed wire on the motorcycle. 😎
  7. Never got above -5 on the drive into work this morning. My Polaris Ranger cranked over good this morning, but refused to fire up.
  8. Which truck were you looking at?
  9. West of Hwy 146, north of Gilman, South of Le Grand. I know the spot!
  10. The 504 and #9 rake belong to a friend of mine from southern Iowa. He likes the combo for the task. I will check and see if fast reverse is listed in the parts book on the serial number suffix index. More 504!
  11. Super MTA and MD hoods are longer. Exhaust holes are on opposite sides, otherwise identical.
  12. The stage 2 super M had the square front bolster with the holes in it. It was added at the same time the clutch housing was updated and went to the 3 hole starter.
  13. I toured Pioneer Village as a child. Remember it well. Very cool. Just about any item you could think of, they had them on display. I remember a beet harvester mounted on a Farmall H in the agricultural building. Hope Mike does not mess the charm of the place up......
  14. The first tractor I restored and the 3rd tractor I purchased. 1961 Farmall 460 gas, standard draw bar. Spent most of its life under a 4 row front mounted cultivator on the Van Sant farm near Grinnell.
  15. My favorite machine overall is my 666 diesel, known as "Lucy". My favorite tractor that sees active farm use is my 1206. Referred to as "The 12" . I love this idea for a thread!
  16. Is that a Pontiac Fiero in the background? 🤪
  17. Here is the old Firestone calcium chart. Adjusted to 18.4-34.
  18. Has a wet bolster with 06/56 series wide front axle! Six bolt front hubs.
  19. He has a 340 diesel row crop. I have a 240 row crop.
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