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  1. I have a Farmall 240 with the pan seat. Will take a photo and post for you when I make it home.
  2. This is how the 656 looked the Sunday morning I left for Des Moines to help my Chapter 5 buddies prepare the grounds for everyone to attend the Roundup. I spoke with Todd Roberts and he gave me some advice on what may be wrong. Despite spending 9 hours hauling tractors and camper home from the show, I went out and found the issue with the wiring. Had the 656 running in no time. The light green wire and terminal in the regulator harness were not inserted completely into the connector. So, I had no power to the solenoid on the carburetor. I plan to finish assembly soon, but I had grass to mow and a garden to weed this week.
  3. This is where the project stalled out on me....... My wiring harness had not arrived. 3 weeks passed. Several nervous phone calls and e-mails were exchanged. Finally, on Friday June 9th the harness arrived next day air. I needed to be at the fairgrounds on Sunday morning to help prepare for the Roundup. Another all night session of wiring commenced. At 4 am, I attempted to start the 656. No electricity to the solenoid on the carburator. Spent the remainder of the day trying to find the problem. Finally had to accept the reality that this old girl was not going to make it to the Roundup. ?
  4. Red paint at last! I was up an entire night painting this old girl.
  5. Swap to wide front. Install rear cast wheels. New axle seals.
  6. Preparing to change front and rear wheels, add wide front axle.
  7. My name is Aaron Wade from Grinnell Iowa. My machines will have magnets on them with my name. I will try to put my poweshiek name on the paper Roundup signs as well. Cannot wait to see you all there! I will try to post update photos soon. Between work, Roundup responsibilities and my son's high school graduation my time on here has been limited.
  8. I look forward to seeing you again, Tony. While you are here, you need to dine at The Latin King restaurant. You would enjoy the meal! The tractor is currently tore down and partially in primer. My photo posting is behind my progress in the shop.
  9. Never know when you might want to put a mower on it! Or a plow or a blade........
  10. Adding a second hydraulic valve and rear outlets. Repairing broken 3 point lever and installing new friction discs on the levers.
  11. Nice group of tractors, Tony! Can't wait to see the professional photos. Enjoy the show, see you in Des Moines in a few weeks.
  12. I purchased it from a good friend. His dad purchased it new. He passed away unexpectedly a couple years ago. He would have enjoyed seeing it restored.
  13. Nice idea, to have the pedal tractor along for the little ones. Gives them something to do that they enjoy, and keeps them occupied while dad talks tractors!
  14. Final powerwash on Easter Sunday afternoon. Into the shop, final teardown for paint is next.
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