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  1. One of my high school classmates is an engineer for Musco out of the Oskaloosa location. He said that lighting up the Olympic games overseas is the most challenging job he has been involved with.
  2. We widened some Allis Chalmers rims in high school Ag class. Instructor liked to pull his WC allis in the antique class.
  3. Glad to see it went to a good home. It looked decent for sitting outside awhile.
  4. Probably a modern ether can with a wrap from Devon's Tractor Parts on it. Retro look and usable. (Mine are from the green store.)
  5. My parents were driving down a blacktop highway during a bad thunderstorm. Lightning struck the road ahead of them, blowing a hole in the asphalt. They heard the debris hit the car as they drove through it. They could also feel the heat as they passed over the spot. The roof behind the windshield had a scratch in the paint after that.
  6. X2. Picture of my 756 diesel for inspiration. Once you have a set of split weights on, you can install the full round weights. You can see them on the picture of my 1206.
  7. This past spring, I posted this repair on the 56 series shifters on my 1206. I used a tire spoon and drove the stub out of the dash. (Must remove the TA mounting first.) I used a seal driver to install the new one. I can't remember if I made a separate thread or used the winter project thread.
  8. That song speaks loudly to the present situation in our country. Charlie was a class act and one of the best storytellers in the music industry. His autograph is on my office wall. Play loud enough in heaven, that the devil is jealous in ****! Rest easy, Charlie.
  9. Not a bad job. I rebuilt the 56 series shifters on the 1206 early this spring.
  10. Likely the one below the clutch that Kal eluded to.
  11. Meyer Salvage Aberdeen, SD (605)225-0185
  12. What kind of drawbar do you have? Standard, fast hitch, nothing? I would think that you could fashion one using the bolt holes in the top of the axle housing as a starting point.
  13. Trying to use the loader as a ROPS frame if she rolled?
  14. It is easy to send someone out with the wrong part! Much harder to determine the right one and actually have it in stock........
  15. Here is a better view of the rear of the cab. Finally unloaded the Scout tonight.
  16. We have one in our 1460. Does a nice job.
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