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  1. I wish I would have studied to be a machinest.  Making and repairing items on a lathe intrigues me.  Would be so handy repairing this old iron.  I can manage to bore and install a bushing in a clutch pedal. But, more skills would be great!

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  2. I had 2 different engines that I freed up with acetone and ATF.  I mixed it 50/50 into an oil can. Would squirt it in each hole until it ran out.  Then I lightly placed the spark plugs in.  Within a few days, 3 of the pistons were empty where it had ran down past the rings.  I continued until the offending cylinder until it began to drain as well.  Put a bar on the flywheel and it came free.

      The second engine was assembled with new parts and never started.  Did the same treatment as the other engine, except I could put a hand crank on this one.  Hung a couple 100 pound suitcase weights on the crank.   One day I came into the shed and the weights were on the floor!   Engine loose....

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  3. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts for Holly.  Unfortunately,  her condition worsened and She became more lethargic and whining in pain.  The decision was made a few minutes ago and She passed peacefully away with Mom and Dad by her side. Dad just called me at work with the news......  Thanks, guys.  This community is the best!

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  4. Asking for prayers for my Dad's dog:  Holly "the collie".  Friday night, when the storm rolled in, She seemed to be favoring a rear leg like she had an ice ball in her paw.  The next day, She was buried in the straw in her doghouse.   Dad said She seemed normal. Sunday, he found her lying outside her house in the snow.  Completely unable to move her rear legs at all.  He moved her into his heated garage and gave her an old blanket.  Yesterday,  the snowplow came through and opened up our road.  I carried her out and rested her on my tailgate while we made room in the back seat and took her into the vet.  Hoping today to hear something about her condition. 


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  5. I assumed that the 468 cultivator may have been mounted on the 560 diesel at one point.  The only explanation as to why the bill of sake was tucked inside that cultivator manual.  On the rear of the receipt in different color ink was this notation:17053719810204243847402492580458.thumb.jpg.7e64487aac3b7a9269fb814862313b28.jpg

    i thought at first that might be the 560 serial number,  but way too early for new in 1963.  Any ideas?

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  6. 14 minutes ago, DT Fan said:


    How are the roads over your way Aaron? I about froze my tookus off plowing the driveway here today.

    They are impassable.  The county has not plowed my road out.  From Facebook at 5PM


    I went out and cleaned my yard with the Hydro 100 and the 80 snowblower.   That moves f***in snow, i tell ya!  Then i chewed my way up to Dad's and moved enough snow that he can get out.  With only 20 gallons of diesel in the 100 and none in the barrel, I did not want to run low....

      Had to help Dad carry his dog 🐕  Holly (the Collie) into his heated garage.  She can't seem to move her rear legs.  Been getting worse in the last 30 hours.  Made a comfortable bed for her with old blankets.  She needed a trip to the vet, but the roads have been drifted shut... She refuses to eat or drink.   Don't know if She with survive the night...

    Been in for 2 hours now:  my left toes are STILL cold!

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  7. I attended a couple toy shows a week ago Saturday.   Purchased this Operator's Manual for a 468 front mounted cultivator.  The frame for Grandpa's is still in the grove.  Thought I might mount on the 706 LP someday; and the manual might come in handy.


    Inside the Manual, I discovered a receipt for a new tractor:  a new 560 diesel purchased on November 20, 1963 from Glenn Implement Company in Hamburg, IA to a Mr. Vernon L Schafer of Westboro, MO.  He paid $4,750 and received $250. trade in on a Farmall H. The 560 came with 15.5-38 tires, deluxe precleaner and no fluid or weights. Curiously, no serial numbers were recorded.  The salesman is listed as Walter M. Glenn.


    I highly doubt that anyone is still involved with farming that knew Mr. Schafer, but if you recognize him... let me know.  

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  8. 10 minutes ago, DT Fan said:

    The whole 68 thing is a mystery to me. They had the best inline 6 engine going but other companies were putting V-8's in so they jumped on the band-wagon?? I still question my buddies sanity for buying his 1468. Like he needed more projects!

    They do look and sound cool 😎.......

    Let's face it, I have multiple tractors that are retired from much work.  Might as well have one with a "cool", loud V-8 , right?

  9. Dad started farming in 1970.  Shared equipment with Grandpa.  The big tractor was Gpa's 706 he traded the 400 for in fall of 1969. When Dad rented the farm (I grew up on) for '70.    480 acres with a 706, ford 871, and a Farmall H!

      Prices were good and Dad purchased his 706 in 1971.  He had a cow/calf herd, farrowed hogs and 200 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa. (The other 40 in pasture.) The 856 Custom came along in 1976.  That same year,  Dad purchased a 120 acre farm across the road east from Grandpa's.  That raised the acres up to 600. That farm had a house and my parents rented it out.  That led to them purchasing a second home in Tama and an apartment building in Toledo for rental income.  The rentals were paying for themselves and looked to make additional income in a few years. 

    Around 1983, interest rates went up.  Like everyone else,  my parents felt the crunch.  A couple poor crop seasons dried up extra cash.  Bankers loaned the money, but encouraged Dad to borrow extra to increase the hog herd. My parents also purchased the hotel in Toledo to diversify their financial portfolio.   Then, land prices plummeted and Dad was broke on paper.   His farm worth a fraction what he was paying sky high interest and payments on. Lenders continued to loan money, but their name was now on every  check Dad received for livestock or grain sales. This continued for a handful of years.  More and more farmers were being foreclosed on.  Finally, Dad was too far gone financially.   He spoke with all his creditors:  sold all the rental properties back to the previous owners.  The bank foreclosed on Dad's farm that he was behind on the payments.  Half of Dad's equipment and all the hogs and cattle were sold. The 706 and 856 were spared.  Dad had enough other assets to sell first.  Dad's landlord liked Dad.  Allowed us to remain on the farm and continue to farm the ground for him. Dad took a factory job in town.  When Dad had money,  he purchased a few hogs and started a livestock based farm.  Eventually,  he began to rent the ground again 50/50 with his landlord.  Hogs made Dad money and with my labor at night we raised far more than we ever did before.   We even renovated buildings on Grandpa's farm and moved hogs there. 

    In 1992, I graduated and went off to college to study hog production.  In 1994, I graduated.   Came home and Dad and I expanded the hog operation further.  Dad worked nights in the factory.  I worked for the neighbor on his farm.  I bought a 1466 and a 605 super J and started custom hay baling.  Bought a new pickup.

    By the spring of 1996, the small hog producers were being forced out by larger confinement operators.   Prices dropped through the floor for pork.  Dad and I were losing too much money and we could see the end coming.  We decided to take matters into our own hands.  We sold out of hogs.  The end of our livestock careers.   We had an auction and sold off most of our equipment.   Kept only Dad's 706 and a handful of equipment.  Dad let the farm he had rented since 1970 go.  Continued to rent the acreage.  I went to town and became a partsman at the CIH dealer.  Grandpa retired and Dad and I took over operations of the home farm with Dad's 706, my Super M, 460 and Grandpa's equipment. 

      Dad and I did well in town.  I purchased an 856. Dad bought the 1460 and retired the 915.  Upgraded planters to a JD 7000.  I added a 1206 and a couple 656's.  Dad bought a bigger grain truck. My parents purchased the acreage I grew up on. 

    I lost my leg in an auger accident. Grandpa passed away and Dad now owned the home farm.

      My tractor and equipment collection grew.  Dad purchased a new truck auger.   Then a big auger with a swing hopper to fill the bin. I rented 80 acres north of us. Dad retired full time to the farm. Sold 120 acres and built a new home.  Several seasons went by.  My collection grew.  Dad grew tired of the extra work my rental was providing him.  I let it go. Dad was happy with 120 acres to farm.  2 years ago, he decided to let me run the farm. He would lend me a hand.  Then he had a stroke,  but recovered well.  He continues to help me around the farm. I plant all the crops, spray and sidedress nitrogen on the corn.  We hire the neighbors to harvest and haul all the crops to town.  A good life; enjoy running the farm with the financial security of my off farm job.

      Well, that is our story of struggle, success and survival.  Proud to still be here on our family farm!


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  10. 11 minutes ago, Drysleeves said:

    Mine has the same and it has those thingys on the upper rockshaft that were supposed to be for holding a hydraulic cylinder, something I've never used nor witnessed anyone using them as intended.

    I have never seen them used either.  The idea was that you moved the cylinder from one piece of equipment to another to save on having multiple.  You left the hydraulic hoses connected and hung the cylinder from the hook.  As implements grew larger, with specialized cylinders for them, the concept was abandoned.  See it used more on JD 2 cylinder machines than on IH. (IH had their fast hitch. )  Why they appear on a tractor from 1975, I have no idea!

    I have used them going out to fix pasture fence.  Hang plastic ice cream buckets full of insulators, clips and staples in them; on those hooks.

  11. 3 minutes ago, DT Fan said:

    Aaron, I hope you can get. out some time in the near future! I walked to the mailbox and back today and that SUCKED!!

    Until the wind goes down and the county can put plows back on the rural roads; I am not going anywhere.   I guarantee that it is 4 feet deep on the hill west past my parents house!

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  12. 7 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    Louis L'Amour here



    8 hours ago, DT Fan said:

    So, won't be seeing you behind the counter if I drive over to Colfax today? Just kidding. They called me at home and told me I didn't have to come in, first time that's ever happened!


    Stayed home with their blessing. 



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