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  1. 56 and 66 series have the same levers. Straight for non tilt and bent style for tilt column. DT has the custom lever on his, so that is why it is different from his 2 other machines.
  2. I use a sleeve to put the 4" chrome stack onto my 1206. Works well.
  3. I understand your logic, but if you are flying over the steering wheel...... your day has already gone to ****! 😁 I never liked that handle pointed back at me either.
  4. Don't know what happened with that last photo..... may have been beer involved at that point! 😁
  5. Had a friend stop out yesterday. We mounted a decent set of 15.5-38 Titan tires and solid wheel rims. Sure gives the little 504 attitude! We rigged up a battery and the engine runs good on a whiff of ether. I have a plan for front tires/ rims come spring. Have a set of extensions to widen the fenders out. Have a complete set of switches to fix up the cobbled mess in the dash. Just don't have much time right now to work on anything....
  6. Cole the Cornstar and his family had to put their rat terrier to sleep recently. I was bawling, watching that video with my 13 year old rat terrier in my lap. I feel your pain, my friend.
  7. I remember a box truck that the frame was cut off under the cab and placed across a creek in a pasture. Removed the doors and cut the nose out. The cows would ramble back and forth across it.
  8. There are a couple of different manufacturers. Some are lighter gauge material with a slightly narrow light placement. All of them should be drilled to fit the risers. We have the best luck with the golden/ yellow primer fenders that Abilene Machine sells.
  9. Common here in Iowa. Looks like it rained inside the machine shed.
  10. My prayers are with you. You are a good man for taking on the burdens and responsibilities that you have. The effect you will have in the lives of those children will be unmeasura le.
  11. Witch the area with 2 straightened clothes hangers.
  12. There was a seed corn dealer in our neighborhood with a Ford 3/4 ton 4x4 van. It also had a Luxury Coach conversion. That thing was cool!
  13. It had a cab on it. The deck was under that rotten mess.
  14. Place an ad for the machine in Red Power magazine. They sponsor this free website and appreciate the business! They do not like people posting items for sale here on the forum.
  15. Happy Birthday, Tony! I raise a glass in salute.
  16. I have seen new augers being towed down the interstate. Insane!
  17. My neighbor retired from the tiling and dozing business. I rented his shop last winter to work on the 1206. He has a big collection of tile on one wall, including some amazing wooden tile he encountered while digging/ trenching over the years. He also had a collection of items found in farm fields, including wooden wagon wheels, toys and a bowling ball!
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