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  1. This is the time capsule 500 hour 1566. Mr. Long and I were both in love with it!
  2. A few I took today. I started on the opposite end as Sledgehammer. First 2 photos are my 666 Diesel, known as "Lucy".
  3. The Mrs. and I arrived this evening. All registered and The 666 "Lucy" is parked among the featured tractor area. No pics as a thunderstorm was rolling in. Motel in Carbondale messed up our reservation, so we were upgraded to a 2 room suite! ? Wife is happy!
  4. Our 1974 GMC 6500 has a 427 with the 5 and 4. We pick the gear on the rear box to fit the situation and just row through the 5.
  5. The switch to the 310 coincided with the switch to the 291 gas in late 66. A 1966 310 is difficult to find.
  6. Yeah, she went from drag slicks to decent rubber! She sat low in the rear with those wore out 15.5-38. Now with decent 16.9-38, that step is a lot higher!
  7. Started approximately 7 PM, finished just after 9. Had to use the wire wheel on both rims to clean up rust. (The tires previously had calcium.) New tubes, of course.
  8. I have had this one 2 months now. Last Friday night, I mowed in 1 evening what took the cub cadet 2 1/2 evenings. Still love the cadets, just need to mow faster! Use the woods belly mower for the large open spaces.
  9. Oh, boy oh, boy, oh boy! Tom, you sure know how to make a guy dream! Now I want one for mine...
  10. This topic is really making me think! Was the rear end "fiasco" really as bad as the stories claim? True, pulling 300' feet at a time with a juiced up 282 is not the same as heavy plowing all day. But, I know of many M's that have a patch underneath the rear end from bearing failure and lots of 560 that have never had an issue. Interesting discussion. Waiting to see what others have to say.
  11. If the brake discs still have decent pads on them, try removing shims. Be sure to hang them on the wall where you can find them again! Be sure to clean and shine up the actuator assembly and replace any broken springs. Oil soaked discs indicate a faulty brake pinion shaft seal. If new discs are required, some aftermarket replacement discs do not have the grooves extend completely to the outer edge. This is important for brake dust to escape. Use dremel or die grinder to extend them to the edge.
  12. I used dove gray on my 460. The flat black from CIH looks good on the later ones.
  13. Thank you. I plan to mount the 4 post on a 66 series project at some point in the future.
  14. My 61 460 is grey and my 63 560 diesel is black.
  15. The tractor runs, so that is a good first step. If the fuel is old, add some quality fuel additive to it. Or remove the line at the carburetor and drain the old gas out and pour in fresh. While you have the line off, thread out the screen out of the carburetor and clean. Pull the distributor cap off. Inspect the contacts and clean with emory cloth if necessary. Inspect and clean the rotor as well. Shine up both sides of the contacts on the points. Warm up the engine oil, change oil and filter. Check or replace air filter. Check the antifreeze level and strength. Check the level of the hy tran with the dipstick in the floorboard under your feet. Is it full? Clean? May need to replace it. Probably a good idea to change the hydraulic filter.
  16. Yes, the roll gard must be removed to service the brakes. I have seen tractors narrowed up to 30" with the canopy installed. The Iron Bull canopies are well built and are now certified for roll over protection.
  17. I put a brand new voltage regulator (from the dealer) on the 129 before the mowing season. 2 of the contacts "welded " together causing the starter generator to keep running. Cheap new parts!
  18. The dealer I used to work for still has it hanging behind the counter. Keeps time and still lights up.
  19. Corn this past week. The 1" rain this past weekend was badly needed.
  20. Couple I know of, neither of them belong to me. ?
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