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  1. He told me they had a large A frame hoist and would mount a Hiniker cab on the 1466 after harvest and pull it off after spring work.
  2. I usually drag the 2 section rotary hoe behind me on the first pass. It eliminates some weeds without hurting the corn. Hit the corn about 2" tall. The rear unit will not fit on the back with tires on 30" rows.
  3. I cultivated sweet corn on 30" rows with a C221 cultivator on a wide front Farmall C.
  4. Very nice! Talked to a gentleman at the antique show this past weekend who purchased a new 1466 with narrow front. He mounted a 234 picker on it. Said it would eat corn!
  5. Okay. The one photo confused me. I think the high utility has a different spindle, and that could have added difficulty to his project. He should have the standard utility spindle.
  6. You have a row crop utility. An unusual model. The spindles may be taller than the regular utility. Your tractor was made for more ground clearance than a utility, but less height than a row crop. You have row crop rear axles with the cast centers and double bevel rims. A hybrid. Here is a 656 version of your tractor.
  7. I have always liked that poster myself. The tractor is a 5020 and has cast centers and rims (just like the inside) for duals.
  8. You are correct. First time I attended the show. Grandpa Wade took me over.
  9. Always nice to have another show in the books. Everything is back home from the show. Last load still on the trailer. A thunderstorm rolled in as I was tightening the binders on the last load to head home. So, I left them sit when I came home. Happy for the rain!
  10. My John Deere toy display, including a poster that hung in my Dad's Iowa State dorm room from 1965 to 1969
  11. 2 steam engine powered threshing machines operating at once.
  12. I don't know how many machines that the assembly line at Farmall could hold. The tricky part is that IH built all the models on the same line at the same time. You could have an 826, then a pair of 1026, a 1456, then a 544..... Certainly, they were within a few days, my educated guess.
  13. I was finally able to set up this photo this morning. Bob's 826 diesel hydro gold demo serial number 11,756 and my 826 diesel hydro serial number 11,856. Special that we could reunite these 2 tractors that started life at the same time in Rock Island.
  14. Glad to hear you found your phone, Mike! You were certain earlier today that it was planted out in the field...
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