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  1. January 29th is the day I celebrate Feisty's 🥳 birthday.   She was born in mid December of 2009.  I snapped a photo on Jan. 29, so that is the day I use to keep track of her age.


    Just over a month old.








    2024.  Holding up well at 15!

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  2. On 1/22/2024 at 9:26 AM, ihrondiesel said:

    Get into custom baling and it does. The best thing I ever did was to start trading in my two round balers for new ones every other year. Before that I spent about as much time wrenching as I did baling. 

    I made decent money in my late teens and early 20's custom round baleing.  However, you almost had to visit certain customers carrying a Louisville Slugger to get paid!  They would not answer the phone or respond to a bill in the mail.  Finally had to demand payment before I went to work with some of them. Don't get me wrong,  some of them met me in the driveway with a check and a cold drink. They were a joy to work for. 

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  3. On 1/20/2024 at 7:16 PM, lotsaIHCs said:

    Does anybody here have a 666 hydro? Did they have the white stripes over the nose? 

    They did not have the white stripes.   That was a hydro 70/ hydro 100 design.

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  4. My toolbox in the shop is an old Waterloo.  Has the 2 shelf cabinet on the RH third. Handy for my welding helmet, and larger cases of sockets, pullers, etc. 6 drawers on the left 2/3.  One rear drawer.  Came out of the tool and die department of a local factory.   Heavy duty!

    Have 2 Craftsman 3 drawer mid boxes and top box on top.  Have a vice mounted on the end above the cabinet.

  5. We had a party line when I was young.   The neighbor lady was a busy body.  I remember Dad on a call with his landlord.  He could hear noises in the background and stopped mid sentence:  "Peggy, you can hang up now!"  A click occurred shortly afterwards.

  6. 5 minutes ago, hardtail said:

    Do you have a lathe at home, I'm thinking yes if you are boring? I've seen some guys crank out some pretty amazing stuff with very basic inferior equipment. 


    No lathe, just a big old monster of a drill press and a massive drill bit.

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  7. Might have been a supply issue when the hoods went down the line. 

    Interesting to note that the earliest 656 hydro tractors did not have the HYDRO decals on the hood.  Mine was purchased new by the neighbors without them.

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