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  1. When our 1460 did that, we installed the updated fan.
  2. Just because I can..... my 100 feeding cattle. Parked by the bin, where I can plug the engine heater in.
  3. The various models were all built on the same assembly line at Farmall. I believe the order on the line was based on how the orders came in. So, you might have a 766, 666, 1066, 1066, hydro 100, 1466. The old photos and video document the erratic order of the tractors on the line. Regardless of production order, each model had a separate serial number series that kept track of that model. Sometimes, a serial number could be skipped if that housing was scrapped for some reason.
  4. I have 4 tractors that I never pull the tires chains off. Dedicated winter and muddy day machines.
  5. That photo was taken last August at the mid Iowa antique power show at Marshalltown, Iowa. The 826 gold demo belongs to a good friend of mine. Our 826's are exactly 100 serial numbers apart! Did you notice his mini gold demo 826 made from a cub cadet parked next to it?
  6. The 140 has one of the longest production runs in IH history from 1958 to 1979. 66,290 tractors built. The last of the design dating back to the Farmall A, the 140 has the same style rock shaft hydraulic lift as the Farmall C. The PTO is the same as the A, B, and C tractors. Available with and without the belt pulley. The 140 was built in the Louisville plant.
  7. To make 2023 a fun and enjoyable experience, I thought maybe I would bring this idea back. To start off week one, how about the International/ Farmall 140. Here's mine:
  8. Thanks to everyone! It means more than you know. I visited some very dark places mentally this past year. But, 2023 is looking bright! I need to give a shout out to DTFan. Mike, you were a good friend when I needed one. Thank you.
  9. Welcome back, Mark. Great to see you on here again. Looking forward to the wit and wisdom you bring to this Community.
  10. I am so ready to kick 2022 in the rear and send it down the road! See if 2023 is a better one. I first want to say that that this Community of great people has helped me through some tough times and for that I am eternally grateful. I know this post may sound like I am whining or feeling sorry for myself. That is not my intention at all. I just wanted to share some things that I have mostly kept to myself and now I am ready to vent and move on! Springtime started with much optimism and excitement for me as I took over operations of the family farm from my father. Then shortly after Easter, the skies went dark. Dad had a mild stroke that left him lacking in dexterity in his right arm. We were thankful it was not worse and his recovery was going well. But, I was now alone to complete the spring fieldwork. Stress started to build. A few days after Dad's stroke, my wife of seven years abruptly moved out and filed for divorce. (Long story. Great woman with mental issues she refuses to deal with.) So, add heartbreak to my mental health. Then said goodbye to a co worker who passed the first of the year. Great guy. Still miss him.... Tragedy struck my brother in law next. A severe shoulder injury that caused permanent nerve damage. Led to him losing his job and now pursuing disability. He is a hands on guy, so he was depressed. Spent time with him as often as I can. My parents contacted covid and we nearly lost Dad. Amazing he survived. However, his right arm suffered and he had to start over to regain dexterity..... Fall brought the unexpected death of both of my Mother's sisters in 2 days. Mom was ill and missed both funerals. Then we lost a second co worker to a heart attack early one morning. Another cold funeral on a hill.... Dad and I decided to hire the neighbors to harvest our crops and haul them to town. That was a hard decision, but made me relax with that stress gone! So, so long and good riddance to 2022. With hope and optimism, I will ring in 2023 this evening. Join with me tonight to welcome in 2023. It has got to be better! 😁 Thanks everybody! I needed this. Happy new year!
  11. Fired up the 656 hydro on Christmas Day. Well below zero and the 263 fired right up. Moved snow for a couple hours. Comfortable enough in the heat houser. Then had to haul buckets of warm water from the house to thaw the cattle waterer out. That was cold! Went out on the 26th to finish moving what drifted back in and what I did not finish the previous day. Then over to plow out Mom and Dad. My toes were cold in bed that night......
  12. Dad has a half mile driveway. Open to the west. Two curves and a valley. The best decision he made was to plant dogwood bushes west of the drive out in the field. 10 years later, they stop a big majority of the snow. We just farm down both sides of the dogwoods.
  13. My friend and his wife moved into a house that had a pirate ship playhouse in the backyard. Their kids LOVED it!
  14. Impossible to be unhappy when the view looks like that.......
  15. My little rat terrier has bitten at least 5 people during her lifetime. No incident for 6 years now. I am convinced that each time She was feeling threatened or the victim was showing fear of her which made her feel nervous. In most cases, She was loving on the victim before they left! It was just a quick reaction, not her true feelings when the bite occured. These days, a cat or a critter are the only things that upset her. Too old and docile now. She often is fast asleep when I locate her on the couch when I arrive home!
  16. No. You must unthread the other end off the cylinder head or water jacket.
  17. They are talking 8 to 12" snow here in central Iowa for Thursday and Friday with up to 50 MPH winds. That combination can cause power outages. Will plug the hydro 100 in tonight in case we need it on the Winpower PTO generator. The 1486 is ready on the model 80 snowblower.
  18. If W does not stand for "wheatland" (which makes sense to me) maybe it can stand for "western".
  19. Stops at my work and stocks the freezer every 2 weeks. Bennie loves ice cream! Love the golden nugget bars.
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