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  1. I am attending the annual Chapter 5 International Harvester Collectors state show at Belmond this weekend. Have had several rainy periods, but also sun and comfortable temperatures. The grounds are nice, the people are friendly and the food is good. Over 150 IH machines in attendance. Tomorrow is the final day. Some photos for you to enjoy:
  2. Good Job, Fellas! Most people would just drive on by.
  3. Has anyone ever seen a park lock lever like this one? The handle end looks different.
  4. Packed up this morning to leave At the Pioneer Heritage show in Belmond.
  5. The fuel tank plugged the sediment bowl up at the MIAPA show a couple weeks ago. So, I removed the fuel tank under the shade tree last weekend and added 2 gallons of EvapoRust. As instructed, I turned it a different direction every day. That stuff really works! Not perfect, but man that tank is shiny inside. I gave it a good flushing with water today and re installed the tank. Ran the tractor 20 minutes. No noticable rust in the sediment bowl. Victory! Installed new seat cushions. Adjusted the nose cone a little bit because it looked tipped back to me. Then I polished all the sheetmetal. Really looks great, but it was too dark for a good photo. All packed up for the State IH show in Belmond.
  6. Managed to unload the 504. Used the winch on the trailer to control the descent down the ramps. Used the 706 and loader to lift and pull the 504 backwards once it reach the ground. Held the 3 point up with a chain.
  7. Dad is using the 826 to haul his 2 round bales in from the field.
  8. I have had them on a couple H and M's here.
  9. Big farmers with lots of tillage used them. Our neighbor had 2 1206 MFD machines back in the 1970's. He was the biggest farmer around.
  10. Crank and camshaft in engine, possibly the block. Transmission internals and hydraulic pumps will likely be okay. 3 point, PTO, cast rear wheel centers, maybe rear rims. Just observations from my employment.
  11. You never mentioned this little project on Saturday! Be interesting to see how this works out Mike.
  12. Hauled this 1962 504 home over the weekend. Engine is loose, battery is 5 years old, alternator and starter appear new. Originally planned to use for parts, but my see if the engine runs first. Has fast tillage gears. Very straight tractor. Wiring is a disaster!
  13. We have one guard that keeps snapping off on our 990 mower conditioner. My theory is a slight bend in the sickle placing pressure on the upper half of the guard.
  14. I stopped in around 5:30. Was astonished that Mike had them both changed out already! Expected to see him working on them when I arrived. They are massive compared to the original hubs. He told me that he had helpers at just the right time all afternoon. I showed up just at beverage time, so my timing was impeccable as well. He had misplaced a partial in a coozie and never did locate it while I was there!
  15. The toys all made it home safe. The office secretary sent out the show numbers: IH: 41 exhibits John Deere: 32 exhibits Allis Chalmers: 25 exhibits These were the top brands, the others were not even close!
  16. Dad mowed his 3 1/2 acre hayfield next to his house. Good to see him up and going again! Should be ready to bale this weekend, unless the rain finds us tonight....
  17. Hooked to a grain vac along the highway?
  18. I understand that! I have been collecting since my childhood, so I have many, many variations in my collection already. Makes it easier to let them go!
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