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  1. If you have electricity at the outside post on the distributor, but nothing at the points. Check to see that the plastic insulator that the stud passes through is not cracked. Your short to ground could be right there.
  2. I guess things just deteriorated after I left! One phone call and I would have been right there and had your back, Friend! 😊
  3. Iowa Chapter 5 will host the Roundup in Spencer Iowa at the Clay County Fairgrounds. June 20-23, 2024. We will celebrate the sale of the first Farmall Regular tractors to the public in 1924, the 70th Anniversary of the MTA and the 50th Anniversary of the 5 Millionth 1066. Our celebration will cap a yearlong celebration of the Regular beginning in Nebraska in 2023. We look forward to working with them!
  4. I will end this photo record of the show with the girl I brought to the dance. My 1976 666 diesel, "Lucy ". Took these just before I drove out to the trailer to load. Happy 4th of July, everyone!
  5. Last of the good photos.
  6. Danny's georgeous 5388 cannot be displayed too often!
  7. This IH plow is being used as yard art outside a BP in Morton, IL.
  8. Well, I made it home just before 5 PM tonight. The Mrs. and I left Du Quoin around 4:30 PM yesterday afternoon following the IHCC National Meeting. Drove up to Morton, IL and stopped for the night. Roughly half way home. Did not get up real early, we were both tired. The trip was uneventful, and smooth sailing until a trailer tire blew out. One exit before we planned to get off I-80, just 18 miles from home! Let go just in time to ease off the ramp and into a truck stop on the concrete. Took only 45 minutes to change. So thankful! Now, I need to find the enthusiasm to unload and unhitch the trailer!😁
  9. Pre production A with several unique features. Owned by a fellow Iowa collector.
  10. I really enjoyed visiting with Mr. Plow and seeing this unit in person. Photos hardly do his craftsmanship justice! I enjoyed watching him build the 60 on the forum, can't wait for the next project. 😀
  11. My wife and I passed the gentleman driving the 5288 and 80 snowblower to the grounds on Wednesday evening. He was a dozen miles out at that point.
  12. I am proud to announce that Iowa Chapter 5 won the bid to host the Roundup in 2024! It will be held in Spencer, Iowa. We will be part of of a yearlong celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Farmall Regular; beginning in Grand Island in 2023 and ending in Spencer in 2024. We will also celebrate 70 years of the Super MTA and 50 years of the 5 millionth 1066. I will serve as a co-chairman for the event.
  13. More beauties from today.
  14. I let Sledge play with MTO long enough. Here is today's group.
  15. Last of my photos. More later.
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