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  1. Spent a little time on the 656. Flushed the fuel tank a few more times and installed an inline fuel filter to help protect the carburetor. The throttle lever was not corresponding with the quadrant. Upon inspection, the ball joint was extremely worn. I replaced it and reset the linkage to correspond to the quadrant. Then I reset the low and high idle settings. Much better. The tractor drives around the farmstead much smoother now. Parked it near the house to enjoy seeing it as I come and go. I discovered something interesting while looking it over.... When the cab was installed, the original PTO lever was retained. There is no way to access the lever without opening the rear window and reaching out to operate it! Funny that Chuck operated it that way all these years. Plan to change that at some point. I have some extra levers laying around.
  2. An IH 2450 would work well too. Taller towers for higher lift too.
  3. Awe, yes. The adolescent Detroitson in it's natural habitat.......
  4. I had several toy cap guns as a kid. Ran all around the farm playing cowboy, detective, cops and robbers. Pretending my bicycle was a horse. Funny, as an adult, I don't own a single firearm. Were the toy guns to blame for how I turned out????? LOL
  5. I have 2 504 gas tractors. I can measure them for you.
  6. Looks a lot like the 815/915 combine cab.
  7. We have a half dozen 1420 and 1620 machines for parts at my work. Fans and fan shrouds are difficult to find. Located in central Iowa.
  8. My neighbor was killed when a bull they he had raised from birth rammed him in the chest.
  9. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It was 18 years ago this month that a couple short cuts led to my foot being lost in an auger. I am reminded every morning when I put my prosthetic leg on. Accidents happen quicker than we can react.
  10. Todd Roberts, The Farmall Shop. Located in the old IH dealership building in Marengo, IA.
  11. You noticed that too! It had a chrome stack on it when I purchased the tractor.
  12. Precision tractor parts sells the original Rochester guages used by IH.
  13. My first experience around it was the trip out to the roundup in Bloomsburg, PA. We were hauling an 826 and plow. It saved fuel and provided power in the hills. He drove it by the pyrometer. If it started to warm up, he down shifted and reduced speed until conditions improved. Worked well.
  14. We use my 756 diesel on the Westfield auger for this very reason. It has enough hydraulic power to raise the auger.
  15. My friend has LP injection on his Dodge Cummins pickup and his Cummins powered Freightliner.
  16. I apologize about the glare. This is obviously a photo of an old photograph. I took it last night at the funeral visitation for my old neighbor, Henry. It shows him in February 1980 grinding hay and loading it into the Harvestore silo. The 1967 656 hydro with heathouser is running the Gehl silo blower. The 1971 1466 is on the farthest Farmhand tub grinder. The 1979 1486 is on a second Farmhand tub grinder. Farmhand had their headquarters and a large manufacturing plant in Grinnell at the time. I believe this photo was part of an advertising photo shoot. Henry purchased the 1486 brand new shortly before this photo was taken. It was built in September of 1979. I purchased the tractor from him 9 years ago.
  17. Nebraska will be celebrating 100 years of the development of the Farmall in Grand Island in 23. Iowa will finish a yearlong celebration of the production of the Farmall Regular in 24 at Spencer, Iowa. Two epic Roundups you will not want to miss!
  18. Marvel mystery oil and lighter fluid. 50/50 mix.
  19. Those early aviators were REAL men. Today's youth could learn a lot from that generation. Sadly, most of them have passed away.
  20. Just take on the philosophy we have with our old equipment: never sell or part with it! My great grandfather replaced the horses with F20, then added an H. Traded the F-20 for an M. Also had a CC Case he used on the silo blower. My grandfather traded the M on the first of several Ford utility tractors. Bought a 450 that was traded for the 706 we still have. Dad had to sell his 856 custom and I sold a 1466 when the hog market went south in the mid 90's. Every other tractor has remained here since!
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