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  1. The Jasper County Museum owns this Minneapolis Steamer and exhibits it at the MIAPA show every August. Photos from this year.
  2. Good looking dog! Sounds like the best companion a man could ask for.
  3. So sorry at the passing of your father. We are seldom prepared for their departure. He sounded like a great guy that most of us could relate to. Most of us will likely never know half of what he did....
  4. I appreciate all the responses on the 656 thread! This will be the first of 2 tractors this week to catch us up. The 660 was only available as a standard or wheatland machine. This beast was offered with 263 gas, LP gas or 282 diesel engines. It featured outboard planetary final drives and full coverage rear fenders. Power steering was available. This model is easy to recognize with the cast filler piece below the grille.
  5. Popular on the western plains for pulling drills, tillage equipment, etc. The hitches were not used and usually in the way.
  6. Most had the the pressed steel rear wheels. Full coverage deck shields, flattop rear fenders. Many were swinging draw bar. Most were 3 point delete. Some were PTO delete.
  7. My BIL loves his Stihl cordless limb saw too!
  8. I have photos of both a gas and a diesel western special on my digital camera. Need to see if I can move them to this website. I have always wanted one of the western specials!
  9. That is the before restoration photo of my 656. This is a photo of the finished product. I have a thread about it in the restorations section here on the website. Rebuilt it in 2017.
  10. I forgot to post this last week, so playing catch up! The 656 was built from 1965 to 1972. The 656 was available as a row crop, utility, row crop utility and high crop. A choice of 263 gas or LP gas or 282 diesel engines were available. In the spring of 1967, the styling was changed from the look of the 06 series to 56 series to maintain continuity among the various models. Here are mine to start off: 3 from 1966 Early 1967 hydro with and without Westendorf loader. 1968 diesel row crop utility
  11. Shingle mill. Potato digging with horse drawn IH digger. Dumping oats with horse powered elevator and wagon hoist. Steam powered threshing of oats. Gas engine powered stationary baler. Corn shelling. Steam powered sawmill.
  12. I am President of Mid Iowa Antique Power Association this year. So, with those duties, driving people movers with the 826 hydro and running up to Forest City Friday night for the Chapter 5 Board Meeting and the rainy Sunday, I hardly took any pictures at all..... Feel like I was at the show, but missed it.... Here is a photo of our Wade family 1946 H at the show. DT Fan on his 856 660 on the dyno Young operators on Lenox Kitty Trak machines Few other photos from Saturday parade. Massey Harris self propelled picker in early corn. Somehow took this one while driving the 826!
  13. Glad to see you have the 656 back up and running, Mader!
  14. Most of the legit, verified 826 hydro gold Demonstrator tractors were built in the 10-12k serial number range. But, that includes production of gear drives too. So, the amount of each painted gold is likely fairly even. I like to study production numbers.
  15. They also built a row crop special in the CIH 9XXX series 4wd tractors. It had bar axles.
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