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  1. I was hoping you were going to mow behind that 2+2! I think that would be a good combination.
  2. Thought the 1456 was a gold demo, but had a red dash..... Lots of nice machines: 350 wheatland diesel, hubba hubba!
  3. 1972 Gran Torino Sport. Just like this one minus the vinyl top. Dad had a new one when I was young. Always loved that car. Still have all 5 Magnum 500 rims.
  4. Mike, where is the pull held? Fairgrounds?
  5. These books are well researched and are the bible regarding these tractors. The yellow cub cadet book is organized by the different generations of cub cadets. Each model is discussed individually within the chapter. Lots of beautiful, full color photographs.
  6. Go for it! Kind of resembles the 5 millionth 1066..... With thousands of toys built, enjoy this one with a paint scheme that means something to you. That is what the hobby is all about.
  7. Now you have the cast center you have been needing, Sledgehammer!
  8. Definitely a tight fit, but the M fits in there!
  9. I know that J means Rockford clutch on a Super M. Not sure on the D.
  10. Yes. It is applied above the large general warning decal on the panel at the base of the dash by the deck. The decal would be the same for 56 and perhaps 66 series gear drive machines. Can't remember if the look of the decal changed over the 56 and 66 series.
  11. The last of the 282 diesel 706 tractors were built in late 1966.
  12. Went over and hauled the 656 home tonight. The 656 runs, but lots of rust and varnish in the fuel. Guess I will drain the fuel and start fighting the rust again. I just did this 3 years ago! They just can't sit with today's fuel in them....
  13. Few photos from today. The owner of this display is a chapter 5 member. He displays IH engines and builds miniature replicas of actual machines. He likes having something for them to do. One engine powers a corn sheller, the kernels fall into a miniature wooden elevator into a corn grinder. A homemade auger delivers corn into a second grinder. Other engines power a maytag washing machine and a pump jack. Kids love feeding the various chutes with corn and watching the action!
  14. It belongs to the to the Prairie Homestead organization, not used much anymore. Sad to see it just sitting there.
  15. My 856 had one on it when I purchased it. Acted like the TA was going out. Removing the tenderfoot and adjusting the clutch/ TA eliminated the issue. Still operating the tractor with same TA years later.
  16. 2 facts I failed to mention: This steam engine was built in Des Moines, Iowa. This 1206 is serial number 7501.
  17. My 140 Fellow chapter 5 member recently purchased this 544 utility. Spring of 1970 by serial number and gold under the red paint in several places!
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