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  1. This week's featured tractor is the 450 (four-fiddy for our friend Bitty). Let's see your examples. I will start with the 450 that my Grandfather, Vernon Gorsh, purchased new in 1958. My cousin recently sent this photo of Grandpa on the 450 in July of 1962. Not certain of the model of combine he is pulling. My Aunt and Uncle purchased the tractor from Grandpa when he retired from farming. My Aunt and my cousin have promised me that tractor. My Uncle just will not let go of it!
  2. Did not think about that gasket...... thanks!
  3. Talk about sketchy! Could have at least extended the frame and bolted into the engine rails.
  4. Some people fail to recognize that an old radiator does not run completely full. They have a little space below the neck. If you constantly fill that space, it will keep regulating itself and puking out the overflow.
  5. My hydraulic system seems to have an air leak. I have to prime it every time I use the tractor. Once I do that, it works flawless.
  6. Broke a spindle on the 706. Drove home in reverse using the loader to hold the front end off the ground.
  7. Mid week last week. Neat article about Mexican tractors.
  8. In Iowa, the laws are strict regarding school buses. For traffic going the same direction on a four lane or either direction on a 2 lane: If they even have the 4 way flashers on, you must stop. Even if the top red/yellow lights are out and stop sign is in. Don't ask me why I know.........
  9. My 1206 is set up this way. With 3 lights on each side, the area is lit up like sunshine!
  10. I installed a reducer bushing and a fitting with pipe threads and a shrader valve onto my 350 to help it prime.
  11. Took the Christmas lights off the 656 and moved it from in front of the house into the blue sky shed with the Hydro 100.
  12. Charlie's Repair sells a good TA stand along with splitting stands and virtually anything you need for working on IH tractors. Great guy!
  13. I had a 1990 Polaris Indy Trail. Awesome sled! Should not have sold it......
  14. My Hydro 100 has a 436 Turbocharged engine. That engine is stout! Pulled a 15' disk in plowed ground with no effort.
  15. When I painted the canopy top for the 826, I used a product designed to spray in cars to deaden the sound. Kind of like undercoating on steroids. Left a neat texture and can be painted as well. I chose to leave it black to reduce glare. Works well. Driven that tractor on several rides and the noise was not an issue. You can see it in this photo.
  16. Absolutely beautiful! One of the finest tractors ever produced.
  17. Let's see your examples of the best engineered tractors that IH produced. (Excluding the Magnum designs IH never had the opportunity to produce.) 😀
  18. 56 series. Introduction of the hydro, 407 engines, improved shifting. The bar grille with red tinwork by the model number. Just sharp looking and easy to operate.
  19. Our antique club at Matshalltown IA has a road grader built onto a 10-20.
  20. They all need them! I was able to save the metal ahead of the seam of ours. Cut out the bad section behind the seam and welded in rust resistant metal that Dad brought home from Donaldson company. Worked well.
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