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  1. I have only seen plastic on those tractors. Not sure, but I think the metal ones are aftermarket. Like the hood ornament on my 1486 was black plastic, but I replaced it with a custom steel chrome one.
  2. Some of those gauges reminded me of a flow rater machine.
  3. Doubt it. She makes too much money here!
  4. The Year A Round cab on Dad's 856 Custom had the hinges on the A pillar too. They would lock forward, which was handy on hot days.
  5. I had a friend who is a body man fix the grille on my MTA before the Roundup next June. Now I am going to have him fix the hood. It looks shabby now!
  6. Back in 1979, every farm in Poweshiek county had livestock and likely more than one species. Almost none left now.
  7. Anyone remember April of 1973? Hope we don't have to pay the piper for these warm February days......
  8. Is that a good thing? LOL! SO, tired of all the flack about her supporting her man by attending his games. Too many keyboard warriors need to get a LIFE!
  9. The only fender tanks I have ever seen are on MM, Oliver and Cockshutt tractors.
  10. In 1979, Dad had a 1969 IH pickup, a 1972 Gran Torino Sport. Grandpa had a 1974 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 20 and a new Chevrolet Impala. They had the 1976 Loadstar, an 815 combine, A/C no-till planter, 2 IH 37 disks, 550 4 bottom plow, Oliver 5 bottom plow, 990 mower conditioner, a/c side delivery rake, A/C 303 square baler, 1150 grinder mixer, 500 bushel Behlen batch dryer and several hoist wagons and hayracks on IH and Wards running gears. Dad and grandpa both had cattle and hogs. Raising corn, soybeans and alfalfa. Soybeans were the only cash crop. The corn and hay fed the livestock. Farming 720 acres then.
  11. I saw Toby in concert twice. Once as opening act for Alan Jackson and the second time at the Iowa State Fair. It was a HOT August night. His music was still worth the discomfort!
  12. The boss would pay $3,500. for it here in Central Iowa.
  13. Dad and Grandpa had an 856 Custom, 2 706 gas, 871 Ford and a Farmall H in 1979.
  14. He fought hard to: "Don't let the Old Man in." Touching song. Rest in Peace, Sir.
  15. I went to the 9 plex movie Theater located in the mall in Marshalltown last Saturday night. Only a DOT testing station, a cell phone store, a Mexican restaurant, planet fitness and Hobby Lobby left besides the Theater in the mall. The parking lot was being lit by gas powered tower lights. A big banner outside the theater entrance announced that they were "open for business ". I asked the young man about the lights. He said the mall did not pay the electric bill and the service was shut off. So, the Theater chain rented lights for the parking lot!
  16. We have to remember that at some point, the 5 millionth 1066 became a decade old symbol of a former powerhouse company that no longer existed. The photos that show the 6 hole cast centers, the tires were different too. So, likely at some point, the dealer needed the centers, rims and tires to put on a tractor they were selling. Just ordered in the 6 hole centers through parts and replaced them on the 5 millionth. It was just an asset at that moment. Nobody was concerned about the originality! After all, they did donate the 1066 to the Fort Benton Ag Museum. Likely as a tax write off at the time. Thankfully, for us enthusiasts, they did that and preserved it. It could have been sold to a farmer out west, hoods repainted and eventually lost to the world.....
  17. Condition of tires, TA and clutch good? Weights? Rear rims solid or rotted with fluid? PTO good? Hydraulics strong? Condition is everything.... Good luck!
  18. Purchased it!!!!! Took this one off the Bosses' inventory shortly after it was delivered. 1963 606 utility.
  19. Like others had said, lots of melting here in Central Iowa. Lots of bare spots. Most of the snow I pushed off my parking spot by the house has melted away. With the warm temperatures, it is mostly soaking into the ground. We needed it! Was thinking last night about the gradual sinking back to the earth that the Hydro 100 went through as the packed snow beneath the tires disappeared.
  20. It was humbling the past couple summers how much the smoke and dirt blowing in from burnt areas out west affected the Midwest. I know the darkened skies took heat units away from our crops. Night came sooner. People with sensitive allergies and breathing issues suffered.
  21. Mike, is it about time to road trip and stock up on the suds and cheese curds again?
  22. I MAY have a photo that would reveal the identity of the 3 people..... a, uh contribution, may prevent it from appearing here!! Of course, that works for those wanting to see it!😁
  23. We had to replace the balancer on our 1460 combine.
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