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  1. Last spring, the 1206 lost the clutch during the start of soybeans.   (I remove the nitrogen coulters for soybeans anyway.)  The 826 hydro pulled it perfectly.   Plan to use it on soybeans again this spring.   Purchased a second monitor for it. Now I can switch over to soybeans quickly and if it rains me out,  I have the 1206 free to mount the nitrogen applicator on the 3 point. 


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  2. I know I could pull a larger planter, but the storage required, the hassle of folding/ unfolding with fertilizer and nitrogen units on each row.  Plus, more investment to repair 12 rows vs 6..... 

    The original poster was dealing with 20 acres, so lots of boxes with very little seed in each of them!

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  3. The IH Dealership destroyed in Twister was called:  Gorsh Held Implement.   My mother's maiden name is Gorsh. Always thought that was cool!Screenshot_20240212_115736_Chrome.thumb.jpg.ac35284c9eb476b4474720c6fefc2f49.jpg

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  4. I usually root for the KC Chiefs, being a Midwestern team.  However,  I was supporting Brock Purdy in this one.  He is a great ambassador for the sport.  Enjoyed watching him during his career at Iowa State.

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  5. 21 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    Aaron, That looks like a pretty decent old tractor..did your boss buy it to part out or resell? Imo would have been a shame to part it. But then I think that about most tractors so take that for what it's worth. 😄

    It was for sale either way.  If someone wanted the engine or rear tires, he would have parted it out. Whichever happened first.  

    It is a nice little tractor.  Engine runs good.  Hydraulic system works well.  No major leaks.  New tires and rear rims. All new hydraulic lines.  Most of the tinwork is there.  Needs some maintenance and a few repairs to the dash and controls. Needs a taillight and a correct seat.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, DT Fan said:

    Aaron, how do you remove fluid? I did several years ago, drained them down as far as I could just using gravity. Then used a shop vac to get the rest. Worked great!

    When it warmed up after the big cold snap it was easy to see the fluid level in every tire that has it. Found a pair that I thought were dry but apparently didn't get the shop vac treatment.

    I park with the valve stem down.  Remove the core and walk away.  Return later.   Replace core and pump up with air. Repeat process until air comes out clean. Not perfect,  but gets most of it.  If the tube was leaking prior to this: Then I would dismount tire and replace tube, wipe out tire and rim.  This process may not be PC, but it is effective prevention of unwanted grass and weeds in your driveway!

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  7. With some help (and the loan of his truck and trailer) my co worker and I moved the 606 over to his farm.  May tinker with it there in the evenings.   My pickup and trailer are still behind a snowdrift!





    Less chance of impossible to find parts disappearing off the 606 at his farm.  We discovered the rear rims have fluid.  That's gotta go!

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  8. 1 minute ago, jass1660 said:

    As an entertainer she’s ok but if the election turns out for us will she really leave the country?

    Doubt it.  She makes too much money here!

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