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  1. Does it have a crank sensor? I knocked a wire off my 95 changing the serpentine belt and it would not fire. New sensor, problem solved.
  2. If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!
  3. When our 1460 quit moving a few years ago, the input assembly on the transmission stripped out where the motor couples to transmission. Bolts on with 4 bolts.
  4. My friend has a restored 2424. Similar to your 2444. He likes it.
  5. My 1206 came with the Ice Cream box cab. Original RH radiator panel had a notch in it for the compressor belt.
  6. This photo needs to be on the incredible photo thread! What an amazing picture.....
  7. Parts to fix yours up, Sledgehammer!
  8. If that had come apart during one of those grass slides awhile back, that would have been a nasty ride!
  9. When I was behind the Case IH parts counter back in the late 90's, the 1 1/2 cut was the latest and greatest. Customers were converting 3" cut over. Funny how things change!
  10. We have SCH on our 15' 820. Cannot say it is any better or worse than our 13.5 with IH cutting parts. Moot point now that I have quit harvesting my own soybeans.
  11. Which ride are you going on, Mike?
  12. Might work going forward, backwards you just yank the head off and keep on rolling!
  13. Our 1460 has always had poor brakes. For awhile, we had one side we could get to work. Now the other one sort of works and the first one does not. Always use a tarp strap to hold shifter in second gear.
  14. X2 I believe you can purchase the bracket, bracket with compressor or a complete kit with lines, dryer, expansion valve.
  15. FEHR and Hy Capacity make most of the domestic manufactured cab kits. Everyone else sells theirs.
  16. Backfire may indeed indicate that your timing is off. With #1 cylinder at top dead center on compression stroke, your rotor should be pointing at #1 on distributor cap.
  17. Same idea as Art. Use a T to allow dummy light to still function. Run a copper line up to a 560 oil gauge mounted in an air cleaner restriction gauge bracket mounted below the LH black dash panel.
  18. Cub, 140, 404, 504, 606, 656, 706, 806, 1206.
  19. Your 1066 can handle it! Just drop one dual off.
  20. The contacts in the the starter button are notorious for going bad. If the warning lights come on with the key, that switch is good. Check wiring connections as others have mentioned. Will be a switch on the hydro inching pedal. Many have been bypassed over the years.
  21. Nothing, I mean nothing, will stop a determined hog! They are so clever at escape. When I was in 4-H, we had to haul the hogs in for weigh in and ear tags. Dad had a sliding window in the rear of his pickup and the front of his topper. We had them open while driving into town. Jumped out of the truck to visit upon arrival. Upon returning to the pickup, a pig had entered the cab through the window and was munching on sandwiches we brought for lunch! Hogs are smart.
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