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  1. How Grandpa's 706 looks today. View from the driver's seat.
  2. The 291 is a bit trickier to overhaul due to the sleeve design. Hard working engines, but thirsty.
  3. This week's tractor is special to me. I grew up riding on and learning how to operate Dad and Grandpa's 706 gas tractors. They were both 1966 models. Grandpa had the 263, generator and light 3 point hitch. Dad had the 291, alternator and heavy 3 point hitch. Grandpa's came with a narrow front and wore the 234 picker in the fall. Dad purchased his with a Schwartz wide front axle. In the 1990's, they were swapped, so grandpa could mount the new WL21 loader on his 706. The Schwartz proved too light and an 8 bolt 856 axle was added later. These 2 tractors will never leave the farm in my lifetime. In 2021, I purchased a 706 LP. Plan to purchase a 282 and 310 diesel machines to complete my collection.
  4. Looks good! Front fenders don't appear to be rotted out on top.
  5. I was locked out if my super duty while camping a couple years ago. Had the camper hooked up, both dogs in the cab with the engine running..... Shut the door and the dogs rushed to the window to look for me. Stepped on the lock button.... I talked to them thru the window until one of them stepped on the button again and I yanked the door open! Now, I leave the window open.
  6. I told you to take a chance on that pickup box............😉
  7. The 122 is the gear drive version of the 12 HP 123 hydro. I would watch on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. You could also place a wanted add in Red Power Magazine.
  8. I have made this comment before: the forum members on here need to write a book. Or at least record a video telling these stories for the Harvester Heritage program. Then others can hear them on U Tube.
  9. Here is the rest of my toy show haul from last weekend.
  10. When the Baby Boomer generation passes on, then the value will likely drop a little. Those guys started farming with the 06, 56 series machines and are sentimental about them. I say 7 to 10 years out.
  11. I wait at least a week to wet sand or buff new paint.
  12. I went to the toy show last weekend in Boone, IA. I found this nice 3444 backhoe. So neat that we both found such nice toys at the same time! Mine needs the plastic sawtooth piece that adjusts the base of the boom. (Same part used on the gravity wagon door.)
  13. Those Canton cranes remind me of the life boat davits on the Titanic
  14. I love my 666 with M&W turbo. I call it the "little tractor that could". I don't know if the Dodge manifold would improve it any.
  15. Rough old dog. Will be parted out. Some parts are gone already.
  16. Rough old dog. Will be parted out. Some parts are gone already.
  17. Rough old dog. Will be parted out. Some parts are gone already.
  18. 2 of them (766) here in Colfax at the moment. 1 806 gas.
  19. My Dad's doctor privately believes that the covid shot caused the blood clot that resulted in his stroke last spring. I have not had another shot since then, flu or covid.
  20. I wondered if it might be. I crawled all over an old Clipper that sat next the garage when I was young.
  21. My O4 has the clutch lever on the right and moves forward to engage.
  22. These windmill farms have forever changed the look of the rural landscape...... not a fan. Thankfully, my neighborhood does not have the right amount of wind to interest them. So, I don't have to look at them around my place!
  23. I have been fighting rust in a fuel tank of a tractor. Spent a lot of time on it, frustrating when it keeps clogging the fuel system. IT SUCKS! The gas start diesels are tricky anyway without fuel tank issues. So, I was mentally preparing you for the fight! No sarcasm intended.
  24. Norman Jackson specializes in square headed bolts. I believe he advertises in Red Power magazine.
  25. If the caps have been missing and the openings were not covered, you will have major rust issues in those tanks. Something to consider.
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