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  1. Here are a couple pictures of the 1206 when he hauled it home. I found them on another topic from awhile back.
  2. To the top. With his unexpected passing, I thought forum members might want to view this topic again.
  3. 1970 826 diesel sn# 8853 sells on farm auction this Saturday down by Lacona, Iowa. Fenders, dual pto, 2 remotes, 3 point, 18.4-34.
  4. Better than a store bought unit. Nice work, Todd!
  5. Those tractors look wonderful just the way they are. I would polish them up and forget the new paint!
  6. There is a 1970 826 hydro with cab and loader selling on Auction Time Jan. 17.
  7. Did anyone notice the 1206 fenders on the open station 826?
  8. Stay tuned. The Super H visible under a tarp in some of the photos is next!
  9. Tony, The Roundup will be June 25-27 2020 in Huron, SD. Hope the pickup can make it!
  10. I had originally planned to leave this tractor as a narrow front on the skinny 15" rims I used on the wide front. Then, my boss offered this clean wide front for the project. I changed my plan. The narrow front is going under another tractor that has a junk Speeco under it.
  11. Always glad to help my customers find what they are looking for. Best part of my job.
  12. Thank you for the nice comments, guys. I am proud of how it turned out.
  13. Bitty, working here is like a kid in a candy store for me. So much temptation! I hate to think how much money I have spent on tractors and parts in the last 6 years! ?
  14. Finished assembly for this winter. Will paint the hood next spring.
  15. This project stalled out on me after missing the Roundup. Spent all summer catching up with other projects. Finally reassembled the seat suspension and mounted the seat. Bolted the deck on and adjusted the brakes. The steering hand pump I rebuilt was leaking. After a second attempt it finally sealed. Started bolting on sheet metal. Hood hole for exhaust was in the wrong place. I painted a diesel hood instead of a gas hood, oooops!
  16. The surging you are describing could be the governor acting up. Probably needs lubricated to free the weights up. Good luck! Nice M.
  17. The two axles are built differently. No compatibility at all. You would have to make adapter plates and a center steering arm. A C front axle would be really light for under an H imho.
  18. I have a Farmall 240 with the pan seat. Will take a photo and post for you when I make it home.
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