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  1. 9 hours ago, Farmall1066 said:

    If you have any salvage yards near you, that will let you walk around, see if you can find any still on salvage tractors 

    The 1440/1460 combines use them too.😊

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  2. 12 hours ago, DirtBoyz07 said:

    I’m running a S2E on a 466 and you won’t have any trouble . You might want to get 5hole .020 tips , .093 lines and make sure you don’t lock the advance for a 3000 rpm class . With the advance locked for that rpm it has no lug , with advance it corrects 14 degrees and that is a big deal , set your timing at 25 degrees . Call Atlas Tractor up in the twin cities for a double disk steel flywheel /clutch setup . The stock clutch will not work with that power , we don’t want anyone getting hurt .

    send me a pm if you want , we do a lot of this stuff for our own tractors and customers 



    This photo is just cool!  That 1086 just looks bad a**!  Thanks for sharing,  Danny.

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  3. We put a LOT of hours on those 2 706 tractors of ours.  The engines were never an issue, except that 1000-2000 hours was average for engine life. BUT, we worked them hard and pushed their limits. The one 706 was never unhitched from the grinder mixer between overhauls once!  Today, with larger diesels for the big jobs,  they last longer after an overhaul. 

  4. Here is a 706 wheatland LP that belongs to a good friend of mine. Love this tractor!  The narrow front 706 with the clamshell fenders belonged to his grandfather. 

    The 706 282 diesel with the ice cream box cab belongs to a neighbor that I grew up with.

    The 706 310 german belongs to Farmall Tom.





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  5. I grew up with a pair of 1966 Farmall 706 gas tractors.   Grandpa traded his 400 in for this one at Grinnell Implement in the fall of 1969. Dad had graduated from Iowa State and had rented 240 acres for 1970. With double the acres to farm, more horsepower was required.  This one came with 263 gas, NF, no fenders, three point and dual PTO.   It provided needed power for bigger jobs and wore the 234 picker in the fall. Over the years, the tractor changed appearance: first with a schwartz wide front and a Westendorf wl21 loader.  Later an IH 8 bolt 856 front axle was mounted, as the Schwarz was not heavy enough.  

    In 1971, Dad purchased his 706 at Grinnell Implement.   Grandpa's 706 was not enough machine for all the demands of the farm,  racking up a staggering amount of hours. Dad's has a 291 gas, Schwartz wide front, fenders, 3 point and dual PTO.   Years later, it swapped front axles with Grandpas 706 when the westendorf loader was mounted. These 2 machines are still a large part of our operation today. 

    Last year,  I purchased a 706 LP tractor to restore. 


    706 schwartz loader.JPG

    Dad's 706 thru the years.

    dads 706 wf.JPG

    dads 706 1992.JPG

    The little man standing beside Grandpa Wade with his backpack is me. Just off the bus and going to help grandpa hay the calves.


    Gpa & I 706 1982.JPG

    Grandpa's 706 thru the years. 

    706 westendorf.JPG

    I don't know how these captions and photos jumbled up on me!

    gpa 706 JD wagon.JPG

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Pete1468 said:

    I have several but this is a family site so I'll leave it alone.  I've even got a song that'd go with it.

    I was thinking of Garth Brooks' "Papa loved Mama"!

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  7. 35 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

    I was discouraged at the time because I got told when I arrived that the 450 wasn’t for sale. Too bad it was hacked on so badly. I probably should check on hose machines again and see if I can get a price on any of them this time. They never got me a price on any of them last time. 

    Go for it! 

    My 1206 was not for sale when it was parked up on the Meskwaki Indian reservation.  Everyone had tried. Then one day, my friend made an offer and the family took it!  Persistentance finally paid off. Maybe today is your lucky (birth)day!

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  8. 1 hour ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    Was nice to meet the shiek. 🙂 it was a good day. The 756 looks pretty much unmolested as shiek pointed out and should make Dt a nice tractor. 

       Wife did say she was thinking about reporting me missing as it was taking me an awful long time in town getting a battery and some fuel. Whoops I forgot to inform her of the added stop. 😁

    Would enjoy a tour at the sheiks place. 

    I chuckled pretty good when you said that you did not mention stopping over to your wife!  Mine called while we were together and She asked if I was having fun working on old red tractors with my forum buddies.  She knows what makes me tick and supports me!

    I need to pick a day and invite all the forum members who would like to stop over for a shed tour. It would be a good time!

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  9. 5 hours ago, 1256pickett said:

    I was raised on a farm where my father worked full time off farm. He didn’t have time to wrench and so I couldn’t learn that aspect from him. I have slowly developed my mechanical abilities over the years to where my skills are slightly ahead of his. I found this site a couple years ago looking at archived posts. Very helpful. Now I keep coming back for the conversations. I agree there’s a great bunch of guys on here

    Sounds like my life story as well. Grandpa taught me what he could, as we worked together in the evenings. Now, Dad is the old man and I am the one with the skills to keep the machines running.

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