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  1. We have a 13 1/2 ' 820 with the standard 3" IH cutterbarand a 15' 820 with the 3" SCH cutterbar.  We no till and I can't see a big advantage for the SCH.  One piece of advice I learned the hard way:  don't  confuse the bolts between them.  Slightly different diameter and you will constantly have the sections work loose and fall off or become broken!

  2. I check items I am considering purchasing on Black Friday a couple weeks ahead to see if there is an inflationary period prior to the "big sale".  Sometimes there is, sometimes the price remains the same with a higher price marked out next to it.

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  3. On 11/21/2023 at 11:19 PM, iowaboy1965 said:

    I'm gonna guess somebody large pulled them selves up onto the platform everytime they got on and probably hung on getting off too, until the spokes of the wheel broke....

    I broke the spokes on my old 350 steering wheel that looked just like this climbing onto it one winter day.  Exact scenario you describe.

  4. 2 hours ago, 5488ih said:

    86 series won’t ever be collectible. Too many of them. Unless it is has something unique about it. First or last serial number, a red power special. Or a rarely seen option. Boxcar magnums are the ones to be buying now. Especially if u can find a 7200 series mk50 model.

    I respectfully disagree.  Many of these machines have been worn out and scrapped.   Most of them are rusted out in the doors and where the black stripe on the cab where it meets the fenders.  With the headaches of modern electronics,  the appreciation for these simple machines will rise.   Clean examples with be sought after.  At some point, pristine examples will be "collectable" on this basis alone.

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  5. The largest of the 86 series row crop tractors, the 1586 featured a 3 speed transmission with optional TA and inboard planetaries. This robust workhorse was the "big dog" on many farms.  Discovered as cheap horsepower,  these machines are still popular on farms throughout America. 

     I fondly remember disking 480 acres (twice) one Memorial Day weekend in a 1586 pulling our White 256 disk.  A special that played every one of George Strait's #1 hits was on the radio during my marathon session in the field.  The local IH dealer had just installed a new clutch in Dad's 856 Custom and installed the wrong pto gear and they did not have the correct one in stock.  So, Dad's tractor sat split in two that weekend.   We were running late to plant crops that year and I needed to be turning dirt that weekend.  So, Dad negotiated the loan of a tractor to make up for their mistake.   They even delivered the mighty 1586 to the farm!  That weekend made me determined to own an 86 series someday.  A dream I realized with the purchase of my 1486 many years ago.  😁

    Let's see your 1586 machines and hear their stories!

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  6. International Harvester Collectors Iowa Chapter 5 held their fall meeting Saturday at the JJ Nichting Dealership in West Liberty, IA.  Their meeting room adjacent to the parts department was a beautiful venue. The meeting was hosted by members:  Vernon and Evelyn Smith, whose farm was nearby.  Vernon parked his 7488, serial number 1 and 7500 vari width plow outside to welcome everyone.20231118_143526.thumb.jpg.af2694d7c999b9100de734347d2fa8bf.jpg




    Mr. Brown from Wilton, IA had his Detroit powered IH Transtar truck on hand too.


    Following a delicious meal and the Fall membership meeting, Vernon led the way with old #1 to his nearby farm.   There, the members were treated to 7488 #13 and several other old IH machines.  Vernon still uses most of them in his operation. 



    7488 #13


















    A few newer machines, I thought were interesting. 





    A couple of Orange ones for DT Fan:


    Hope you enjoyed these photos. 






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  7. On 11/18/2023 at 8:47 AM, F-301066460puller said:

    Co worker just bought a Chevy Traxx has a little 3cyl in it. He said it was $26k idk if that was after trade though. His trade wouldn't have been much.

    My Uncle showed me his new Chevy Traxx yesterday.   Traded his 13 year old Buick on it.  Had the troublesome Cadillac Northstar engine in it.  Longest he ever owned a car.  Went with a 3 year lease on the Traxx.  It was all he and my Aunt felt they could afford on their retirement incomes.  They are happy with it.  Sits up higher: better visibility and easier to get in and out of.  It's new, they drive less miles nowadays. Should work for them.

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