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  1. Neighbor to the east of us purchased an open station 3088 new from Custer Implement in Tama.  I remember being at his farm sale and he kept it when the bidding ended.  It remained in his shed until the early 2000's.  Don't know when it left or where it went. It was gone before he went to the nursing home. 

  2. Spent Sunday in the machine shed hiding from the rain.  Removed all the bad hoses. Repaired the wire to the engine temp sensor (will replace sensor too). Pulled hoses and oil lines off turbo and 3 of the 4 turbo mounting bolts.  Gave Dad the shopping list for today's parts run.  Tonight I will continue,  if we have enough parts!




  3. This harvest season has been one challenge after another!  Today was no exception...... Came home from a shift at my day job at Colfax Tractor to find Dad waiting for me. He looked worn out and defeated.   He told me that he may have killed the old 1460. 

    His day started with a bushing and bearing failure on one of the eccentric arms for the sieves.  A trip to the dealership and some shop time and he was up and running again. Then he returned to the field and harvested another truckload of corn.  The rotor speed abruptly dropped and he could not seem to reclaim it.  He decided to head for the house to tighten the belt up and pulled out of the corn.  As he started up the hill, the engine began to labor and sounded funny.   He stepped out of the cab to see smoke coming from the engine of the 1460! He shut the engine off, climbed down and ran back to see flames coming from the engine. He dashed up to the platform and grabbed the fire extinguisher and dashed up to the engine.  It did the job and the flames went out.....

    Upon examination, I determined that the turbo blew; bathing the engine in oil and ignited by the exhaust manifold.  The new heater hose I installed at the beginning of the season was burned in two along with damage to the hose that connects the water pump to the T-stat housing.  The upper radiator hose is also scorched.  I checked the oil and it was just below full.  We capped off the heater hose outlet with a chunk of hose and a bolt. Took only 2 gallons of coolant to fill the radiator. The engine fired up and sounds fine other than the turbo puking oil. We drove it to the house.  After a bath, I inspected the engine further.  

    The return line for the fuel injectors was burned so badly that I am shocked that it holds fuel pressure!  Dad was so close to total tragedy.   If that line had burned through and added diesel fuel to the inferno......So, the old 1460 will live on after another round of repairs.  The only thing I have not determined is why the temperature guage has quit working. Sensor or a damaged wire likely. We unhooked the batteries tonight to be on the safe side.   

    Sorry that I did not get any photos,  my phone was on the charger in my car and daylight was fading fast.  What a day!

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  4. Noticed empty shelves in the soda case at the local Casey's over the weekend. 

    Between general parts shortages,  and now the JD strike, calls for parts on all ages of JD equipment are way up at work.  Weird time in history. 

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