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  1. We have Grandpa's old pto driven Allis Chalmers side delivery rake that had that feature. Handy in the right conditions.
  2. Definitely some truth to that. Sunday afternoon, I was hustling to finish the corn ahead of an incoming thunderstorm. Finished in a light rain and escaped to the shed. As the rain was pouring down, I looked the planter over: 1 missing guage wheel on row 2 and a broken drive chain and tensioner. Guess I have repairs to make as well as changing over to plant soybeans.
  3. Try JP Tractor in Fredericktown, Missouri.
  4. Your side by side is welcome. You must register it in the Clay County Fairgrounds office. $35. Fee. Must provide proof of insurance. They will not be allowed in the buildings. Hope to see you there!!
  5. I am the same way. I like using the foot pedal while looking over my right shoulder to line up to a drawbar. Hard to reach the lever and see the drawbar hole at the same time. Otherwise, I never use the pedal. It becomes natural to use the lever. I find myself reaching for the TA handle on a conventional tractor after an afternoon on a hydro!!!!
  6. I use my 826 Hydro to plant soybeans with a 6 row planter. No-Till in decent hills. No issues.
  7. I am behind posting my progress on here! So busy right now. Completed repairs to the planter after Dad's mishap (backing into my 140 and destroying the LH row unit). Between the various rain sessions, I have maybe 2 evenings left of corn to plant. Corn ground is sprayed. Coop sprayed ground going to soybeans yesterday. Dad hit a few washouts with the 1486 and disk. Things are finally humming along for once!
  8. We will be East of the main indoor tractor displays in the livestock barn. Under the trees circled in blue. Triple R Tractors vendor booth.
  9. Many tours are still available. Go to our website RPRU2024 and sign up now. With the Harvester Highlights a month late, we are way short on exposure for these wonderful tours.
  10. Yes, we will have a banquet Saturday night. Our guest speaker is passionate about family, faith and IH equipment. You will not want to miss it!
  11. Our antique club at Marshalltown has a stationary hay baler that uses a tractors' belt pulley or a stationary engine to operate the plunger. Hay is fed into the hopper by pitchfork. Guide blocks are used to form the bale and allow the twine to be passed through to secure the hay.
  12. I am glad so many of you are making the trip! We have worked hard to organize a wonderful show for you. It is 3 hours and 40 minutes from my place up there, so I feel your pain. I have placed Mke Links next to Pete under some shade trees. So, the afternoon forum meet and greets should be comfortable. We will meet Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to seeing many of you again. -Aaron
  13. The first cabs on any brand of farm tractor were built by outside vendors. Not until the 86 series that IH built the entire cab (control center). The wide door on that cab is probably nice to get in.
  14. Updating his tactics.......
  15. That axle will bolt right up to your tractor. Clean out the 4 bolt holes in your casting that the pivot housing from the wide front will bolt into. The center steering arm will bolt to 3 of the 4 bolts that the narrow front pedestal mounted with. Rear cradle will fit the holes already in your frame. Use that loader to hold the tractor up while you swap the axles. Simple. The 666/686 axle will bolt on, just built a little different.
  16. An old friend in Grinnell wants to sell me his Grey colored 76 Vette for $3,500. Not a great car, but a decent driver. Just can't get excited about it.....
  17. Did they actually build an ACME brand vise?? Asking for a coyote friend of mine......
  18. How do you make a low value Corvette less valuable..... that's it!!!!
  19. Woman I used to date lost her Aunt in a wreck. Swerved for a deer, went into the ditch. Hit a farm drive and went end over end. Smashed that Caravan flat! She lived long enough to tell the paramedics what happened......
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