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  1. The stage 2 super M had the square front bolster with the holes in it. It was added at the same time the clutch housing was updated and went to the 3 hole starter.
  2. I toured Pioneer Village as a child. Remember it well. Very cool. Just about any item you could think of, they had them on display. I remember a beet harvester mounted on a Farmall H in the agricultural building. Hope Mike does not mess the charm of the place up......
  3. The first tractor I restored and the 3rd tractor I purchased. 1961 Farmall 460 gas, standard draw bar. Spent most of its life under a 4 row front mounted cultivator on the Van Sant farm near Grinnell. Will add photos later.
  4. My favorite machine overall is my 666 diesel, known as "Lucy". My favorite tractor that sees active farm use is my 1206. Referred to as "The 12" . I love this idea for a thread!
  5. Is that a Pontiac Fiero in the background? 🤪
  6. Here is the old Firestone calcium chart. Adjusted to 18.4-34.
  7. Has a wet bolster with 06/56 series wide front axle! Six bolt front hubs.
  8. He has a 340 diesel row crop. I have a 240 row crop.
  9. That was at the Roundup last summer. A preproduction/ test mule. The story was that an IH employee owned it for years. Used it on his acreage.
  10. Wow! This week has been busy and this topic was almost forgotten. Any 240 tractors out there?
  11. Hook it to one of your 2+2 tractors.
  12. The 606 diesel is the closest relative to the 460 utility diesel.
  13. Those might be close to rubbing when you turn sharp! Depending on how you have them spaced on the axle.
  14. Looks like the same tires that Cole the Cornstar installed on their MX2__.
  15. The front will bolt right to the bolster. Certain that the rear mount will not line up right. I saw a 766 with a wet bolster that the owner had pulled the narrow front off and installed a 1456 front axle. It was in the paint booth between coats.
  16. I cannot believe that the natural gas producers are going to let the government put them out of business. What are we overlooking here?
  17. Yes, that is my 666, that I refer to as "Lucy". She has an M&W turbo with pyrometer and a Thomure chrome stack. I have never had it on a dyno, but she sure blows black smoke when you crack the throttle! My favorite tractor for parades and tractor rides. That photo was taken at the Roundup in DuQuoin. The 666 and 686 have almost no difference between them. Just the change from the 312 to the 310 German diesel during the 686 run. The stripes on the hood were updated to reflect the larger 86 series machines.
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