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  1. You take away guns, humanity will use knives on each other, take away knives, they will throw rocks. Nature of our species. If nothing else, we will use our bare hands. Only when man has no desire to kill, will he have no use for a weapon.
  2. I have painted a dozen tractors and a few cars/ pickups. Prep is everything. I power wash. Then pull off all the sheetmetal, weights. Power wash again. Into the shop onto stands. Tires and cast centers come off. Then I disassemble as much as possible. Wiring harness, belts and hoses come off. Small items into blast cabinet. Remainder gets the wire wheel. Quality etching primer. Omni single stage paint. Here is a 656 I painted in 2017. Hood was not painted ( I painted a diesel hood instead. Ooops!)
  3. IH built a Cub, Super H, Super M, Super C, Super A, Super W4, and a Super W6 in 1952. Help us out with which model you are working on.
  4. We have installed them and sold then at work. It takes the finesse and patience of a body man to get them to fit just right. Even factory sheetmetal is not perfect. Still takes hinge shims and tweaking. Adjusting latch. To make them fit. Let's face it, the cab is probably not perfectly straight after all these years and was likely not perfect when new.
  5. I hauled one home recently, the guy just wanted it out of his way.
  6. A friend of mine poured concrete in his machine shed after years of parking on packed lime. Dug 2 foot header along the shed wall. Lined the entire surface with plastic sheeting prior to pouring the concrete. He said it eliminated sweaty floor when the temperature changes.
  7. The Fareway store in my hometown has 6 self checkouts next to the cigarette lane that one employee watches over. Most of the time, 3 of the 4 full service lanes have folks waiting their turn in line. The kids bag and carry out like always. People still appreciate that.
  8. The only reason Dad and I make any money farming is because our overhead is low. My labor is cheap, land and equipment are paid for, self financed (no banker interest). We no till and do our own spraying. The last few years have been good for Dad.
  9. Every time I go thru the Mc Donald's drive thru they always ask me if I am ordering using the app. I don’t even know what that means!
  10. Maybe your tractor has had something unusual done it inside it. Parts book shows drive shaft 381513R11 and input drive shaft 389529R1 for 766, 966, 1066, hydro 100, 1466 being the same. Hydro 100 should be same as 966 or 1066 hydro.
  11. The large input clutch assembly from a 15 will bolt right onto a dual PTO. No adapter shaft needed.
  12. Not only does the battery technology need to improve on EV vehicles to be practical for mainstream customer use, but the electric infrastructure needs improved as well. I'm not sure solar and wind are the practical answers. Maybe we need to go back to coal or nuclear.... unless something better comes along. Point is: the power supply system and EV technology must evolve together.
  13. As long as the TA was only (pulled back) used under load you were fine. What tore them up was using them to slow down at the end of each row instead of throttling back.
  14. Guess I really stirred the pot with this one! Sorry, Guys. 🤐
  15. Nice idea! Any farm store style blade would work. You can even pull the A frame out and pop the tailgate back in for summer use. No permanent modifications to the pickup. Kudos, MTO!
  16. He invited me to come down some Sunday next fall and help him harvest. I mentioned that I miss it, since we hire it done now. I would love to go down and run one of his plowing rigs!
  17. I mentioned this one in another thread, decided it was time to document the project. It was destined to be dismantled for parts, so I saved it. I have a pair of diesels, but did not have a gas. Runs and drives. Has a messed up shifting rail, so the rear cover has to come off. New tires and rear rims, rear wheel weights, no welds on the front axle, decent tinwork. Rears have fluid, that has to go. The dash has been butchered: switches in wrong places and a hole with an oil guage installed. Seat assembly is comfortable enough, but gotta go. Needs a battery box, lower dash panel and a taillight and bracket. With some repairs and detail work it will clean up decent. At work: where it was for sale, whole or parts. 😭 Hauled it to a co worker's farm for now. My trailer is tucked away untill spring. This poor dash..... Yesterday, I stopped at my friend Gene's place. Harvested some parts off of his parts 606. Proper seat support, dash assembly, lower dash panel, battery box parts. I also acquired the three point and drawbar assembly for my 544 utility. (That's another trip.) I provided him with keys for a 400 with 234 picker he recently drove home. (He borrowed a key from an Oliver to drive it home!) The 400 has a single front wheel, so I am trading him a proper narrow front end off an M. Win/win for both of us! The parts 606:
  18. I was there as well. Great show: lots of vendors, great people and good food. Someone even donated 300 free admissions! Not that the entry fee was outrageous at $3.00! Picked up an owners manual for the 455 4 row cultivator and a H - Super M starting and lighting attachment manual. Premier Edition 1/16 scale 966 black stripe with narrow front, 1/64 A/C 7030 maroon belly (lots of neat detail) and a 1/16 (weak members avert your eyes!) John Deere 7520 4wd. I have wanted one since I was a child.... I stopped on my way home at my friend Gene's place. He provided some necessary items off of his parts 606. I provided him with some ignition keys 🔑 for his new toy. Farmall 400 and 234 picker. He drove it home. Works great. He had operated it in the past.
  19. That engine in a Farmall M does not have an engine oil dipstick. Just 2 petcocks in the oil pan. Maybe the crawler is different or someone had added one? Is this dipstick in the block or threaded into the oil pan?
  20. A neighbor was backing a 350 up onto a feeding floor and the narrow front snapped off. He used it to load out manure and it had made the transition from the ground to the concrete thousands of times. Just one time too many, I guess.
  21. I don't hate them, but compared to the pioneer style on my older tractors: I seem to struggle pushing the hose in far enough to lock in. (Yes, I push the barrel ahead while coupling the hose.) When I feel I have them seated, I flip the lever and they pop out. I attribute this to the fact that I have decades of experience with the pioneer style. If I had the hours on a 1066 I have on a 706, I would likely feel confident coupling hydraulic hoses up on them.
  22. I follow a U Tuber from north of me. He and his family are always cracking lines to relieve pressure hooking up implements to their skid loader: snowblower, post auger, mower, etc.
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