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  1. Central Iowa just raised to 3.09 after holding at 2.99 for almost 2 months.
  2. Day 2 using the wagons instead of the trucks. Beans are yielding very good. Dad says I enjoy farming old school with the wagons. He's right, I do!
  3. I had a light blue 1983 Buick Regal diesel. Replaced it with a 350 chevy/ 350 trans. That car was fun!
  4. Dad overfilled one wagon and had a few to clean up. The Ranger worked well for that job!
  5. Finally dried out enough to run beans after 2 rounds of needed rain. Too sloppy for the trucks. So the wagons came out of the shed.
  6. Better to be lucky than good! Glad it worked out for the best.
  7. I agree. What value is gold when food and ammunition are what society needs the most?
  8. I agree. You can watch 1 or 2 episodes a season and keep up. If I had a $100. for every time they say "Oak Island", I would be wealthy!😉
  9. Finally, we are harvesting beans. May finish the first field tonight, breeze is strong. Had to tighten the wobble box and repair a broken mount for the row divider last night. Perhaps lady luck has finally paid us a visit!
  10. I have noticed the larger combines are transported with the tires on a different load, so must be too heavy to haul all at once.
  11. I enjoyed hearing from New guy. He delivered fuel to Casey's gas stations in central Iowa.
  12. Are you sure it is in park? It is not stuck in 2 gears, is it? Unless the plates on the shifter shaft are broken or the vertical shaft bushings wore completely out; the linkage on the park cannot be engaged with the transmission in gear. At least not easily! Worn parts can do strange things. Please elaborate. Pictures would help.
  13. Our 1460 stopped moving 3 seasons ago. It was the input shaft into the transmission. Hard to see!
  14. I remember traveling to Washington DC in high school and tracing his name on the Vietnam Memorial. This seems way more meaningful. That his name is along the road into his hometown.
  15. This past weekend, a bridge outside Victor, IA was named for my Mother's first Cousin, Kenneth Heitmann. Kenneth lost his life in the Vietnam conflict. He was a doctor and did not have to go overseas, but he felt it was his duty to serve. The entire Community of Victor is proud of their lost son. Several of Mom's cousins were on hand as well as the VFW.
  16. Combine back together tonight, Test run in field proved it was ready to run. Pods a little damp. Called it a night. Set the new auger up for the first time on the bean bin. Took some effort, our yard is a bit cramped. Used the loader to slide it over and center it over the opening. Cylinder on auger settles overnight, will try a new ball valve on hydraulic line.
  17. Those planetary covers look like the same ones used on the Coleman axles on the tractors. Love the all wheel drive emblems on the fenders!
  18. One at work that survived a 2388 fire?
  19. My 1486 may have the doors installed backwards on the cab, shifting is not always ideal. BUT, it will start, run and complete a day's work during this age where a circuit board shortage has rendered new machines inoperable!
  20. Only 1 hopper of beans harvested so far. Blew an original heater hose and the engine overheated. Replaced 15 feet of 5/8 and got it running. Then Dad backed the unloading auger into the shed. So, the entire unloading auger system was destroyed. Elbow, gearbox, auger tube. Slow start here.
  21. This clean, one owner 615 was sold last year at work.
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