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    Need your prayers

    Hello, everyone. Lying here in bed this morning recovering from an accident yesterday afternoon. I was pushing snow with the 756 diesel with narrow front. Drove over to Dad's (1/2 mile east.). Helped him move snow. Drove for home. Somehow I misjudged where the edge if the road was in the snow. Tractor rolled into the ditch. I was pinned by the steering wheel on my right leg. Cell phone left my pocket in the roll over. Lyed there in the snow helpless. Some neighbors coyote hunting found me. Then about 30 people descended on me. Pulled the tractor off me with a pickup. ER doctor said my prosthetic led saved me. No broken bones, a 2" laceration, and major bruising. So lucky to be alive today. God sent an angel to protect me, guys. I should be dead. I always think I am a good tractor operator, but things happen. Be careful out there. This is gonna be a painful recovery. May God's blessings be with all of you. -Aaron
  2. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Need your prayers

    I think it was there all the time, MTO. Just lurking under my skin. Glad it came to light!
  3. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Need your prayers

    Still in UIHC in Iowa City this morning. They are happy with the way the wound looks. My fever is gone. More therapy today and wound care. See how my prosthetic leg fits today. Then discuss when I can go home! 😁
  4. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Need your prayers

    Well, Guys. One step forward and 2 steps back. Friday evening, I twisted my leg on the ice. Yes, the one I crushed under the tractor in January. 😔 I heard a pop and the leg swelled up skin tight in an hour. Pushed my way through work on Saturday. Woke up with a 101 fever during the night. Went to Grinnell ER. Sent me home. Sunday night, Fever is back at 103. Went to University of Iowa in Iowa City. Found a hematoma and a blood clot. Had surgery Monday morning. Removed a 1000 CC of puss, infection and blood. Open wound heal for now to watch for infection. First evening, I felt up to posting on here. Appreciate your prayers, Guys. This winter sucks!
  5. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Snow to a thunderstorm right away

    They are forecasting a 12" blizzard for Wyoming.
  6. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    pics from Benton Farm toy show

    Gonna be the 766.
  7. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    More Scenic Nebraska

    I traveled to the Anselmo, Dunning, Broken Bow area in the late 90's. Took my sister out to visit a young woman that she met through FFA. Stayed with them on their ranch for a week. Learned about caring for windmills. How to make hay with reversed Farmall C tractors, Farmhand stack loaders on 706 or 560. Beautiful scenery. We would go to town at night in a Surburban with a brush guard. Drink beer and country dance. Great people, beautiful place.
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Buying Mattress set +

    The wife and I need to start looking. I have a pillow in the hole on my side to make it comfortable!
  9. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Who makes reproduction OEM mufflers for Letter Series

    Give Ken Updike a call at Johnson Tractor.
  10. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Farmall C, Super C and Cultivator questions

    I have used my wide front C with cultivator to keep the sweet corn clean.
  11. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    The Dog Thread

    My Rat Terrier has obviously called this helpline in the past........
  12. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Retirement village

    You should see the new place, Clark. It's real NICE!
  13. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Jim Hartman'w new Toy and travels

    Does that make 7 14's now, Jim? I joke that you and Long Farms are in a competition to have the most! Nice to see you again the other day.
  14. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Retirement village

    The Caravan will look great parked out front!😊
  15. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    My Georgia peach

    Hey, at least it does not have faux wood trim on it!!!!!!! 😄
  16. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Minimum wage increase

    Awww, geez! I work 48 hours a week at Colfax and farming as well. I'm not sure I can work many more! 🙄
  17. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Buyer Beware

    Photos of the gold under the hoods would clear up any questions.......😊
  18. All those 966-1466 and not a single cab. Interesting.
  19. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    450d brakes

    There is an actuator ball and jam nut that pass through the brake shaft lever. Loosen them up and that should release the brake. If the actuator is frozen tight, you may need to remove the brake drum and inspect.
  20. Sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Mini Scout II Rallye build

    Sledge has inspired me to dust off my model building skills. The last one I completed was a Model T Ford for my sister in 2002. I dug through the 50-60 model kits (all unassembled) I have tucked away and dug out this Scout II. It is dated from 2007. I purchased some basic supplies last night. Looking for some creative inspiration. If you have a Scout II or a Rallye you would like to see me recreate, post pictures here. This should be fun!
  22. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    Loading/Unloading a pull behind combine, advice sought.

    I pulled my 80 combine home almost 40 miles. No problem.
  23. nepoweshiekfarmalls


    We raised a pair of black Angus heifers to butcher for the freezer. They were big old pets. They loved scratched on the back, neck and between the ears.Would come right over to the fence to see you. Daughter misses them, but was excited to see all the meat dad and I packed in the deep freeze last night.🙂
  24. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    canopy tractors, 66 two post vs 66 4 post vs 86 4 post

    The original factory-built ROPS were certified for roll over protection. They have the tag riveted to them. They were equipped with seat belts and designed to keep the operator safe. Farmington Implement DVD 11 or 12 has the IH film discussing the ROPS with footage of roll over testing. Many of today's reproduction "sun shades " have not been tested and certified.
  25. nepoweshiekfarmalls

    mccormick W9

    I know where at least one 600 diesel is!