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  1. I should mention that the muffler exhaust pipe extension is the one off my Dad's 856 Custom. He pulled it off and kept it when the tractor was sold on auction in 1995.
  2. These photos from the ride show off the 826. I still plan to find a proper deck for it, has an 06 series now. Also needs seat cushions and the inserts for the shifter knobs. Also needs a new PTO lever. The ride revealed a leaky valve under the seat, but the 826 did well in the hills of NE Iowa !
  3. I painted the 9.5L-15 rims and installed them. Painted the rear castings and rims as well. Finally installed the hydro decals on the hood. Waxed up the hoods, checked the fluids and the 826 was ready to tractor ride.
  4. Then, this spring, my friend Waylon calls me. We are taking 826's on the tractor ride at Dyersville, first part of June. So, the 826 comes out of hibernation. Got a nice bath. In the meantime, I had collected a pair of 9.5L-15 tires and correct rims off this donor 826. The 11L-15 tires and rims on my 826 were "backwards " because the offset was wrong. Always bothered me!
  5. Starting to come together. Progress during Soybean harvest 2019. Stored it looking like this over winter. Then 2020 came. Covid. No tractor shows, rides, parades *except Roundup *. Then the derecho on the heels of the Roundup. Storm damage/ cleanup/ no electricity for a week. Then harvest. So, 826 sat another winter in the shed down the road.
  6. I repainted the hoods, fenders, weights, muffler and grille. Added all new emblems where necessary and all new hood bolts. Then the reassembly!
  7. It was mid June at this point. I decided to repaint all the hoods and the grille. The humidity played havoc with the drying process! I hoped to have the 826 ready for the Chapter 5 state show at Marshalltown, first weekend of August. I was current President of Chapter 5 and really wanted a big display. I spent 3 weeks preparing my 06 and 56 series collection for the show. As you may recall I had the 544, 2 656, 756, 856 gas, 806, 1206, 666 diesel and model 80 combine on display at the State show. I ran out of time to finish the 826 properly and it remained home. Here are photos tak
  8. I repainted the ROPS and canopy. I chose to leave the sound deadening black underneath the canopy to reduce glare. I kind of like it. I can always paint it white later if I decide to. Then we mounted it onto the 826. That was a hot, humid night I recall.
  9. I replaced the kick panel for one without extra holes drilled into it. Installed a proper switch and capillary for the ether system. Found an IH stamped muffler at work and installed it. Replaced the missing shield over the hydraulic valves under the seat. Then this came in on a tractor at work! 😀
  10. It is a 400 2 point hitch, modified to fit on the 560.
  11. Then the 826 went back into the shop. I rebuilt the leaky hand pump on the steering. Rebuilt the tilt steering and installed a new wheel and cap. The fuel tank started leaking from a pinhole in the bottom. So, I replaced it and all the fuel filters. Added an alternator guard I purchased at the Roundup in Bloomsburg.
  12. Funny you should ask that! In the spring of 2019, I resumed work on the 826.
  13. The 826 ran well. The engine and hydro were strong. The batteries would not stay charged and the water pump was leaking steady. I stripped all the sheetmetal off and gave it a wash. Installed a Hy Capacity water pump, new alternator, wiring harness and all new switches. Changed the engine oil and filter. Replaced a bent step, added RH steps and grab handle. Replaced a broken top link bracket, mangled PTO shield and installed a proper top link and an IH quick hitch. Installed proper battery hold down covers and a LH toolbox.Now, the 826 started, ran and charged correctly!
  14. I purchased this tractor in the fall of 2018. I have eluded to the existence of this machine, but waited until now to comment. This 826 has had an interesting life. It was sold by my boss; up at Mcwhirter Impl. in Baxter IA to the city of Colfax on July 26, 1988. It came with a 2355 loader and a JD 350 sickle mower, box blade and a JD blade. It was used for mowing city lots, blowing snow, pumping water and light landscaping duties. They traded it in to Colfax Tractor, March 2018. When I purchased the tractor, the City Manager invited me down to the shop for some items for the tractor. I
  15. Bill, may the Heavenly Father put his hand upon your shoulder as you celebrate your Mother's life. Our thoughts are with you.
  16. Yes, Waylon and I went to Dyersville. You can see our 826's behind the 786.
  17. Wife and I have motel reservations. Planning on showing the 666 diesel. Looking forward to seeing many of you at the daily forum meet and greet. Sledge, are you going to show the 686? Would be fun to park the 666 next to you!😊
  18. Nice 786 open station for illustration purposes.
  19. Amazing how much red paint is hiding under all that grease! Looking nice, Mr. Long.
  20. Pictures, or it didn't happen! 😊 Congratulations on your 1066. Nice to win one once and awhile.
  21. No. The only way to know that would be to reference the line setting ticket for the tractor. Unfortunately, they all disappeared at the factory. I have only seen 1 in my life.
  22. 806 D = 806 Equipped with diesel engine. S-Y = S means TA with provision for live PTO. Y= 12 GPM hydraulic pump.
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