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  1. My 826 when I first purchased it. After the transition. A photo I was excited to take. My friend Bob and I photographed our 826 hydro diesels together. They are exactly 100 serial numbers apart!
  2. Today, my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage. 50 years of farm life and all of the unique challenges it provides. Years of evenings spent apart while Dad worked at the factory. Years of illness and health, nearly losing both their children in horrible accidents. Burying grandparents, parents, siblings. Celebrating births and marriages. Years of lean and years of plenty. Never living the high life, but always living life on their own terms and in the solitude of their beloved countryside. 50 years that have nearly worn my mother's wedding band clear through. A 50 year testimonial to love, trust, strength, cooperation and honor. A 50 year mark, I will never achieve. Today, I honor the 2 people who gave me life, who read to me from the bible and storybooks. They chased away the monsters, calmed the fears. They did without so I would always have enough. They taught me right from wrong, respect for myself and others, the ten commandments, how to love others. They taught me that true wealth comes from your own labor, sweat and determination; not the hard work of others. To take pride in your accomplishments, but not boast to others. To honor your family and your heritage through your actions. To leave the world a better place than you found it. Special people raised in the baby boomer generation by the greatest generation this country has known. Please join me in a big Thank You to all those special people we know as Our Parents!
  3. Or Spiderman, Ironman, Barney Fife, Sheriff Joe Arpiro.....
  4. This is one of 2 that I am aware of. I have photos of the other one on my digital camera.
  5. Prayers from central Iowa.
  6. Can you guys believe the year is 1/4 over already? Let's celebrate with the 826.
  7. They are old, hard 15.5-38 Firestones. Wore to the cords between most of the lugs. Probably gonna toss them.
  8. It was a DOT paradise. None of the tires looked good at all. Cast offs from his pickup. He told me they were. Blew out on I-80!
  9. A pickup and trailer hauling an IH tractor caught my eye in the Theisen's parking lot in Grinnell this evening. 2 gentlemen were changing an inner dual that blew out on the trailer. I stopped to help. Then we chatted awhile. 856 Custom with M&W turbo. Has had second valve added. 9.5L-15 and 18.4-34. 6 bolt front axle. Really clean. Cab reminds me of the one Dad had on his Custom.
  10. Waiting on the parts for the disk gang, so spent more time on the 656. Removed the original Speeco axle. After decades on there, I had a 4 foot cheater pipe on a breaker bar to break those 4 bolts loose. Hauled up the donor IH axle. My phone died and darkness came quickly last night, so no mid project photos. Finished everything but the 4 bolts on the rear cradle last night. Installed the new 9.5L-15 tires I mounted last week. Tonight, I installed the bolts in the rear cradle. Looks great! Next project, mount the used GoodYear tires i purchased for the rear. So much better! It is fun to see the vision in my head come to life. Have to repair the lights and plan to add some on the cab where there is a place for them. Then I have one more surprise in store for this tractor.....😉
  11. I have heard that the Poweshiek county fair will have a "straight from the field", just for fun tractor pull during the fair. A chance for bragging rights competing with working machines!
  12. That would make a nice cold weather combination. Also frees up that 407 diesel for fieldwork. Did you ever replace the clutch in the 856?
  13. To have the opportunity to purchase a climate controlled warehouse full of IH vehicles and tractors back then!......
  14. That would work! IH used the same lights used in rear bumpers for liscence plates.
  15. I have a 504 gas with a wide front and a fast hitch.
  16. The tire just HAD to hit that car a second time........... WOW!
  17. 856 custom had the fuse holder for the lights up in the dash where the 06 series had it. But, the Custom was different in a lot of ways.
  18. Nice ol' 706. I am fond of them myself! Reminds me of my 656. Best of luck as you get it running. Take us along as you do.
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