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  1. If it is, they painted parts of it wrong......
  2. At the construction company I used to work at, they placed a couple coins on the shop floor just outside the dispatch office. The concrete floor had been sealed with clear epoxy over the coins. I saw many people try to retrieve them!
  3. Nice collection, Rusty! Now I can truly appreciate the old church sign in your machine shed! Part of the vintage collection you have accumulated.
  4. They are definately dangerous, but have their place. When we moved my 30Γ—45 shed from the neighbor's farm to ours, we had a jacking party. Invited the neighbors over to raise the building off the skids. Bet we had 40 handyman jacks in one location!
  5. The summer after I graduated from high school, I worked for the neighbor. He custom round baled our hay and many others in the neighborhood. He had 320 acres of his own hay to bale as well. He hired myself and his son to help with his hay. I ran a 4020 diesel synchro raking and applying bale sleeves on round bales. One night, the wind stayed up and the dew stayed away. The 2 of us sleeved those bales as fast as his dad dropped them out of the baler. I could slap that synchro from forward to reverse really fast! I liked that old 4020, I must admit.
  6. My 544 and 656 tractors all came on 38" cast centers. The one 656 on 34" came with the 9 bolt hubs and pressed steel "dual" rims. I will be interested to see if anyone has 34" cast centers.
  7. Best wishes from Grinnell (Land of arctic temps and amazon rainfall).
  8. The Bellamy Brothers with "Country Rap" in 1976. 😁
  9. How about some photos of the tractor? We like photos! Also, Red Tractor Fever is collecting serial numbers of 826 tractors, dead or alive.
  10. Congratulations on completing the trio of engine choices!
  11. If you hold a piece of paper in front of the radiator while running the tractor, it should suck onto the fins. That would indicate proper fan operation.
  12. Allis Chalmers Case Deutz Ford Hesston
  13. I do have charts for the other makes too, if there is need/ interest.
  14. I am sure that is a hydro 100. I think the turbo 186 is a mistake.
  15. We use this old M&W dual hub chart at work as a quick reference for axle diameter . Save this on your phone or tablet for reference when you have a question. May save you purchasing the wrong size hubs at a sale.
  16. Lorenzo, my dad and I were discussing this the other night. We constantly find new hybrids with more yield,better fertilizer, GPS and auto steer to control costs and maximize production. So, we spend more money to increase crop supply and lower crop prices. Smart, arn't we. But it is human nature to improve ourselves.....
  17. I won't argue that. Just referencing western states that are reliant upon irrigation. So much variation within one state (or even one side of the county to the other). Not bashing Nebraska! 😁
  18. This one, Bitty! DT fan, wish I had a chance to say Hi while you were here!
  19. This topic is interesting, but very complex. To use yield as a measure may not accurately determine a soil's potential to grow plants. Outside factors can and do affect the yield of a crop. Minnesota has great soil, but a shorter growing season. Nebraska has great soil, but without irritation, no crop is possible. North central Iowa, flat as a table. Drainage is an issue. My point is: a soil's maximum potential has numerous variables. If you could level the playing field: identical heat units, water, drainage then yield might be a more accurate representation of the potential of soil. My thoughts.
  20. My wife and I will be married 4 years on May 23rd. Celebrating at the Kenny Chesney concert tonight. (We saw Jimmy Buffett last year to celebrate.)
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