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  1. Happy Birthday, Tony! I raise a glass in salute.
  2. I have seen new augers being towed down the interstate. Insane!
  3. My neighbor retired from the tiling and dozing business. I rented his shop last winter to work on the 1206. He has a big collection of tile on one wall, including some amazing wooden tile he encountered while digging/ trenching over the years. He also had a collection of items found in farm fields, including wooden wagon wheels, toys and a bowling ball!
  4. You have a gear drive and not a hydro, right? Asssuming you have a gear drive. There should be 2 openings to the flywheel. One on top where the starter goes in and I believe there is a clutch inspection cover on the bottom of the clutch housing.
  5. The Hydro 100 will be used to feed round bales to the calves this winter. Set out the first bale yesterday. Decided to add 4 100# weights to the front after that! The front tires were dancing a bit on the hill.
  6. Moved the 656 to the front yard yesterday. Plan to put Christmas lights on it this year. Noticed the rear supports on the wide front are missing the bolts!
  7. I know where that photo was taken! I scrubbed that entire ceiling with simple green before it was painted years ago.....
  8. Happy Birthday, Dan! Hope you can spend time with some red toys today.
  9. A friend of mine attended. He thought buyers did well. The Cub Cadet 73, a plow and a few other pieces came back to Iowa with him.
  10. Caterpillar part# 7N-0718 Construction company I worked for installed them on everything.
  11. Are the rubber fuel lines the correct ones? (Hydraulic lines will not work properly). Even the correct ones can deteriorate inside and pinch off flow. Something to look at.
  12. This machine was rolled last fall by an 80 year old farmer. He came through the ordeal with lacerations and bruises. It blew a hydraulic line on the hydro and he had no brakes/ steering down a steep hill with a curve at the bottom. The grain head was in a tree on one end. I hope your brother heals quickly from his injuries. Prayers from Iowa.
  13. Looks like $1,200. worth of front weights in my part of the world.
  14. Oil is maintained at the same level as the stock pan, but the deeper M&W pan holds more oil. Thus, more lubrication on slopes. Should keep oil temps cooler too, with the aluminium giving off heat more quickly.
  15. Had a braided ground strap on a 706 that was bad. We had cleaned all the connections, had the starter rebuilt and tried a different battery. No improvement. Changed out the ground strap and the tractor started without issue.
  16. Check ground. I often have to run a ground wire from the fender to the rear end to insure proper grounding. That often solves lighting issues for me.
  17. The fittings on the bucket cylinders of a Westendorf loader are unusual. Not just any hose/ fitting will work.
  18. Did any of the late 606 tractors receive the 282 from the factory? I have seen them, but might have been a replacement engine.
  19. I think the answer to that question will vary depending upon where you are located. Around 8 to 10 thousand dollars here in the midwest. Nice ones will bring 25 thousand.
  20. My 1486 has 18.4-42 Firestone 23 degree radials on it. Plenty of room. 20.8-42 tires would be tight!
  21. I believe that nearly all the black stripe machines had black shifter handles.
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