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  1. Your ramps will slide as you pull ahead, I have done it several times.
  2. The offset (where the center is mounted in the dual rim) will determine how much space you will have between the primary and dual tires. A positive offset (center extends out past the bead of the tire) will allow more space between your tires. This will allow more of the hub to slide onto the axle without the tires touching each other. The style of the hub: wedgelock, 2, 3 or 4 U bolt style will determine how the hub must be installed on the axle. Take some measurements of your axle and tire clearance before you go shopping for hubs and dual rims. You should find something that will work for you. Good luck!
  3. 400 Pontiac powered 76 Grand Prix. Need to get this one back on the road.
  4. We also lost comedian Louis Anderson to cancer. Both talented individuals in their respective genres.
  5. Sounds like a nice 806. Good luck as you work the bugs out. We LOVE pictures!
  6. Our combine and the hydro 100 have SRC engines in them. Been using the 1460 16 seasons now and the engine is still strong. Maybe quality has diminished since then?
  7. Not a small car, exactly (I don't fit in them). My 2008 Impala has 305,000 miles on the 3.6 engine. Runs great. Does not use oil. Will run forever! I did rebuild the front and rear suspension, brakes,CV joints and engine mounts awhile back. But at 270,000 they had paid for themselves. Car is not rusty at all. We also have a 2005 Buick Lesabre, about the 5th I have owned. The 3800 engine is bulletproof and they ride better than a Cadillac.
  8. My 656 hydro used to sit under a New Idea/ Avco corn picker every fall.
  9. I have a neighbor who farms and operates a sprayer for the COOP. He was telling me about Bees and spraying. I can't remember if they had to use certain products or not, but they had to spray early morning or evening when the bees were back in the hive and safe from the spray. PITA, but good overtime pay for him!
  10. Will you need to turn the weld down in the lathe to ensure balance? Or is that an issue? Enjoying this project, thanks for sharing.
  11. My first tractor, a 1952 Super M, had the metal sediment bowl on it. It wore a corn picker early in life. Still have it on the shelf.
  12. I actually prefer the 06, 56, 66 series hydraulic levers over a joystick for loader use. But, I am used to them. The only other style I found handy was a grecian valve style on a JD 3020 with JD 45 loader.
  13. Firestone Transforce . Fleets use them on work trucks when they need a dependable tire.
  14. Mike, so sorry to hear that your Mother passed away. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. Those square body Chevys are selling good now. I do not see much rust on it. Box is available to convert it back........
  16. I had the pleasure to hear him and meet him in 1993 at the PAS national convention. Wonderful human being.
  17. You are likely right to a point. However there are times that fields become too wet overnight for planting. Same with tillage and harvesting. As others have pointed out, lots of things the operator can handle that machines would require additional technology to handle: gopher hole, tile washout, tree branch, flat tire, mud. Part of the art of farming well is the ability to adapt to conditions.
  18. Grandpa used to tell me how the neighbor boy used to plow with 2 CC case tractors and plows. Start the first one in the furrow, jump off. Hop on the second one for the ride across the field. Jump off, start the first one back across the field and so on....
  19. I have several 30, 31, and 33 loaders. I intend to restore them and permanently leave them on various tractors for display and light use. I have several styles of buckets/ blades, so each one will be set up differently. Should be a fun display someday. I will leave the work to the Westendorf and a 2350 loaders!
  20. Man, that shed looks tall behind the 1066! 😃
  21. Fill it up today, before the snow hits tomorrow! The Hydro 100 lost the Christmas lights this week and the model 80 snowblower is on and ready. Now it will not snow.....right?
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