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  1. Sandhiller, did you ever find the 5th gear (1st) on your 656?
  2. We checked his 1975 Scout, my 800B, and my 66 pickup. No discrepancy on those. Must be something up with our 2 early 70's pickups. Have 8 vin numbers to have checked out.
  3. I have an 81/2 × 11 "trading card" of one of those planters. Received it at a farm show in the early 1990's. Will try to find it.
  4. Still have all my toys from my childhood and many, many, many,many more! These photos are most of my tru scale toys. Had them on display at the MIAPA show in Marshalltown the first part of August.
  5. I just noticed last night that the LH fender is 1110 and the RH is 1210. So replaced at some point. I can assure you that the vin stamped on the frame does match the number on the metal tag, which is stamped 1210. Curious that my co worker and I both have pickups that the metal tag that matches the frame and the white sticker is different. Maybe both pickups have had cabs changed and the metal tags swapped????? Going to run the vin# through the historical society and see what IH built!
  6. He might have been responding to the photos of my co workers 1200D 4x4 pickup. I posted them to show the door tag and frame stamp matched, but his white sticker was different (just like my 2wd).
  7. Why do the 2 tags not agree? This truck looks unmolested to me. My co worker also has a pickup that these tags contradict each other. Photos of his door tag and frame. They match, but like mine, the white sticker has different numbers.......
  8. Save them both! As few 606 tractors left, I would hate to knock one in the head to save a 504U. Besides, 2 tractors are handier than one!
  9. It has the 1210 badges proclaiming it is a v8 automatic. Interesting.
  10. The most recent addition to the collection. 1971 IH 1210 pickup. V8, auto, long box. Showing 66,000 miles on the odometer. Last registered in 98. Dash pad is in nice condition. Minimal rust. It is actually sitting on concrete in the photos, just hard to see. Really excited about this pickup, always wanted one in this body style.
  11. Aftermarket Char Lynn power steering unit.
  12. Bill, that cart is repurposing at its best. It is a No Chute walk on livestock trailer. We used it extensively when we raised lots of hogs. With the hydraulic cylinders, you could position the floor even with whatever surface you backed up to. Even stubborn hogs would run on and off of it. We used it in place of a chute to load up trucks. We had hogs on 3 farms and that trailer moved boars, sows and market pigs from newly weaned to market ready from site to site. A real game changer! Following our retirement from hog production: that trailer has hauled picnic tables, cub cadets, fencing materials, brush, hay, straw, and most of the contents of my parent's house when they tore it down and built a new one. It is like a pair of pliers. We even store it inside, it is that significant to us!
  13. The axles are an optical illusion. They are set out on 72" to straddle a windrow of hay while mowing. The previous owner had it set up that way. It rides so smooth that I left it. Makes it easier to access in behind them as well.
  14. Me too! I really needed to mow. With 1 cub cadet and the zero turn still going, I did not seem to find the time to install it. Until something else broke down!
  15. The new to me zero turn mower shredded a hydro drive belt this week. So, I replaced the voltage regulator on the 128. Along with Dad on the 129, we finished mowing all the grass at my place. The old IH cub cadets, still get the job done! Was going to use the 1200, but the main clutch is nearly wore out. Pulled the deck off this evening, may try to rebuild the clutch before we start to harvest. You can see it in the shed in front of the 856. I love those wide rear tires and 2 sets of wheel weights on it!
  16. A lot cooler now than it was last month! We will need that hydraulic cart to load bales with after we bale. Works well to drop them off the baler and pick up later on that small little odd shaped field by Dad's house. Hard to turn a baler around with a rack behind. The hydraulic cart allows you to walk right on with a bale and stack. The old elevator has a busted hopper, so we just back up to the main section and drop them in.
  17. They look like an overgrown rubber band or o ring.
  18. Then I decided to give the 1486 a bath before suppertime. Tomorrow, the combine comes out of the shed for fall work.
  19. Unloaded the straw that we baled last month this afternoon. Planning to mow the first cutting of the new alfalfa seeding this next week.
  20. I believe IH used both Eaton and Sunstrand hydro units in those machines. Remove the LH rear panel to make that upper unit easier to reach and handle. The lines are different between the 2 styles.
  21. My 1966 656 gas tractor I restored a few years ago. I overhauled the engine, clutch, TA, hydraulic pump, and rebuilt the PTO. Had over $6,000 invested.
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