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  1. I see I am not the only one that likes Montana and the way of life up there. Of all the stops we made during the wheat harvest run, Montana was by far my favorite. Really hated to have to leave and head to North Dakota too.
  2. I too started out driving a 165 Massey. Pretty easy for a kid to get the hang of too and that clutch setup made it so much easier. Moved from the 165 to a white stripe open 1466 then on to the big boys, a 4840 and 8630. Pretty big stuff for a 5th grade kid to handle.
  3. I've been to Eddie's. We stopped there to check straps and binders on the combines when we were headed to Big Sandy. I remember seeing a ton of Minneapolis Molines there in Moore. Is someone there a collector or rebuilder? I never did find out the story on why there were so many in one spot. I traded for a John Deere tractor a few years ago that originally started its life out around Wolf Point. We checked the serial number through Deeres archives and thats about all the info we got on it. Still have the tractor too and its been a good one.
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