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  1. I believe you've got one of everything , don'tcha
  2. I actually have one that they used a leaf spring as a shim / wear surface . One other has several strips of thin steel tacked in for a spacer . I'd be real tempted to try wax on that adjuster nut ( in the spring ) . Heat nut but not cherry red , melt a wax toilet seal in just like sweating a copper pipe . Let cool . Turn nut just like it's new . Have had success before with that trick , more than once .
  3. Link belt will be fine . Gus is still running my old 62 series with a link belt I believe . I have a TD6 with one on it now that gives no problems . Nice looking bracket . It will prolly be fine just the way it is . I would be tempted to capture the bottom bolt on both sides of the alternator ear . I've been told I over build things so I would take that with a grain of salt .
  4. Me , I'd go to Martin's starter not Erie . Always thought the switch looked pretty common . Wholesale tractor parts might have on the shelf . Come to think of it Akins still got that shop west of Albion ?
  5. Wrong terminology , you can't advertise it here . You could ask if anyone close to you was looking .
  6. You are right on the money with that bit of homespun philosophy, scooter...!!! ...all the restoration work I had planned.....three score and twelve years gone and I'm operating machinery flat out to help various people get there major projects done.....often for younger folk too.....who are to well educated to be a machine operator......so you help out at weekends...and the men will shoot through to the beach...(high summer down under...)...end up with a beer in one hand.......a breast in the other....will ol' idiot here endeavours to turn dog excrement into honey on some potential house site....or worse Glad to have that off my chest.....!!!!!! Back to topic...that old TD6 looks to be quite a challenge for potential clutch (steering ) removal....they are very trying at the best of times..lots of vigorous high end profanity required especially if one has big hands......and having to remove all that loader frame assembly just compounds the issues... My TD6 has a 'frozen' steering clutch...even resorted to soaking the whole clutch in diesel for several weeks...then tethered the tractor to the D6 in a vain ,fruitless attempt to free the clutch.....so out it will come....sigh Mike Hey Mike's back . The club thing always ends up with about 4-5 of us doing it and everybody else complaining about how it was done . Chum's bunch are the best I ever came across . Something about a small tight knit group , always better than bigger and better . If you want practice working on brakes and clutches , you can practice on mine .
  7. No not a member . Goodwill is a friend and neighbor . Francis and some of the other guys are friends . Some of the construction guys too . In all seriousness I don't like people much . Pretty much done dealing with organizations . I'll help several groups , if I can but not a member of any now . Used to be a people person , but people screwed that up . Gus relined his brakes with material from McMaster . Should be a post here with the part # .
  8. Well I'll be dipped And WD's no less Who'd a thunk it
  9. Standing on the brakes did not seem to help much. But I really did not move it much yet. Still learning. Yea we are from the great north PA region:) Yea looks like we could use some upholstery work too. Thanks guys for the comments. I will dig around for some more pictures of the TD6. On a related note I have the grease tank that cam with it. Small maybe 4-5 gallon unit, Red with IH on the side and has a hose and a pump handle. Maybe out for a while as our Maple syrup season is going to be starting this week. Lots to do! When sugar seasons over and the snow melts down a bit . If you travel about 30 or 40 miles east on rt 6 , I'll let ya compare and see if it's normal Be about another 30 to Gus . Another 30-40 farther is Chum . Weekend before fathers day , Chum and some friends put on a heck of a show . You could see quite a few and learn quite a bit . It'd be worth the drive . You should also go to Saegertown . There's a few there .
  10. Albion Pa eh , interesting Does it steer when you step on the brake on that side while pulling the lever ? They don't steer well with out some brake .
  11. Mike , her's another fellow who deserves much more than a neutral . I'm gonna figgure out how to change it !! Thank you for all the hrs of entertainment and laughter .

  12. Thank you sir . I'll second Mike's setiments . Was just looking , how do we change the reputation field . you're much more than neutral .

  13. Crash Eddie the wizzard , thank you sir .

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