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  1. My SIL says once you own a Toyota you are stuck with it because you will never own anything but Toyota .
  2. Bloody Grackles started eating my Peas today. I shot at one by the feeder, which they empty quickly, shot the side out of the feeder from the bathroom window but when it came back and landed in the tree I got revenge.
  3. IKS

    NIX RPRU For Me

    Prayers for her quick recovery ,and for strength and patience for yourself during a tough time .
  4. This is as civil as it can get and still have a heartbeat,perfect. I used to live on one from back east, predominately acreage people. They had lots of unique ideas but it had so many super anal thinkers I rarely go there now .
  5. In Fricken deed. I'm a mess . Won't begin to describe.
  6. I'm more ínterested in what you build with 1.25 in plate than the tool.
  7. I totally agree with what you say. We need world trade to sell our factory products also and we can't expect all cash in and all product out.
  8. Sadly that is the product of world trade.
  9. Lorenzo is even more cynical than I am. Although I suspect most of that comment is true.
  10. IKS

    Polka Party

    I will guess in the time you are referring to I was getting Dish, Big Joe's Polka party was a must watch show as well as Imus in the Morning, Penny Giles and Agday, how is that for diversity.
  11. It's the "Big Sky Country" for a reason, there is lots to see. I only live 12 miles north of Mt. and have only seen a small part. If you are into cars you should see Ausome Auto Museum in Chester Mt. owned by Joel and Ruth Fenger.
  12. IKS

    Polka Party

    Molly b and her husband Ted Lang have been my source of entertainment for 3 months now. I found her repeat shows on RFD then discovered her you tube videos. I can't keep interested in anything on TV anymore.
  13. "Happy Independence Day" to our American neighbours. May it be celebrated safely and peacefully.
  14. IKS

    Happy Canada Day EH!

    Thanks for the greetings. We had a small parade, not sponsored by any communitee affiliation, just local people came out to show some wares. I will try to get a few pictures. A lot of IHC and a few neat vehicles.
  15. There is a chance I could look you up when I make it to PA sometime this summer.
  16. Logger, I was playing in the parkland on Sunday afternoon, quadding with my family. Just north of Waka Lake, the crops look nice in the area. At home now we had 1.75 in not far away 2.5-3. Home is on the 49th.
  17. I think I will take on a Guy Penrod look. I can't afford a haircut for my dog and myself anyway.
  18. I bought a Core a few years back. It has nice balance and weight isn't bad. One battery isn't quite enough but two is enough to play me out. It has good power we did a cemetery clean up last night that should have been done 2 or 3 weeks ago and it handled the heavy growth well. The price was a bit hurtful.
  19. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    I should add, he hates intruders. I tried to load a video of him telling the Moose what he thought but couldn't.
  20. I went to get oranges and all they had were Manderine and wasn't sure if they would be any good for bird bait. I built a feeder this morning so hopefully they enjoy it. I still need to drill holes to let the feed out.
  21. Get a Remington with the titanium rotory cutters. The cutting end will outlast the rest of the razor. You won't get it in the Dollar Store..
  22. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    TvI had planned to take him in the tractor but he is Shitzu and Maltese his hair is fine and thick and he cooks in the car even with the vents blowing on him he would have been miserable there, he will be 2 in Sept. He is a gem of a little dog, he loves me and everyone loves him. I finished rolling today I put in 133 hours in 14 days.
  23. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    Except for pens mine has grown out of chewing things that aren't his toys. I have been running the tractor with landroller lately so he is bored. My grand children come twice a day to let him out and feed him. Last night he got a lesson on the pros and cons of chewing the extension cord my phone gets plugged into. There was a whole lot yelping going on.
  24. Is it possibly something to do with Cummins marketing. They were black in every MF, Versatile and Steiger tractor that I saw that engine in.
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