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  1. I tried to copy a picture of one but had no luck.
  2. A Leon 707 from that vintage they use a subframe to rear axle and avoid the strain on the engine and drive. Many around here on 806. I have the747 on my 1256.
  3. I found this 1206 by accident a couple nights ago . It has an ICB cab in decent shape .Overall the tractor doesn't look bad with 7697 hrs. except for 2 flats but a yard full of STUFF so who could tell by just looking . Southern Saskatchewan .    I 1206 D  8067 s-y .

    1. red_reaper


      Thank you, I did not have it listed. I did have previous in line 8066 located in Colorado by IHhogfarmer on this forum. I got it listed, thank you!

  4. Nice looking old girl . When you come from an area that needs a cab 10 months a year it is impossible to fathom removing even a pee poor cab .
  5. I follow things fairly close and found nothing ,I am curious if anyone has done any old KB series restores . A local lad about 82 -83 years old is doing up a 1949 KB3 . It is in pieces yet I believe ,he makes himself sick from dust and fumes every once in a while but his goal is to have it in the parade on July 1st. I will try get him to let me take some pictures later. He needs one hub cap . I can vaguely remember this truck when I was younger .
  6. Now that is one fine 1206 !! Fresh tires and cleaned up rims and it looks like new . What name is on the dealer decal ,just curious.
  7. Someone had bent the step out and up and it just about ruined me to get in and out . It was 28" off the ground ,my 1086 is 16". I have had this old MM combine step kicking around ever since we bought the farm over 40 years ago ,I have spent almost since I bought the tractor last spring thinking and pondering whether I could make this work decent and I'm very happy with the out come . If it turns out to be too low it is an easy fix .
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