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  1. IKS


    My old Win7 was beyond doing it's job well so I saved the data on an external drive and scrapped it about 3 weeks ago. I have been fighting my 7 year old Win8.1,turns out the hard drive has some issue that won't allow the printer driver to function any more so as of 2 days ago the Win10 avoidance came to an end .Now I have to learn to live in that world. At a glance it may not be horrible. Searcy, thank you for the earlier post regarding the MSE, I had no idea it existed. That alone is enough reason to keep updates current. I am so sick of antivirus companies continually nagging and never sure what to buy or need.
  2. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    We don't have bears yet and cougars are rare. There are hundreds about a 100 miles away.
  3. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    I am a bit worried about mine. He thinks he is tough he took a small bull moose across a stubble field over 40 rods before giving up this afternoon. If he is in the yard and a coyote is around and I don't know it he is apt to be a meal for a coyote.
  4. It has worked perfectly here since 1966.
  5. Stubble is full down on the 49th,guys are riding where ever they want.
  6. Ralph, I think it may have been factory, my 751 certainly had a place for guards and knife drive even a pulley installed likely for either reel drive or pickup.
  7. You don't have to go to England, it is only 2 months since he was telling us how to vote in Canada. Blatant medeling.
  8. I read little while ago Great Falls Mt. is at 55in since sometime in Sept., if that is accurate they will be on track to set records again this year although they set the bar quite high last year.
  9. I could hear that kind of crap being spewed by our former Prime Minister Justin Trudeau but not a British army General. What is this world coming to?
  10. IKS


    That is innovation .Stripper head on top for seed and get rid of the stalks on the bottom . Looked like a walker model.
  11. IKS

    Super weeds

    I've been told that before as well.
  12. IKS


    I would say they howl , when you hear them from a long way off .When 3 or 4 are visiting 30 ft from your house at 2 in the morning it is definately not a howl.
  13. Stay where you are , snakes are less plentiful in USA .
  14. Used Lufkin tape 50 years ago to tally drill stem. For conversation sake they were in 1.2 inches / 10 units per foot with smaller unit so a stem may be 31.23 ft . I have a damaged one somewhere around here .
  15. I like the sleeve of wheel weights on that plow tractor .
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