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  1. IKS

    Board update?

    I like it, much sharper color and fonts . I thought my phone had been updated .
  2. Color is not relevant. Every color had fires locally this fall . I have only learned of two destroyed ,a black one and I believe a green one .Where I was working there were 4 red and 4 green and it was close to equal with the 8240 leading with the most . A NH not far away was damaged enough to sideline it untill harness can be replaced . They were blown off more than once a day some days .
  3. Especially a" Black Stripe"!!
  4. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    We went for a drive to check up on the local moose population. He is keeping a sparp eye. Didn't get a good look but spent awhile watching an Osprey that must be migrating.
  5. My grandson just bought a 6.5 in a Savage Axis 11 , looks very interesting and hits a target hard . BUT ,our family has a Savage bias. We have a 99 .300 that dad got from his uncle in Manitoba, when I was born dad had a .22 High Power untill .22 calibre were banned for big game I have a Savage Axis in .223 . Back to original post that 6.5 is going to stop any Whitetail that is properly hit without a doubt .plus shells are abundant.
  6. I built a transport for a JD lzb 50 years ago utilizeing the frame that run to the rear.I had to extend out a bit ,then Used a front axle if I remember and mounted arms on that that hinged at the frame extensions. I mounted a hydraulic cylinder that when retracted it raised the drill and away you went. I have no idea if the IHC has similar structure.
  7. Very interesting Tony, I read a post on RFD a couple hours ago .It sounds like California has a fantastic crop this year, way to go .
  8. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    I worked 19 out of 23 days, my helper just had to rest some times. He made a lot of friends with the crew members and some of the commercial truck drivers and some he didn't seem thrilled to see.Overall a fabulous crop and perfect weather.
  9. I used one very similar when I worked at Honeybee, I was loading whole goods several years I can say I moved 1000's of headers that way .Usually with a telehandler or payloader . Not a trailer ball , just a pin .
  10. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    Finished inspecting and ready for the long move this morning.
  11. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    I vowed I would never get involved in the rat race of harvest but this fall I am running a grain cart tractor, my dog has learned to keep an eye on the action and see who he thinks is either intruding or needs attention. We get a lot of lap time.
  12. My SIL says once you own a Toyota you are stuck with it because you will never own anything but Toyota .
  13. Bloody Grackles started eating my Peas today. I shot at one by the feeder, which they empty quickly, shot the side out of the feeder from the bathroom window but when it came back and landed in the tree I got revenge.
  14. Prayers for her quick recovery ,and for strength and patience for yourself during a tough time .
  15. This is as civil as it can get and still have a heartbeat,perfect. I used to live on one from back east, predominately acreage people. They had lots of unique ideas but it had so many super anal thinkers I rarely go there now .
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