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  1. This thread may come as close as any to what I worked on this week. I took a bar stool ,a swivel foot rest from a recliner and a dab of scrap iron and built an adjustable multi position shooting table.
  2. I had one of these on the oil furnace pipe at one time. I can't remember how many degrees it lowered the piping.(lots) I changed furnace and it runs enough cooler that the heat saver was removed.
  3. IKS


    My van has a Delco that looks like new .It was put in about 6 maths before traded in 2017 . I have put 40km on it and it won't hold a charge 3 weeks even with ground disconnected.
  4. 40 odd years ago I built a Merry Go round out of a rear axle, housing and gear from a 1030 Case . I definitely don't have a picture and it wasn't finished to art work but it served what it was meant for .
  5. Holy crap you got snow !! Even for $2k you need a use for it .
  6. IKS


    I just bought 200 Russian made ,223 HP for 7.99cd per box I think that will be my standby as that is fmj price .What is hard to find is .300 Savage even at 50.00 per box .
  7. I think I was in a rush , likely if I waited until dark and turned on the lights there would be less shadow and more color .
  8. Mine is doing not too badly the bottom one is a mixture we brought for $5 at a garage sail this year is its best. The 4 small ones are from 10 transplants that my one daughter made for our family from a 60+ year old that she inherited when my mother passed away. I think all of us s are getting blossoms except her .
  9. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    I have shared a few pictures of mine before. He is now my automated Covid test machine, when he is sitting this close and farts there is no doubt I can smell it .
  10. Is that a tool or a generic name for a walk behind snow blower? I have never heard of a power shovel .l don't think a leaf blower will do Heavey wet at all.
  11. I have been giving some thought this afternoon to buying a Stihl for snow removal on my bit of sidewalk and the ramp at church ,how much ccould I expect to move decently.
  12. Thank you all for your expressions of support .Our family thanks the Lord every week that if that is what we had to face that it was last year and not this horrible year .We were able to have a beautiful Funeral Mass to say farewell and that is a blessing we cling to .
  13. I do sympathize with you all the same it must be hard . I wish your wives had the strength to shut it off . I got so sick of Covid talk on the radio and TV that I very rarely turned either on for almost 6 months .
  14. Yes mine lost the ability to yell at me or anyone else one year ago on November 14th at 4:15pm .
  15. IKS

    Yard light

    I bought a Kukuppo 100w 12000lm, from Amazon I really like it it lights a big part of my yard and is bright ,therefore it is not likely up your alley but it was only 99.00cd in Aug. with 15.00 discount . It's on my pole .
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