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  1. I am in the Land of the living sky, but the horizon is in The Big Sky Country.
  2. For you modified guys ,this will be my home away from home for 10 days or so. It sure is nice compared to my 1256. Doing about 42 acres per round.
  3. If I spent less time here and a couple more places I would be a better man because I would actually do some jobs .
  4. They were built by Hough the industrial division of IH from what I have read in various places
  5. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    He went to see his friend Mandi,his groomer this morning.He is trimmed shorter than I like but with summer coming soon maybe ,he will be cooler and easier to clean.
  6. I believe you. It was a load I bet ,but one year it was pathetically dry and I pulled 28ft of LZB behind my MF 128 cultivator with my 1066.
  7. Congratulations Tony , that is a fabulous restoration, you have spent many hours of hard work and dollars to earn this honour.
  8. Was there a specific reason for using those small drills ? I'm not aware of any units that big in this area but most were 14ft drills ,up to 56ft.
  9. Was that on the hillsides out north east of Great Falls. I remember seeing fields that appeared to be one round wide,50 years ago.
  10. IKS


    I usually shoot right handed but learned to shoot left hand so my first and only hunting rifle is a .30 WCF carbine. I feel comfortable shooting my Savage Axis either left or right .
  11. I am from 2 miles south of Climax, in the center of this map, 12 miles from Montana.
  12. Sharpening sickle sections attached to the knife back.
  13. Coincidentally I read about that recall the other day while looking at various pickups for my son. It applies to about every model of GM truck from 07 through 14 I think.
  14. IKS

    The Dog Thread

    We had a long day trip to the chiropractor and a bit of shopping and visiting.It done him in.
  15. Good luck with your treatment .Sounds straight forward. I am in mid treatment.I hadn't had a medical for years so I decided I owed it to my kids . Process started almost a year ago. My PSA was at 24 and it climbed at 10 pts per month until I got started on treatment the beginning of Oct. I got the finger twice plus a biopsy that was negative then a CT scan that was suspicious so that led to bone imageing that was neg . Since the treatment started my PSA has dropped from 79 to 5.4 .I get a pellet in my belly every 90 days and I am on Erleda for a year and then I guess blood work
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