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  1. You don't have to go to England, it is only 2 months since he was telling us how to vote in Canada. Blatant medeling.
  2. I read little while ago Great Falls Mt. is at 55in since sometime in Sept., if that is accurate they will be on track to set records again this year although they set the bar quite high last year.
  3. I could hear that kind of crap being spewed by our former Prime Minister Justin Trudeau but not a British army General. What is this world coming to?
  4. IKS


    That is innovation .Stripper head on top for seed and get rid of the stalks on the bottom . Looked like a walker model.
  5. IKS

    Super weeds

    I've been told that before as well.
  6. IKS


    I would say they howl , when you hear them from a long way off .When 3 or 4 are visiting 30 ft from your house at 2 in the morning it is definately not a howl.
  7. Stay where you are , snakes are less plentiful in USA .
  8. Used Lufkin tape 50 years ago to tally drill stem. For conversation sake they were in 1.2 inches / 10 units per foot with smaller unit so a stem may be 31.23 ft . I have a damaged one somewhere around here .
  9. I like the sleeve of wheel weights on that plow tractor .
  10. IKS


    Sadly the special interest groups with the loudest squeak and the most grease rule how things happen and when .
  11. I guess it will be a lot harder to stay awake now with auto steer . Before you had to pay attention to where your row was or make sure not to leave streaks from getting too wide . Organic farmers cultivate for weed control .Conventional farmers cultivate or disc occasionally to clean up a wreck from the previous year.
  12. Farmer engineered is good .Where would ag be without the "farmer engineered" products today ?
  13. I think Fox had a den on outer edge of our yard this spring but I didn't see activity around it .I made an unplanned trip home from Mass this afternoon and there was an adult Fox sitting in the longer grass just at the edge of the yard as proud and content as could be .
  14. Logger , I'm at Climax 300+ miles southwest 10 miles from Montana .
  15. Looks like you are good east of P.A. how about down to Waka Lake . We have 3 years worth of rain this week .A strip through where we live is over 6 in. this week but +/- 4 is average I think .
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