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  1. IKS

    Combative Forum Members

    Ouzo and Sambuca are both good stuff .I learned about them at Fokefest in Saskatoon a few years ago .
  2. IKS

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    The Schwab man came to the port and people would come 50 miles to shop , this was when our kids were young .I don't think anyone goes down any more .I'm only 10 miles and don't go .Regarding the list there are 5 I can't recall .A couple N.A. out of those .
  3. IKS

    Tire rant

    No there was no ice , it actually lifted a bit of dirt and gravel up into the snow .This is not an AWD vehicle and there is a slight incline but I have been driving my Buick century out of same area with only all season tires .Biggest difference the van had to be backed out a bit farther to turn up the driveway .
  4. IKS

    Tire rant

    How many of you have run Dean Wintercat XT tires .They look like they would pull though anything .I got these as the winter tires for a Buick van I bought .Two days ago I tried driving out of my yard in 4 inches of snow .They won't pull a seting hen off a batch of rotten eggs .
  5. IKS

    Valentines Day

    I didn't do it .Truth be told not positive .She has issues .
  6. IKS

    Valentines Day

    I think my wife's cost a lot more than $339 ,she got 3 or 4 units of blood over night , she seems perky and looks 10 years younger .
  7. IKS

    Mystery Part topic

    Possibly for a truss arrangement on old machine using a heavy rod hooked in those and anchored at each end .
  8. IKS

    Hitch hikers

    This thread has just reminded me of an incident that bothers me . I think it was Jan. 3rd I had been in Medicine Hat to the Chiropractor and not far East of the city on the Trans Canada was a hitch hiker I went past . The next morning on the news he had been hit and killed , I could have had him at least another 100 miles and changed the circumstance completely .
  9. IKS

    OMG now animals are gender confused

    I think he was eating to many Poinsettia leaves .
  10. IKS


    I'm only trying to learn fishin in my old age but I thought winter fishin needed hard water. That don't look winter .All joking aside I thought Colorado got colder weather .
  11. IKS

    For us non farmers

    Indy, don't sell yourself short .Steering wheel holders only get a season or a part of one .You are an operator with return visits .Big difference between doing a job and being on loacation.
  12. IKS

    How people dont think! I will never understand

    I'm not sure that a job description would be enough .Probably need a very detailed SOP with various scenarios covered .
  13. IKS

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    We went to read with our grandson at school for literacy day and at noon the van showed -7C .We have been blessed with a mild winter .-24C about the lowest .Also blessed with an empty dugout at this point .
  14. IKS

    A guide to roundabouts.

    The biggest thing is knowing how to use them and not cut someone off when you are exiting them .
  15. IKS

    A guide to roundabouts.

    It is especially when you come from the boondocks and start driving in English traffic .I have done it more than once but tried avoid the very high population areas .