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  1. IKS


    One reason not to leave would be living hand to mouth and not having the free cash to get out of Dodge .
  2. IKS

    B414 3pt anti-sway bar geometry

    I believe you could move your turn buckle from that verticle location to the horizontal one ane put either chains or straps to the extra holes in the lift arms.
  3. IKS

    B414 3pt anti-sway bar geometry

    Are you totally sure you need it , I run a snow plow on my 434 with no issue at all .Except light front end.
  4. I found this 1206 by accident a couple nights ago . It has an ICB cab in decent shape .Overall the tractor doesn't look bad with 7697 hrs. except for 2 flats but a yard full of STUFF so who could tell by just looking . Southern Saskatchewan .    I 1206 D  8067 s-y .

    1. red_reaper


      Thank you, I did not have it listed. I did have previous in line 8066 located in Colorado by IHhogfarmer on this forum. I got it listed, thank you!

  5. https://www.globalauctionguide.com/acreage-and-farm-equipment-auction-for-mary-laidlaw-and-the-estate-of-wayne-laidlaw-s-472047.html Wayne and Mary were a couple grades ahead of me in school .He worked his whole career for Sask Tel . Collected a lot of "stuff".
  6. Tony ,"You and Carol are the Heroes of the day" ! Passing out those autographed posters was a very nice finishing touch .
  7. IKS

    Large prize raffle

    Our Lions Club has just started to sell tickets for a $4000.00 travel voucher .300 tickets @ $50.00 each .It took 3 months to get the licence for that high dollar value .I guess we will know how well it works on July 1st. Each fall we sell cheap tickets $1.00per or $10.00 for a book ,that raffle is in conjunction with our annual carnival the prizes are $1000.00 ;$500.00 and $300 I think it is maximum 3500 tickets.
  8. IKS

    Tony, was that you.... on Fox news

    It is a tough call but these gentlemen look better than the tractors . Well done Tony .
  9. IKS

    IH 2250 Loader

    I guess this is why I like our Leon 747 on the 1256 I ,it has a sub frame that wraps from the draw bar u -bolts on one side around the front and back to the u - bolts on the other side .That remains on the tractor when you remove the loader .
  10. IKS

    Ice beeakup in miles city montana

    Havre was reported at least70" and set a new record back to when recording started in 1880 . I posted on another forum about the roads ,visiting with the post mistress in Turner and what I saw from Turner Port of entry to Turner ,I could easily say the highway was blocked in 70 places in a little over 50 miles from the Port to Harlem .
  11. IKS

    March Storm

    There aren't many pictures that appeal to me more than snow in the trees , the parkland is one of my favorite areas to visit .
  12. http://www.redrunrite.com/ih-custom-diamond-cab-upholstery-kit-756-826-856-1026-966-1066-1256-1456-1466-1566/ I don't know if this is the same cab or not this my help or may not.
  13. IKS

    Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    Had a bit of window lesson at New Years ,I was backing my pickup out of my not completed car port after I cleared the first post I started cutting hard ,the crushing of glass and tin got my attention when I hit the second post .Local shop has a decent door for a bottle of Rye .
  14. IKS

    What ruled the roads then?

    Locally it was predominately GM ,one class mate had a 2+2 Pontiac after a Comet and a Ford ,my Best man had a 1957 Chev car ,1960 Chev pickup then a hot Fairlaine then a 1969 Judge. There were lots of big block Chevells a few Mustangs , a Grande Torino comes to mind and Mopar product. My high school vehicle was a ?100 that was a well beat vehicle when I got it ,then I stepped up to a1960 or 61 GMC stepside 6 cylinder good match for my friends 1960 Chev . From there I went to a new very base 1967 Chev 1/2 ton ,a year and a half later I traded to a nice 1969 Chev that was my last new vehicle . It was interesting to watch the muscle car stuff but interestingly at the drag strip in Saskatoon it was quite route to see a small bloke Chev Biscane or Ford Fairlane be top eliminator for the weekend .
  15. IKS

    rod weeder

    It is interesting when people start talking about building things ,good for you . Because of your comment "big weeds " and "shallow " ,those things don't go together I will highly recommend you make it driven . Rodweeders are a great finishing tool for seed bed prep but not so good for turning a mess into a miracle . BBG comes from where rods were on almost every farm at one time as well he may share more thoughts .