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  1. I think Fox had a den on outer edge of our yard this spring but I didn't see activity around it .I made an unplanned trip home from Mass this afternoon and there was an adult Fox sitting in the longer grass just at the edge of the yard as proud and content as could be .
  2. Logger , I'm at Climax 300+ miles southwest 10 miles from Montana .
  3. Looks like you are good east of P.A. how about down to Waka Lake . We have 3 years worth of rain this week .A strip through where we live is over 6 in. this week but +/- 4 is average I think .
  4. IKS


    Holy moly Dae , don't you feel guilty given that pain to a poor little 3 finger fish .
  5. The second picture shows she is ready to" getter done". Those rugged duals combined with the shadows looked like triples for a second. Beautifull .
  6. The bribery scandle took the luster off the show .
  7. IKS

    Milk Can History

    Wes ,back to cooking supper .I place a disposable pie plate upside down on the bottom then put as big of a ham in as will go,around it I fill with potatoes .On top of that I place a mesh bag from onions filled with baby carrots ,around that fill the whole outer ring with corn on cob .I think I put a layer of onions in next and finish with a layer of smokies . Sprinkle in some salt and add a bit of butter in top.last add a small litre of water and put the lid on .Place on a camp fire that is nicely burned down to red coals .Not in the fire but supported above .It will start to steam in 15-20 min and be cooked in 20 more .We did it at home once with 2 cans for a bigger get together but one can is enough to feed 12 or more at our Lions club supper when it is our groups turn and very popular .
  8. IKS

    Milk Can History

    I have a couple of the taller ones , I am not sure where they come from but they were used to haul drinking water for a while .Now they are used to cook supper in at least once a year . We only shipped cream , milked about 6 cows when I was a kid. One evening a couple little pigs started fighting near me I reached down and put my hand between them to stop them .The bites were something I will never forget.
  9. IKS

    New joke

    Lorenzo , that is a true story , it happened to my wife's Uncle he was riding the bus home from work .He talked with a stammer so it was extra funny when he was telling about declining the offer .
  10. IKS

    Project Tractor

    Near complete , missing mag , pto and one light. Based on where It sits and for as long as I have been farming and living near by it has been there so I will not say ""Was running when parked".
  11. IKS

    Mother's Day

    I bought my bride a couple hanging baskets from the local Huterites they are lovely and she was thrilled when I walked in ,she thought I was rolling lentils for my cousin. Mom passed away nearly 2 years ago ,there never seemed to be a strong affection but I remember when I was quite young I found her in her room crying because she was not able to go see her mother whom lived 50 miles away which was a lot in 1950 .
  12. I might be within an inch of being completely off topic but I absolutely can't stand listening to a pair of ying yang sports jocks sitting behind a desk talking about sweet bugger all .I don't know if I get more upset with them or myself for listening for 15 minutes before I shut them off .
  13. I also had a LeMans and kids mine was a 75 station wagon with big blue block 400 and a tonne of power .
  14. I told my bil years ago I didn't care what car it was as long as it had an Indian head and a stage coach.
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