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  1. My son found the answer in Technical help.
  2. I shared some pictures of this little 2404 when I first bought it last spring. I have fixed enough things so I can use it. Quite cheap fixes. I will attach a picture to see what anyone can give me for paint match help. The panel where the International decal is has been painted NH yellow, it seems a bit bright.
  3. Harvest is finishing up quickly in this area. I took this picture when we were close to half finished from my cart tractor.
  4. My guess is to paint a picture on it for wall decor.
  5. 3.72 inches since first of April, could be some 4 bushel Durham again this year.
  6. IKS


    I see it is almost 2 months since my inquiry here, I got lucky short term ,at some point the nut on the steering shaft must have come loose and it was run that way until the arm and shaft wore loose enough it was parked . The key was cut in half. I did a MacGyver fix with a new key and 2 full tubes of J B Weld and gave it 48 hours before I touched it. Once I actually drove it again I discovered I need at least 2 new tie rod ends. I got it to town for the parade but probably shouldn't have because one chamber on the float is cracked and eventually flooded to bad to run. Don't grill me about the date ,everytime I start my trail camera I forget to correct the date.
  7. IKS


    I don't have it apart yet, that job looks a bit challenging to say the least. It looks very likely that the worm and worm gear are sick unless I get lucky and find a key inside sheered or fallen out which I highly doubt.
  8. IKS


    I knew I would get help at Red Power quickly. Thank you.
  9. IKS


    I just went and had a quick look, I think there is something wrong in gearbox in top of bolster.
  10. IKS


    I will have a look and check that out. Thank you.
  11. IKS


    I don't believe it is hooked to the steering or it would spin like crazy when the cylinder reacts.
  12. IKS


    Honesty I have not got on my knees or back and examined the purpose of that shaft and what it links to.
  13. IKS


    I do not know exactly what goes on there but I presume minimal flow is supposed to go to steering and the remainder does to the hydraulic remote, no 3pt.
  14. IKS


    Based on this picture what would be the part to fail to cause this over reaction.
  15. IKS


    Pilot valve as in diverter with a tiny flow control hole supposedly feeding the hose going to hand pump. If it is hand pump as your #1 suggestion where should I start to diagnose or fix. Thank you.
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