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  1. IKS

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Yes , 1000 pto , I run 1500 rpm+/- .
  2. IKS

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    If I prepare reassonably well I often don't get to use them .
  3. IKS

    New joke

    An elderly gent needed a new pair of shoes so one of his daughter's took him shopping .When they finished they stopped at a restaurant for dinner . Across the isle was a punk his spiked hair and several different colors of dye in it .The old gent kept looking over at him and starring a bit .Finaly the punk asked "Is something wrong you keep looking at me "? .The gentleman replied "Oh not at all ", "Many years ago I got pretty snapped up and had my way with a Peacock and I thought maybe you were my son ".
  4. IKS

    Cool 650 pics

    What are the chances 23xx is correct hours?
  5. IKS

    Cool 650 pics

    He'll of a lot easier running a baler or combine with a hand clutch .
  6. IKS


    I am not sure where in the world that would serve for YEAR AROUND use .
  7. IKS

    Yellow Vests. France

    The Prime Minister is so arrogant that he will make sure to be out of town when the convoy arrives .He is a gutless wonder bully whom thinks he is worshiped and important .
  8. IKS

    Yellow Vests. France

    Yes .Our news always has lots to say about POTUS but they have bugger all to say about the protest ralleys in Canada that have been going on for a month .
  9. IKS

    Suspicious barn fire kills horses

    Sign on a riding arena door near here says "IF YOU ARE SMOKING IN THIS BARN YOU BETTER BE ON FIRE ".
  10. IKS

    Let’s see what you got

    That would be my last Christmas !!
  11. IKS

    Let’s see what you got

    A Shitzu cross pup I bought for my wife but is a lot mine . Our son's family gave us a landscape wall photo of our neighborhood with our place on the skyline and our oldest daughter's gave us a new 49" TV so we share most of ours .
  12. IKS

    WD9 Injection pump advice .

    Thank you ,will look .Knew there would be answers somewhere .
  13. Coffee room buddy is redoing his old WD9 .He has it running on gas but can't get any action from pump .He anticipates the plungers are stuck . No fuel is coming to the injectors . Lots of fuel at the pump.Any suggestions will be appreciated .Thanks guys and Merry Christmas.
  14. IKS

    When deers go feral

    You need a winter with 7 feet of snow and cold .We used to have up to 60 in our yard the odd one would come on the deck .They make good coyote feed when the snow gets that deep .Our deer herds have been rebuilding since winter of 2010-2011but they were nearly depleted that winter .
  15. IKS

    Red lip stick on a pig!!

    I don't have the Bible memorized even a bit but I think this goes against the grain in a couple place . I think envy is a deadly sin and coveting your neighbours wife was frowned on .