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  1. IKS

    Bad Day.

    $1000.00 for a rounded number, maybe less in $US.
  2. Back in the day I was in love with all cars with an Indian Head .
  3. That is great work, I have seen a few similar creations .This one is premium .I hate to be critical but with that amount of work I wonder why he left the steering wheel so unproprsionly high.
  4. That's my thought.I am fairly sure the 27 had a round screen on the radiator shroud.
  5. They have 3 Cervus stores within an hour that carry the parts I needed the shear hub plus a few minor cutting parts .I was running 7 mph
  6. Nice looking old swathed, I had a lesson about 2 weeks ago on what happens hitting a rock with my daughter and son in laws nice green Moco. I thought the commotion was gravel from the mole hills until the one district thump.
  7. Very carefully give it one more wrap.
  8. Is it his machine shed and one end for service?
  9. I am not extremely studied on this W term but I would think it was to identify Track and Wheel tractors and nothing about slighting the Farmall generation.
  10. People love them or hate them, from what you are saying it will be totally dependent on how juicy your hay is.You already have the knowledge that is required. Real juicy will gum your rollers but it will cut like a dream.
  11. There's a WD450 up in the Parkland not to far from Poor logger ,but it will likely sit until the tires rot off. It doesn't look bad.
  12. "Happy Birthday to U.S.A., I long for the day I can drive down to Turner Mt. for a visit.I will be attempting to watch their fireworks with my binoculars. God Bless America.
  13. I spent 5 days helping my daughter and son in law haying just north of Wakaw lake, the crops look very good there but the hay was hurt bad .They said only about 1/3 of last year BUT it was so wet last year they couldn't get finished so it is hard to win.
  14. That corn looks nice. Around here you could sit your dog in the headed Durham and he will stick up above it. I help my cousin spring and fall he thinks that the combine operators will be able to drive the semis home when they quit at night.
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