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  1. Take that Canada!

    On a more positive note than looking at Trudeau and Obama , congratulations to the U.S. men's curling gold . If the comments at coffee this morning are correct there should be crow for dinner at the U.S. Olympic committee table .
  2. Pull type combines

    I don't think I can find pictures but I bought a new MF 751 in 1980 ,I have no idea how many acres or hours it had .I run it until it was well wore out and bought a second at an auction to finish my farming career. I can't imagine running a 14/1682 with a 1486 ,on sharp draws or hills my 1086 had all it needed if the hopper wasn't near empty .Back when swathing was still common there were a few 1482 like this .
  3. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    We are only a couple degrees warmer .Fortunately no wind ,the furnace smoke is going straight to the lawn.
  4. Are The Lights Still On In California?

    Unfortunately ,the WISER people whom make the heavy handed regulations and cause businesses to move or close shop completely are not the ones that lose their job . A good day for the ones in Wyoming to get a job . It would be interesting to know how many will transfer to get out of California .
  5. 1256 starter trouble

    So at the risk of a calamity I took it upon myself to answer my own question .Yes the 1086 starter fit and works like a dream .
  6. 1256 starter trouble

    I need some help guys . My starter is acting up ,I replaced the solenoid which didn't help . I made sure the batteries (2 big 12 volt) were both charged well .Made sure cable ends are clean .As a last resort I pulled the starter off ,it looked dry and black dusty in the drive end .I thought it might be seized by the way it was a not trying to turn when trying to start ,I turned it with a screw driver a bit then it run when I put power to it so I dosed it with lots of wd40 and it run every time I tried it .I reinstalled it and it was fine till yesterday ,didn't turn just quite as good as I would prefer . Yesterday I got in a bit of a predicament plowing snow ,I shut it off and it won't start again . My question is ,will the starter off my 1086 fit ,after market books and the internet say yes but it is a bit bigger around and longer ,I'm not convinced it will physically fit in the space .I spoke to a local IHC mechanic and he couldn't tell me .I can't tell that the drives are any different by looking ,will the ring gear on the 12 be compatible with the drive off the 10? Have any of you done this swap or know specifically you can do it or can't do it . Thanks for any help y'all can give .
  7. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Last 3 days "Have been colder than a witches tit."
  8. 1456 gold demo S/N 13313 progress

    "Fabulous " , what more can be said . Will be waiting for the finished project .
  9. Nice looking old girl . When you come from an area that needs a cab 10 months a year it is impossible to fathom removing even a pee poor cab .
  10. West Texas IH 1256

    Thanks ,maybe some wd40 and patience will do the trick . What I learned today is that the return to lock spring is broken ,I didn't see the handle until I raised the seat to max. height to get a better look .
  11. West Texas IH 1256

    Nice tractor .The top picture seems like a good one to reference for help . I only realized a couple days ago there is what they call a tilt option ,where the bar across the front is supposed to lock in the top or bottom notch of the mount bracket it doesn't engage . I had thought the system under the seat was worn out but now I don't really think so as much ,but what should I be looking at to determine what may not be happening correctly .Does the seat need to move fore and aft on the rails to make proper contact . The lever that runs the lock system seems to function ok.Thanks guys for any suggestions . Sorry to have hijacked this thread but I thought the picture of that seat assembly would be a sure fire way to relate to my question more clearly .I took another look at mine and still don't understand it .
  12. What's your favorite snack

    Toss up between Mince tarts and Butter tarts .
  13. Excuse me pilots

    https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/03/raf_voyager_pilot_andrew_townshend_dismissed_plummet/ Indeed there are consequences for foolishness in the cabin .
  14. I follow things fairly close and found nothing ,I am curious if anyone has done any old KB series restores . A local lad about 82 -83 years old is doing up a 1949 KB3 . It is in pieces yet I believe ,he makes himself sick from dust and fumes every once in a while but his goal is to have it in the parade on July 1st. I will try get him to let me take some pictures later. He needs one hub cap . I can vaguely remember this truck when I was younger .
  15. It is just visiting ,that structure will be a car port for my go to town equipment someday .