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  1. IKS

    On this date.

    That is bloody cold for mid Nov. , I am a bit surprised that a major Chinook could find it's way down that gorge and be that effective.
  2. You are right about share holders wanting returns and almost all these big companies are on the stock market , times are liable to get tighter . Pattison Ag. is lucky because the pockets are real deep there and some of the other subsidiaries may be able to help out for awhile but Jimmy didn't get wealthy by being soft.
  3. But our patch isn't booming and our leader with a small l couldn't give a rat's behind if it never booms again if he can avoid that he will , this is why I'm surprised . My cousin was working in the patch as mechanic , he was employed by RME but the dust in the combines wrecked him now he works in a coal mine .
  4. RME is in 3 if not 4 provinces sure seems strange , hard to believe there is a shortage of help .Are they looking for specialty guys ?
  5. IKS


    These I have driven or admired from youth to aged .IHC WD9; JD D; IHC 1206; JD 5010; IHC 1456; STEIGER 1700; JD 8010; IHC 5488; IHC 7140; JD 4955; VETSATILE 875; STX 600 . I could easily sub in a few more but this is a nice cross section .( in my eyes )
  6. IKS

    Is General Mills dropping Cherrios ❓

    I would doubt if any of the boxed cereals are worth eating although I eat plenty . I left a box of cereal ( Special K Maybe can't remember for sure ) in a cupboard at one of our farms where I lived when I had a town job and farmed the land .I was back years later , the mice had eaten the op manuals and anything chewable but they had not touched that cereal or it's box .That expierience convinced me about the quality and food value of cereal .
  7. IKS

    Moose sighting today

    They are slowly spreading everywhere , we live in the bald open prairie and there is a season for them . I don't know if it is more game management or government revenue .Some of us love seeing them others hate them .We all hate them when they eat out young trees .Last winter about 4-6 moved into our village they were getting a lot of attention caused a lot of destruction.
  8. IKS

    Time change this weekend

    It's called Newfoundland .
  9. IKS

    Time change this weekend

    My wife runs the remote so it doesn't bother me except for her moaning.
  10. IKS

    New joke

    Indeed, the girls get prettier at closin time .
  11. IKS

    Easy! Moose ! so! Whoa ! Nellie

    Maybe fairly good natured or the swing set would be with him somewhere else.
  12. Can't see it being an issue once he was punched out or on coffee break.
  13. IKS

    new job

    It would be interesting to know what the actual pressure was if it was totally deadheaded .I presume you had a lid open while filling the tank so it didn't create extra pressure .
  14. IKS

    new job

    At 800 gpm that is a small river , where does it run to .If it was contained with a valve some way how is it kept from freezing .
  15. IKS


    "Ahh" , your life is tough.