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  1. Good times with good equipment

    Got good taste. Best of the best right there. I'll say them K30's are nice, big block 4 speed trucks? I would give anything to have one of those tall bumperette grill guards for mine, are they Gm or aftermarket?
  2. TD5 Crawler w/blade

    Has this crawler been sold.
  3. on a td15c gear drive, probably the same as 15b,will the charging pump flex drive slide out after the pump is removed? mine won't come all the way out
  4. How to rotate front axle

    Been there before. I lowered the hub into a piece of channel with the weight of the tractor, to chock the spindle and rocked it forward and backward carefully and broke loose easy. Too far and it will wrap the tie rod around.
  5. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    I had one of those several years ago and the handles felt different. One side steered good the other i thought had major problems. I sold it and the guy told me later all he did was grease the fittings down in the steering clutch. Like it pumped up something and got travel correct again? ? Please paint it the correct Federal yellow, so many Ih get painted the wrong color.
  6. pics coming soon,thanks for the help,i do have the books. got friends and family in machine shop.
  7. Got back on this project from 09 that I lost interest in,and finally got it going last night. I had no oil pressure to the steering boosters and couldn't figure out why. long story short is, stopped up suction strainer with years of RTV use and junk,caused the gasket to be sucked in between the two pumps on the charging pump,then it would suck air from the clutch housing side. I found the screen plugged after I fixed the pump back in 2013 but it woud'nt ever work right still. Last fri. took the pump off and it had sucked the gasket in again,so made another and this time went thru it all new oil in clean mainframe,filters,and the previous owner had crossed the two suction hoses on the charging pump,started up last night and success.a 2 year old could steer this thing now!! Now,on too next issue,The bearings are out of one front idler, can I buy a kit to rebuild it?
  8. Front idler bearings Td15c

    Can you buy a kit to rebuild these?
  9. 1086 PFC Hydraulic Remote Issue

    thanks I would love to fix it, I put it on the back burner but need to get back on it.
  10. 1086 PFC Hydraulic Remote Issue

    Sounds just like the 886 i have. Low pressure to remotes, rev hard to raise the lift. Put new pump in and same thing. Pulled the top link cover while running looks like a waterfall of oil. Lots of oil bypassing somewhere. Relief valve is good, still havent figured it out.
  11. 886 aux remote no pressure UPDATE

    I wish that's what was wrong. Is a 560 relief valve the same, all i got. I'm confused on the unloader valve, illustration I've seen don't show all the parts I've took out
  12. 886 aux remote no pressure UPDATE

    I took the relief valve apart and it was seating good.
  13. 886 aux remote no pressure UPDATE

    Does the cab need to be raised to get the top lift housing off? Guess I'm gonna have to take it off, i took everything out of the unloader can't find anything wrong.
  14. 966 three point internal leak

    what was the leak? I have the same problem.
  15. 886 aux remote no pressure UPDATE

    update. pulled the hitch pump and the gear to find the shaft seal blown out,took pump apart and the black oval rubber part was blown out around the shaft. Gears and housing look good. so I go get a new pump,install w/new filter,still no pressure,however the lift will raise faster than before, due to the new pump and 17 gpm verses 12gpm. so I pulled the top link plate and wow,idling looks like a waterfall of oil from upper right area.??? I had already pulled the relief valve and other two plugs out of that block under the fuel tank when the old pump was still in there ,didn't see anything wrong. any help much appreciated. Thanks