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  1. they are no good. take your money and buy a real Milwaukee,
  2. the best head gasket is far and away the victor. You can get a headset off ebay for 38 dollars. I just got one last week for an m i plan on working on shortly.
  3. the diesel has a two thirds model of the 310 german diesel that the 756 had. Son has a diesel hydro 544.
  4. what about Burgh's in Zelionople Pa. I was there around thirty years ago.
  5. this wedge was an aftermarket piece to reduce the front end angle for easier steering. It matched the angle that IH used on the super H and M series.
  6. stop and think, your wheel bearings in your car have absolutely no grease on their moving surfaces. They need to generate a little heat to melt a little of the grease for lubrication on the rollers. You get in your car start it up and take off going a mile a minute and never give it a thought. Why would the ball bearings in your M tractor not work just as good with 140 weight gear oil.
  7. 450 in your wife's oven it will fall on.
  8. if you still have an 11" clutch get a super m 400 or 450 flywheel and get a clutch kit for a 986. Hy Capacity can fix you up. I am a dealer for them.
  9. I can get you one like above thru Hy Capacity.
  10. not really, most M tractors came new with 11x38 which would be 12.4x38 early ones were mostly narrower yet.
  11. i would get the hood decals from IH and the chassis decals from Maple Hunter.
  12. Very nice looking tractor/ You can use 93 octane pump gas , just back the timing off a bit. My division 4 M has over 300# compression.
  13. They built tractors that would sell and make them a profit. Not every model would be a direct replacement for a previous one. times and needs change. I guess the regular would be the replacement model for a team of horses.
  14. they pumped outside air not air from the cylinders
  15. land can not be depreciated not a tax dodge.
  16. making my black stripe 15 look like I stole it.
  17. tighten it up until you feel a little drag then back it up to the first slot and put the cotter key back in.
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