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  1. even the early 400 tractors couldn't get factory installed power steering.
  2. looks too narrow in the back to be bigger than a 300, the 300 used a 225 slant six Chrysler, I don't know what a 205 used for a powerplant.
  3. corn pickers without any husking devices were used in the south for husks on picking.
  4. i haven't heard that but i am like the expectant father, the last to find out. remember they got in trouble selling red power kits after reliance cheapened them up.
  5. Hy-Capacity. There are dealers about anywhere, I am one.
  6. well i just use arithmetic, if i am willing to pay 10,000 for something i bid accordingly, about 9,000 would be my bid. it's not rocket science.
  7. i have a couple of the ones that hy capacity sells.
  8. i think that packer was rebuilt to suite the owner. the tongue is not original, they used channel iron from the factory and the side braces are not original either.
  9. you should have been able to buy a good brillion packer for 5 or 6 hundred and then you would have something. No center bearings on any less than 12 feet wide that i know of.
  10. I don't have any idea where you come up with 9.5 to 1 compression on a stock motor. Stock is 6.6 to 1 and with m+w dome pistons it raises it to a whopping 6.8 to 1. if you are spark knocking on regular gas your timing is way too far advanced. How many pounds of compression do you have.
  11. spend your first thousand dollars on a propane head. after that it gets more expensive.
  12. these are forged steel crankshafts, not cast iron like the m +w cranks were.
  13. M+W did not make standard bore pistons for your M. Most every dealer sold them. They were probably the best available at the time.
  14. do you realize that if the engine is not operating near boiling you dilute the crankcase oil with the low grade fuel that doesn't vaporize properly. The two petcocks on the oil pan are to open the bottom one and drain a quart of oil out every morning and then refill to the top petcock with new oil.
  15. i"ve got an IH one that was built at the Stockton works. It's a little heavier than that one, even has lugs on the wheels.
  16. most easy to abuse tractor ever. M&W turbo, 660 rpms and pump settings and magic!!!!! over 100 horsepower easily.
  17. yea they couldn't have president Trump the crowds would be too big, no room for the tractors.
  18. WOW almost new 20.8x38 deep tread tires.
  19. you don't need them. I never put them back in.
  20. i have a M with over 500 ci. it just sits in the shed gathering dust. the first motor i put together was in '96. it hasn't been pulled for at least fifteen years. We had a lot of fun back then with it.
  21. howard unkeefer in minerva ohio. they will ship, when i had a kverneland plow i got parts from there.
  22. not near high enough number to be a '53
  23. thin isn't the problem it's turning it. I cut a cheap 9/16 in half , it works great.
  24. must be different from the farmall model340 i have. It is the hardest tractor to get on and off of that I have ever driven/ It needs a six inch spacer between the transmission and the clutch housing.
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