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  1. deere came out with their four point hitch to get around Fergusons patent until it ran out. the fast hitch system was great up to four bottom sized implements after that not so good. They got sloppy in a hurry with big implements.
  2. the amish in holmes county ohio will give $50,000 plus per acre.
  3. find some used round baler belting and make your own.
  4. may be a Canadian thing. I bought a gallon of 2150 at the dealer yesterday for $116.
  5. Tractor Supply sold fuel gauges like yours.
  6. if it would have been a tri stripe it would have brought 30,000
  7. We will be threshing at our place this Sunday If anyone is in the area you are all invited. We are near Tiffin ohio.
  8. rear axle is the same size on a 706 thru a 1256.
  9. My first new truck that I bought was like that one f250 4x4 351 for $7600.
  10. you don't tighten the clutch on an M.
  11. at rated load a 806 gas only uses around 1.5 gallons an hour more than the diesel. where a diesel really shines is at a light or part load then the economy is much more than a gas tractor. I'm the same as sparky i would rather have one 706 than 10 656 tractors.
  12. that must be the last Howe engine left in captivity.
  13. the 560 problems were mostly from pulling a 5 bottom plow with the rear wheels set way out on the axle. We used to pull a M with way over 120hp and the rear end never broke. I have never witnessed a rear end failure in an M even with a 6 to 8 hundred horse v8 motor.
  14. the six cylinder gas motors interchange so easy you just need to find a c291 or c301
  15. we went there on our honeymoon 43 years ago.
  16. 450 exhaust and an ellis lp intake would be the best. For a motor that isn't on the huge side I would use a 450 manifold and bore the throat out up to the runners 1/8" or so.
  17. no gears between 4th and 5th on the 666. I could never understand why IH didn't put dual constant mesh gears like a nine speed.
  18. had one that looked just like that twenty some years ago. The odd thing was it didn't hurt the ring and pinion like this one. Took out the piston hitch pump too.
  19. 1/8 inch pipe nipple with a zerk. not rocket science.
  20. too bad they didn't wet the house down with a garden hose.
  21. Rice tires = a hard life.
  22. Definitely Dunham colors. Their stuff never held together very good.
  23. The 856 would outpull a 966, that 414 needed a turbo to wake it up. The 360 in a 766 would keep up with a 966.
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