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  1. randy hall

    735 Plow

    The downside to these plows is a thousand places for them to loosen up and a mile and a half of hydraulic hoses.
  2. Ten times easier to mount than a new idea. We had ours at the red power show in Lima Ohio in'13 and mounted and dismounted it twice each day. Someone put a video on you tube if you want to see how one comes off and goes on. They even hook the pto up by themself.
  3. Atilla, what excuse do you give aoc's puppeteer for trying to hide the close to a million in campaign contributions and the not legal campaign records of expenditures, like to her lover?
  4. the SD3 would be the easiest size to find. The site showing one sold for $6500 sounds like plenty to me in todays market.
  5. it's a good thing you need a chevy bed, they are relatively cheap. fords are very high for the steel beds, '16 and below.
  6. The reverse idler is the last thing to come out of the main case.
  7. You need to take the reverse gear cover off. It's the one behind the auxiliary fuel tank.
  8. Why in the world the government has anything to do with health insurance is beyond me. All I know for sure is that the world champion lier obama tripled our insurance premiums.
  9. When we pulled two M"s they fit nicely on an 18" trailer.
  10. randy hall


    Housings are all the same. No difference from the outside. Bull gears and pinions a little wider.
  11. behlen made a sixth speed between fourth and fifth. it mounts where the belt pulley gearbox would be. they had two choices of gear ratios.
  12. I know our president isn't a saint I didn't vote for him because of his high moral character. I voted for him because he wants to save the country from the liberal trash that wants abortion even after birth and illegal aliens draining this countries treasuries. How can anyone with any morals at all be a democrat?
  13. well we only have sons, four of them. but I would definitely feel safe to have a young girl with our president. All Clinton did in office was to screw everything in sight and give the country away to get very rich.
  14. if I read right the cultivator needs $300 in parts to be complete. You should be able to get a good complete set from tobacco country delivered for not much more than that. T he wide front has value to some people, but in the end it's your money.
  15. so I guess everything Clinton did while he was the sitting president was ok then. I could care less what happened before the election.
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