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  1. No fire crater pistons didn't come out untill after they quit building 450 tractors.
  2. New stuff is available from reliance but it is pricey. They have the piston pin adapters too. A little over$1000 for an out of frame kit with the piston pin adapters.
  3. another shortcoming of the Fordson was because of the worm drive you couldn't pull it to start it and they didn't start well also no governor. They are shown running a threshing machine but I don't know how you could keep a steady speed on the belt.
  4. I used to take heads to columbus colweld in columbus ohio you could not see where they were welded when you got it back. But like about every good machine shop they are no longer there. I have several 400 and 450 tractors to part out but i don't have the time to do it. What ever happened to Chapin cylinderhead in Chapin Ill.?
  5. The last piece to come out of the main frame. good luck.
  6. Should start directly on the diesel side if it is warmed up already.
  7. i wouldn't want to do any hay work without a hydro tractor. the three speed is a constant mesh transmission there isn't room for four speeds without making the speed transmission longer.
  8. yep, I wouldn't take a million dollars for my wife, but I wouldn't give you a nickel for another one just like her.
  9. There are several Swiss cheese making factories about a hundred miles south east of me in Holmes county Ohio.
  10. $13.75 a gallon bulk hy tran
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