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  1. always can't wait for it to come. to Bob West why did you call the deering binder an original reaper? We have one just like it in one of our sheds full of goodies. We cut and bind wheat to thresh every year with it.
  2. i don't usually buy chinese junk but i get our batteries from rural king, they are less than half price on commom car size batteries. sometimes they last sometimes they don't. pretty hassle free warranty.
  3. why would you expect a gauge from steiner to be accurate?
  4. LA Case, probably the toughest tractor built back then. Many gave their lives to become the first big four wheel drives with a 6-71 detroit under the hood.
  5. probably blew a tire.
  6. 1456 has bigger axles and final drives like a 1466.
  7. Standard parts are chinese crap too. I just got a starter solenoid for a 1256 and it care in a nice standard box with made in china on the soleniod.
  8. That fellow lives ten miles from us. He cleaned our rye last week and yes monsatan does pay people to follow these guys around. Our county had the most farmers getting caught cleaning gmo beans ten or so years ago, what a friendly company.
  9. Like Howard said they are tinned not plated. The newer ones are aluminum.
  10. definitely an S+K knockoff. The new craftsman pattern ratchet really sucks, if you drop it the little knob will break off, don't ask how I know.
  11. A little history lesson. IH had both types of knotters, the McCormick that no one likes and the Deering, the one everyone likes. They kept the wrong one. New Holland uses a Deering knotter.
  12. Did you foget the rules. tilla is our resident liberal and is unavailable for a different opinion than his. He has TDS.
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