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  1. the way the tires look I would say the tractor has fourteen inch rims.
  2. I used to get heads fixed in Columbus Colwell . They would heat the casting to 1200 degrees and wrap it in an insulating blanket then cut a hole in the blanket where the crack was and used borax for flush and a square three eights inch cast rod. When it was finished you couldn't tell where it was fixed. Never a problem. It cost usually five hundred dollars. If the crack isn't too big or long the pin method is fine and cheaper if you can find anyone to do it anymore .
  3. I think it was in '96 the red power was in Michigan and they had two days of pulling one for all IH and one for everyone. A lot of pulling and nobody got hurt but a 5 year old boy was abducted during the show and was killed.
  4. red power used to have tractor pulls but not for a long time. When the president of the board was a lawyer they did away with the pulls, heard him say even tractor rides scared him from his lawyer liability thinking.
  5. One is a firestone the other is an Armstrong or titan.
  6. I classify using a fuel stabilizer the same snake oil as a lead substitute. We have a lot of old gas tractors and have never had any fuel trouble with them sitting for a year or two. Buy the way the 450 with the propane head will run fine on 93 octane pump gas.
  7. We met him at boonville Missouri in '93 at the round up, he recovered some seats for us. He was very knowledgeable in a lot of obscure things about international. Rest in peace.
  8. Don't know about power domes but McQay- Norris called theirs fireballs, I have a set of those in a Super MTA. In the fifties and sixties there were many companies making after market parts for tractors.
  9. the M + W pistons were called turbo domes. the firecraters were internationals add power kit.
  10. extra handy with the two tool boxes under the cushion.
  11. randy hall

    445 baler

    Just another bad decision by internationals management team. They thought the mccormick knotter was better because it had less parts.
  12. didn't mean to cause a stir. It's just like motor or engine it depends on your preference or what part of the country you are from.
  13. randy hall

    445 baler

    The deering knotter is all together different from the mccormick knotter. The plus is any new holland or deere baler mechanic can help you out.
  14. Deere called it an intercooler and caterpillar called it an aftercooler. I chose the caterpillar definition instead of the motherships'.
  15. nope, a 4366 didn't come with an aftercooler.
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