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  1. randy hall

    IH at IH plant

    sure looks like a Ford taillight.
  2. randy hall

    Hy-Tran Best/cheapest place to get?

    just got home from getting 90 gallon bulk hytran from Burkharts for 11.40 a gallon.
  3. randy hall

    I have no sympathy

    but MTO according to crazy eyed horse mouth everybody already has two jobs.
  4. randy hall

    Is there a better starting engine?

    Thank you Jerry Lagod.
  5. randy hall

    Super H engine rpms

    just like the plate on an M says max rpm 1595 but the rated rpm's is 1450.
  6. randy hall

    God is good

    your guardian angel must not get Sundays off. Say a prayer or two for thanks.
  7. randy hall

    What brand is this 3 point???

    Speeco was a short line company, one of many in the 60's. Tractor Supply sold them as did other stores and dealers. The best aftermarket three point I have ever seen is on a parts 450 that We have. I don't know who built it and have never seen another like it.Right now it is covered with a foot of snow or I would get a picture.
  8. randy hall

    What brand is this 3 point???

  9. randy hall

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    The last ones I got from reliance had no temper and I usedthe old piston pin retainers.
  10. randy hall

    Super H Manifold Gasket

    Nothying wrong with a little around the intake ports but it will smell once it gets worked a bit and burns the Permatex off of the exhaust ports.
  11. randy hall

    DALLAS 806

    What happened to the 7700 combine? That and the 806 were the highlights of the show.
  12. randy hall

    Farmall m with 450

    you use the stock rods but your pistons will need 1/4" milled off the top on the flat part of the piston face.
  13. randy hall

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I am a distributor for reliance. Last spring we overhauled a c-301 engine and the piston pin keepers had no tension, they acted like they were made out of baling wire. I used the old ones. The rod bearings also needed some scrapping. China, the land of almost right.
  14. randy hall

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Two topics going here one is the crazy eyed bartender from queens that has no grasp of reality and the other is the border wall. I will let that up to the people that know what we need down there and they all say the wall is what we need.
  15. randy hall

    1949 md

    FBK means it's an M and the D means it's an MD.