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  1. I always replace the cast iron plugs with steel hex pipe plugs. They will not round off.
  2. fire crater pistons didn't come out until after 450 production ended.
  3. mount it with a tube. I don't care for tubeless tires on a tractor.
  4. 660 axles will slow you down a lot. that's what the guys that pull unlimited weight classes use. you need the low low gear set for an m if you want to just slow down first gear and leave the others alone.
  5. You can hear it as you come to a stop with the clutch pedal pushed in.
  6. sounds like your 806 might have one of those explode any minute diode ta's from ih that were really bad. Your 706 sounds like the one we just replaced, you could hear the sprag clutch rolling over itself trying to grab, pretty common for a fifty year old ta.
  7. You can successfully use 87 octans gas in your engine, we have for years. You back the timing off slightly and lose maybe 3 or 4 horsepower but it works.
  8. I can get 20 30 40 and 60 oversize pistons for a c-301. After that you sleeve it back to standard.
  9. Well Cobey went out of business around forty some years ago. Ask around if any old dealers in your area might have sold them and hava old parts yet. Their wagons didn't have the best reputation. They were in Galion Ohio.
  10. Just put a new mechanical suspension on our 1256 from Hy-Capacity and it is very nice. I am a dealer for Hy-Capacity if you are interested.
  11. i'm not a safety nut, but please cut it into little pieces.
  12. I like the fan type mower. and the hore drawn plow.
  13. I bought a red river special separator just like that yesterday.
  14. watch it rust today it's a Chevrolet.
  15. the first year had an oil bath air cleaner, but it may of been changed.
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