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  1. The infallible media says it started at a fish market.
  2. Tyler ran out of toes to count and just rounded the figure up a bit. Wait till they show the picture next week with about a million backhoes digging graves.
  3. So if I think it is alright to kill you or your family the government shouldn't have laws to punish me?
  4. Yes, this a slippery slope that there is no turning back from. Horsepower is a very addicting disease.
  5. Yes, Middlefield should have a foot of snow on the ground this time of year. I was at Mt Hope yesterday and I didn't see anyone in the field in Holmes county.
  6. I think it was 21 ft. and we pulled it with a 4386.
  7. darn it. We scraped four h tractors last spring. We still have one to part out but it is newer.
  8. It must be a 496 disc. The blades aren't big enough to be a 596. We used one at one time, what a disc.
  9. looks like you need to load it up and bring it to Ohio and we'll figure it out.
  10. truck places had blue stocking caps.
  11. Unlike the disc brakes on the super h and m that did work great when they were new, the 86 shifting was a problem from the start. Our 1486 is a '81 so it has the slightly improved levers.
  12. Well this may upset a few but deere sold around 300000 model A tractors without sleeves and around 400000 model B tractors without sleeves. It didn't seem to hurt their sales.
  13. eighty acres of hay is quite a bit of hay in my book. I only mow around twenty acres a day and it takes forever to rake it with my rotary rake going 9 or 10 miles per hour. I would certainly not recommend an old made for horses side delivery rake for eighty acres of hay. If I had to rake twenty acres with a side delivery rake 25% would be raked too wet about half OK and the rest too dry with leaves flying everywhere.
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