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  1. If I were given lake Erie I would drain the fucking thing. All it does is **** up our weather. We are about thirty five miles from it.
  2. Just took a 3LM off of our 4386 and put a TO4 back on it we notice no power difference. The 3LM made sixteen pounds of manifold pressure.
  3. a good { not an angle iron} 7000# trailer 14 0r 16 ft long will haul your H nicely.
  4. we have two fifteen foot cultimulchers. haven't used them this spring and probably won't.
  5. I have a huge dislike for factory farms. They have ruined a way of life.
  6. I got the book and enjoyed it.
  7. Our 3rd son had a unicorn splitter that had its own Briggs and Stratton engine. I felt better when he sold it.
  8. Superman, NPT stands for national pipe taper, there is also NPS for national pipe straight threads.
  9. Yes it is 2 1/2" npt thread. I have no trouble rethreading them but I use a six foot radial arm drill press to do it.
  10. I hope I didn't start the protestant reformation all over again, but I don't see anything wrong with getting support from the government with tariff dollars if it helps to put the Communist on the path of not stealing technology [ like deer] . If Bernie were to get elected would he drive the tanks through the streets to run over protesting students? socialism is the new norm for democrats.
  11. We are still one nation under God with majority rule. I'm afraid that is a fact that most of the Democrats at the top of their party would like to change.
  12. Sorry Attila it still says in the bible that it is an abomination for a man to lay down with another man.
  13. In this part of the country in a nice square big field the field would be 80 rods long which would be a quarter mile. So there was ar least that much wire on the roll. We almost used the stakes for garden row markers.
  14. Why do a lot of people look up to the Hollywood elite as if they are all-knowing geniuses? They are actors not PHD scholars. Most of them lead a very unstable life, not people to have your children look up to.
  15. I don't know how anyone with an ounce of morals could be associated with the democratic party. Seems the modern democrat is a pathological liar or a queer or both. Are any of our liberal leaning board members in favor of post term abortion?
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