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  1. Kind of funny isn't it. The government doesn't give Walmart a subsidy for running all the other stores out of business.
  2. You should know the answer to your own question. Why can't we get decent money for our crops? When ford or gm is up to their necks in new cars they stop making them, they don't make twice as many to sell twice as cheap, My grampa explained to me why the nfo would never work fifty years ago. He told me they would go down the line and tell the farmer to send 10% of his sows to market the price of fat pigs would go up accordingly you would have the same money with less expense. Then they got to the last farmer down the road he told them that he was going to keep twice as many sows and be rich next year. The same thing holds true for everyone of you that jump on the seed companies bandwagon and plant their triple stack corn that gets a little more yield to make more bushels to drive the price down more and spend twice as much for seed. Farmers are their own worst enemies.
  3. randy hall

    Battery Chargers

    tractor supply carries a shumaker 300 amp booster charger for $200 that is what I've got.
  4. randy hall

    Wind farms

    There is a huge fight in Seneca county ohio right now against them but most of the land they wanted signed a lease 8 or 9 years ago and a lot of people want out of their leases but no luck. The wind mills the wind people are going to put up are over 600 ft tall. I never hears of any that tall, has anyone else? Our one son owns a farm in the middle and his neighbor behind him and he wouldn't sign and the last guy from the wind company to try to get him to sign really bad mouthed him for hurting his neighbors and tried to strong arm him into signing, he told the guy not to come back. The leases have been sold several times. The first company to lease the area was john deere, but they soon sold out of the windmill business.
  5. randy hall

    Auction Results

    I got ours on that big sale in Michigan late this summer the guy had over200 tractors. I just picked the right time to play on the computer and bid. It runs like a raped ape. We took the ice cream box cab off and put fenders on it and will paint it next summer hopefully.
  6. randy hall

    Auction Results

    Boy that makes my $4000 1256 sound like a good deal.
  7. randy hall

    IH fire extinguisher

    carbon tetrachloride nasty stuff. I have a couple of them. I don't know if they are empty or not.
  8. randy hall

    Which battery might be best?

    we always leave them with two six volts and haven't had any trouble.
  9. randy hall

    PTO horsepower ratings

    you are confusing wide open throttle with rated speed.
  10. randy hall

    Nice 4386

    just six sixteens, our ground plows hard.
  11. randy hall

    Nice 4386

    you could come up and run ours sometime, probably be plowing with it in a week or so.
  12. randy hall

    Ohio rain amounts

    3.4 inches in central Seneca county. Glad the crops are off we have some clover, wheat stubble to plow yet, maybe in a week or so.
  13. randy hall

    Unusual piece from the past

    sears farm catalog in the fifties. david Bradley tri-trac. they had all kinds of attachments for them. came with a little hard to start Wisconsin motor. neighbor has one.
  14. randy hall

    Hy tran

    you must be thinking of deere oil.
  15. randy hall

    W6 axle bearings

    Germans invented the ball bearing machinery. That is why they are metric. Every bearing in the rear end of your farmall is metric.