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  1. Oh yeah, a Sultan, my bad. Still a great place for the migrants though.
  2. Look’s like a good home for all of those fine folks migrating up from areas south of there, or anywhere else for that matter. Democratic sovereign nation, what more could they want?
  3. There’s a gentleman over on the toys and memorabilia forum giving more than that for W6 toy tractors. What a deal, good for you!!
  4. As a lifelong Nebraska resident, it’s puzzling to me how the state can claim the lowest unemployment numbers in the nation, month after month, yet places like convenience stores and fast food joints are all operating on shortened hours, and/or are drive through only, and they all have signs up apologizing for the inconvenience, but they can’t hire enough help. What am I missing, or not understanding? I’ve always despised drive through, just don’t like them. One day last week I went to Arby’s in Alliance, middle of the afternoon, drive through only, and I had someplace to be. Only one car ahead of me, yet it took 20 minutes to order and get my food. I just don’t get it. Some people, including my wife, don’t agree, but I speculate that a lot of these businesses are choosing to operate this way to cut down on overhead, yet my two plain roast beef sandwiches and an order of fries was over ten dollars.
  5. I can’t speak for the European’s, but around here they are commonly used for dry bean cutters that knife the plants out of the soil. We also have a neighbor that use to have one on a 1086 that they hung a double round bale fork on, along with one on the rear three point for picking bales. This was before they upgraded to a round bale retriever. I’ve also seen dozer blades adapted to hang on a front mounted three point.
  6. Yes, there is sexed semen available on some bulls.
  7. vtfireman85: Something that I noticed on your build is that you specified the 10000/9900 lb GVWR package. Did you do this on purpose as a paper derate on a F350? Otherwise, I’d suggest deleting that package as it will lower the pay weight on your truck. Much discussion of this on the Ford truck forums. Just a thought based on my own experience.
  8. We went from a ‘98.5 Dodge 24 valve Cummins w/ 4.10 gears to a ‘22 Super Duty 7.3 gasser with 4.30 gears. The 7.3 gasser has twice the HP and a little more torque than the old school diesel, and it pulls anything the diesel did, and just as well. Trailers include a 24 ft gooseneck stock trailer, a 24 ft gooseneck flatbed, and a four horse living quarters horse trailer. Very similar mileage towing, and road diesel fuel here is currently $1.00/gallon more than Super Unleaded gas w/ 10-15 % ethanol. It wasn’t a hard decision for me to make as the new truck doesn’t live with a trailer behind it like the old one did. But I certainly don’t want less power than we have when we are towing. The price difference between the 7.3 gas and the 6.7 PSD was $8405.00 when I ordered our new truck in April of last year, and I believe the price of the 7.3 has come down a little recently. There’s lots of good information on Super Duty trucks on the Blue Oval and Ford Truck Enthusiast internet forums. Good luck with your decision and new truck shopping. Oh yeah, our new truck is a XLT Premium, and we couldn’t be happier with it.
  9. I’m with sandhiller on not buying bulls with unknown parentage. As for buying two bulls for nine head of cows, the ONLY advantage there would be is in redundancy. Like a twin engine airplane, if one would fail, you might have a backup. In my mind the risk associated with two bulls running with nine cows wouldn’t be worth any advantage, regardless of what it looks like on paper. One will do the work, the other will be laying in a corner.
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