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  1. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    It's a sad state of affairs when so many young people think that taking lives will grant them the peace they so desperately need. There is only one way to know real peace though. Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace. No amount of legislation will fix this problem. So many folks are deceived believing that government can just make more laws to fix any problem plaguing society. Government/laws are causing the problem. The breakdown of the family is the number one culprit. Caused by the war on poverty. Just look at how effective the war on drugs has been, what with the record number of people dying of opioid overdoses and all. Yeah, more government, more laws will fix all of these messed up kids. Why didn't I think of that!
  2. What do you guys think of ihc painted black

    I really dig that 2+2 in black! Something about gloss black and chrome. A bear to keep clean though, shows any dust. There are tractor manufacturers that offer to paint your new machine different colors...
  3. What do you guys think of ihc painted black

    Any better pictures of it yet??
  4. Cream puff 2+2

    Good candidate for a camouflage aerosol paint job. Then the wife won't see it and encourage me to hide or get rid of it!
  5. I found a picture of IHrunner on the WWW

    Lol, agreed. Smh...
  6. South African Farmers

    There is only one real Solution, but this side of heaven unfortunately the devil works hard to divide us by race. I learned years ago that there are good people of every ethnicity, and evil or bad people of every ethnicity too. Racism comes in every color. Some folks seem to think only whites are capable of being racist. This story proves otherwise! Prayers for those affected.
  7. Vintage Aerial

    Wow! Sure looks like a lot of old vehicles and some old tractors sitting there now, did a twister come through and blow those barns apart?
  8. My computer doesn't get used much. I spend an average of maybe twenty minutes a day on it. I use my smartphone for most of my internet usage, even now I'm posting with my phone. Why on earth does it wait until I use it to update? It force closes whatever I am working on, giving me no warning. Makes me want to break the darn thing in half. All those hours it could be automatically updated and wouldn't inconvenience me at all! I guess I shouldn't complain, it's almost nine years old and still running Windows seven.
  9. Proud parent

    Congratulations dad!! She didn't get there without devoted parents I'm sure.
  10. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    I'm with you, man! I seem to have a tendency to learn things the hard way, like no welding while wearing an old pair of jeans that the crotch area had been ripped and then washed. Man, those fringes are flammable!
  11. Vintage Aerial

    Yes, it's easy to lose a few hours on that site! Very neat stuff
  12. Scary ladders

    A large ceiling fan would be necessary. Need one of those "widowmaker" ladders to install it. Not it! Someone else will have to climb that. Looks like OSHA would have a heyday there!!!!
  13. Scary ladders

    Right! That's what i was thinking too! :-)
  14. M engine sludge

    From what I see it looks like a great tractor! Looks like the hose is in a pressurized oil port. Hope your new tractor serves you well.
  15. Dr. Evil

    Happy birthday sir. Though we have never met, I very much enjoy reading your stories about working for International Harvester.
  16. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Condolences from central Michigan. Sure makes me look forward to heaven, when I will see my loved ones who have gone before me. I pray that your family is comforted by the same thing during another time of loss.
  17. No horses after this round!

    Right! I saw the posting title and thought "man, my red power family is going through some tough times!" Then I read it. Lol!
  18. prayers desperately needed

  19. Sometimes a LITTLE help is the best

    Being able to spend time working with my kids is a huge part of why I farm. They from up too fast! Before long they get into the stage where they know it all and aren't interested in how the old man does it. My favorite sign was behind the parts counter at a local farm supply. It read " hire a teenage while he still knows everything". I treasure the time I get to spend with them, as you obviously do too!
  20. Sometimes a LITTLE help is the best

    I bet that chain was tight though! Great learning experience, brake was probably almost cooked already, and you were towing to the shop :-) My son and daughter sure get a kick out of sitting in my lap, steering the truck down a farm lane. My son even got to steer the combine in beans last fall! Found a pic of us from last beans harvest. Sure a great way to make memories together.
  21. Guns

    Really? Way to present an opposing view with class and intelligence. This isn't the website for trolling, man. We can be open, honest and respectful. Nobody here is perfect, but we can try to be a decent community.
  22. What ruled the roads then?

    Nice! My uncle still has his '69 chevelle, it was the motion performance edition with the 427, 4speed and chrome side pipes. It's lived on blocks inside for the last 40 years. I saw it run once. Someday... Sweet looking car. You must have been thrilled to get it!
  23. Craigslist question.....

    X2, I find it to be a useful tool
  24. Guns

    Saw this meme, thought it belongs on this thread.
  25. I bet you've never seen this...

    Indeed, was it old or been exposed to moisture?