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  1. May your pain and grief be overshadowed by the hope that is only found in our Savior.
  2. People are crazy, how dumb and desperate must one be to eat rotten meat!? That's literally for the birds ( vultures).
  3. Around that time, I watched hundreds of very unusual lights in the sky here in Michigan. My whole family, wife and kids, saw them too. Anyone else here see them?! Should i put on my tinfoil hat now?
  4. Gotta channel your inner Davey Crockett ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Indeed, another contractor I work with lost his otherwise healthy 34 year old wife to a blood clot a week after getting the j&j shot. Screw that, hard pass on the vaccines for this guy and his family.
  6. My condolences on the loss of your dad, but it sounds like you're a family of faith. We know death is defeated, and does not have the final say. I also miss seeing updrafts posts, there's a lot of the older generation on here, with much wisdom to share. I appreciate all of you on here, may the Lord bless and keep you all.
  7. Mmmmm summer shandy, that's a good, refreshing beer. Not a high abv either, so a guy can have a couple and not overdo it. I bought a 15.5 gallon keg of it last year, about $140 if I recall correctly. Too bad someone drained it all after I had it in the kegerator only a couple weeks, I may have had/shared two to three gallons, was gone for a weekend, came home to an empty keg. Man was that disappointing. I am pretty sure it was a nephew of mine and his "friends", but couldn't prove it. I have a trail cam watching the shop now!
  8. Officer Trevor Slot, Michigan State Police. RIP
  9. Concur!! Especially since it'll be on the day I celebrate my grand entrance into the world, I want you to ride in an authentic WWII p51, as long as it won't break the bank. And post pics too, of course!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions fellows, the journey begins tomorrow! The kids are excited tonight, good stuff๐Ÿ˜
  11. Hey guys, my family is taking a trip soon, driving from Michigan to South Carolina. Planning on seeing the Ark in Kentucky, and stopping by Monticello and Roanoke too. My kids are aged 19 months to nine years. My wife and I enjoy American history and the great American outdoors. Do you all have any suggestions for sights to check out on our trip? Thanks!
  12. Indeed, I always appreciate reading what both MTO and OT write here, I hope they are both doing well and I look forward to their usual banter returning.
  13. I'll be finding some soon, usually prime time for finding them when the may apples are blooming, and they're going to be there quick with the warmer weather.
  14. Thanks, I can only imagine the eardrum bursting noise that it must make when doing it's thing. Looks like it was an enjoyable weekend!
  15. That "1086" puller sure looks like a pulling machine, what's the powerplant and transmission setup in it ?
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