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  1. Had our dairy farms 1466 shear the right axle when a hired man was spreading manure with it on a frozen field. The duals rolled past the tractor fifty feet, the tractor nearly rolled on its side. Hired man had a headache and a lesson on driving too fast over a bumpy field, I had another project for the shop. The picture you shared looks like a lot scarier situation, I hope no one was hurt! Farming sure isn't for the faint of ❤️.
  2. My heartfelt gratitude to all who have served.
  3. They can do a laproscopy, I had a hernia repair last year. Was feeling better than before within a day or two. Good luck!
  4. I'm 40, can't say that I've ever heard a sonic boom 💥. I would be in awe!
  5. Sorry to read of your families loss, not even grumpy old tankers are immune to the brevity of life. May your loved ones find peace and comfort through the Prince of Peace
  6. I bought a Graco X5, love it! For most interior work the roller attachment is better and faster than spraying, no overspray, no drips.
  7. It looks pretty mean!! Should paint the engine to match though
  8. You sir, must like living on the edge. Why do we enjoy pushing their buttons like that sometimes? I know my wife just doesn't have my sense of humor... I tell her as long as I'm laughing it must be funny 😂
  9. I had to replace the one on my old mx240, got a replacement at a local turbo shop cheaper than the dealership wanted. Good luck
  10. If two layers of cloth (underwear and pants) won't stop a fart from smelling up a room, what makes you think one layer will stop a virus???
  11. Lol, a sense of humor is going the way of common sense these days.
  12. It was the youth hunt last weekend, what an awful tragedy
  13. I've been considering the Simpli Safe system for my place, anyone here have any experience with them?
  14. I needed to replace a tire on a laser screed. It was a carlisle "trac chief". I should demand that they change the name to "trac noble indigenous tribal leader" to fit with the current ridiculousness.
  15. https://www-washingtonpost-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.washingtonpost.com/local/two-protesters-arrested-for-chalking-black-pre-born-lives-matter-on-sidewalk/2020/08/01/6d966d90-d41f-11ea-9038-af089b63ac21_story.html?amp_js_v=a3&amp_gsa=1&outputType=amp&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#aoh=15964756154992&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtonpost.com%2Flocal%2Ftwo-protesters-arrested-for-chalking-black-pre-born-lives-matter-on-sidewalk%2F2020%2F08%2F01%2F6d966d90-d41f-11ea-9038-af089b63ac21_story.html. Meanwhile, in our n
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