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  1. How many Farmall 450 LP tractors made?

    I can't answer your question, but I sure miss the 450l.p.that dad used to have. He had converted it to gasoline, it was a beast!!
  2. Happy birthday, ihfarmer1586,kylec1787,IH88,F30

    Hope you're having a great birthday guys!
  3. Is Your Son, Or Daughter Still Undecided About A Career?

    That's nuts!! :-)
  4. Earth Day's a comin'.

    Yay, happy earth day! It's my favorite planet. Fun fact: earth is the only planet with International Harvester equipment!
  5. Sad night for Saskatchewan.

    What an awful tragedy. Prayers for all of those this accident has touched, especially the families who will forever have an empty seat at the dinner table. I pray that they know the comfort and peace of Jesus during this dark hour. I'm going to hug my kids a little tighter tonight.
  6. 7 more herds next week!

    Ouch. Not looking good for family dairies, it's a tough pill to swallow giving up the cows. Been there before myself.
  7. Tariff ,Chess

    I've already been trying to wrap my mind around how much corn is still being grown. With our local average yields, land rent, and basis there in no possible way to make a profit growing corn. I haven't for three years now, yet it still is the most common crop grown here. I understand growing corn if you've got animals to feed, but most animal agriculture is gone here too. So why, why, why would farmers keep planting so much corn? Are they telling themselves that the price is gonna come back up to $5+ per bushel? I just don't get it. I'd rather plant Christmas trees on my land then spend all the money, blood, sweat and tears to grow something I KNOW I'm gonna lose money on.
  8. Tariffs

    Stupidity is not limited by political party. It comes in all political persuasions!
  9. Tariffs

    I dig the music you posted, never heard them before, thanks for sharing
  10. Tariffs

    Agree with most of the posts here. Our trade deficits were not good for the stability of our economy. Let the Chinese eat their poison laden crappy consumer goods if they don't want to pay for quality agricultural products. America first! There's good reason my dad's father sacrificed everything to move his family here, I'm sure glad he did.
  11. 2018 cornhusker classic

    That had to feel good, especially with the last minute assembly and all. Congrats!!

  13. A "Binzebo" for anyone interested

    Only if you're prepared to build a binzebo! Neat idea, my wife would like that too, but I'm not currently looking for more projects so I'll keep it under my hat for now...
  14. The First Tractor Owned

    My first was a worn out 1586 I bought for salvage price. It had been on manure pump duty at the local 2000 cow dairy until the engine let loose. I brought it home and tore it to pieces, rebuilding and repainting it. I wish it was still in my shed, was a great tractor after that!
  15. New joke

    I've seen that one before, but we'll worth reading again! I knew I was born 200 years too late...