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  1. I had to replace the one on my old mx240, got a replacement at a local turbo shop cheaper than the dealership wanted. Good luck
  2. I did a similar thing to my '76 966 black stripe, but have no dyno to run it on. I added 1066 manifold and turbo, and adjusted the fuel screw about a half turn. I have also upgraded the clutch to the 14 inch. It's provided powerful, fuel efficient service for over 12 years now, and still has the factory seals on the engine. All I've done was the added turbo and I put in rebuilt type n injectors. It's been well worth it!
  3. Resurrecting an iconic machine with the next generation looking on is certainly a noble quest...
  4. Welcome to the world of tractors! They're never cheap to fix, but an IH will be your lowest cost of ownership. Looks like your help is eagerly awaiting for you to get it in operating condition :-) There's some good advice on here for you already, I hope that you can get it running smoothly without a complete rebuild, but if you must rebuild at least you'll know it will be good to go for decades!
  5. That's an incredibly huge task, wow! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Welcome to the forum BB, good to have you. There is a lot of info available online on doing the T/A and clutch. If you are mechanically inclined and have access to a good shop and tools, and have lots and lots of time, there's nothing like doing it yourself. I replaced a T/A in one of dads 3588 2+2 tractors when I was 18, and I didn't know half as much as I thought I did at the time:) There is a lot of satisfaction in doing it yourself,its a kind of therapy in and of itself. Either way, you got your hands on a great tractor! Good luck
  7. Awesome build 696, thanks for sharing
  8. Are you still looking for stock 966 parts? I just put a turbo on mine, i will make a great deal on the airbox and exhaust manifold if u still r looking. Thanks

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