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  1. I'm not far from Woodbury, you talking about"bird fertilizer"? I remember riding along with dad to get NH3 tanks there as a wee lad
  2. ihfarmer1586


    Either would be vastly preferable to the current manipulated tomes of tax law we have now!
  3. ihfarmer1586


    Join the convention of states movement. A constitutional amendment to impose term limits on congress everyone should be able to agree on except career politicians!
  4. Mankind has the distinction of being the only part of God's creation made after His own image. So to the Lord as well... although it says in proverbs that the righteous man has regard for the life of his beast, while evil is cruel.
  5. I'm going to operate mine as long as it will still work. It's served me well for ten years, why change now?
  6. If they are saving human life, it's acceptable but still sad. When prenatal humans are killed, it's an outrage. All life matters, but human lives are intrinsically more valuable than any critter.
  7. Rusty, I didn't agree with his policies either, but this isn't the place for degrading the potus, current or former
  8. Take them to Michigan and they're worth ten times that! :-)
  9. There are two nesting pairs on a Morrison lake, only a mile from my place as the eagle flies!! I'll never forget seeing my first eagle perched in a lone tree in the middle of a hayfield, that was about eight years ago. Still an awesome sight to see. And to think Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as our national bird...
  10. Well I am getting "tired" of all of the rubber innuendo :-)
  11. My dad emigrated from the Netherlands, I'll always remember the liver and onions he'd make when mom was not home, she hated the smell! I enjoyed it. He always called the braunschwieger liver wurst too. Raw hamburger?! I've never heard of eating ground beef raw... might have to try it like that sometimes. Lord knows I've been in a hurry and ate some undercooked hamburgers before, and survived each time!
  12. I've enjoyed making sandwiches with braunschweiger, good stuff! I'd like to try some of that dip...
  13. In my area the average is about 140... a bit easier to pencil out at 200+.
  14. You definitely need a regular job bringing in a decent income to crop farm a few hundred acres, especially when paying mortgage on some and rent on the rest.
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