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  1. You were diving in a cenote!! I'm jealous
  2. Ian, the video must have been taken down already. Risks and warnings aside, what a terrible tragedy. Burns are awful.
  3. For the first time I'll be taking my wife and kids to Florida (Cape Coral) to celebrate Christmas, and our ten year anniversary a few months early :-) Christmas with the rest of the family in January. I am looking forward to Christmas on the beach!!
  4. Looks like the good Lord has blessed your family richly!!
  5. WE DONT NEED MENTALLY CHALLENGED PEOPLE IN OUR ARMED FORCES!!!! Sorry for the yelling, but dang, whiskey tango foxtrot? They belong in an institution where they can receive treatment, not on the front lines of our next battle. If you can't understand why, it's your fault. Our military is not a social club.
  6. No doubt that's a classic there! What would you do with such a short wheelbase?
  7. Yup. A.oh. Smith still makes them, Bradford White makes them several towns over from me in middleville yet, my neighbor works there. Rheem Ruud is another company...
  8. ihfarmer1586


    Same can be said for almost any crop we grow... Doesn't mean that they're no longer plants. We've been breeding crops for desirable traits for centuries. If there was a money tree, I'd still plant one even if it was gmo!! Lol
  9. ihfarmer1586


    I am all for research and development of medical advances, and it seems everything can be abused or have unintended consequences. I've been using a salve made from cannabis, and it has been great for a sore shoulder, lower back pain, and when I injured my wrist it helped greatly. Almost instantly relieved a good deal of my pain, no side effects noted. And no prescription needed! It may not work for everyone, but I'm sold on it.
  10. ihfarmer1586


    Right, how dare anyone use a plant when pharmaceuticals will do!
  11. It's in government's best interest to consolidate small farms into large Farms because it will be a whole lot easier for them to take control of a few large farms than many many small farms.
  12. We had one growing up, but it has been converted to gasoline. Was one of my favorite machines to operate, great tractor. Had to add octane booster to each tank though!
  13. Wow!!!! No doubt, that pilot is fortunate to be alive.
  14. Your community is indebted for your years of service! There is a time for everything, as the Teacher wrote in Ecclesiastes. I hope you are able to find peace in your decision, I'm sure you have trained enough guys to fill your shoes on the department. Thanks for your willing service! :-)
  15. I'll be 40 in April. 40 is the new 21, the hill now crests at 60 I've been told.
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