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  1. Use the flooring cleats rather than the staples... unless you plan on removing it sometime. Part of my oak flooring was stapled. Regular heat and humidity cycles had popped portions loose. I removed and reinstalled with cleats, stapled planks were easy to remove without damaging them, staples pulled right out. Installed with a bostitch air nailer with cleats, (serrated, wedge shaped nail with an L shaped head), and it's solid now. Minimal squeaks too, the stapled floor was noisier.
  2. I've got a whole five years on you! :-) I agree, so much frivolous spending these days, and so much waste. My mom saves empty cottage cheese and yogurt containers to re-use for packing lunches in, they still burn wood, even though they are in a new, energy efficient ICF house that's so sealed up it needs an air exchanger so they breathe fresh air inside, they eat at home or pack lunches except for the one time a week they go to a local cafe with friends, and then they share an order and cut coupons if they could find em!
  3. How frustrating, glad one company stepped up to the plate. May the good Lord grant her safe travels
  4. It takes a level of dedication that far surpasses most teachers to educate your own child one on one. No one knows quite how to push your buttons like your own kids. You also learn alongside the kids. You couldn't be more wrong on that Attila. No one truly cares about their own child's future more than their parents. I'm sure there's probably a few exceptions, but most homeschoolers greatly surpass their public school counterparts. Education is not cookie cutter, each child has their own optimum learning style. At home, their education is tailored to each child. I mean you no disrespect, but I call it like it is man.
  5. I did a similar thing to my '76 966 black stripe, but have no dyno to run it on. I added 1066 manifold and turbo, and adjusted the fuel screw about a half turn. I have also upgraded the clutch to the 14 inch. It's provided powerful, fuel efficient service for over 12 years now, and still has the factory seals on the engine. All I've done was the added turbo and I put in rebuilt type n injectors. It's been well worth it!
  6. This whole episode just exemplifies how much control the media has over people. This is nothing like the swine flu epidemic of 2009 and we weren't buying stores out of toilet paper then!
  7. Spring has begun, the cold and flu season is on its way out. It will be ok people, look up the mortality rate of the 1918 Spanish flu, makes covid19 look tame by comparison.
  8. Or cutting off a shirt sleeve:-)
  9. Had a similar experience when my wife gave birth to number two, they removed a cancerous cyst. His ways are higher than ours, glad to read momma and baby are doing well. My youngest is five months now, time flies by! Enjoy every moment you get with them, tomorrow isn't guaranteed :-)
  10. Look at Israel, everyone is required to serve in their military, and keep a weapon at ready after that. Even though they are surrounded by people who wish to eliminate them, they are thriving. Could a program like that ever be successful here? What about all of the precious snowflakes and their "safe places"? And I agree, those who've seen war will not needlessly send their compatriots off to war. I've been told there are no winners in war, only survivors. P.S. A heartfelt thanks to all of our vets, I wouldn't want to know what our world would look like without their sacrifice.
  11. Mmm, wild ramps! Guess I'm a hillbilly :-)
  12. It's a Chevy, no problem on front grille. Ford's on the other hand, they highlight in blue and circle the problem! I've heard the cylinder deactivation system can be problematic, I have a 2000 5.3 with almost 300,000 miles, still runs great. Darn good engineering. It is Very unusual to hear of a stealership lowering the bill, county your blessings!
  13. You should have known better than to let her see you on the 1456... It's a curse we have to bear, being so irresistible to the ladies I understand :-) I pray all goes well!!
  14. It's a long shot, but I've seen the Lucas restore a cutlass transmission that was slipping terribly and not shifting out of second. Ran that car several years after without issue, as with many things it's a gamble, but might be worth a shot.
  15. Fifty grand a year would be fantastic...
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