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  1. There were Nelsons in North Dakota battling Monsanto on Roundup Ready soybeans. I had a neighbor who battled Monsanto on Roundup Ready soybean seeds and lost. Ouch.
  2. It was bad enough watching football games on TV played by real people, but I saw a TV channel playing a virtual football game.
  3. It sure is hard to find a picture of a lowboy. They undoubtedly reinforced the stereotype of southwest Iowans being hillbillies.
  4. In South Dakota we used hay racks like that behind square balers. In southwest Iowa they loaded Allis-Chalmers round bales by hand from the ground onto LOWBOYS.
  5. Which side of the border are they on? Oh, there's some nasty stuff going on at the border now.
  6. Easy water pump replacement was one of selling points of Case IH.
  7. We just might get the asteroid in 2029. I guess it's just as well.
  8. Hmm. I can't think of any member in Middle Tennessee. There's probably somebody around there who works on small Fords and the like if you need a mechanic.
  9. Well, he was a member a lot longer than you. If he got banned, he probably was cruising for a bruising.
  10. He's a real treasure with experience.
  11. Wasn't impressed with Briggs and Kohler push mower engines a couple years ago. Went with Honda.
  12. Ours seems to have a 1 9 8 on one side which seems to be typical of Hay-Budden.
  13. I never used a New Idea, they claimed to be good, New Idea dealers dried up here when corn picking dried up, when did they quit making them? are parts hard to get? H&S may be good, but they were viewed as a shortline oddball here, Knight and Meyers were more desirable.
  14. I asked my dad why the No. 2 is in the family and my grandpa bought it to break up the spots with the worst plow pan. Plow pan is one of the detriments of plowing all the time. I recall Oliver offered points below their plow bottoms to break up plow pan.
  15. I listen to Fox Across America quite a bit instead of Sean Hannity.
  16. Still have a No. 2. Don't know why anybody would use one for tillage unless you had ground too tough to plow.
  17. I just heard we're getting an O'Reilly Auto Parts in a small town already with three auto parts stores. It's gonna be in the same building with the new Dollar General Store.
  18. Weren't there a lot of 756 German diesels?
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