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  1. lightninboy

    Best place/brand of plug wires for 560?

    If you don't want premade and you think Accel costs too much, get some Standard universal wires and master the art of making them.
  2. lightninboy

    Best books for engine repair

    IH service manual?
  3. lightninboy

    Introduction and questions about IH trucks

    If you want something to drive instead of fix and look for parts for, a freshly-retired well-maintained truck sounds about right. Maybe just get you a good F-550.
  4. I knew of a couple, Royce Bone and Ronnie Regnier.
  5. lightninboy

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    "She's green and she's good!"
  6. lightninboy

    post hole digger storage

    It's easy to mount a posthole digger if you dedicate enough room for a stand to store it on. Our problem is we make it hard on ourselves by storing it off to the side right against the wall on the floor of the shed. Plus, the gearbox leaks lube when it's in the upright position.
  7. lightninboy

    Universal spark plug wire kit

    I finally got a multimeter, and I checked the old set, and I could get continuity and ohms through only one wire.
  8. lightninboy

    Cool collection of some pulling from many years back

    Oh, there were some in local pulls, a few in national pulls.
  9. I was thinking this was Ralph's thread, but now I see it's a newbie.
  10. lightninboy


    Yeah, money spent on a better mattress than a cheapie is probably well spent if it's worth the extra money.
  11. lightninboy

    Liver & Onions

    Baked heart is good if you do it right. And gizzards are kind of popular.
  12. lightninboy

    1300b Question

    Ford sold a lot of F-350s for camping, and couldn't you get a mounted camper from your Ford dealer?
  13. lightninboy

    Liver & Onions

    I once was at a deer liver and onions feed over 30 years ago. And locally there was a beef liver and onions feed a couple years ago.
  14. lightninboy

    Vintage Ads

    Oxen? How do you mow with oxen?
  15. lightninboy

    Is global warming for real?

    Study the history of the Chicago Climate Exchange.