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  1. I suppose in a perfect world all the pastures would get clipped...but it isn't a perfect world...in a perfect world the pastures wouldn't need to be clipped...in a perfect world I'd have goats....
  2. Had a Stihl trimmer only one year old...spark arrester plugged up...didn't feel like cleaning it or replacing it every year, so....it's a trimmer...it isn't like I use it in a tinder-dry forest in California...
  3. Or you could work in metal instead of wood.
  4. Hey, U-C, I invited you to demonstrate log skidding behind tractors in Europe. ☺️
  5. I don't mind that so much, just a matter of studying, what bothers me is having to go 90 or 150 miles to get the HazMat. Supposed to prevent terrorism, but what could be safer than doing it in the home county and having people vouch for you there? "Fingerprinting sites are located in Rapid City and Sioux Falls." "Complete a security threat assessment background check online. You can also call 1-855-347-8371, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (EST). You’ll need to pay a fee of $86.50 upon completion." Shoot, I got fingerprinted for free every time I got arrested.
  6. The biggest change in CDLs for me was it used to be easy to get HazMat and now it's about more trouble than its worth to get unless you really need it. Can't even get it in my county.
  7. Do you know much about that way of pulling logs?
  8. 666 had 16.9-34 and I think 7.50-16 fronts. 686 had 15.5-38 and 7.50-16 fronts. 656 with loader had 16.9-34, had 15" fronts originally but it got white implement wheels and 7.50-16 8-ply pickup tires put on it for the weight of the loader but the white implement wheels would break. Reinforcement rings might have helped. 544 with loader had 15.5-38 and I think 7.5L-15 two-rib fronts. 544 has 15.5-38 and I think originally had 7.5L-15 fronts. Am changing to 9.5L-15SL fronts for more flotation.
  9. It looks like Century has still got a good battery charger.
  10. Baxter Auto of Omaha has been advertising on the radio "Baxter Black Friday."
  11. I bought some Alliance Farm Pro 324 8-plies a couple years ago and was very happy with them.
  12. If they'll help pay for overhead you'd need if you're ever to feed beef cattle again...It could be worth something to get some dairy feeding experience.....
  13. Bates Corporation has aftermarket fiberglass grilles for big bucks. Never did like the 85-Series and 95-Series setup anyway. I already have a plywood Windbreaker. How much harder can it be to make a plywood hood and grille?
  14. Have you got anything better to do with your time, for one thing.
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