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  1. Go down to John Deere and see what the detailer uses?
  2. You'd better figure out what the Artsway takes. I Google shop for blades and get Oregon blades and they work just as good, I suppose.
  3. I dunno. Probably 806 is stouter somehow. I suppose you could go on Messick's parts books and see if they're the same.
  4. He was about as big as anybody in country in the '80s and then he just disappeared, but I suppose young guns were coming in and he'd have had to be an old guy like George and Conway.
  5. It was almost like getting winter all over again.
  6. They have been used for pushing silage. It's probably best not to use them for jobs that really need a loader or dozer.
  7. It shouldn't be too bad here if the electricity stays on.
  8. Yeah, it was hard to understand the Deere Synchro Range as a kid, especially if the pattern decal was getting illegible. But they weren't around long enough that I had to learn them.
  9. The rope engaged the wheel lift and the lever was just for adjusting the plow, right?
  10. That sounds like a good way for Deere to go broke.
  11. I've read too many warnings against the Masons to want to be one, but maybe they're harmless, who knows, they're a secret.
  12. 2018 NCGA contest had a 955 and some newer Early Risers in it. https://www.ncga.com/for-farmers/national-corn-yield-contest/ncyc-guide-archives
  13. It's not uncommon for published yield results to mention the planter and combine. Remember what Francis Childs used?
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