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  1. IH(CaseIH) 3450 round baler

    They could last forever if you keep fixing them. Not what you'd use for commercial baling, but okay for your own livestock. There's a guy around here who was using one in 2003 and he's still using one, probably an 8480 he's got.
  2. Thrower rack wagons

    Speaking of bale throwers, this is interesting.
  3. decals for machinery

    You basically just need them for safety or for looks or for resale value? Do some companies offer to send you safety decals for free? Check into what it would cost to get some made locally at the graphics shop.
  4. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    I always had to hold the trouble light just right. And then later I think there was a similar scene in the movie "The River."
  5. Power t post pounders, affordable or junk?

    The main thing about putting in T-posts is get 'em in the right place and the right angle and the right depth. Putting in T-posts is easy compared to putting in wood posts.
  6. Forum issues

    This is the first I've been able to get on since the 13th or so. Had to go to Red Power and click Forums and then it went to a different web address, so I needed to make a new Favorite for it.
  7. A little testimony for IH engine oil

    Oh, it's good. There's no doubt about that.
  8. Opinions wanted on t post fencing

    Hmm. I've seen that before. Around here, the Fence Solutions clips are stocked in the Farm and Fleet store.
  9. millbank SD IH dealership

    I remember Jim Biersbach operated as Valley International.
  10. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    I had a 50-Series - The New No. 1 cap and a Case IH - Best of Both Worlds cap. I still have a genuine IH cap.
  11. Rear engine '77 Loadstar

    I wouldn't trade a stock Loadstar for one of those stupid kit cars.
  12. Rear engine '77 Loadstar

    What's the point? How you going to haul cargo?
  13. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Plant in the mud, you'll reap a dud. Work on Sunday, fix on Monday. I have concluded that we get a former rain and a latter rain like in the Bible. The former rain comes in spring and the latter rain comes in the early summer.
  14. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    There seems to be some debate about it.
  15. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    The onion predicting the twelve months' weather. Face the wind and then turn 120° to your right and that's the direction to where the closest severe weather is. Cob floater. Goose drownder.