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  1. lightninboy


    L300 loader. You're a pretty good welder, huh?
  2. The only good sickle bar mower is a sickle bar mower that doesn't exist.
  3. Seems a little excessive, but how else you gonna get at the deck? Oh, yeah, take it off the mower.
  4. Could take a rod and poke the guts out of an old Dodge converter....can't you take a wrench to GM converters and dump them out?....don't know how to empty a Ford converter but I've read in the owner's manual you can use leaded gas in Ford pickups in foreign countries....
  5. Who do you know who rebuilds water pumps?
  6. You do realize you could have eliminated the catalytic converter, don't you?
  7. It seems to me Abilene Machine once offered a Case front axle kit for 4020s, but I can't find proof of that.
  8. There was a Hydro 186 with John Deere 725 loader that came to the Twin Brooks Threshing Show. Seems like it had a Case front axle.
  9. Might be able to buy a parts manual online for a U-21 but that wouldn't tell you. You know the cubic inches or if a tractor has the same engine?
  10. In my opinion, a good car radio or tractor radio setup on a good day should be able to pull in a high-powered AM station 250 to 400 miles away, might want to get certain FM stations too, but that's just my listening tastes.
  11. I didn't know about the Griswold museums. Might have to stop there sometime.
  12. Can get 200,000 miles or so out of most motor oils these days.... It's legal to use high-mileage high-zinc high-phosphorus motor oil, so what harm could come of it?
  13. What if no 9/11? What if no Covid-19? The U.S.A. is bent on going to **** in a handbasket one way or the other. It just might take longer one way.
  14. It's not too bad a tractor if the price isn't too bad.
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