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  1. I suppose find some on Google Images and see what color they are.
  2. I can't read it without disabling my ad blocker, but it must have been common sense.
  3. But how much budget have you got for reinventing the tractor?
  4. I think it's Allis-Chalmers. http://www.tractorshed.com/contents/adpic22057.htm http://www.tractorshed.com/contents/adpic22056.htm It was called a Two-Row.
  5. This picture was taken in 1954 or earlier. What is it?
  6. As they say, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.
  7. Not the worst thing I ever saw.
  8. Oh. They were talking about them on Classic Tractor Fever but never showed one.
  9. Yeah, it's not so much a rat rod.
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