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  1. I don't know. We were trying to identify a tractor in South Africa in a movie on IMCDb. Still aren't sure what it is. http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle.php?id=1140177
  2. I don't watch it but I'd rather watch it than most mainstream media shows.
  3. Awk, beer is beer as long as you can afford it and can stand it.
  4. If every successful farm had a farm-scale wind generator or two, that would be okay with me, but get into this big corporate stuff....
  5. I see there's TriLink chain in the local store. Never heard of it before or tried it.
  6. If it was a Scout you could maybe put an aftermarket hot rod air filter on it, but you need something with more filtration capacity? Would something from a Ford or Chevy fit on it? Need any special smog connections?
  7. I suppose put a request out on the truck junkyard network.
  8. If you can't find one, is there a good substitute?
  9. I always liked the old school hot rodders like Carroll Shelby, Smokey Yunick, Don Garlits, Richard Petty, etc., etc. The newer guys may be better but they just don't seem to be as much fun.
  10. I imagine MXMs can be good if you get all the defects out of them, but some serious defects may take forever to get rid of.
  11. lightninboy

    Loadstar 1700

    Wasn't IH 5-speed real picky about what fluid you put in them?
  12. So the joystick part is listed with the tractor under Operator's Platform/Cab. I've got a grapple fork on mine.
  13. Is the joystick part listed with the loader or with the tractor? I thought these were Alo Quicke loaders built in Europe, but I was watching an old Youtube video and it said they were built in Canada.
  14. I think the new tractors and loaders have an entirely different joystick setup. Also, I think maybe there are generic joysticks available on the Internet.
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