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  1. I got to thinking....there was a good ag forum by Successful Farming or Farm Journal years ago...I checked out Agriculture.com forum and you can talk politics there all you want. So, why not talk politics here? At the end of the day the regulars know we're all family.
  2. What closed topic is that statement on? I found it. I'll believe that when I see it. Maybe not even then.
  3. I want to see it in writing.
  4. I can't read it without disabling my ad blocker, but it must have been common sense.
  5. Where has it been stated it will return? When? What are they waiting for?
  6. If RPF doesn't support free speech and competent administration, I could start a free forum on Tapatalk.
  7. How hard is it swap in a Ford or Chevy?
  8. Don't all steel fenders have it?
  9. Don't recall any plow mulchers around here. Never seen that IH setup.
  10. We got ahold of the Administration and we're getting nowhere! Are they going to be politically correct or not? Can't have the old Coffee Shop back. It's politically incorrect.
  11. Did you ever have trouble with a shorted wire under the seat?
  12. What's wrong with asking about a Chevy or an ATV or talking about weather, crops or cattle? Where is there to do that here?
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