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  1. John Deere sells break-in oil. The question is do you need it?
  2. Tractors are getting so weird these days it wouldn't be too surprising.
  3. Maybe you can find springs for another baler that will work.
  4. I thought it was a 56-Series.
  5. I've been trying to find out what this is. In the process I learned Hesston had self-propelled choppers labeled Hesston and not Field Queen, Gehl had a self-propelled chopper, Papec had a self-propelled chopper. I am leaning toward this being a Fox or some vegetable harvester.
  6. Anty Over. Red Rover, Red Rover. Fox and Geese. Simon Says. Freeze Tag. Strip Tag.
  7. Industrial-grade steam cleaner?
  8. 10 mph going up a mountain with a full load of water is not necessarily unreasonable, especially if you didn't get a running start.
  9. On newer pickups you can lock out the top gears like for when you're pulling something heavy or driving in the mountains, you know.
  10. I know Handel on the Law has been on the air over ten years but I hardly ever listen to it.
  11. I think it means what it says. 1 is 1st, 2-3 is automatic 2nd and 3rd and so on.
  12. This is the Support forum, not the tractor forum.
  13. What's Hollywood going to give us for entertainment in the fall? Oh, yeah, I don't watch Hollywood anyway.
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