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  1. We already have too many #$@^&!* holidays! They're gonna make us socialist by having so many holidays nobody will get enough work done! We should start removing holidays! Nobody likes Columbus Day any more so get rid of it! And there's no need to have both Memorial Day and Veterans Day! Aren't supposed to mix church and state, so get rid of Christmas and Easter! They aren't biblical anyway!
  2. So...why would there be plugs instead of zerks if needed and what size would the zerks have to be?
  3. The NP435 was made by New Process Gear from 1962 thru 1997. They were in Loadstar 1600s at least sometimes.
  4. Oh, a GT 2544. IH 2544 is an industrial tractor. Well, good luck with the MTD. Once bitten with MTD, twice shy.
  5. Here's what I've got: just metal plugs on top. It doesn't have bar axles if that makes a difference. @stronger800
  6. The MXM190 either had a brake fluid reservoir which got taken off at the dealership in June 2013 or it never had one because the manual says MXM155 and smaller have it but the MXM175 and MXM190 don't have it. The MXM190 has axle zerks I grease moderately occasionally. Can you overgrease them? I don't see axle zerks on the MXM190 parts diagram either.
  7. There was a bear reported at St. Cloud, Minnesota, and that's really not in bear country I think.
  8. When I bought the tractor new, it was set up with the rear wheel weights on the inside, which would have made greasing axle zerks impossible anyway. I made Titan put the weights on the outside but I didn't see any zerks on top. I think I asked Titan if it had axle zerks and they said no. But now that you mention it there could be zerks under plastic covers or under the housing. I'll check. I don't see zerks in the parts diagram.
  9. Unless your sister is an FFA tractor restorer type she should drive only somebody else's Kubota or such.
  10. I asked a Titan partsman about getting a bottle of LHM for my Maxxum 125 in case I ever needed to add any and he said they basically hardly ever sell any, maybe some into their shop, not usually an issue unless you have damage or a major repair. And I don't have axle zerks.
  11. Yeah, we had a Clark 5-speed that would sometimes grind going into 3rd gear. Synchronizer was obviously bad but it stayed in 3rd gear.
  12. You want to put an MV446 into a truck or take it out? Most people want to take it out.
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