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  1. Net wrap is generally something a small operator doesn't want and can't afford and doesn't need. I'd even consider going smaller than 5' by 6'.
  2. Experienced Case IH mechanic came out with Reman joystick and put it in. It works good, but the cables behind the cab seem to stick out farther than the original cables like they are longer possibly. As long as the cables don't catch on the 3-point hitch or contact a hose or another cable too hard or get squished by a bouncing cab, I guess they are okay. I should have had mechanic look at the back end before he left but he might not have changed them anyway and might not have had much for alternative routing. If you must operate a loader with a broken cable, you may be able to strip covering
  3. If size is not an issue, get the one that looks easiest to maintain and repair.
  4. We've been through this a year ago.
  5. Is there any truth that the government hurt Central Boiler with regulations a few years ago?
  6. It seems Case IH still sells Work EZ implements. Apparently the Work EZ loaders never quite got off the ground and were dropped sometime.
  7. That's a good question. Did you check on the Binder forums?
  8. One Titan dealership said cables are available. Another Titan dealership said cables are not available. Even if other parts are available, they'd rather sell a Reman joystick.
  9. Dr. Seuss books are costing big money now.
  10. It looks like there's no shortage of Bush Hog dealers. Just a matter of finding a cooperative one.
  11. New Holland offered Work EZ loaders too.
  12. Case IH had Work EZ loaders, but they seem to have no product support for them specifically now.
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