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  1. I figure that lace-up farm boots shouldn't have much tread so they don't track much dirt and should be available in different widths, which narrows it down for me to Red Wing, B.A. Mason, maybe Carolina.
  2. I wonder if the post-88-Series are easier or harder.
  3. The 16 crankshaft bearing housing cap is disintegrating on mine, probably won't retain grease any more, but I grease it more often than they recommend. Could replace it, a stitch in time saves nine. but I guess I'll wait and see how long it keeps cutting good before I bite the bullet and take the head off the mower. I've heard if you have only a 7-foot bar you'll never have a broken bar. It makes sense a 7-foot has less stress than a 9-foot, but then a 7-foot has to get used a lot more to catch up to the 9-foot.
  4. There are about at least six guys within 120 miles of here who can work on them.
  5. Renter has a Rem and uses a 4440. Can ruin your hearing.
  6. Didn't get any snow guards and soon regretted it. The contractor didn't promote them as necessary, but anyone who has seen enough steel roofs knows there's a reason for them.
  7. Shingles are nice, but they drive you crazy in this region. The top 5 windiest states are: Nebraska (1), Kansas (2), South Dakota (3), North Dakota (4), and Iowa (5).
  8. Built in Hitterdal, Minnesota, it seems, according to internet information.
  9. When I hear the name "Jeff Epstein," I feel like I've heard of him before and should know about him but I can't think of it and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Americans are the same way.
  10. Were they built in Winnipeg or just distributed from there?
  11. I think it's legal in Iowa for a muffler shop to eliminate a catalytic converter, at least a muffler shop out in the sticks.
  12. Maybe these guys know something about it.
  13. Southern turnip greens do often have some vinegar in them. If you pickle beets, don't skimp on the cloves.
  14. I'd probably like pickled watermelon rind if I ever had it, but I wonder if dill pickle spears are about the same thing.
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