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  1. Usually they're the same price on Messicks, I think.
  2. The first time I saw the sticker in the cab warning not to do it I could hardly believe someone would build such a worthless tractor.
  3. I drove a couple 318s, used 15W-40 all-fleet for convenience and seemed to work good enough, might put in 2 quarts every 2 days or so, Low Ash 30 or 40 would probably have been better.
  4. Best grain moisture tester for the money. Your teeth. Best hay moisture tester for the money. Twisting the hay and seeing if it breaks.
  5. You MIGHT get away with #2 and treatment in the winter, but I wouldn't try it.
  6. Never did watch it. Never thought it would be worth it.
  7. One thing I learned on the combine trail, most problems can be fixed with a portable MIG welder and a torch.
  8. I gave up on using photo hosting sites and I just store photos in the cloud or on a disc.
  9. Basically the same as round baler belts?
  10. lightninboy

    Water pump

    Try Terrill Machine, De Leon, Texas as a last resort.
  11. Well, the Aerosmith Metro wouldn't have been worth saving except it was a piece of history....
  12. I consider such rods to be ruining a perfectly good truck but it ain't mine.
  13. I patched about eight holes in my coveralls in about eight minutes with it.
  14. Sugar cane is like marijuana: you just want to harvest the buds?
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