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  1. lightninboy

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    It shouldn't really matter where the knob is if you're always turning sooner or later anyway.
  2. lightninboy

    Fuel Rock

    Pliers if I carry them in a holster, a wrench or whatever if I don't.
  3. lightninboy

    Movies 🎥

    The last time I went to the theater, seems like it was the second Hunger Games 'cause I went to the first one, I didn't go to see the third one.
  4. lightninboy

    544 Carburetor

    It seems to me a good-working stock carburetor ought to be enough for a stock-working tractor.
  5. lightninboy

    Vintage Ads

    U-C sure keeps dragging up the darnedest things you'd never hear of otherwise.
  6. lightninboy

    IH pickup on new TV show...

    Somebody mentioned it in the truck forum.
  7. lightninboy

    Vintage Ads

    I don't remember a 4300 being in the Buyer's Guide. Maybe they didn't advertise them to regular farmers because regular farmers wouldn't buy them.
  8. lightninboy

    Dual 250 loader

    Woods-Du-Al isn't going to be any help for original decals, so you'll have to look for old loaders with decals.
  9. lightninboy

    Dual 250 loader

    Messick's lists Woods-Du-Al parts books, but not for a 250. May have to take pictures of decals from a loader and get new ones made at a graphics shop.
  10. lightninboy

    Dual 250 loader

    Ain't it supposed to be orange?
  11. lightninboy

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    I wasn't even sure Bonanza is still in business. Used to be fairly common in bigger towns.
  12. lightninboy

    Vintage Ads

    Don't people usually wait a while before tedding the hay?
  13. lightninboy

    Millermatic 250

    A good-running 250 is mostly as good as a new one, just not as modern and fancy.
  14. lightninboy

    303 oil

    If a 303 fluid is made with virgin base oils, is it made out of flush oils?
  15. lightninboy

    Vintage Ads

    How does that rake work?