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  1. lightninboy

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    GM is a bunch of greenie weenies who don't deserve to stay in business. If the Republicans had won the House, they might have kept those plants running.
  2. lightninboy

    R series Sleepers?

    Were they made by IH or modified by a specialty manufacturer?
  3. lightninboy

    About chain saws

    I've read if you overfill the tank they won't seal because you can't compress liquid, so you should always leave an air space at the top of the tank.
  4. lightninboy

    About chain saws

    It took the flippy caps back and got a screw-in cap at another dealer. It's questionable flippy caps would work on an old saw and even if they did I wouldn't want them on one.
  5. lightninboy

    About chain saws

    Ron's Saw Shop says they have the 0000 350 0510 screw-in caps in stock and a 0000 350 0533 flippy cap will work on a 034 saw also. Runnings in Milbank said they have screw-in caps and flippy caps in stock and a flippy cap will work in an old saw but was designed for the newer saw tanks and screw-in caps would be preferable for older tanks. Kibble Equipment said I can bring the flippy caps back within 30 days for a return.
  6. lightninboy

    About chain saws

    A flippy cap is supposed to be aligned to a mark on the tank and if your tank doesn't have that mark, how's it going to work? I ought to call a pro-grade dealer who actually knows old saws, not some Johnny-come-lately dealer or chain store consumer-grade or farm-grade dealer.
  7. lightninboy

    Farmland USA

    I wondered what Farmland USA was.
  8. lightninboy

    About chain saws

    I just bought an oil cap for an old Stihl. I wonder how a Stihl replacement flippy cap will work on a saw that wasn't designed for a flippy cap.
  9. lightninboy

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    It's not an issue at all for me.
  10. lightninboy

    5240 starter

    I put a starter on an MX120 last year and it seemed to me a Dodge starter wouldn't work on a tractor.
  11. lightninboy

    mx120 dead

    The parts book also mentions a 31 battery and shows a battery with side-by-side posts such as a D4, and a 49 or 95R would have about the right dimensions, but with all the double cables I'm afraid an EU456 would be the best fit, if not the only fit.
  12. lightninboy

    mx120 dead

    I've got a tractor with an EU456 battery and you're captive to Case New Holland to get one.
  13. lightninboy

    Loader for a 544 Farmall.

    They're a size where they can take some big loaders and some small loaders.
  14. lightninboy

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Those Detroits start good in the summer I know.
  15. lightninboy

    KB7 Custom fan Shroud

    It looks like this ain't your first rodeo.