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  1. Personally, I don't mind that you posted here. I wish the best for her and for you on your health situations. Maybe she should go on a Farmall tractor ride when the weather allows it. You, too.
  2. Going to differ with you on that one. I have a set of straight chains on one of my tractors and that was a big mistake. More than half of the cross links slip down between that tread bars. We had H style on all of our tractors on the farm. I should have known better but to save a few bucks on a seldom used tractor... Stick with H style chains.
  3. I've had good luck with online soruces but wherever you get them, get the 'H' pattern or European style so the chains don't slip down between the tread bars.
  4. I've gotten three harnesses there and they were super quality. The one for my '42 H was period correct according to my long time Farmall and IH parts guy/advisor.
  5. Great photo! He's all set to do some fine field work with that tie!
  6. Note the red bulb along with the clear bulb inside the lens. The switch toggles between the two.
  7. I had two older engines - a V-8 and a V-6 that developed pronounced valve ticking and miss. A local mechanic advised me to add 1/2 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil to the crankcase. 15 minutes later - valve ticking and miss gone on both engines. They run as well as new. The directions on the jug said to replace 20% of the regualar oil with Marvel Mystery oil. It didn't take that much. The mechanic was right. I have a push lawnmower with a small Briggs engine. It developed the habit of belching clouds of blue smoke often and all-of-a-sudden. I added Marvel Mystery Oil to the gas in the amount r
  8. Hello IHC Ploughman. Mine is not exactly correct but the fellow who painted for me got it somewhat close. My goal was to stop the rusting deterioration. It looks pretty good, too, even if not exactly correct. BTW, have you ever thought of publishing a book on this subject? You are the most knowledgable person on old IH plows that we have in our midst, it seems.
  9. Before and after. What doesn't show is the severe pitting on the trailing wheel rim that I fixed with POR Patch. Also a broken trailing wheel bearing hub, a trip hitch that had been bolted fixed, and a few other little goodies.
  10. Little Genius #8 - "newer" vintage. IH Ploughman can probably tell you the year. I have a '45 two bottom version with a tractor tread drive wheel. The old version have steel wheels.
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