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  1. Jesse in WI


    In my opinion he is trying to cater to the, I'm not sure how to say it but, less traditional Catholics to keep the plates and pews full. I am 39 years old and the people my age are generally split on their view of this Pope. As you said, the older folks in the church are much less open to this new way of Pope-ing.
  2. Jesse in WI


    As a lifelong practicing Roman Catholic I will go on record and say this Pope had done some things in the last couple years that are head scratching to say the least.
  3. I've always wondered on covers that are flown on or broadcast after harvest without any other operations done what is your approximate germination rate?
  4. Everyone knows that pot plants need a pollinator. C'mom Lorenzo. Do your homework. 😂 A nice 10" fry pan will make a nice hybrid.
  5. We got a hydraulic pump for our H. We're looking at putting it in this weekend and noticed by taking the 6 bolt cover that's on the tractor off and putting the pump in it looks like there's going to be an open gap between the pump and transmission housing. Is there another plate we need to fill in this gap? Also looking for a rod to actuate the pump from the seat. Jesse
  6. I think you're looking at an unpublished monument. I've looked through every entry and I can not find this monument designation. I have monuments designated as "GWM 7x" in CA, ID, MT, and NC, but no designation for "GWM 75". My guess is you're somewhere in CA. Jesse
  7. I'm having trouble seeing the station PID on my phone right now. I'll look at this more tomorrow when I get to the office. I'm assuming you know where you were but it's still gonna drive me crazy until I figure it out. Jesse
  8. That was just a "recommendation" by the pedophile looking fuhrer. 🙄 The man with a spine of jelly wouldn't dare getting a fourth "mandate" rejected by the state supreme court would he? Nevermind. He totally would. All hail the Madison and Milwaukee governor.
  9. The orders to retreat from this precinct came directly from the "esteemed" Mayor Frey. In all of his genius he thought that if he gave up this precinct it would appease the masses and they would disperse. This act of cowardice was planned so far in advance that a moving company had actually cleared out all business and personal affects days in advance of Frey's retreat.
  10. If it's not CHRISTmas I'm not sure what you're celebrating. The reason for the season is quite clear.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/us/minneapolis-city-council-approves-funding-outside-police-forces.amp Less than 6 months ago the Minneapolis (known locally as murderapolis) voted to defund and dismantle the MPLS police department. Earlier this week the same council voted to spend $500k to contract with outside agencies to send more officers to patrol the streets as murder and violent crime rates escalate. They had to do this because officers are fleeing the department at record rates.
  12. That's the best way to have northern. The pickling softens up any of the tiny bones left in the meat as an added bonus.
  13. I love me some pickled eggs, but no one else in the house is interested. I found a recipe that includes brown sugar in the brine. Takes the dryness from the yoke. I added a healthy dose of peppers and spices. I love it and unlike my birthday cake it's still in the fridge when I get home from work. 😂
  14. Open the .pdf and export it to a .jpeg file.
  15. I'm probably going to ask a dumb question here but can someone explain the difference between the 20LGX and 20LPX chain type?
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