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  1. lil 424

    1468 question

    Would it make a huge difference in the 14-1568 to redo pump to idle on all eight to give it more fuel ?-Thanks--Jeff
  2. Was the 1468 tractor more popular to run than the massey ferguson 1150 ?
  3. lil 424

    IH 444

    fuel restriction,,maybe inlet screen plugged,ours had a electric fuel pump that quit,bottom of fuel tank plugged up. Jeff
  4. was the jd-m\ a competitor to the farmall c,ive ran both the farmall seems to have more grunt. Jeff
  5. lil 424

    either pills

    I have seen them used on b model mack s,inserted in the breather top
  6. Thanks for the pic.,please keep themcoming. Jeff
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