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  1. Here’s a few... The Fendered 1256 is a project in waiting, looking a bit sad at the moment. It’s has an adjustable standard axle & 3pt. I have all the parts for it, it will be next in the shop, trying to get my 1456 & 856 completed before spring. It has some serious weights on the back of it. Inside & out of the wheels. Not sure who made em but they’re some pretty rough castings. Going to be fun getting them off!
  2. It does in fact have a dual speed PTO but the 1000 shaft is super short. Never seen one that short.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the AA means on the serial tag? These tractors build date are close together but no “AA” on the later one.
  4. Do you have a stethoscope? They are great for trying to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. You could put it on the rocker stud to see if it’s that’s where it’s coming from at idle.
  5. I’m not really sure either, it bent a couple twice. I was watching it run with the valve cover off & noticed the lift wasn’t near the same on a couple rockers, don’t think it was a coincidence that those were the ones bending pushrods... All I know is that I put a new cam in it & it hasn’t done it since & that was about 7 years ago.
  6. I had a 1466 with a DT 436 that had a couple cam lobes badly worn. Replaced the cam and it run great. It was bending push rods before I figured out what was going on. There’s nothing else that could cause it not to have enough lift. Not a small job though.
  7. Could be the injector tube but I think the injector would also have to be leaking in the body of it. Never heard of that one.
  8. Rebuilding the steering on a 856 Wheatland with non adjustable front axle. New spindles & steering arms, tie rod ends etc. Is there a correct spot to put the steering arms on the spindle splines so I get the geometry right? I have the correct Wheatland arms & I could put them on different splines by adjusting the tie rods. Only want to do this once. Thanks for any advice.
  9. That’s a good idea, mine is a bit loose there too.
  10. Good you got it out without breaking anything! I honestly can’t see them putting a bushing in the bolster if it wasn’t meant to turn (press fit). I’ve been wrong many times before... Just strange there’s no grease holes drilled in your pin to lubricate the top & bottom bushings if they are in fact supposed to turn. ?
  11. mkrsmoke

    Oil pan

    Ok thanks for the replies, I’ll maybe try the pipe tap as I have the pan off now.
  12. They both seem to get sloppy after time, not sure which design is better but I think lack of grease might have a lot to do with it.
  13. The pins that I have are drilled so the grease goes in the arm then can go to the top & bottom bushings. Since yours has a bushing in the arm, the pin will be free to rotate in all 3 pieces. Then if you look at your parts diagram #35 is a shim to keep the arm from moving up & down.
  14. Funny you say that, i was thinking that the other day, but the 1026 western might be hard to find also my wife might disagree with you. I need a bigger shed!
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