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  1. While the 4230 is in pieces

  2. International DT239 Experimental Engine.

    That's the price of a well dressed 4bt
  3. Td-8g track split

    We split the other side yesterday jus for fun. May as well freshen everything up while its down. No pics camera is screwy, I'll get some on the iPad soon tho. I did make a spacer to hold the female end of the link together so I could beat on it safely without the pad in the way. havent pushed piston out of barrel yet....couple few questions. Just push piston out with grease? suppose seal is too shot to push piston...then what? under the cover, why is there two holes, one with the zerk and fitting, one with fitting and Set screw. I'm assuming set screw is for releasing grease? I've always just pulled zerk out. thanks a lot. I promise to get a heap of pics, and if there's anything specific while I'm in there anyone wants a pic of be sure to let me know
  4. Td-8g track split

  5. While the 4230 is in pieces

    Does anyone have the part number for the higher flow hydraulic pump and Willa a 12 inch clutch fit
  6. Td-8g track split

    So my main focus should be honing out the barrel
  7. While the 4230 is in pieces

    How many GPM's do they make
  8. While the 4230 is in pieces

    While the 4230 is in piecesMay just as well replace the hydraulic pump and get a new clutch anybody got any recommendations
  9. Td-8g track split

    Are you concerned with the pitting wearing the seals prematurely? The shafts bout 130 bucks or so I see
  10. Td-8g track split

    Thanks for the pics, very helpful....I'll work on getting some up today too we got it apart yesterday. Master pin put on front left idler at 10 o'clock, both pads removed, rosebud and copious spray of water on pin and about ten thousand 10lb whacks and it pooped out. Put one bottle Jack against blade frame to topmost link, other Jack to tractor frame and bottom link to take the bounce out. got the adjuster apart and could plainly see why seal failed, major pitting on shaft...Question, apparently I need a new shaft correct? What keeps the shaft protected from debris? Seems a new shaft would get damaged just as easily. Also while I'm in there, seems front idler could use some shimming. I'm going to do other side also while machine is down, can't look much different thanks for the help boys! Much appreciation!
  11. Td-8g track split

    The master link is dimpled so I'm assuming factory chain? I thought they were salt tracks. What's the best location to pound this pin out to split the tracks? How much heat is too much? And after I get it out, how do I get it back in? I've got a blown track adjuster. Thanks
  12. Bare Back tractors

    Anyone here get a field upgrade pto to their 93 series steigers?
  13. 4230 trans help

    Will do....I've a couple hundred scrap yards left to call for a tranny...wish there was a better source for complete parts tractors. Seems to be a secret cult amongst dismantlers. The one you posted seems a bit steep for the condition it's in, but I've yet to call also, maybe they're dyin to get rid of it, but not for that money. my last resort is to buy a ream of paper and a case of ink, print off the master list of yards, and check em off one by one. East to west. 30 hrs so far sitting at the desk, NOT in the shop. One hit for a complete tranny, 3500, minus core and shippin. Man o man. I've tallied up 4300 in parts minus labor.
  14. T.A. delete for this 4230 nightmare

    Witch one is the sprag you speak of....maybe the Belleville warsher or the plate housing? i need about 20 diff parts, and surprising all are still available from CNH...once this little fella gets movin under its own power, it's getting welded to the manure spreader, however the two speed is quite handy on the road. I've been doin some shopping, I'll continue. In the scheme of all that's required for this box, even a grand ain't that bad thanks for the replies
  15. T.A. delete for this 4230 nightmare

    without swimming in part numbers for another day...this electronic splitter...referred to as a t.a....would there happen to be a delete kit for it? im needing about 1200 worth of parts to make mine run, minus labor thanks!