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  1. Thank you much! Great way to start my Monday!
  2. For reference, and to consolidate the many threads (many archived) I'm finding with good, solid information on the differences of these three very similar, differently displaced engines. This list will grow and I will note every link. I will try to keep it clean and as easy to read as possible. Feel free to add anything pertinent but if you can, please reference. ----CRANKSHAFT when crank journals changed http://www.reliancepowerparts.com/catalog/documents/tech-tips/parts-and-service-bulletins/international/general/REL-IH1.00-1.pdf Archive: For a 436, the narrow casting # was 675051C1. If it was a wide journal, the casting # was a 675051C2. ----PISTONS Part #684255-c2 (old style 466 with lower ring groove) -----GENERAL DT466E / DT530E Torque & Rebuild Specs http://www.reliancepowerparts.com/catalog/documents/tech-tips/torque-and-rebuild-specs/tr-navistar-international-DT466E-DT530-TSI.pdf
  3. plowmaster


    http://www.reliancepowerparts.com/catalog/documents/tech-tips/torque-and-rebuild-specs/tr-navistar-international-DT466E-DT530-TSI.pdf this is for the newer 466....when I find the year they started and engine designation I will post back here. I'm seeing different years, 1994 and 2000
  4. plowmaster


    I've seen all of those...very good information in those vids
  5. Yep.....just looking for numbers concerning depth of pin to top of piston for each different displacement.
  6. I could part with mine' but I'm in ny. I have doors and whatnot I would like to see disappear
  7. Work to the block? Maybe that's something I can look for. Thanks
  8. That would clarify that all con rods are same, however the location of the pin varies to increase, decrease stroke, apparently. im slowly learning. The information is out there, just needs to be found...I'm getting there, and starting to document it. Writing it down in the tractors service folder is the only way I can see and understand it...needs to be on paper. Thanks to all for the help!
  9. Apparently, between the 414, 436 and 466, wrist pin locations differ. I've got a 436(dt stamped), with what may be a later 466 crank, but I'm looking to find out, and by determining wrist pin locations between the different displacements I should be able to tell. No idea how else and very hard to find information on how these engines differ
  10. Will they fit in an old 436dt stamped block? Also, are the journals wider across the bearing surface?
  11. plowmaster


    If you find some, let me know. Seems to be a mystery engine here
  12. Speaking of this, what's the head bolt length befor replacement?
  13. Honestly, all I want to do is do an inframe in my 986. Now I'm measuring crank to be larger than standard, so I'm heading to the pistons. been searching for differences in engines, none are quite clear. I could write several paragraphs about what exactly it is I'm looking for and why, but I've done that here more than once with little results...so I just ask a specific question while I'm searching myself in hopes that I may get a response. I hope this does not seem condensending or rude, but it is discouraging to look and ask for help in the only place you know where to find it, and never see a reply.
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