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  1. Well I got the 7140 out to start putting new blades on the finisher. Got the 9130 all shined up the other day.
  2. I put a lot of time in a 1086 and I never knew the gear shift or doors were a problem until I read it on the internet. My 80 year old grandfather got in and out of a 1086 every single day doing cattle chores and never said anything about the gear shift or doors being a problem, even in the winter with big yellow boots and coveralls on. Just blows my mind at the people that complain about the doors and shift levers.
  3. All 6 tires on the rear have around 30% tread. I’m still kicking the idea around, we will see.
  4. Would you be afraid to run triples on the rear of a 7140 MFWD? It had them on when I bought it but took them off. It has the cast duals and then clamp on triples. I was thinking of putting them on for tillage in the spring pulling the soil finisher for more traction. All the rear tires and triples are about %30 tread.
  5. Thanks guys. I am truly blessed, im 32 years old with a loving wife, a beautiful daughter, a great full time job, and a nice farming operation.
  6. Well just going through the pictures on my phone this is what I have. Not in order but here we go. My one owner 7140 I bought from my neighbor a couple years ago has 10,500 hours, 7120 and 16 row Deere planter, one owner all original super m-ta I got from my neighbor, new to me 2366 combine and 25’ 1020 head, 7140 and kinze 800 cart, grandpas 2366 and my 2366 combining beans. 2366 and 1083 corn head, 7120 and 7140 on m&w earthmasters, new to me 7240 I just bought.
  7. Neighbor pulls one with a John Deere 8100 MFWD and duals. Pulls a drag cart behind it. It’s a good match. I pull a 27ft 4800 field cultivator, 5 bar harrow, 8 bar McFarland drag behind it with a 7140 MFWD and duals. Pretty much plays with it at 6.5 mph.
  8. The air cleaner itself is clean. Just the little aspirator canister where the check valve is located is full of soot and black nasty dirt.
  9. Well the tube coming off the exhaust is blowing instead of sucking. I would assume that means the muffler is bad?
  10. Where can I get a new muffler for my 7240? Or a muffler eliminator? Getting black soot in the aspirator and intake. Thanks
  11. Mike Links doesn’t list any exhaust parts for magnum tractors on his website. Only 86 and 88 series tractors.
  12. Since dave went out of business where is the best place to buy a chrome straight pipe for my 7140?
  13. So I borrowed a neighbors 7140 and batwing mower to mow some ditches. It sure has a flutter around 2000 engine rpms. Goes away at full throttle and runs pretty smooth below 1800. Out of the 4 magnums we have none of them run like this so this is a new one for me. I’ve heard Danny dirt boys talk about it before. How does a guy fix this?
  14. Well I think the diesel fuel worked. I drained the rear end and it actually had hy Tran in it and didn’t look terrible. I had 18 gallons of diesel I took out of an old transfer tank so I dumped that in and went for a drive. The ta never missed a beat. One time it didn’t quite grab right away in the low side but that was just for a split second. I drive around for a half hour and shifted the ta a lot. Seems like it really snaps your neck when you let the clutch out with the ta back but I guess that’s a good problem to have. I bought the tractor from a neighbor who’s dad bought it brand new. It’s been right next to my home farm it’s whole life. It has original paint and darn straight hoods. I got it running like a Swiss watch, not a miss, flutter, or tick, I can’t believe how nice it runs. It’s still on 6 volt and I think I’m going to leave it that way. I’ll post some pictures when I get the hoods back on.
  15. How much does the rear end hold? Like 15 gallons? How much diesel would it take to fill it? Sounds like a lot lol. Thanks for the help, hopefully it’s just gummed up.
  16. Thanks. That explains exactly what is happening. Since it’s been sitting for years hopefully it’s just gummed up. When I get a chance I’ll try and flush it and see what happens
  17. So I bought a Super M-TA from my neighbor, his dad bought it brand new. Didn’t run, drug it home and got it running. He thought the TA was out of it. You can pull back on the TA and it works but sometimes if you start out with the ta engaged (back) it doesn’t want to grab and you can hear it sort of free wheel under your feet. But when the ta does lock in (back) you can kill it by jamming the breaks real hard and it doesn’t slip one bit. Driving forward or reverse doesn’t change. Is this just an adjustment issue or maybe they have gear oil in the rear end instead of hy-Tran? Or is the ta actually going out or bad?
  18. My stepdad is taking rims off his 86 hydro and putting different ones on. Without looking and measuring I was wondering if they will fit on my super M? My super M has 13.6x38 size tires and the 86 had 15.5x38 tires on it.
  19. Has anyone found a good source for the adapter to charge the newer style shift accumulators? The otc part number is 380001168. I called my dealer and they are about $600 but they are back ordered. The price doesn’t rest bother me because I have everything else to charge them.
  20. Here’s another auction result. I took this screenshot on November 30 2021.
  21. These prices are just wild. Im glad I’ve been upgrading equipment the past few years. I bought a 7120 fwa, 7140 fwa, 16 row 1770 planter, 4800 field cultivator, and a Parker grain cart for what that 8930 sold for.
  22. Accumulators are all the same correct? So I could just swap ones off my smooth shifting 7120 and put them on my rough shifting 7140 to see if anything changes.
  23. Accumulators we’re charged this spring. Maybe one could be bad or something idk. Seemed like it shifted delayed or too soft before I had them charged. could it be regulated pressure in the transmission is just higher on the 40 series than the 20 series causing a harder shift?
  24. My 7140 shift a lot rougher between clutch pack such as 6-7 and 12-13 than any of our 7120 tractors. Is that just the nature of the beast or is something wrong or some adjustment need to be made? While chiseling shifting up or down between 6 and 7 is darn rough.
  25. Yeah you sure cant find a 1256 or 1456 around here like jass1660 said. Heck I would like to find a 756 or 856 or 826 and get rid of my 656 but you cant seem to find many of those either. I did see that gold 826 on auction time I guess I should have bid on it.
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