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  1. Man those 14's are cool. It would be cool to own all 3. I like em all but I like the 1456 the best probably because you don't seem around here very much. You got any pictures of it pulling the planter? Nothing better than being on an open station tractor on a nice day. I always like pulling silage wagons I even break out the super M sometimes. But I sure like my 1086 cab for the days that aren't so nice.
  2. Excellent job with the pictures. Its just amazing at how much stuff is there. I was there yesterday for 12 hours and you have pictures of stuff that i didnt even see. Couldnt believe how hard the ground was. You couldnt pay me to drive that Death Trap around. The way they had the transmission going into the top of the PTO mickey mouse thing was just scary. Brads 1406 was pretty cool and did a pretty good job of plowing. I talked to the owner of the 706 experimental for a while he was a nice guy. They were out chiseling some ground later in the afternoon. He had some good information but said no one really knows much about it.
  3. What weight class did you pull them in?
  4. Love the pictures. What kind of autosteer in the planter tractor?
  5. They aren't all from this year, a couple pictures are from last year. It's just what I had on my phone. That's my 706 German on the cultimulcher, my 1086 on the sprayer, my 7120 on the nh3 applicator. My grandpas 7120s on the finisher and 955 planter.
  6. But I did run it with the tiny hole on the fuel intake side and ran just fine. I think my grandpas 7120 is set up with the tiny hole on the intake side also and that's the main tillage tractor runs just fine.
  7. Well that's what I thought. So where does the new relief valve go? Does it replace the one with the tiny hole? The new one looks like a bolt inside a bolt and has a ball and spring in it. The tractor starts very hard when it's cold out. Crank and crank and crank until it finally starts. I thought the relief valve is my problem but maybe not.
  8. Do I have the new return check valve in the correct spot? I think someone had the old one in the wrong spot. The one that says RN on it was in the rear of the pump and the one that said OUT was in the front of the pump. I put the OUT plug in the rear and a new check valve in the front. The RN has big holes the OUT has one tiny hole. Are the in the right spots now?
  9. Last fall I borrowed my neighbors MC 20 footer and it gave my 1086 a heck of a workout. I dont know about the smaller ones but the one I used was built like a tank and it was heavy. It did a really nice job and totally destroyed the stalks.
  10. There is really only a handful of people around me that no-till. Most of the ground is pretty flat and there is alot of tillage that goes on. The guys that no-till seem to have alot less ruts. There is alot of fall tillage that didnt get done last fall and some of those fields have alot of ruts so it will be interesting to see what those guys do come spring. Im sure there will be everything from a moldboard plow or chisel plow to vertical tillage machines. I really think some of those vertical tillage machines or high speed disks do a good job. If you had access to one of those that would probably be the way to go. If you have bean stubble a good soil finisher or field cultivator would handle that just fine too. Some soil finishers are capable of going through standing stalks without plugging. I have seen a guy make 2 passes on standing stalks with a soil finisher and it made a really nice seedbed. I have used a disk with a big 8 bar drag behind it on standing stalks and planted behind it the next day. It has to be fairly dry to use a disk without causing compaction or slabbing.
  11. What year is it? I have a 1988 7120 and from what I have been told the early ones have a slight delay in shifting so it would shift smoother. Mine does the same thing and it doesnt really bother me unless I have a half full sprayer or half full side dress applicator, then it gets to sloshing around and its not very pleasant. My accumulators are charged to the correct pressure but a bad one or low one or even one overcharged would also cause a delay in shifting.
  12. My guess is a saddle tank of some sort or there is something parked in front of the tractor.
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