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  1. billonthefarm only has 2 lift cylinders on his and he’s lifting a 2208. So I guess a 1083 should be no problem.
  2. How much heavier is a 1083 compared to a 25’ or 30’ 1020 platform?
  3. Our 2366 is a 2001 so it should have the heavier 2388 rear axle I believe. Sounds like I will need a rear weight bracket but what about the 3rd cylinder in the feeder house to lift it? I know the 1083 is lighter than a 2208.
  4. I should add that I’m not trying to get more done per day with the 8 row vs the 6 row just matching the planter. Going slower is fine with me.
  5. Well I bought a 16 row planter and we currently run a 1063 corn head. So I’m going to either plant 16 and combine 6 or try and run a 1083 corn head on our 2366. I’m going to borrow an EZ steer system from a neighbor to plant with to see how that works. I’ve done searches and I know that it has been done. Do I need a rear weight bracket and a 3rd lift cylinder? The problem I will have is not being able to get all the way across the field without getting a full bin on the bigger fields. It does have the bin extension. Typical yields are 200+ and moisture is 23 or lower. I’m thinking ma
  6. I guess I should add that I bought it from the original owner, they bought the tractor brand new.
  7. I bought a 1990 7140 from a neighbor a couple weeks ago. It has a foot throttle pedal next to the brakes, I think it’s factory judging by the shape of the brake pedal and the hole in the floor mat. It’s not currently hooked up and don’t know if it’s ever been hooked up, I have maintenance records and it looks like the pump was rebuilt but not replaced. Next question is can I just drill a hole next to the throttle cable in the picture to hook the foot pedal up? The tractor also has vents in the side of the hoods that I’ve never seen on a 7140 before.
  8. Yes they do a decent job we currently have a 955.
  9. So I have another question. The planter has 2 vac motors. Would it be better to run the vac motors off 2 separate remotes with the returns teed into the case drain, or tee the vac motor lines together and run them off one hyd outlet? I guess what im wondering is should i run them both off #1 priority outlet or run them separate on #2 and #3 and lift on #1.
  10. The current owner had a pto pump for it because he was told his 4640 didn’t have enough hydraulic to run it. The pto pump broke down mid season so he plugged the hydraulics into the tractor to see if it would work. After that he never used the pto pump again.
  11. I do have a case drain. I run a hyd pump on a side dress bar with no trouble.
  12. Ive been looking at 16 row planters. I had my heart set on a finger pickup but may have an opportunity to buy a neighbors john deere 1770 16 row vac planter, which is probably one of the nicest, well maintained 1770's out there. He used to pull it with a 4640. Does my 7120 have enough hyd capacity to run this planter?
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