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  1. My steering hand pump went out in my early 7120 and they dont offer this style pump anymore so i converted it over to the newer style. Im not sure but it looks like this style pump might be the same as 5488 MFWD hand pumps. Mine has 3 broken bolts in the head and blew the oring out thats why it started leaking. I havent done alot of research but if they dont make this style anymore and it fits something different I would rather give it away to someone that can use it than throw it away. my email is joeldetig@gmail.com
  2. The darn floor hole isnt big enough. I ended up cutting a hole in the floor with a die grinder and cut off wheel. I just cut 3 sides and bent it up to get at the hose i needed, then bent it back down when i was done.
  3. Im not sure if they would actually sell it for 20,000 or if he was just saying that. I know that a guy could buy something with 7000hrs on it that hasnt been taken care of and have more problems with it than something with 10,000hrs on it. I appreciate the input. Thanks.
  4. yeah it is a glencoe soil finisher with pretty small blades on the front, they dont pull it very deep, and i always heard those pulled easy. If it was any other finisher there is no way it would pull it. We pull a 21ft krause with 7120's one neighbor pulls a 24 or 26ft case ih finisher with a 7140. There is another neighbor that pulls what has to be at least a 26 or 28' glencoe with a 7140 and he moves pretty good across the field.
  5. Left side rear axle seal looks like it was leaking a little now that you mention it. They pulled a 30ft soil finisher with it is the reason for the tires, flotation i guess. And they would not be out in the field in less than ideal conditions, they are pretty picky. They used to have a 9380 on triples as the big tractor, i guess they just liked triples.
  6. I dont think its going anywhere. He doesnt really need to sell it just sits around for a spare. I was also wondering about the side panels.
  7. year is 1990. Im sure the oil in the front end is fine. Pretty sure they change it at regular intervals. Wouldnt a full rack of front weights be about the same as duals on the front with no weights?
  8. the paint is also really nice but its not cleaned up in the pictures
  9. I really dont need a 7140 but have always kept my eye out for one. A neighbor doesnt use his much anymore and said he would sell it. He said tires arent the best and maybe it was only worth $20,000 because of the hours. They have owned it since new and it has 10,135 hours on it. Said it had been overhauled probably 5000 hours ago and they had been into the rear end once for something on one side, something about a gear was flaking off but he couldnt remember it was several years ago. They have had front duals on it since new and have not had to do a thing to the front end. The tires are probably 25% tread but would last me a couple years before they needed replaced. It looked like the front main seal was leaking a little but other than that it is a really clean one owner tractor. They pulled a 30' soil finisher and a grain cart with it most of its life. Im sure it was never abused, I dont think they ever did any hard fall tillage with it and it has no front or rear weights. Would you guys be a scared of buying this tractor? Im sort of worried the front end will give problems before long. I might not buy anything this year but just something to think about. I would keep my 7120 and sell my 1086. There isnt a damn thing wrong with my 1086 and I dont want to sell something thats pretty reliable for something that will nickel and dime me to death. It sure looks cool with the duals and triples.
  10. That 8920 with triples looks cool
  11. Dang. When I retire I want to take that 450 and 230 to tractor shows and plow days all summer. I would die a happy man.
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