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  1. 7120 magnum shift delay

    Ok I will get the accumulators down to proper pressure and check the trans pressure and see where that gets me. Thanks guys
  2. 7120 magnum shift delay

    Could the clutch be out of adjustment, bad cable, or trans pressure be low?
  3. Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    That's cool. I love the 86 series tractors.
  4. 7120 magnum shift delay

    I had the accumulators charged a couple weeks ago and they are still full. I had them checked yesterday. Still have 150psi in them.
  5. 7120 magnum shift delay

    1988 7120 magnum has a very noticeable shift delay when under load pulling in the field. Accumulators are a little over charged at 150 psi. Tractor shifted fine in the fall with the chisel but now it lags a lot between shifts. There's a big gap between 6 and 7 I believe. What's the next thing to check?
  6. 7120 magnum

    I will try and check the fuel pressure sometime this week. Thanks
  7. 7120 magnum

    I thought of that also. Is there a pyro that will plug into the stock probe? Or do I have to put a new probe in too?
  8. 7120 magnum

    But egts were the same even before I advanced the timing.
  9. 7120 magnum

    Guess I'll have to reset the timing also.
  10. 7120 magnum

    Not sure if it puffs smoke or not. I'll look tomorrow.
  11. 7120 magnum

    I have a 1988 7120 tractor with less than 500 hrs on a reman motor. I bought it with the reman so don't know about pump or injectors. The tractor will not start under 35 degrees without being plugged in. My grandpa has 2 7120 tractors and one will start at 10 degrees no problem, the other at about 25 degrees. Even at 40 degrees or so I have to put the throttle all the way forward and crank for 10 seconds or so. A buddy and I advanced the timing a little but it didn't help might even be worse. Tractor seems to run fine except the egts run at halfway up on the gauge just driving down the road and at 3/4 when pulling in the field. It does have the old cast iron exhaust and it still has a muffler. It used to run a little warm on the coolant temp but I replaced the sending unit, thermostats, put a manual gauge on, and cleaned the radiator out. Now it run cool no matter how hard you pull it.
  12. Spring plowing with the 656

    I'm located in Lindenwood IL. It's about 45 minutes north of 80
  13. Spring plowing with the 656

    i have more than enough weight on the front end. There's 2 sets of wheel weights on each side on the back. In some harder plowing it could use another set or two, or some better tires. The ground was plowing really nice so I didn't have any problem with traction.
  14. Spring plowing with the 656

    Yields are usually 200-240 bu/ac for corn and 55-70 for beans. Not really sure if the manure and plowing actually yields better than the rest.
  15. Spring plowing with the 656

    Yeah supposed to get rain and snow this weekend and more next week. Hopefully have all the plowing done before that.