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  1. I should probably put a different gauge on it to see what the EGTs are really reading. I’m sure mine has the early dash it does not read the gear. Looks like it should basically read one bar lower than it is just by having a newer dash. Anyone seen lower temps just by replacing the cast exhaust elbow with the newer style pipe? Thanks for the information.
  2. I know if its still in the green it shouldnt hurt anything. I keep an eye on it but im worried some of my help not pay attention and run it too hot. Im usually not the person running it in the spring because its on the finisher and im planting.
  3. I have an early 7120 tractor with the cast iron exhaust elbow not the pipe like the newer ones. It always runs hotter exhaust temp than I would like. It runs all the way up to the last green bar on the dash if you do any sort of pulling. It runs about 2 or 3 bars away from the yellow just driving down the road wide open. I recently put a muffler eliminator on my 7120 tractor that did not help any. My coolant temp stays pretty cool it never goes above half on the gauge. Injection pump and injectors were rebuilt this winter. Pump is set to stock or +10%. My guess is either the cast iron elbow restricts the exhaust flow or the gauge is just not correct. It seems like the gauge works right. When you stop the temp drops down to about 2 or 3 bars. The 2 other 7120’s we have are newer with the pipe elbow and they run way cooler than this older one. One of them you can’t get the gauge up halfway if you worked it to death. Thoughts?
  4. I take that back. I did have a hydraulic hose on the hitch of the planter get pinched and start leaking.
  5. Well there hasn’t been a lot of pictures on here lately so here are a few I have on my phone. The scraper is a buddy’s. My 1086 on the cultimulcher to bust up some lumps. I disced a newly rented field of standing stalks that didn’t get chiseled last fall with my 7120 and 496 disc with an 8 bar McFarlane drag and you could have just about planted behind it. The 25’ disc and 26’ drag is a load for the 7120. Black and white picture of my 1086 and my 1566 I used to have from a few years ago. 7120 and krause soil finisher, and a few pictures of planting. Been a busy spring between my in town job and planting but down to the last 20 acres that isn’t quite dry enough. The 955 planter had not one single breakdown and ran like a sewing machine.
  6. I used to have an 18’ I pulled with an 806d with duals that was pretty much stock about 96hp. Mine did not have a drag I pulled a 20’ drag behind it. One of my wings folded real easy and the other did not. I’m sure you could put a small hand crank winch on it.
  7. One of our 7120 tractors just had the balancer go bad out in the field a month ago. It separated and shredded the belt. We pulled it up to the shed and i had it off in 20 min. I think it cost around $200 from case ih.
  8. If I have time when it dries out maybe I can post a video of the tractor.
  9. I used to have a 1566 with a straight pipe and it was loud. I currently have a 1086 with no muffler, it’s not much louder inside the cab but is pretty darn loud outside. Our 2366 combine has no muffler and is pretty loud outside. This is why I didn’t want to take the muffler off my 7120. But I did and it’s not louder what so ever inside the cab and can hardly tell outside the tractor. That’s why I posted this information.
  10. I just thought i would share some information about the muffler eliminator i put on my 7120. I had the muffler off to set my valves and a mechanic friend of mine told me no need to put the muffler back on, that i should get an eliminator pipe. He said i wouldnt even notice the noise inside the cab but i didnt believe him. I was careful taking the old muffler off so i could put it back on if the eliminator was too loud. Well he was right, you cant even tell from inside the cab. I was very skeptical because our 2366 combine does not have a muffler and it is kinda loud outside the cab, but that has a short exhaust pipe. My 7120 is not loud outside the cab just has a nice tone when your working it. Just thought i would let everyone know as i was on the fence about doing it. I dont even know why the magnums came from the factory with a muffler.
  11. I pulled a 20ft on a yetter caddy with a 1086 once or twice no tilling winter wheat in the fall, it did ok. Used to use a 1566 and it played with it. You 1086 will handle the 15’ just fine.
  12. Yeah my step dad was interested in that 1086, we went and looked at it. It was making a noise in 3rd gear and wasn’t nearly as nice as the pictures.
  13. well that makes me feel better
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