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  1. Last fall I borrowed my neighbors MC 20 footer and it gave my 1086 a heck of a workout. I dont know about the smaller ones but the one I used was built like a tank and it was heavy. It did a really nice job and totally destroyed the stalks.
  2. There is really only a handful of people around me that no-till. Most of the ground is pretty flat and there is alot of tillage that goes on. The guys that no-till seem to have alot less ruts. There is alot of fall tillage that didnt get done last fall and some of those fields have alot of ruts so it will be interesting to see what those guys do come spring. Im sure there will be everything from a moldboard plow or chisel plow to vertical tillage machines. I really think some of those vertical tillage machines or high speed disks do a good job. If you had access to one of those that would probably be the way to go. If you have bean stubble a good soil finisher or field cultivator would handle that just fine too. Some soil finishers are capable of going through standing stalks without plugging. I have seen a guy make 2 passes on standing stalks with a soil finisher and it made a really nice seedbed. I have used a disk with a big 8 bar drag behind it on standing stalks and planted behind it the next day. It has to be fairly dry to use a disk without causing compaction or slabbing.
  3. What year is it? I have a 1988 7120 and from what I have been told the early ones have a slight delay in shifting so it would shift smoother. Mine does the same thing and it doesnt really bother me unless I have a half full sprayer or half full side dress applicator, then it gets to sloshing around and its not very pleasant. My accumulators are charged to the correct pressure but a bad one or low one or even one overcharged would also cause a delay in shifting.
  4. My guess is a saddle tank of some sort or there is something parked in front of the tractor.
  5. I have been having some problems with the seed tube sensors on my 12 row 955 planter. Seems like if one row goes bad, I replace the sensor then a different row sensor goes bad. Last spring I planted almost everything with a bad sensor on row 4. Seems like as long as one row has a bad sensor the rest will work fine all spring. Could there be a ground issue on the tractor or on the planter causing this? Any other ideas?
  6. My grandpa has had real good luck with his 656 diesels. He had 2 of them, one on the feed wagon and one on the grinder mixer. They get used everyday of the year. But they did not start yesterday and today because it was -30 degrees here. Only time I've never seen them start. We set all time low temp records. The only tractor I could get started was the 685 loader tractor so I had to feed cattle with that. The 685 and the 656's have been plugged in for days and I still had to use ether on the 685. That being said I don't think there's anything wrong with a d282 motor. Usually hold the glow plugs for 30 seconds and they take right off. A guy I know had his power go out yesterday when it was however many degrees below zero and said none of his chore tractors would start. The only tractor that he could get started was the 5088 so at least he could get his pto generator going.
  7. Looks like a nice unit
  8. Dang that would be impressive to see. Got any pictures?
  9. what are some stories you guys have about German diesels? And where do you guys have your block heaters mounted on your Germans?
  10. Bought a 706 German diesel last week. Never been around the German diesels but I've read a lot about them. Good news is it looks like the injection pump has been worked on or replaced at one time. I figured out the right way to start it and it started fine the other day when it was around 30 degrees out without being plugged in and without ether. Previous owner used it for auger duty and the guy before him mowed hay with it for years I guess. Tin work is real straight just needs a good buffing. Don't know the hours the tach is too cloudy to read the hours. I need to figure out a different spot for the block heater.
  11. That's a nice looking tractor. I want one.
  12. I never thought about that solenoid. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks
  13. Yeah you sure cant find a 1256 or 1456 around here like jass1660 said. Heck I would like to find a 756 or 856 or 826 and get rid of my 656 but you cant seem to find many of those either. I did see that gold 826 on auction time I guess I should have bid on it.
  14. I have a 7120 tractor that wont hardly start below about 35 degrees without being plugged in. The tractor just cranks and cranks and cranks with no smoke then finally starts to fire and then keep turning it over and over and it finally might start. It starts better when its warm out. My grandpa has 2 of these tractors and they will fire right up well below 30 degrees without being plugged in. I just replaced the lift pump and all 3 fuel filters and that made no difference. I have tried pumping the hand primer on the lift pump before starting and that makes no difference. Its just not getting fuel to start. Is there some kind of a check valve somewhere on the fuel pump that is allowing the tractor to lose prime? The tractor has about 500 hours on a reman motor. Runs great with plenty of power and starts fine after its been running.
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