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  1. Thank you. Im 31 years old and work a full time job also. It’s not all mine. The combine, the 2 7120’s on wagons, and the big red wagon are my grandpas. We farm separately but work together.
  2. Oh and my 706 German diesel and 2 smaller wagons to finish off the field this morning. It was such a nice day today I hauled 3 rounds with the 706 just to spend some time on an open station.
  3. Well I combined everything full Saturday night and the elevator doesn’t open until 11 on Sunday’s so I had the whole fleet lined up and loaded this morning for pictures. I like seeing everyone else’s pictures and I appreciate the advice from you all. It’s not new but it’s bought and paid for. 3, 7120’s, a 7140, and a 2366 with a 1083 corn head.
  4. I’m not sure if I can get to the solenoid without moving the wheel. Will it cause any damage to run it the rest of the fall with it in 4wd all the time? It’s on grain cart duty so will be going down blacktop roads a handful of times moving from field to field.
  5. My 7120 tractor is stuck in 4wd. It blew the fuse, I replaced it, blew it again. What are the chances it’s just the switch and not the coil behind the rear tire? When it dries up I’ll be able to change the switch with one of our other magnums and see what happens.
  6. Oh and for the record I do have one farm that I no till. I have a couple neighbors that are 100% no till, it does work on certain ground.
  7. It’s very dry here in northern IL, we have been missing every chance they call for. My new to me John Deere planter is running like a sewing machine. Grandpas 955 cyclo is also running good. Done with corn, should finish beans tomorrow.
  8. Yea your 5488 will pull it fine. If it’s MFWD you should be fine but if it’s 2wd you will need a lot of weight on the front end. They are very heavy on the drawbar. Ours came with a hammer strap that attaches to the 3rd link to take some weight off the drawbar. We pull ours with a 7120 MFWD and it works just perfect.
  9. Well I noticed it this winter. Pretty easy to see in the snow.
  10. Kinda what I thought but I thought there were some motors that had some type of screen or mesh material to prevent it. Just thought I’d double check as long as I had the valve cover off.
  11. I have a 7140 with about 5500 hours on an overhaul and it has a little drip of oil from out the bottom of the breather tube. Is there a screen or something supposed to be in the valve cover to prevent this? Mine is just a plastic elbow with a rubber hose on it. No blow by just oil drip.
  12. Comparing boxcar magnum hyd flow. How much more flow does a 8900 series magnum have compared to a 7100 series? Looking on tractor data they are all over the place. Some say 2200 psi system some say 2600 psi system. Does an 8900 series have any more gpm or psi flow compared to a later 7100 series? I know early 7100’s with only 1 hyd filter have less flow. Specifically flow to the SCV for running vac motors and such.
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