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  1. mr. IH

    1974 100 pickup

    wow, that looks like the truck my grandpa had and I learn to drive on. He had a heavy 3/4 ton with 289 (I think) V/8. It could climb a tree. your truck is very good shape for its age. This is a pic of my daughter 31 years ago. the other is the 401. I put that air cleaner on from a 74 amc Matador cop car. And yes it is fun to drive and turns more heads every year.
  2. mr. IH

    1974 100 pickup

    Hate to break your bubble,but I bought this truck new in Feb 1974. This is all original. Those are scout aristocrat wheels. It has a AMC 401 from factory and lower stance. There was not another truck that could out run this pickup..6ltr Chevy would have only slowed her down. 65,720 miles.
  3. mr. IH

    1974 100 pickup

    Getting ready for ATHS show 2019 Reno nv
  4. Does anyone have some info on these special Edition 9900's. How many made ???
  5. I bought and still have the last 200 4x4 with 392 4sp that I think was available. How could I confirm that ?? Built in dec 74 but sold as 75. I remember it came from alittle town in Texas. I remember the 392's where hard to get in pickups.
  6. mr. IH

    Truck show

    Wow nice trucks and great job rebuilding..
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