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  1. I think we may have fixed it but I am confused why. My buddy from implement came over tonight. He took the unloading valve and an extension plug on the right side under the cab out to check the o-rings. They looked OK. He put it back in. He was then thinking there were broke bolts inside the hitch. We tried it again so he could see where the fluid was coming out and now we had decent pressure. We were able to swing the discipline out and lift a 1700# bale with the loader with the tractor in idle. I have no idea why taking the unloading valve out and putting it back fixed the problem.
  2. Yes, we unhooked the loader and tested the hydraulics through the same remotes the loader used. We originally hoped it was bad cylinders on the loader but we hooked up the 9' discipline and it required almost full throttle to sing it out. And Yes, I am also saying when the hitch stop raising the oil does not start spaying out again. Tonight after work we are going to flow rate it again and take the pressure valve out again to see if the seals look damaged.
  3. Thanks big Steve. I would LOVE to not have to remove the tank.
  4. Snoshoe - To answer your 2 questions. The picture with the river of hydraulic oil is under load(picture #3). Picture #1 is no load and 3 point all the way down. Picture 2 is no load but 3 point up a bit The loader on the tractor is hooked up to the 2 tractor rear remotes and operated by the tractor valves and lever to the right of the seat. There are no additional valves or pumps added for the loader. If I understand what you are saying, there is an o-ring for the pressure relief value inside the block that may have failed? What I am not understanding is why I have oil
  5. Hopefully this narrows the issue. I kept the tractor as minimum throttle and this is what I saw. With the 3-point push all the way forward, there is fluid spraying out of someplace on top right side. (picture #1) With the 3 point pulled back, the arms go up and the fluid stops. (Picture #2) With the 3 point pulled back and the hydraulics engaged, there is a river of fluid coming from the top right. (Picture #3) With my luck, it is worst case and it needs the top pulled off. Can that be done by just removing the fuel tank or does cab need to come off? I took a couple picture
  6. Thanks much Snoshoe. I was just going to ask what the next step was and what I need to take off to get to the bad seal. I did not realize there are multiple seals it could be. I am hoping it is the easy one to fix. I will give it a try.
  7. Big Steve... I think you nailed it. I took the top link cover off and tried to lift the front end up with the loader. Hydraulic oil was spraying out of the space where the top link cover was. It was coming out so fast I could not see where it was coming from but I will assume it is the seal you are referring to.
  8. Thanks Big Steve. I am headed out now to remove the center link house. I am actually hoping to see oil spraying out so at least I know where the problem is.
  9. Is this leakage inside the rear end I would see though the top link cover? We do not see any leakage outside the tractor.
  10. We put a second hydraulic pump and relief value (the one under the fuel tank) in my 986 and still have low pressure. A friend who works at an IH dealer came out and checked it with his hydraulic tester. He said the flow is good but when he applied pressure it drops off. We tested both hydraulic hook ups. He says he is stumped as to what could cause the issue and needs to think about it. I was hoping someone here might have run across something similar and can help us narrow down the issue.
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