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  1. I have 660 version. Which I only used in 1 tree, because it is my backup saw. I cleaned the case heavily and oiled it heavy during assembly. I sanded out the crank chamber to remove 1/2 milled out, outside coating, lightly ported and polished it also. It runs super strong with only minor carb adjustment. The bar oil adjustment hole was almost completely covered. I froze the crank shaft / rod assembly and lightly heated the case 1/2's in a oven to slide it together with out a tool. With a light tape on the crank to center it better.
  2. I was told the Ring and Pinion are an old GM pattern that was discontinued the only aftermarket company who made them when out of business years ago. When I finial tracked a set down it cost me $2500 used. I the outside pinion bearing are also in limited supply. They are one directional... that's what killed the ring and pinion in my axle. That bearing set me back around $270 new. These are 10 year old prices now. I still have a used bearing but it loose.
  3. has any tried the 6 volt optima
  4. It's bank owned. Open center hydraulic pump with Digital tack. I can hear a noise in transmission, but it pulls in all of the gears. I think the hydraulic pumps are sucking air. They said the ta was slipping. But they are not IH people. They say the Bank will take 6500 or best offer. Good looking 23 degree Firestone tires. I really don't need another tractor. I came out Illinois. I'm not sure if it's worth the money for me. 1086 are much more popular here. You think it's possible to make money on it?
  5. I just changed to the tran's oil last month. While I had the draw bar out I put it in my press and took the bend out. It was only about 3 or 5 degrees. I'm sure it was caused by a few hard bounces I had while cutting with it. I never thought of taking any pictures back then.
  6. I was wonder if anyone had cleaver idea on stopping my draw bar from bending. It's currently in the second hole to shorten the draw bar. the 3rd hole the pin want slide in with forcing it or filing the hole out in the bar for the pin to line up. But I if go that route I may have to cut the driveshaft down. Not much I can do lighten up the old bush hog. It's previous owners already lost all the chain guards off the deck cutting trees down. They only cut with it every 6 years or so they told me. Its tongue weight was around 2,200 pounds originally.
  7. Hello,

    I was just wondering on your piston pump if you replaced it or converted it a gear pump? Also if you did convert it how is that working out?

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