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  1. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Hi Randy, isnt "time flies " in latin 'Tempus Fugit"? Seemed to be when I was at school when they were teaching it .
  2. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Up here in Canada,I have bought that switch from Napa awhile back.Not too expensive
  3. I used castrol HD30 in IH D246 engine HELP!

    So what if you had used synthetic or a multigrade,as long the oil was rated for a diesel ,it wouldnt matter..Often I "top up " after a change with a bit of non synthetic ( I use synthetic in everything) or a bit of multi grade if I am short.So many guys get in a huge panic on "mixing " oils ,or adding a bit of synthetic or non synthetic ,or even another brand .
  4. THe long frame (5 roller) was optional There were a few that came out with yellow paint,that is the BTD 6,s I am talking about.
  5. I think the TD8-81 had single reduction bull gears,while the 82 had planetarys..That is definitely an 81 in the pic.Another difference is ,the firewall on the 82.It didnt have the "bevel"' at the top,it went straight up,and the hood protruded a couple of inches back.As far as painting goes in the temps you mentioned,totally do able ,no tent or heat or anything,just do several light "dustings" and if you can,get it into a warmer place after you have done .It works better on smaller pieces that can be handled easily.You may have to work with your reducer a bit .It takes a few screw ups to get it right,but you can spray as low as -2 C.The key is not to put too much on in one shot as it will run if when ,if able ,you can get it to a warmer spot.Also the paint in the cold will not look that shiney until it dries.Thats one of the tricks is to not "keep going" till its shiney ,as it will definitely run.Once you get it into a warmer spot,workshop etc,the warmth will make the paint "flow" and it will shine up .Takes a bit of practice.Good luck!!
  6. That looks like it is is an 81 series BTD 8 with a non factory lifting setup (rams on outside etc).The "C" frame and side arms look like the original,however the rad mounted rams had the pin bosses welded on the "C" frame directly in front of the rad.Maybe they were torched off,depending on the origin of that "C" frame ..The factory blade rams were radiator mounted.The 82 series had a single dry element air cleaner,with the element accessed from the operators side of the firewall.