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  1. With a good jig like the Modulus Arms or 5D Tactical jigs 80% lowers are easy! Rick
  2. I purchased a Bear Creek AR Barrel a couple of months ago. I will never buy anything from Bear Creek Again. It arrived in a timely manner with a rusty chamber. Their response to me was clean it up and use it. Not happy at all with them. I have 2 Anderson upper receivers that seem to be good to go. I also have MAS Defense and PSA uppers. Rick
  3. Lots of decent red dots out there. Both the SIG and the Trijjicon are highly rated. Holoson is a good one too. Still decent and no where near as expensive is Swampfox. For veterans there is a 30% discount. I ain't riding around in a tank or jumping outta perfectly good aircraft so my need for a military grade optic just isn't there. I have a Swampfox on my 300 Blackout. Optic . Works well and doesn't cost an arm and leg. Thinking about getting one of there too with the shake awake feature. Red Dot Rick
  4. A dealership can make a break a brand in a certain area. But I was referring to FAIT trying to get a ready made car dealer network (Chrysler/Dodge/ram) so they could market FIAT branded cars in the US. Didn't work out well for them based on sales numbers. But having lived over a wide area of the US I've seen what an AG dealership can do for any brand. AC's dealers were hit and miss. But then some of JD's and IH's dealers were not that great either. RIck
  5. Seth any original T340 manuals would be on interest to me! Rick
  6. IIRC that FIAT/Allis linage was another attempt by FIAT to gain US market share. They basically ran the Allis construction division into the ground. The never really managed to gain much in sales here in the US until the government forced the sale of 20% of Chrysler to FIAT. Fiat still has really failed to make much of a dent in the US market even after gaining a ready make dealer network. Not North American numbers just US they have failed to sell over 50,000 FIAT badged vehicles in a year in the US and last year dropped to less that 5,000. So much for a politician claiming that FIAT made the cars Americans want. FIAT has been kept afloat by various other things they own. Like Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, and all other Chrysler brands including Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and SRT. FIAT owns IVECO (now merged into the FIAT brand) and CASEIH/NH and who knows what else. FIAT has had issues even in Italy with sales largely due to reliability issues or FIAT badged vehicles. Bad enough to the point that the Italian government launched an investigation into FIAT some years ago. The Fix It Again Tony joke is well earned. When I was stationed in Germany both German nationals and US soldiers joked that FIAT was the only vehicle in the world that came new from the factory with at least 2 factory installed rust spots. Rick
  7. Well the whole thing here is different people's opinions, likes and dislikes. I stated my opinions. You don't have to agree. I think they call that getting along as human beings. As far as concealing full sized pistols? Lot of variables involved. Got BIL who is about 5'8" and skinny. He's have trouble concealing all but the smallest gun. I'm 6'5" and north of 250. Body mass makes a considerable difference when picking what to carry. I like my 1911. In the summer I sometimes carry a Star BM. Don't get me wrong. I really like building firearms and 80% builds. I'll carry something with a factory serial number though just because I don't want to give an overzealous DA something to go after. May be completely legal but they could make life difficult for a while. Rick
  8. While they say the average gunfight is 21 yards or less there are times when you may want or need that extra range. Especially today when these evil people go to schools, malls and churches with long guns. I really don't want to get into a gunfight with a guy with an AK or AR. I'd really hate it if the bad guy was outside of effective range of my carry piece. For general knowledge effective range is maximum accurate range. The Military goes with tracer burnout as you can no longer effectively adjust fire by tracer strike. If you can't hit at 30-40-50 yards then you could find yourself in deep trouble. That is the only reason I've never supported .22. 25ACP, 32 or 380 for carry. All of those are good effective rounds up close and personal. Rick
  9. That tin would look great on my T340. That ain't a Ford! Rick
  10. Depends on your state if a cam is a worthwhile investment. WE have a dope head here who steals. Could of years back he stole a tractor. They caught him with it. He was in jail less than 48 hours total. I think what's he's doing is when caught he rolls over on his drug dealer. Rick
  11. I won't tell you what we called in when I was in the Army🤣!!! Rick
  12. Seth I did try a 43. Put a couple of mags through one. For me just wasn't a shootable gun. But then a G19 is a bit on the small side for me. But I got big mitts. I know other guys who are fine with it. This is my mitt around the butt of G19 clone. The 43 is small enough that it feels like it's gonna pop out of my hand. I'd warn you to try one before you buy just to be sure. Rick
  13. I could sure use a bit of that tinwork there.....The stuff handing below the hood looks real inviting! Rick
  14. This is where we differ. I fully believe in the most gun you can get away with. Maybe it's an Army thing? Anyways at 6'5" and 200 plus pounds I can carry a hand cannon and get away with it. As far as Glock is concerned? They have short comings just like any other gun. I own no Glock branded pistols but I am an 80% ghost gun builder. I reload too. Just pecks bad boy I guess. For those who don't like the stock glock trigger there are cures that can range from inexpensive to 1/2 the price on a new gun. I like the Timney trigger but it's about 160. My last Glock clone build I went with an adjustable shoe that I really like. Got it off Ebay Trigger Shoe . The first is a G17 clone with a ported barrel and vented slide. 2nd is also a G17 clone. I won the frame and figured I'd finish out as kinda Gucci build. The last is a 300 Blackout AR platform. Rick
  15. Not a fan here. Only cause they don't make the 43 in men's sizes. The 19 doesn't come in men's sizes either. ANd even though I'm not a glock fan club member they make a good reliable gun. If it fits your needs buy it. Rick
  16. Seems kinda odd that they got rid of the native American selling dairy products, the African Americans selling pancake makings and rice but kept that old white dude selling oats? Bitty I will you well for your future endeavors! Rick
  17. Yea I'm seeing the doc about the hip on Thursday. If they say I gotta have a new one so be it. Just hope they put one in with a grease fitting this time! Rick
  18. Another thing that needs to be looked and it should not even have to be considered is not making yourself a victim. Like in NYC where they tell people especially women not to go out alone. You should be able to in safety but in reality most places you can't in any large city area. Other areas are telling women don't walk next to store fronts. That's because men will stand in a ally waiting to garb one and jerk her into the ally where she can be attacked. Kinda like anyone going to the Twin Cities. Some areas you should avoid. I don't care how much of a bad man you thing you are. Some areas are just dangerous. Like the area where most of the Somali refugees live. Reports of unprovoked indiscriminate mob attacks on folks because they are not Somali are way more common than you would believe. Don't have business there don't go there. Attitude can get you into trouble. College near us has a parking lot known by the students as the rape lot. There are multiple sexual assaults in that parking lot every year. The college warns female students to go in groups or not to use that lot at all. Yet either through ignorance or through a belief that they have a right (which they do) without understanding that a bad guy doesn't care about your rights. Rick
  19. I'll get arrested if I ride a bike. It's illegal to pedal a$$ in MN. Rick
  20. Don't know how much we've had this year but it's a lot. I may have to get a set of water wings this keeps up. I hope you guys in dry areas get some moisture. RIck
  21. You don't know how close to the truth that is. I'm having trouble getting on and off the zero turn.😣 Rick
  22. Someone wanting some help parked an Farmall H in front of my shop. I had to resist the gag🤢 reflex get on it to move it! Took 3 showers just to get the ick off!🤣 But it's true, I drove that POS about 15 feet. I'm just glad that no one was there to take a picture.... RIck
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