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  1. $251 and Sledgehammer will pay shipping????不 Rick
  2. Gonna make bid again?不 Rick
  3. $201.00 I'll toss in an extra $10 if you deliver it! Rick
  4. Looks like a very good show. Thanks for all the pictures! Rick
  5. Looks like fun to me! Rick
  6. Now there is an M I could be happy with弘! Wish I had the extra jingle in my jeans right about now! Rick
  7. Looks like a good show! Thanks for taking the time to share pictures! IIRC the MM, Oliver and Ford garden tractors of yesteryear were made for the different companies by Jacobson. AC owned the Simplicity line. IH Cub Cadet and JDs were built inhouse so to speak. I don't know if MF produced their own or had them built. For what it's worth Wheel Horse ordered paint with the instructions "as close as possible to IH red and white". They were looking in the 50's -70's to capitalize on new urbanites with farm backgrounds with the color association to IH farm tractors. Rick
  8. Time for a shop with AC? Rick
  9. Every one should have goals....but you keep that sand paper tongue away from me! RIck
  10. Don't look like too bad of a job. Rick
  11. With that funny way you folks talk up there I had some trouble with your accent....did you say kick or lick?不 Rick
  12. Only on the top of their heads? That will get you put on a list.....everyone will know where you live.....不! Rick
  13. I remember in grade school and high school being preached at over and over and over "you don't want a job where you get dirty, you need to go to college". Left a high school that graduated a thousand kids a year and moved to rural MN. Same thing. College, College College. Now back in those days you could major in about anything and get a decent job. I graduated HS in 73. Today we have far more college grads than needed except in a few career fields. Tons of folks out there with serious degrees in things like management and business that can't find a decent job because the market is flooded. Lots of others with degrees in things like music and interpretive dance who's diplomas should have had a WalMart application printed on the back of that diploma. We as a nation need to stop sending kids to college for things that they will be lucky to find a job. And we need to teach kids that there isn't a darned thing wrong with getting dirty or working with your hands! Rick
  14. oldtanker

    PT 109

    IIRC the Navy referred to the PT Boat skippers as the commander of a boat. While the Navy has the Rank of Commander they didn't like calling Lieutenants "captain" which is also a rank. Most often they refered to Sub skippers as "commanders" too. In the rest of the Military (Air Force, Marines and Army) a person of the same rank of a Captain is a Colonel (next step is a star) and a Commander is a Lieutenant Colonel. Rick
  15. oldtanker

    PT 109

    OH, I should add, the official Naval history of WWII for the US was still written and approved by mostly "black shoe" officers who through it was in the best interest of the Navy to downplay some of the units like the PT Boats in WWII. It's the same with the all the branches. The Air Force claims a great deal of success in WWII with the bombing campaign in both Europe and the Pacific. Go look up the bomb damage assessment reports that were put together after WWII. Germany production hit it's high in 1943. They maintained that production through March 1945. When they hit the peak in 43 that was because that's all the could do. They had neither the manpower nor the resources to produce more. The biggest success of the bombings were against Germany's oil production in Romania. With Japan? The subs and the Navy flyers stopped production there by doing to Japan what Germany tried to do to England. That is they created a blockade around the Japanese home islands preventing them from importing the material needed for the war effort. That all had to come by sea. Oil from the former Dutch East Indies, and different ores for copper, iron and aluminum production. Germany lost the war at sea when we could produce ships faster than they could sink them. Japan was never able to make good their losses. Rick
  16. oldtanker

    PT 109

    What most people miss was that when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the only surprise was that it was an air attack. The admirals who were running the Navy were what were called the "black shoe Navy" meaning the battleship Navy. The brass didn't like anything that took away from what they were certain was the primary fleet arm, that is the battleship. They actually thought that their picket line would spot the Japanese battle fleet (battleships, cruisers and destroyers far enough out that the fleet would have plenty of time to deploy from Pearl. Most admirals at the time believed that aircraft couldn't hit a maneuvering battleship and most would be destroyed by anti aircraft fire. They felt the same way about the PT boat. It was an expense and distraction that the Navy really didn't need. The PT boats were very effective throughout the war in spite of the early torpedo problems. They really messed with the costal barges when Japan was trying to resupply troops on some the islands. But if you look at it the Navy did it again after Viet Nam was over and they ditched the river patrol boats (Swift Boats) as quickly as they could. WWII spelled the end of the battle ship Navy. Rick
  17. I've got 10, 20 and 30 round mags. The 10 and 30's are Magpul or PMag. The 20's are metal. I've also got an AR10 in 308. 10 round Magpul. I've never heard of anyone complaining about different brands of AR mags. Get into Glock and an it can be hit or miss. Most Glock shooters I know will only use Glock branded mags. Rick
  18. When I still had an 8N i used top links from Fleet Farm. They fit no problem. Rick
  19. OH and for what it's worth I have about 1,000 new Winchester cases 9MMWM. That's a new one on me. 9MM Winchester Magnum. The left one is a 9X19 9MM. Have no idea what to do with em. Rick
  20. I enjoy reloading. I do 9MM, 357SIG, 38S/357Mag, 45ACP and 50GI in pistol. In rifle it's 223/5.56, 270, 300 Blackout, 30.30, 30.06, 350 Legend and 458 SOCOM. 12 and 20 in shot shell. I don't shoot as much as I'd like to either but still go through a couple of thousand rounds a year. I got lucky with powder buying 8 pound bottles just before the hoarding began. I got 1 each of pistol, small rifle and large rifle. Already had several pounds of shotgun powder. I've done pretty good on primers too. Enough so that I gave a BIL 500 shot shell primers. My basic rule of thumb is to grab what I can when I can but only at reasonable prices. Been averaging about 6-8 bucks a box the last year or so. I've seen some people gouging at 14-20 or so a box. Rick
  21. I have 2 of these and like them a lot. Both are on AR platform rifles, one 556 and one 300 Blackout. Sight A lot of good ones out there. MAS, AR15Discounts and a lot of others. Right now the upper isn't supposed to be affected. What the rule change will do is about kill the 80% build market. Rick
  22. Well I hope in the long run everything works out. Rick
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