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  1. It is sad to see some of that stuff go. But what a person has to do is look at age and condition of the building and if kept original? Then it's a museum and someone has to pay and maintain it. Here? That original IH building has moved and been rebuilt. The AC building is now the same building but not AG related. The JD building is where it was but has been added onto and redone several times. Now RDO. Old Case building is gone and most people don't even know where it was as is the old stock yard. Things change and not always for the best IMO. Rick
  2. A guy that makes stands for pistols via 3D printing drills and inserts steel rods in high stress areas. Might work on something that a kid may play with??? Rick
  3. IIRC they are called Federation Squirrels . 13 stripes like the flag. The pocket gophers are bigger than the federation squirrel . Nasty little things that if handled alive will bite hard. Leave mounds of pushed up dirt and small rocks. Really hard on rock guards and sections. Ground squirrels and federation squirrels are in the same family . Make lots of holes but no big mounds like the pocket gophers do. Then of course you have the good old prairie dogs. The ground/federation squirrels are fun to shoot! I know people who use 17HMR but I just use a .22. I ain't buying a whole new platform for something I'll only shoot gophers with. Folks I know who shoot prairie dogs use 22-250 or 25.06 for the most part. I've never tried so have no recommendations. Rick
  4. Without fluid in the tires or weights it tips the scales at 13,600. A Chevy 2500 tips the scales at a little under 7000 (curb weight, no fuel or passengers). So the truck and tractor together are under 21,000. That leaves you about 5,000-5500 (quick look says 4,700 or so) pounds for a trailer and any other stuff you may be hauling like fuel and people. Then the 2500 has a max rating of 14,500 or so. People will tell you they pull more but it ain't the pulling. It's stopping power. And yea you can drive careful but there is no accounting of the idiot who passes on a blind curve or runs a stop sign. So it won't go into the legal end of getting stopped and scaled. But on a liability side you could be in for bit more than you want to chew. You may find that you need a 1 ton or bigger. Rick
  5. Great pictures Tony. Thanks for sharing part of your day!. Rick
  6. CB's are extremely limit in range. And folks get messed up with them. Kinda like buying a rifle and scope. A fairly inexpensive rifle can shoot like a dream with good scope while a 2-3K custom rifle with a crap scope can shoot pretty poorly. An inexpensive CB with a really good antenna can talk 15-20 miles with no problem and a top of the line CB with a cheap antenna might struggle to reach 5 miles. Then of course there are variables. Like SWR which should be set up and checked occasionally. Also LOS may come into play depending on where you are. Mountains and trees interrupt the LOS (line of sight). Then if going with a Side Band model you can range out a bit further but they push a bit more power in the side bands. A radio for emergencies? Maybe you should be looking at HAM radios. Gotta have a license for those but you will have much greater range. Rick
  7. I don't know Seth. Bet if you snuggled with them at night they could keep you warm🤮🤣🤣 Rick
  8. I ain't French or Canadian but I can't do the rotten fish soaked in poison either!🤢🤮 Rick
  9. Husqvarna saws are easy to start if ya got more than 2 brain cells....🤣🤣🤣 I believe that Seth had 4 a last count.....🤣 I gained 6 when I got rid of the last 8N and 100 when I sent the M down the road!😲🤣 Rick
  10. So you admit yer a POS Metro when she could have had a Lamborghini!🤣 Rick
  11. When they first started the idea of 25 missions to be able to send pilots back to train new ones was indeed fact. Later it became a huge issue as crew moral tanked and they came close to a mutiny from the aircrews who thought they were being sent to their deaths. Go read the "bomb survey reports" that were done after Germany surrendered. Precision bombing was total failure. All the brass did was sacrifice a lot of lives trying to prove a theory. Germany's peak production was dictated by availability of raw materials, not production facilities. They peaked in 43 and production didn't fall off until boots on the ground captured the factories in March 1945. Not only that but the bombs were too small. The 500 pound GP bomb wasn't destroying the machinery in factories when they did actually manage to hit a target. In the Pacific theater Japanese production was already down due to them having to import everything. Their merchant fleet was systematically destroyed by the sub force and Naval air. By the time we could bomb main land Japan war production was already greatly reduced due to the lack of raw materials. Rick
  12. They started out at 25 and finished at 50. 7.42% died on missions or due to wounds received on missions. A total of about 12.5% died due to accidents and due to enemy action. For the 8TH Airforce: Of those who flew the original twenty-five mission bomber tour in 1942-1943, just 35% survived, the twenty-five to thirty mission requirements of 1944 saw 66% completed, and by 1945, 81% of the combatants flew the full thirty-five engagements. The early rates were due to the Airfare brass not wanting to go to area bombing. So they were willing to sacrifice aircraft and crews to prove that precision bombing worked and the the B17 could defend itself. They hit a point that they were almost forced to stop daylight missions. Rick
  13. That way the fall and break an arm before they can reach the paint????🤣 Rick
  14. Very fitting that a car that runs a fuel generated by coal got moved by coal miners!🤣 Rick
  15. Saw this and even though it's a flat head it's kinda cool. Engine Rick
  16. Yea I saw that! Newsom finally figured out that wind and solar isn't reliable🤣. Rick
  17. My Sister and BIL got into this discussion a few years back and finally they went to see a retirement planner who has a farming background. He told my BIL that if he wanted the one nephew who stayed and worked his butt off to continue to farm the family farm that my BIL had to sight over the whole works to my nephew. He got told straight up "being fair" to everyone would see most of the farm sold off to the highest bidder leaving the nephew with not enough land to make it. Heck his one brother was pushing for my BIL to give him the farm then he would "rent it" to his brother. What they worked out is my BIL "retiring" and my nephew buying him out by buying my BIL's debt. Less than 100K for about 1,000 acres. Not bad. I told my parents and my in laws that they owed us nothing. I've told my children that they are due NOTHING from me. I paid that bill raising them. Rick
  18. For me it's a dual issue. @ 6'5" there are more than a few vehicles I don't fit in very well. At 67 flexibility is a major issue!🤬 Rick
  19. **** the Charger, Mustang or Camaro would be fun if they came in men's sizes. I can't get in and out of em. And I'm not nor have I ever been a MOPAR guy. Rick
  20. Not yet. Just saw something on those. Guess the target to stop using brown coal in Germany is 2035 or so. Rick
  21. Somehow I knew you'd think of that.....checks in the mail😉! Rick
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