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  1. Hey, you had said you may be interested in a cat. A friend has a line on a D6 all hydraulic, (I'm not sure of the model) that he says is in overall OK condition and has the swamp pads on it. Would be located about 20-30 miles north east of St Cloud. Asking I think is 6500.  



  2. Mike nope not one of the new aged people at all.

    Do you know what to tell a woman with 2 black eyes?



    Nothing! She's been told twice already!


  3. Mark, you may be right. Maybe I did pi$$ him off. I didn't mean too but come on, if you are going to yell all the time about someone lying then you have to be honest. And I guess I just couldn't let it go. At least he could have manned up and admitted to it. I'd have dropped it right then and there.

    Anyway, hope all is going well with you.


    1. MTO


      Can`t be too thin skinned.  Art feeds off such and my comment was just sarcasm.  All is well. Will be starting new topic soon on my latest project. You`ll like it. 

  4. Gleaner, not to start a political thing on the board:

    What happened was the government. They started telling us how to raise our kids. It was very bad in the US military because accusations of "child " abuse, endangerment or neglect could not only see promotions stop dead, it could destroy a career or land you in jail. And not for 6 months. More like 6 or more years. By 96 the kids on post were causing a lot of problems. On the party side 2 boys, 13, Ft Knox KY, left by their parents who went out to party. Those boys slashed 137 tires, front right only, in one night while their parents were out partying. The parents left those two home together regularly. That was in the late 80's. So it's not a new problem. In part you can blame the schools too. Not for not teaching kids how to behave but for telling the kids "your parents can't do ___________". Kids went home and threatened to turn their parents in. That started in the 80's too. Parents got to the point of being scared to parent. That's all part of the problem. Then too, old slick Willie and Hillary were going around making speech's about "it take a village to raise an idiot", or maybe that was a child". Sure there are parents out there who know what they can and cannot do in their state and do a good job but far too many heard something from someone who heard if from someone else that someone got life hanging by their toenails for telling a kid no. So they are afraid to say boo to their kids.


    And you saw it. "It's the schools job". Like **** it is!  Kinda like that silly idea that the military will straighten those little juvenile delinquent out. By the time I retired it was easy to kick someone out and we did. The number of kids who went through boot camp and advanced training, took a 15 day leave, then reported to a duty station who were being processed for a discharge within 90 days or reporting was astounding. Pot, DUI's, bad checks and gang related activities were the most common things. We even had one kid in 94 who got caught with a pistol, filed off serial number, of course unregistered on post, in the barracks. In 95 at Ft Riley KS in the space of a 2 weeks there were 4 murders committed on post. I was very glad when I retired at the end of Jan 96.

    So the guys from the 40-60 crowd just are not looking at the kids who caused problems back then. The big thing was in the 60's and 70's it wasn't in the news.


    1. Gleaner k2

      Gleaner k2

      Your 100 percent right its not new I do feel this is a problem that started years ago! My sisters and I were raised the old way you did something wrong you got your rear end lite up didnt kill us 99 percent of the time we deserved sometimes I look back and wonder why my dad never killed me for some crap I did! Haha thiers a difference on making discipline a kid and abuse we were disiplined not abused! My wife works with elementary kids and the stuff these kids say and picked up on and do is unbelievable we never did never knew about it! And I blame that on this internet its a great tool you I and everyone else use it but it opens a whole new door to infomation for kids to learn about and its not good things and puts goofy ideas in thier heads! it annoys me when I go to my wifes family functions and my sister in laws give thier kids thier phones to thier kids or tablets or the computer and they sit thier in thier own world till its time to go home! And I use to think that about the military would straighten a person out cause thats what everyone claims till a friend of mine who has some problems went to the marines and in four years all they did was make him worse! Thier is just alot of problems in this world now and I dont know how were gonna get them fixed 

    2. oldtanker


      "I dont know how were gonna get them fixed".

      Me either.




  5. Old fuel pumps like that are pretty simple.......if you have a parts source. Rick
  6. Thanks for sharing! Kids do grow up to fast. First thing you know they turn into teens and it goes downhill quick! I did grandpas' daycare last night for 3 granddaughters. 2 are 8 and the little one is 2. The older 2 are in girl scouts and their troop got invited by the boy scouts to participate in their pine wood derby. Guess who got volunteered to help em with their cars? Rick
  7. Kinda figured you were in the field for a bit there. Glad to see you are back with us. Rick
  8. Nope just delver it here and I'll take care of getting rid of it for you! Rick
  9. Very cool. I suggest you try to find every manual you can for it. I just got lucky with my 1947 D4 7U Cat and found both the tractor and hydraulics operators, parts and repair manuals for it. It too is badly in need of a steering brake adjustment. I'm going to get the brakes adjusted and then tarp it for the winter too. Rick
  10. No lube? I know it should have gear oil in it. Someone here should be able to tell you what type. You rally need to get the manuals for that! On my D4. Did get the pony motor running only to find out that the belt that the starter drives to start the pony was bad and no further adjustment is possible. So I take it the drive assembly off and have to press it apart to get he new belt on the pulley. Got it all put back on, got the pony running and turned the main engine over. No start. I'm pretty sure it the injector rack is stuck and I'll address that in the morning. May have to pull the carb apart. I'm pretty sure the needle valve is sticking open. Ah the field.......when I first retired I really missed that. Now I wouldn't want to do that again! Lot of long hours and hard work. I'm really glad young guys like you have stepped up to the plate and taken over from us old has been's. Rick
  11. Hey just trying to be helpful. Some of the older enlisted and NCO mechanics can be a good source for learning things too. Depended on your attitude and that of your commander learning something like making a gasket shouldn't put either party at risk. Plus it never hurts to let the mechanics know you value their knowledge. They get stuff done a lot faster when they know they are appreciated and respected for their skills. I saw guys piss off the mechanics all the time then laughed at them when their tanks were broken and all the mechanics were busy with other tasks. That old adage about never making the cook or supply SGT mad should be extended to include the PAC NCOIC, the medics and the mechanics. For the infantry, scout and armor guys that means you add in the artillery guys that you don't want mad at you! Anyway any progress? I had to take my MIL to see her sister in ID so I haven't gotten anything done on my D4 but plan on getting it fired up after supper today. I'll let you know after I try it. Rick
  12. Never replied to this topic before. On our just completed trip to ID we drove the length of MT on I94 getting off in Missoula and taking state and US highways into ID. I saw a lot of IH, actual IH tractors on farms out that way. ID has a lot too, most look like they are working tractors. Was a fun drive. Rick
  13. 1. I'm not sure about the original fuel pump but if it is mounted on the block or timing cover it's most likely a simple cam/lever type system. A lever on the pump rides a cam lobe. If you go with an electric pump you want a low pressure pump. I would guess one that runs 1.5 to 5 PSI. Carbs and high pressure pumps don't work well 2. You as an officer/soldier have an asset unavailable to a lot of civilians as far as the gaskets are concerned. An old motor SGT can teach you how to do it or one of the assistants at the automotive craft shop should be able to too. Rick
  14. Not sure on the TD6 but on the TD4/5 the steering levers first released the clutch then as they were pulled further back applied the brake. I was told the 6 is the same way but don't really know. Rick
  15. Well seing as you are a youngster I guess you will just have to bow...... ! At least to this former tank PSG and Armor Officer Basics Tactics instructor ! ​​ You can still use analog mechanical modern gauges. If you insist on using new electrical gauges it's pretty simple. Some only require the correct sender with power to one side of the gauge and the matching sender which provides readings based on just how much the sender grounds. Kinda acts like and in reality is a rheostat. Others have power plus secondary power and a ground. In any case the correct sender has to be used. On my M I have both gauges, oil and temp stock original mechanical still being used. No electrical connections except the amp meter. Amp meter is hooked up pretty much original with one side being attached to the battery and the other to the alternator, 3 wire to the large wire from the alternator. The instructions with the gauge will tell you how to wire it. On my 2 Ford 8N's that did not come from the factory with a temp gauge I have electrical gauges. A hot wire from the ignition switch providing power, a ground and a hot from the correct terminal on the gauge to the sender. The amp meters are hooked up stock and the oil pressure gauges are stock mechanical. Now keeping in mind that you are a cannon cocker and things have to be kept simple for you guys.... :lol:I can't make it any simpler. Rick
  16. On the hacked wiring those were simple machines, should be able to rewire it stock in a couple of hours. I recommend soldered connections and shrink tubing. Or you can leave it 12 volt and just rewire it eliminating the voltage regulator and any unneeded wires. I rewired/converted my Farmall M to 12 volt 3 wire alternator with work lights. Took about 2 hours for everything. No before I get raked over the coals for the conversion it's a working tractor not a trailer queen on a farm. Compatibility and reliability were key in the decision to switch over. Kinda surprised they are letting you do that in quarters. They would have had kittens had someone tried that when I was still active. I recall a young SGT who got kicked out of quarters for rebuilding a transmission in his car port at Ft Bliss. He did make a mess and his concrete drive was ATF red. Rick
  17. Track system on a dozer is way different than the track systems on military combat vehicles plus the drive is very different. Trust me, I know. 19E/K 74-96. Go find a maintenance officer from a Combat Engineer unit. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Rick
  18. If they survive, wife's cousin's son didn't. Rick
  19. Trust me Dan, with the brace and cane/crutch thing going on for the last five years I'm going to be a very good patient! So looking forward to the new knee! Rick
  20. The knee is normal, at least for me, it hurts. I'm to the point that climbing on the 1206 to feed a bale puts me on my butt for 2-3 days. Couldn't ride the sled even if we had snow I don't think . Right now looks like the 2nd of APR. Wish it was a little sooner. Going to have to have my 2 sons do spring tillage and maybe planting but I should be up for the 1st hay cutting!! Gee VA told me I needed a new 5 years ago. I'm so glad that they are efficient! Rick
  21. Guess I should admit it. I'm a wimp! It gets to -40 I stay in the house. Really glad we don't see that kinda temps very often, sometime not for several years. My breaking point is about -20. After that all I want to do is stay in the house! I wont even look at my sled when it's -10. Rick
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