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  1. Both of mine were done plus a hip. Separate dates by several years. Follow the doctors orders and do as your physical therapist tells you. Best wishes on a speedy recovery! Rick
  2. I was born in 1955. My dad was a WWII combat (Infantry) veteran and was already active duty on 7 Dec 1941. My heros were soldiers! I GREW UP AROUND THEM! Lets not forget! Rick
  3. Lot of factors in here guys. Son in law, his oldest brother and his dad all drive for a living. SIL and dad both over the road, the older brother has to be home every night so he can hang out with his budds. Father is an owner operator and knows he's gotta be getting paid. SIL hates sitting. Both of the boys dive for the same company. They have no trucks over 5 years old. Big brother complains that he doesn't have a new truck (little bro gets a new one every 2 years been with this company about 5 years) big bro? Less than a year. He's also divorced and has no live in. But he's mad cause he only has a day cab. We are talking pushing 50 here. Also mad that little bro makes more per mile. So it ain't just the youngsters. They are claiming that the trucking industry in short 80,000 drivers just in the US alone. Now a certain number of the young guns start out with a dream of being an owner/op. Get started and them all of a sudden pick up a significant other who starts demanding that they be home every night. So they look for a new job that's going to pay way less and or have long hours driving fuel tankers or delivering foods to local businesses. But the young guys were also taught that 1: they are due a "living wage" and 2: that they can complain. Solutions? I can see some but no idea if it would really work. New really nice equipment seems to help some. Experienced drivers simi-retired working as dispatchers too because they know a truck just outside of NYC can't be in NE tomorrow. I don't know about the OP of this but here? Most of the drivers who will dive short haul for farmers are either old semi retired guys mad because the "ole lady" is working part time at WalMart" and they are still driving to pay the bills. They ain't living the dream. The other are 18-21 year old kids waiting for the day they can cross state lines diving a truck. The pay is poor, the equipment junk and they are mad cause they are treated as babies. Rick
  4. Depends on the state. Here in MN a farm implement being towed on the highways, counties, state and interstate have a max speed of 45 MPH. Local guy here got ticketed here for it about 2 years ago. Called his lawyer got told if you were speeding pay the fine cause that is indeed the law. Rick
  5. Happy birthday Tony! Many more! Rick
  6. I kind like the 2 cylinder JD crawlers. Fate I guess. I love anything with tracks, tanks, armored vehicles, tanks, dozers, tanks, tractors, did I mention tanks??? Anyway the first doser I got to run was a JD MC. So there us a spiritual connection. Went from there to an M60A1 tank to about 200 hours on a D8K and now I have my 7U D4 and T340. Rick
  7. My pins and bushings need turned but everything else looks pretty good. Rick
  8. I like the freeze plug heaters. A lot. DON'T plug them unless in some type of fluid. If the element is exposed to air it will explode within seconds (small explosion) and throw debris and crap awound. Good way to go blind. Son in law did it last year. Still has it sight. I saw him messing with one in his and plugging it in. I just yelling stop when it blew. I've use several different brands. Can't say one is better. KATS are the easiest here to find. Rick
  9. Yup. His looks a little nicer. Rick
  10. Another source for information and parts. http://jdcrawlers.com/index.html Rick
  11. oldtanker


    Working "down under"?🤣 Rick
  12. Yea we want pictures! Congrats on getting a heated ''office" for the winter!🤣 Rick
  13. Well you can but 30-life isn't appealing.....but as you get that old life thing? Gets to be shorter and shorter....😉 Rick
  14. Sadly sometimes family can be your worst enemy😱. But I think Dale will come out on top. Good luck Dale! Rick
  15. Well you may as well use that old fishing pole, you never caught any fish with in anyways....🤣 Sound like a plan as long as you can actually record what you need to. Rick
  16. Trenches have never been out of the picture. In fact Russia used them a lot in WWII. Still part of their battle doctron. Basically in you have either the manpower or equipment during retrograde movements it's a good way to protect a small but important area like a forward Command Post. Rick
  17. They have machinery. Tractors with loaders. Bet it won't take long. Now to restore the soil? A bit longer. Rick
  18. Mike? Still wearing the same hat? You should think about replacing it!🤣 Rick
  19. I don't have one of their tuque wrenches but i have a 3/8ths to 1 1/2ths combination wrench set I've use for the last 20 years. I'd rank they at the professional level. If you are worried about anything send em out and get em calibrated. Darn sure wouldn't be afraid of buying em. Rick
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