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    I'm still kicking around out here guys. Yea, I got lung and bone cancer. So far I'm holding my own. Right now I think Zack and his family need your prays far more than I do. I've had 3 rounds of radiation and I'm on my 3 round of chemo. Then I'm supposed to have a PETSCAN and MRI again. We'll see what they say then. Rick
  2. Never saw many 766's around but there were lots of 706s and 756s around back "in the day". Kinda like the 806s. Lot of them around but didn't see many 826 or 856 models. Rick
  3. Bet there is heated grips on that like used on snowmobiles. Kinda cool crawler! Rick
  4. Few years ago my wife told me we (meaning I) should build a playhouse for the grandkids. So dumb old me got to looking online and I saw plans for a castle. Wasn't intent on building it. Just thought it was a bit different and showed the wife. You can guess the rest. Anyway the wife was outside just as dawn broke, saw this and took this picture. Thought I'd share cause with the lighting it just looks cool (pun intended)! Rick
  5. Cannibalism is illegal and the sheep are only using you.......😱🤢🤮🤣 Rick
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! Rick
  7. I for one think it's pretty cool. Heck think about it. Love or hate a brand this is really all about preserving and using 40 year old or older equipment! May not be a favorite brand but it's still old and from the looks well done. According to what I found the 70 skid steer was produced from 75-78. Maybe the guy is working his way up to decent red equipment????😉 Rick
  8. A daughter in law insists on rescue animals. IMO it's been a disaster including several cats and 4 dogs over close to 20 years now. One, a black lab had obviously been beaten by the PO and was afraid of everything. Around a small child that is able to startle the dog? Not good! With a baby? Seth I'll just tell you. Get a pup and just deal with having a bit of training time in there. But she feels sorry for the rescues and keeps getting either someone else's problem or a scared animal. Rick
  9. I don't know Mudfly. DOD was that messed up from the time I joined till the time I retired. That spanned from Nixon, to Ford, to Carter, to Reagan, to Bush to Clinton. Now that ain't political as spans both sides. Us NCO's used to say "this is the US ARMY. Simple problems require require complex solutions! SIMPLE SOLUTIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!" and unfortunately that was all too often true. Rick
  10. If you are 6'5", are having mobility issues and weakness/balance issues due to the chemo those little things a terrible to get in and out of. Rick
  11. Not at all. The Army has the The US Army Veterinary Corps provides food safety and security inspections for all of the Armed Services.....🤣 Rick
  12. Subject: DoD's Twelve Days of Christmas The President has authorized the Department of Defense to assist Santa with the Twelve Days of Christmas. Status of acquisitions follows: Day 1- Partridge in a pear tree: The Army and Air Force are in the process of deciding whose area of responsibility Day 1 falls under. Since the partridge is a bird, the Air Force believes it should have the lead. The Army, however, feels trees are part of the land component command's area of responsibility. After three months of discussion and repeated OpsDepsTank sessions, a $1M study has been commissioned to decide who should lead this joint program. Day 2 - Two turtle doves: Since doves are birds, the Air Force claims responsibility. However, turtles are amphibious, so the Navy-Marine Corps team feels it should take the lead. Initial studies have shown that turtles and doves may have interoperability problems. Terms of reference are being coordinated for a four-year, $10M DARPA study. Day 3 - Three French Hens: At State Department instigation, the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs has blocked offshore purchase of hens, from the French or anyone else. A $6M program is being developed to find an acceptable domestic alternative. Day 4 - Four Calling Birds: Source selection has been completed, with the contract awarded to AT&T. However, the award is being challenged by a small disadvantaged business. Day 5 - Five Golden Rings: No available rings meet MILSPEC for gold plating. A three-year, $5M accelerated development program has been initiated. Day 6 - Six Geese a-Laying: The six geese have been acquired. However, the shells of their eggs seem to be very fragile. It might have been a mistake to build the production facility on a nuclear waste dump at former Air Force base that was closed under BRAC. Day 7 - Seven Swans a-Swimming: Fourteen swans have been killed trying to get through the Navy SEAL training program. The program has been put on hold while the training procedures are reviewed to determine why the washout rate is so high. Day 8 - Eight Maids a-Milking: The entire class of maids a milking training program at Aberdeen is involved in a sexual harassment suit against the Army. The program has been put on hold pending resolution of the lawsuit. Day 9 - Nine Ladies Dancing: Recruitment of the ladies dancing has been halted by a lawsuit from the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Association." Members claim they have a right to dance and wear women's clothing as long as they're off duty. Day 10 - Ten Lords a-Leaping: The ten lords have been abducted by terrorists. Congress has approved $2M in funding to conduct a rescue operation. Army Special Forces and a USMC MEU(SOC) are conducting a "NEO-off" competition for the right to rescue. Day 11 - Eleven Pipers Piping: The pipe contractor delivered the pipes on time. However, he thought DoD wanted smoking pipes. DoD lost the claim due to defective specifications. A $22M dollar retrofit program is in process to bring the pipes into spec. Day 12 - Twelve Drummers Drumming: Due to cutbacks only six billets are available for drumming drummers. DoD is in the process of coordinating an RFP to obtain the six additional drummers by outsourcing; however, funds will not be available until FY 2017. As a result of the above-mentioned programmatic delays, and due to a High OPTEMPO that requires diversion of modernization funds to support current readiness, Christmas is hereby postponed until further notice. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Rick and family
  13. I had one a few years ago. All that is is mobility. I'm still trying to prove to myself at least I can get a little done around here beyond checking the mail. Rick
  14. Really looking for something that eiser getting in and out of than something like a Jeep. I'd love to something like a CJ5/7. I have trouble getting in and out of a stock Suburban right now. Rick
  15. It would be used on the farm for both mobility and some work hauling. No racing around or going trail riding. Rick
  16. Now with my current status of pretty much house bound for the winter a means of getting out just a little has somehow become increasingly important. So I been looking at side by sides, used with an enclosed cab and heat. The darned chemo just took all my strength and i'm having trouble walking. If I leave the house at all it's just out to the Suburban, on crutches. So what I need is advice. Looking used because what they want new is obseine! Has to be auto/belt so the wife can drive it too. Good? Ones to avoid? Thanks Rick
  17. Not really. Lots of smaller chains don't have a depot/warehouse. What they do is order for the next 90 days then say store A gets all the extra dog food. B gets overage on something else. So when store B gets low on dog food store A ships some of the overage to B. That saves on warehouse space, taxes and employees. And trust me. I understand the frustration of have to wait or drive 30+ miles repeatedly to get one darned part. Wish I knew a source. Rick
  18. Praying for your family here too. Thanks for keeping us updated. Rick
  19. I'll have to check. Not sure he's even still working on it. Rick
  20. Getting back to the 300U. Son in law's brother has been looking for parts for a 300U for several years now. Seems the company that made/sold parts sold out and the new parent company look at sales/profits and got rid/stopped production on anything that wasn't 100% profitable. They only made about 31,000 300U models and 29000 300. Ain't many of left out there I guess. Good luck! Rick
  21. We had a kid at Ft Riley killed that way too. Truck driver, fix a flat in the shop area. Didn't use a cage. What he did was turn the ring down and he then sat on the tire to air it up. When it let go it threw him head first into the blade of a blade tank that was also in the maintenance bays. Saw a lot of bent cages in the army too. Rick
  22. I shoot a Hawkins in .50. Love shooting em. Rick
  23. Prays sent! Hope all turns out well. Rick
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