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  1. Well you can fix that. You can buy it and haul wagons with it...... Rick
  2. Thing is guys you got a bunch of people, mostly younger, who do all these stupid dare things so they can be Youtube heroes. Tidepod challenge. Boiled water challenge. Never heard of the gas nozzle challenge but I'll bet someone has tried. Rick
  3. Yes! Correct! They started blacking local areas out long before dish became a thing just to try to force people into the stadium. Think they started that back in the 70's about the time the Carter/Reagan recession kicked in. Rick
  4. NO, I had to take a break to get a little body work done. New hip. Ready to go back to work on it now once this new snow melts. Rick
  5. The bad part is the city settling with the family. That is nothing more than a ploy saying "look we paid because Chauvin killed him. They are not concerned about giving anyone a fair trial. They want to be able to say to the masses "see, justice was served, go home". Don't matter is Chauvin is guilty or not. I bet if the find him guilty his legal team will file an appeal within minutes. And with as much stuff has gone down he will at least get a new trial.
  6. I've driven by it several times. It's kinda cool to see things like that. For you guys in or near west MN or traveling through on I94 west exit in Alexandria MN and get on MN 29 north. When you get to MN 210 go west. You will find this and more in Vining MN. Give me a shout. I'll meet you there and we can have coffee or something. When you leave stay on 210 west and you can get back on I94 west in Fergus Falls. For those going east on I94? Exit in Fergus Falls onto MN 210 east. Stay on 210 East to Vining. Same deal. Let me know. When you leave Vining go east to MN29. Then go south to Alexandri
  7. Well now that you started to dress it out I wanna see what that deere looks like when it's been skinned out! Rick
  8. Her in MN a few election cycles ago they had a referendum on the ballot which would force the state to only spend both registration and fuel taxes on the roads. They were thinking that both rates would go down because they always collect more than they spend with the balance going into the general fund. What the people behind this idea were missing is they the state would have then raise income taxes to make up the difference in the general fund. The measure was defeated so it's a moot point. What I've seen in the news is many states looking at a special road tax on EVs. That will affect
  9. Are you saying they won't be quite so "gay" as in a festive way?😇 Rick
  10. LOL A brother in law says the same thing about a friend of his. He caught them in bed. She's long gone and the other man? He's still friends with the BIL!🤣 Rick
  11. That don't look like a 50, more like a gas operated 7.62. Note the gas tube on the bottom of the barrel. Rick
  12. We see it all the time here. Been that way for years. It's not just the current panic. Was happening before that hit. IMO here at least is everyone is familial with firearms. What they are not familiar with is value of said firearms. And it's an auction. You always get deals at auctions! Let the bidding begin. Rick
  13. I have the Big Boy in 357Mag. I love it. Rick
  14. Ammo of most calibers is difficult to source right now. 9MM that in Feb last year could be bought for the cheap import was about .13 cents a round. Same stuff today is .55 cents a round or more. Forget reloading right now too. Components are just not available. Check https://ammoseek.com/ . THey do not sell ammo. They list ammo by price and availability. When you select a vendor they redirect you to the vendors sight. Keep in mind that any ammo shipment will include a hazmat fee. Rick
  15. Another option to look at is the so called "ghost guns". The frames are 80% complete with the buyer having the finish the frame. Not hard at all if doing a Glock clone, little more difficult with a Sig build and most difficult the 1911 build. You have to make sure that they are legal in your state. I personally like the grips better on on the 80P Glock clone than the stock Glock grip. You can also build 80% ARs and AKs as well as the 10/22 Ruger. The hard parts with the AR/AK, 1911, 10/22 and the Sig is they require jigs that can be difficult to source and and range in price from 150 to about
  16. I'm not a huge Glock fan although I have a couple. My favorite is a G21 chambered for 50GI. Reason a lot of police departments have glock is because Glock had fantastic deals to get those departments to buy them. Many call the Glock the perfect pistol. They started that nonsense with the Gen 1 guns and Glock has upgraded em 4 times not to the Gen 5. Plus there are tons of after market upgrades for the perfect gun. Don't like the triggers on them and spending 150-300 to fix that is easy. I also own a CZ, A couple of 1911's, Browning HP and Ruger. Go to a store with a range and find out what sui
  17. If you think about everyone of them who served or worked on the factory floor had survived the Great Depression prior to doing their part. And it was a world wide depression that actually was one of the reason that Hitler was able to gain power in the first place. Rick
  18. All of the agents who went into occupied Europe should be remembered. It was a very dangerous game they played. 3-6 agents on the ground in Greece helping the Greek resistance kept about 6 full German divisions tied down. Divisions that could have made a huge difference in Italy or on the Normany beach head or in Russia. IIRC it was something like 19 divisions in France. All to provide security and hunt down the resistance. Now for some odd information. And trust me. I'm not detracting from the agents on the ground nor the resistance fighters but if you look at numbers they are astoundin
  19. Damned is it that easy??? Never had anything against a horse....till now???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. ATF requires floatation devices for all Semi auto rifles While boating! Rick
  21. I got the slide assembly (upper), and ammo components from https://www.guncrafterindustries.com/ . I got the frame from from https://www.rockeybrass.com/ . Rockybrass is out of stock on the frames right now. The upper also fits the Glock G21 gen 3 frame. The lower parts I sourced from ebay. If you go to build one let me know. I can give you a bunch of recourses. Rick
  22. Love it. It's blast! Rick
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