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  1. Wide range of comments. Guys first things first. A company owes it's workers only what the workers agreed to. That is the pay and raises promised along with any other compensations like medical and vacation. It owes it's customers a given product at a reasonable price and the expected quality. It must also comply with safety and EPA requirements. Then it owes it's owners and investors. Most companies if the CEO, COO and CFO all worked for free it would NOT noticeably affect the price of the product or the worker wages. Wal Mart for example would result in the full time worker making about 100 dollars a YEAR more. Prices on the shelf would drop less than 1 cent per item. This has been way overblown by some to make excuses for high corporate taxes. So when it comes to running the company an engineer can't do it anymore. It needs someone who knows business. Too many legal/financial issues and such. This is where leadership comes into play. The leader must rely on the experts for input to make decisions. The bean counter has to be able to input "this is what we can afford". The engineer has to be able to say "that isn't going to work". Marketing has to be able to say is something will sell or not or is say an idea is going to anger the customer base. From reading that piece in Forbes the CEO was a terrible leader. It was his way or no way. And I sure many of us has experienced that at many levels. Most common would be a new supervisor. Newly promoted and just waiting to "do things their way". Generally this results in lower moral ending in reduced production and high worker turnover. Kinda instant JERK, just add water.
  2. Seeing as I bought my T340 a week ago I am way behind you. I just ordered the full service and operators manuals plus the new water pump to replace the leaking one that's on the tractor. Gotta see if anyone in the local area has a track press because it looks like the bushings need turned. Anyway good luck. Rick
  3. About 14,000 pounds without the blade. The blade can add a lot of weight too. Several tons. Rick
  4. Don't see how you could go wrong with that. Like IH crawlers most track and undercarriage parts are NLA. Rick
  5. Mike as far as I( can tell it's the C135 engine. Rick
  6. OK, has the reverser unit on it too! Looking into it but it could maybe stand to have the track pins and bushing turned too. Got a little backstory too. Was purchased by a grain elevator to move rail cars. When the elevator failed in the Carter recession the manager bought it and took it to his farm where it sat in a shed most often. When he passed it was sold to the last owner who bought it because he was friends with the last owner. Basically he as a MH fan left it sit till he decided to sell out and move south. Rick
  7. Just picked this up last weekend at auction south of Fergus Falls MN. Paid 3,000 for it. Gotta get the operators and repair manuals for it. Needs a water pump too. Rick
  8. Well it has a 12 volt battery on it so I doubt it will save money. My guess is at least the VR has been burned up. Plus I'd have to buy a 6Volt battery and charger. SO a 10S1 alternator would be cheaper. Rick
  9. Not terrible. Needs the bushing turned. Rollers, idlers and sprockets are all OK. Needs a couple of hoses replaced. Needs and alternator too. Genny isn't working. Rick
  10. Thanks. This came with the parts manual and part of the service manual. I have to find the operators manual and the rest of the service manual. Rick
  11. No it has the sacrificer on it. Rick
  12. Ouch! Yea 3,000. And here crawlers normally go way too high. Rick
  13. I attended an auction today. 1st sense this Covid stuff started. Owner was a MH guy and there were several nicely restored one there. He also had a NF M. Paint was rough but the tin was straight. Fired right up. As you can see very nice rubber front and rear. Sold for $600. They also had a T340. It ran and drove. Has both the sacrificer and Reverser on it. Drott loader with 4in1 bucket. That is now mine! Gotta go back tomorrow and pick it up! More pictures to follow once it's home! Missing some tin as you can see that I'll have to find and also some teeth for the sacrificer. Plan is to restore my D4 first and then this. Yellow fender at the bottom is a MM R and the one behind is a Massy that has a cab fitted to it and a snow blower mounted on the front. Rick
  14. Troy is 100% correct concerning minimum wages increases. If it goes up say 10% chances are inflation will shortly exceed that 10% by a couple of percentage points. Kinda like corporate taxes. Raise those taxes and they just pass that onto the consumer. Rick
  15. No, I upgraded to a Ford 860. Better than an M, then I'd have really ugly yard art plus a shovel and rake.......🤣 Rick
  16. Don't have an 8N either....sold those cause they were actually worth something! Rick
  17. Drove past a farm this morning that I don't drive past often. Had a pretty decent sized JD running a bale elevator, must be between 125 and 185 HP. Wasn't close enough to see the numbers. I know the guy. That farm has been green sense the early 70's. Bet the idiot cubes are for his wife's horses. But that sized tractor cause it just doesn't make sense to keep a smaller one to run a couple of hundred square bales a year into the haymow. Rick
  18. Yea but the Snappy handle? Is it still available? If so where and current price? SIL hates Snap On. I'd love to get one just to mess with him! And I'd bet you are right about the cost of materials. That doesn't mean that the end price will be cheap. Rick
  19. Heck I only have about 2 bucks worth of material in that one at todays prices. So they wouldn't be expensive at all. Like I say I'm not looking to sell. Someone ask a question and I provided an answer. If it had been expensive I wouldn't have done it. Rick
  20. OK guys, gals and others, here goes. I made this on my resin printer. Buffed out it's a translucent red. I can get other colors. Not trying to sell anything yet. Just showing what can be done. Keep in mind that I have large hands. X or XX large glove type hand. It measures 4 3/8 tall x 1 inch wide x 1 3/4 front to rear. Has a 9/16 hole that would take an insert to make it smaller if needed. OK, having trouble uploading files right now but you should get the basic idea. So yea, you can print these. Kinda cool IMO. I will finish buffing it out and post more photos. There are other styles out there too. Rick
  21. Working on it. Wont be red, only color I have right now is blue but just to see how it turns out. Rick
  22. Yup says on the box "Under License CNH". Still pretty sharp looking. Rick
  23. You sir have a perverted sense of taste in tractors.....🤢🤣 Rick
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