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  1. I don't know what the big deal is???? It's someone elses tractor. They can paint it hower they want! Heck if my wife or one of our daughters wanted a pink letter series I'd buy one and paint it pink for her!!! It would still be an ugly letter series!!! If it was my baby girl I'd buy 2 and paint em both pink! It would drive my letter series tractor loving son in law over the edge! Rick
  2. I was going to go but wound in the hospital. Got out about 2 hours ago told my wife I could use a mobility scooter. The ruling is in🤬. Absolutly NOT!😪 Even my son in law IH fanatic says he ain't taking me....... Rick
  3. Doing OK, bit better than expected. Thanks for asking. Ricki
  4. Guys it breaks down like this. If you don't buy it they ain't going to build it. Simple as that. If they can't sell a hi/lo transfer case truck with lockouts why build it? And therein lies the problem. Look at how many on here like to brag about their old trucks that just keep going. And this stuff started in the early 90s when the average new 1/2 ton buyer was a woman who lived in the burbs. Average one never left the pavement. Rick
  5. I'm going with my wife. Hope everyone has a great time! Rick
  6. Hope they all stay safe down there. Rick
  7. WOW! Take care Tony! Get well soon! Rick
  8. Hope Aug is amuch better month for you and yours. Rick
  9. Congratulations! And tell her she has my symaphty! Rick
  10. I go to Fargo and Minneapolis often. 3 cops shot in Fargo is an aperation that's hard to believe. Fargo isn't the cesspool that Minneaposis is. And if the king XXXX would just leave the state we would be a lot better off. Rick
  11. mostly hippo bones.... Rick
  12. As far as NE goes? I was more refering to the lack of towns, not the size. My home town is less than 100 people. Here we got a town ever 5-25 miles. There and in ND you may not see a town for 40-50 miles. Rick
  13. Well that went well. Saw a lot of corn and beans. Lot of older IH tractors still being used in SD and NE. Looked to be a fair amount of 66 series machines still earning thier keep! The fosils me, her and the ones we went to look at were interesting. Never knew that there were hippos, camels and other savana type animals in that area millions of years ago. Rick
  14. Wife and I are on a little trip to the Ashfall fosil dig in north NE. Never in the hiatory of man has two people driven so far through so much corn to see such a little town as Oneil NE! I don't think anyone here has seen an outsider in decdes! Rick
  15. Guys a lot of what happened was that small businesses with no debt load, well mom and pop decided to retire and sell out. New owners now had debt load. So one by one they failed. In part to HBO and Showtime, Netflex and others. Old mom and pop lived above or on the of the store. So no rent and no debt ment they could struggle but still stay open. Rick
  16. Nice finds/saves Rick
  17. Yep sound about right! If it's an old piece of sXXX call it vintage and charge more! Rick
  18. I ain't that far from you and farmers here have those same 2 options. Rick
  19. Sorry it's taken me so long to do this. I was hoping that I'd have word one way or the other about the cancer. I've had 4 scans so far and there has been a slght improvement. Another scan in 2 weeks. Still doing chemo infusions every 3 weeks. The first drug they used took my blance and strength out of my hips. Now I'm on a different chemo that makes me sick to my stomac and the pain has gone way up. But other than that I'm doing alright. I keep telling folks that it is what it is and if I beat it or not is up to God. I'm just along for the ride. My only bad thing is not being able to get some of the things I'd like to get done. My daughter and her husband have been trying to help out when they are available. The other kids live too far away to make that easy. Now for other news. My sister's one son that took over the farm has been having a tuff year. Been pretty dry. And now to add to that Saturday night his machine shed went up in smoke. He lost a 2294 Case IH, MFW 7120 with a loader, a 560D, his swather and some other stuff. My SIL, his brother and I were working on the 1206 when we saw most of the Battle Lake VFD go past on the highway and speculated on what was burning so bad that bring them this far. Battle Lake, Vining and Henning VFD's were all there. Anyway th 1206 is over there so they can feed cows with the loader. My nephew did get his round bailer and skid loader out but that's it. Most of his tools and such were in the fire. And back to my stuff. My T340 needs a main clutch, the JCB backhoe needs the engine gone through and I need to do some steering clutch work on my 7U D4. Anyway I'm doing as best as can be expected expecting the worst and praying for the best. Isn't much I can do about it except follow the docs orders. That and trying not to be a pain in the backside on here. Rick
  20. Praying for the family that lost a baby. For your dog too Seth. Rick
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