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  1. Mopar guys

    Now just wait a second there.......I ain't in-American......I just don't like Chrysler products......although they are better than what's available today......FIAT...... Rick
  2. My unpopular opinion.

    LOL Mark, I guess I just a cranky old guy. I want to stick the key in and have it start! Been messing with points sense dad taught me to tune up the lawn mower when I was a kid......gee, 53-54 years ago??? Something like that. More to the point (pun intended) "if it ain't broke I don't have to fix it". With EI seems it's never broke! I do change the oil and filters on the tractors and small engine stuff but I don't even mess with the road vehicles. For 50 bucks local place here rotates the tires, changes oil and filter, lubes all lube points, checks all fluid levels and light, Checks brake wear, exhaust, shocks, washes the windows/windshield and tops off the washer fluid. They use the oil I would use and WIX filters. Ain't worth the few bucks Id save doing it all myself. Now if I could just find a distributer and the EI kit to make the pony motor on my D4 EI!!!!! Rick
  3. My unpopular opinion.

    LOL kinda funny but I wanted to move the M and one of the Ford 8Ns today. Both had been setting at least 6 months so I charged both batteries for about 1/2 hour on a 40AMP charge. The M (still points, 12 volt) I had to clean the points to make it run. The Ford with 3 year old EI? Fired right off! Didn't touch anything. I have an EI I need to install on the M.......just gotta find that most important tool.......motivation! Rick
  4. My unpopular opinion.

    Unless you have plans on getting rid of it, it would be worth in IMO. Rick
  5. My unpopular opinion.

    I myself like the 3 wire but each to his/her own I guess. Got 2 tractors here that have one wires, both were bought with those in place. The other 3 I converted myself and are all 3 wire. Both systems work. Rick
  6. My unpopular opinion.

    No the only real gain is reduced maintenance and elimination of having to hunt for quality points, and that is becoming more and more of a problem. Same with voltage regulators. When you go to the parts store and buy a known for quality name brand product, like Standard, Blue Streak or Echlin that's defective right out of the box it's a problem. When you make 2, maybe 3 or more trips to get a working VR it's a problem. And this has been getting worse not better. They are not selling enough point ignition parts or parts for a generator charging system to make it worth their while to spend big money on high quality. And they know that the average owner runs that old tractor 10 hours or so a year. So by the time there is a problem any warranty expired a long time ago. So the companies don't really care. It's kinda like the 6 volt thing. Look at the price jump 6 volt batteries have made over the last 10 years or so. Then look at how many battery chargers don't even have a 6 volt setting. Both points and 6 volt battery days are numbered. They will be high priced specialty only items in a few years I think. LOL try explaining that to a lot of people. That 40K volt coil is going to spark at 12K volts if that is where the energy to jump gap is met at. To actually get hotter spark you have to increase resistance. Rick
  7. My unpopular opinion.

    LOL you musta not looked very hard then. Last one I actually worked on that died on the road due to the points failing would have been in the mid 80's. Stopped to help someone out in some pretty nasty weather. Young family. After a quick troubleshoot had no spark, pulled the cap and the points were brunt to a crisp. Gave the family a ride into town. Guy had someone from his family coming to help. And I never had an issue with a breaker point system either but every 12 miles they got a tune up. My last heck, 8 maybe 9 vehicles were all electronic ignition, all of them I ran past 200,000 miles without a failure. Heck one I ran to 312,500 without and EI failure. I'd like to see you take a breaker point type system, drive it 200,000 miles only changing the plugs once at 100,000 miles. I kinda like not having to mess with it. Check the oil and go! I bet my son who can design and set up a computer network doesn't know how to do anything with points. So what? Being able to replace a set of points don't make anyone a hero today. He doesn't need to. Everything he owns is EI. Can you design and setup a network for an internet provider? But you can fix a set of points that have long sense become obsolete? Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. Obsolete right there with you! But I like jumping on a tractor and going......so mine will be EI conversions. Rick
  8. Continuing Education

    Well the wife just happened to have the opportunity to do something she wanted. Kinda knew going in that she didn't have much of a chance of landing a job in that field. Just a good thing for us that she didn't have to find work I that field. Rick
  9. My unpopular opinion.

    OH boy Chris did you ever open up a can of worms! I remember back in the day when to keep a car running at it's peak you had to do a tune up every 12K miles. Then some fool figures out how to make that 45K miles and you only had to replace the plugs and set the timing. The tune up interval on or vehicles today is 100,000 miles. Plus vehicles are lasting on the average of 200K instead of 80-100. Do I want to go back to the old days? Not one little bit! And cars have gotten much more reliable too. Way back when I could drive 90 to Fargo without seeing at least a couple of vehicles dead on the side of the road. Now what I see most often is ones left from DUI arrest that haven't been towed yet..... The bad side of staying with points is that the quality of points has taken a nosedive over the last several decades. Even name brand ones are being made in China. Last set I got was from what's considered one of the best 3 brands on the market. The points wouldn't even line up, off by 1/2 the width of the contact face. Been hearing a lot of stories of the slotted holes being off to the point that the points will either fail to open at all or fail to close. And as fewer people buy points the worse it's going to get. Soon, another decade or so and points will not be generally available at all. On an old H or M, that gets 10 hours of run time a year it makes no sense to convert. One set of points should last at least 200 hours. But someone running a C or SC with a belly mower 5 hours a week 30 weeks a year? Yea it just may be a good conversion. I am a firm believer that if you want to convert it's best to go over to 12 volt. Voltage drop in a 6 volt system causes EI to fail to get enough power to fire the system if the battery is a little weak or in bitter cold. I also believe that one should repair the system first, then convert so it isn't being used as a Band-Aid. The exception to that is when doing a 12 volt conversion. No sense in repairing a generator or replacing a voltage regulator when that stuff is going to get trashed anyways. But cables should be inspected cleaned and replaced if needed, things like that. Again, reason to convert has everything to do with replacement parts for 6 volt systems. Here what I'm seeing a lot of is voltage regulators bad right out of the box. Again name brand sources and sometimes 2-3 bad ones to find one good one. So for a "daily driver" it kinda makes sense to convert. Now one big thing in favor of converting those darn old Fords? That stupid front mount distributer! If you have knee problems and or large hands they are terrible to work on! Heck if you had to change the points just once if you didn't have the money to either convert or replace the tractor you'd be on the side of the road with a sign that reads "will work for EI"! Rick
  10. Continuing Education

    I have a grandson who started college this year. He started out with the idea of mechanical engineering. He just changed his major. Reason being is that his research shows that there are enough people out there with both BAs and MAs in mechanical engineering that it's nearly to the point that is you are not in the top 2-3 percentage of a class finding employment is about impossible. And there are more than just a few career fields that are like that. While he has been passing he isn't as strong with the math as he needs to be competitive in the job market. Unless you have the cash, or are entitled to rehab training you also have to look at debt load. I know of one such lady who decided to go back to school and graduated about 8 years ago. She is currently 62 and still has about 5K worth of student debt. Never has been able to work in the field she trained for. Was basically told she was too old for the work. I'm married to her. Thing is we can afford the debt and her being underemployed. No big deal. But for many that would be a disaster. It's why I urge you to proceed with caution. Absolutely nothing wrong with learning something new. But if you are betting your financial future on it at 53? You better be dead on the spot with the path you choose. Rick
  11. New joke

    I like em, wife thinks the are bushy tailed rats.....haven't had squirrel in some time! I do think rabbit is better tasting though! All animals are dirty by our standards today carrying bacteria and vermin that we really don't like to think about! Rick
  12. F-250 vs grader

    Who knows? All speculation at this point without additional info. I would not be real surprised to find out one of several things. Like DUI of drugs or booze or both, medical event, suicidal person behind the wheel, distracted driving and so on. On the suicide note: There was a young man, 15 or so years ago near me, who drove his corvette into the front of a grain truck on a bright and sunny day. According to witnesses he was smiling and waving at the truck driver right up to impact. I know, in passing his dad and uncle. So that is possible. They ruled that a suicide. Kid had a history of mental health issues. Another one near us happened right in front of my sister. Young woman, speeding, on her cell phone when she ran head on into a semi. Rick
  13. F-250 vs grader

    LOL tilla, if it a migrant the family will indeed sue and most likely their governor will just give em a payout. Rick
  14. Is your dog helpful?

    Got one that helps me spend money feeding her........ Rick
  15. Continuing Education

    Oh by the way, I'm not saying don't do it. Be very careful. You don't really want to wind up as the 57 year old unemployable person with student debt. Choose wisely grasshopper.... Rick