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  1. Seth, sorry guy, that has to suck. You and your family are in my thoughts. Rick
  2. Just hope everyone out there is safe. Rick
  3. I, watching from the outside can see a couple of things here. 1: I guy has to be willing to take a chance. No, not by planting a crop but in taking on more land, livestock or both. That means risking money, possibly the farm. 2: A famer has to market smart. That means selling via contract or having the ability to put off selling right away. That means money in the bank and or the ability to hold off till the markets are better. 3: You have to have the financial ability to strike first and fast. Be it with rent, purchase price or whatever is needed. The old thing here is you have to have already though it over. You wait just a few hours and you could be SOL. Basically if you are just hanging on and not good with the banker you just can't grow. Rick
  4. Got the new water pump on, decided to put new gauges in it while it's apart. Going to fix the wiring too. Rick
  5. Here we got guys just cutting the low ground. On the hills the beans really ain't tall enough to cut. Rick
  6. What the deal is was one company each contract period starts out with negotiations with their labor force. That generally set the tone for what the other companies will settle on with the UAW. IIRC they were for some time unofficially taking turns being the lead company to come up with a contract. Don't know if that's still going on or not. Rick
  7. IF you are planning on pushing snow with that beware that snow is really hard on the UC and tracks. Rick
  8. Makes me real glad that we don't normally see -30 for another month or so.
  9. Actually red is one of the hardest colors to see with the human eye at dawn and dusk. Rick
  10. Careful what you wish for. After the end of WWI we, the US that is became isolationist. By then we were selling a lot of goods overseas. All of a sudden, in the mid 20's we stopped buying foreign things where we could. Call it the Buy American round 1. The foreign countries retaliated by not buying American made goods. Factory orders dropped and companies started trying to collect from investors what was owed. Result? The collapse of Wall Street and the Great Depression. We still export a lot of things. Now there are certain things that should be made in the US but all of those things revolve around nation defense. That includes computer parts and chips needed for weapon systems. Another down side to only buying American is a lot of labor overseas is cheap. Increase the cost of producing and you increase the end price of those manufactured good. The result is called inflation. Inflation increases too much and you have a recession. Right now everyone is hiring. Just a lot of people are refusing to work. Rick
  11. Yea that's what I was thinking. All service members have a fair amount of training in first aid. Good thing those Marines were there to care for him till the ambulance/EMT/Paramedics could get there! He could have died! Rick
  12. Go and see how much space WalMart is dedicating to the grass/pasture raised/free range stuff. When America's poorest buyers who frequent places like WalMart are demanding these items there is more of a demand than you think. Heck a city as small as Fargo supports an Organic grocery store. Ain't my doings either. We live in farm country. Go into a convenience store in the mornings when the young (in their 20's) construction workers are buying drinks and snacks telling each other "don't buy that it had GMO grains in it". It's bigger than you think and growning. Doesn't matter if the info is wrong either. The folks who like GMO free, grass whatever are winning because they are getting the word out. Somehow the other side isn't getting the main stream media coverage. Not how I want to see things, just the way they are. Rick
  13. Really don't matter what each of us thinks. What matters is what the customer wants. Right now there is a growing market for grass fed/free range ECT. ECT. SO that's the way the market is trending. Don't matter which is healthier either. It's customer perception. Don't produce what the customer wants? Then expect to make less money. Rick
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