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  1. For those who haven't been paying attention this started about the same time that folks were hording TP. About March 2020. No one knew much about Covid 19 And some folks were scared. Then the George Floyd incident and the ensuing riots. The FBI in Mar of this year reported record NICs checks. Then the riots started and sales went through the roof. Jun set another NICs record. All of a sudden folks realized that the cops couldn't be everywhere at once and protecting themselves and loved ones couldn't be left to LEO. In that time 9MM Luger went from the cheap stuff being about 13 cents a round
  2. Damned ugly if you ask me!😲😱🤮😈🤣! Hope you heal well and quickly! Rick
  3. Blow by is found in all IC engines. It is basically burnt gasses that get past the piston rings. Just can't make rings seal perfectly. The more wear the more blow by. The true test is a compression test. Within specs? Good to go. Out of specs? Time to find the problem and fix it. Low compression and a lot of blow by would indicate either stuck rings or worn out rings. Just straight up low compression most likely would be in the valve train. I'll toss in that another cause of blow by that you don't see very often is a hole in the piston. Rick
  4. Not really true. Actually the CEO will spend more time dealing with various countries tariffs, EPA/safety regulations and equal opportunity/harassment issues than he will in making decisions on what comes off the line. The CEO is responsible to the share holders to make a profit. So looking for ways to cut cost and boost profits will be high on the list. Could be anything from cutting quality to cutting staff positions in mid level management. CASENH is a world wide company. Equipment that sells well here isn't the same equipment that sells well in other countries. With only around 2 m
  5. Guys the CEO doesn't have to know anything about the product. They don't design or develop anything nor do they assemble it. They run the company. Look back. IHC promoted the bean counter who advised the COE to release the 560 to head the company. That wasn't a brilliant move either. So tell me, just where today you are going to find a person experienced enough to manage a billion dollar a year company, who has a farm background? Rick
  6. No it hasn't, the Super Bowl hasn't been played this year and the Vikings didn't win! Rick
  7. We know, we KNOW, you didn't inhaled🤣! Rick
  8. Soon to be available on every street corner! Rick
  9. Damned, I was was looking for a parrot for ya! Glad you are healing good! Rick
  10. OK cool. Someone got a couple of interesting pieces! Rick
  11. WOW just looked it up. They only made 1129 D21s and 2409 series II. The 1150 MF was only made for 2 years. So both are rare tractors. Now the question must be ask. With only 3538 total D21s sold, did that make 3538 smart farmers? Or did the smart farmers buy IH instead🤣? So that's a good question to ask your AC buddies! Rick
  12. Yea I know about Hutch, this one was going the wrong direction. Rick
  13. Was going to Fargo yesterday and near Barnesville MN saw 2 tractors, good looking tractors on a semi trailer heading west. One was a very nice D21 Allis Chalmers. Had obviously been restored but looked really good even if it was orange! The other was 1150 Perkins V8 diesel Massy Ferguson equally nice looking open station. Very cool to see as I haven't seen a D21 or an 1150 in at least a couple of decades! Really wish I could have gotten a few pictures. Was lucky I didn't drive into the ditch as it was! Rick
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