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  1. oldtanker

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Got a local one here who stays in business by hold weekly consignment auctions. About the only good ones he gets are estates when the family is looking for a quick sale and don't live in the area. His most common statement made about every other item "this is good stuff". Rick
  2. oldtanker

    Ficching Challenge!

    I spent 3 hours out this morning checking out a lake I've never fished before. Bunch of little northern pike, 5 14-18" bass and a couple of bluegills. Nice little lake. Rick
  3. Nasty business. I got bit by one in the mid 80's. After fighting with it for a couple of months the doc just cut out the "bad" part. Rick
  4. oldtanker

    DOT Physical

    We said that in the Army. US Sgt's at least. Was kinda a serious joke. "This is the US Army, simple problems require complex solutions! SIMPLE SOLUTIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED"! Rick
  5. oldtanker

    Romper Room

    Wanna know how bad it was? I shot the computer, burned the monitor and changed internet providers..........🤣 Rick
  6. oldtanker

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    LOL Saw that! I laughed too! Then maybe you should ask the wife why she has a pool boy yet no pool???????😈 Last Intrepid I worked on was a transmission swap. Car was purchased new by the owner, had just under 95K on it and the transmission had failed. Only place we could find a reman was from Chrysler. None of the other re-builders would touch them. They said something about a lot of internal mods in just one year model. Chrysler told us the transmission had to be ordered using the VIN so I'm guessing that was the case. IIRC that transmission failures in that model Intrepid were common at less than 100,000 miles. Don't remember the year model but I did that work in either 99 or 2000. Bad part was that most of the Ford or GM stuff we worked on from the same era we would have rebuilt the transmission in house. Rick
  7. oldtanker

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Yea, Look I'm not a fan of Toyota vehicles,. Never owned one and most likely never will. But they build the Tacoma San Antonio, Texas and Baja California, Mexico Tundra San Antonio, Texas So a Ram or Jeep built in the US is no difference. The parent company is a foreign owned company. Both pay about the same starting wages. So what's the complaint if you are OK with Fiat? That means you should be happy the guy bought a vehicle built in America! Rick
  8. oldtanker

    Romper Room

    Well then you explain the picture he sent me........😣! Rick
  9. oldtanker

    Romper Room

    He sent pictures.......it was awful! I had to bleach my eyes! Rick
  10. oldtanker

    Romper Room

    Heck them ain't his new uniforms....his new "uniform" is way worse than that.......much smaller too... Rick
  11. oldtanker

    Long time salesman finally hangs it up

    That's a lotta years. Rick
  12. oldtanker

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Thing of it is a lot of that Ford or GM (can't count the Dodge/Ram it's really just another foreign company building vehicles here in the states) have a lot of parts made in Mexico or China. Couple of years ago a daughter in law was here for a couple of days with grand kids. Water pump went on her GM car (they bought it new). I replaced it had Made In China on the body of the old pump. Yep Dodge/Ram may be made in the US but it's just another foreign owned car maker doing that now just like Toyota and others. Rick
  13. oldtanker

    Legal question..

    That pretty much nails it. Kinda like when the house voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt. The DOJ would have to actually carry out and arrest and any formal charges. Like the DOJ is going to do that to the head of the DOJ? What I fail to understand is the "Contempt of Congress" thing. Guess we are all going to jail. Everyone I know holds congress in contempt! Rick
  14. oldtanker

    Ficching Challenge!

    AHHHH That's illegal here I think, to use game fish for bait. Even if they are bait sized. Rick
  15. oldtanker

    Building hay stacks with a Go Devil

    Now that's interesting! I've seen one of those before! Just didn't know what it was supposed to do! Funny in a way too. My last connection with Salina KS was as an onlooker. I was a PSG (Platoon Sgt) in 1/4 Cav Ft Riley KS. The PSG of 2nd platoon has a soldier desert. Farm kid from upstate NY. He thought the gangster life was for him, got in trouble and took off. The kid got picked up cause he tried using his last leave and earning statement from before he deserted to prove employment for a loan in Salina Ks. He didn't know the loan company would call his unit to check his status. Rick