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  1. oldtanker

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    I gotta agree. Vehicles frame is extremely important! I saw the same thread about those frames. Completely knocked Toyota out of the picture for me for the same reason. That frame lets go at 70? With your wife? Kid? Grand kid in it? I don't care how many free replacement frames they will put under it! With the exception of an accident it never should have needed a new frame! Rick
  2. oldtanker

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    OK something like a a Pathfinder isn't even on our radar. Gotta have 3 rows of seating and cargo space behind that. And more cargo space besides 6 ". Couple of feet is minimum. Don't take it wrong. I think that Nissan makes fine vehicles just like they made fine torpedoes and bombs in WWII. But their fine vehicles are too small! Just so you know, Nissan worried that the name would hurt sales in the US re branded as Datsun to avoid that. They only changed the name back when they correctly thought that Americans would have forgotten their roll in WWII. Don't feel bad. Mitsubishi made the Zero. Kawasaki, Honda and Mazda also built weapons and vehicles of war too. Rick
  3. oldtanker

    New joke

    Not right! Story goes Old guy is in for a physical. Doc start asking all kinds of quality of life questions. Old boy in the course of this tells the doc he thinks his wife is losing her hearing. The doc tells him to start at the far end of the house and ask a question, then move closer and closer till she responds. Then call the doc and let him know what happened. So the old guy starts in the den "honey whats for dinner"? then from the hallway asks the same question. then again from the living room. Then again from the dining room. Finally the old, now very sad man moves into the kitchen and asks again. His wife replies "Earl, for the 5th time chicken!". Rick
  4. oldtanker

    New joke

    Most likely! The give away is "I can't fix it" 不不不 Sorry Mark, was just too easy! Rick
  5. oldtanker

    The wisdom of Johnny Carson

    The big problem is is defining what,s news and whats and entertainer. The 2nd big problem is convincing people that all the are is entertainers. Heck! Stormy Danlies is what? AN ENTERTAINER! Rick
  6. oldtanker

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    Our lift gate doesn't work well under Zero on our Yukon. OK thanks. Rick
  7. oldtanker

    308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    That's true. But what really matters at 1000 yards is target effect. If the projectile doesn't inflict a killing wound you may as well not even have pulled the trigger. This bullet "coefficient" hasn't measured up under testing. It's really this thing called physics. You really can't violate the laws. That's a constant. Wanna see it in effect? Get a scale that reads peak force. Drop something, then double the weight and drop it again. Get the readings. Going to be different yet each item is going to hit the sale at about the same speed. So at 1000 yards? Is it a killing shot? That's more than just bullet placement. That's also PENETRATION! I can hit right over your heart. If the bullet doesn't penetrate? OOPS! Now keeping in mind that you have about an 8" circle to achieve a kill shot, center mass, long range with a smaller caliber bullet that bullet has to be traveling at extreme speeds to achieve the effect of hydro-static shock it gets at shorter ranges to expand that area. OOPS! Ain't there. So it breaks down to do you want to hit me in the chest with an 8 OZ hammer or a 20 pound maul. Really you take the 338 and .50 out of the picture and the best long range "it's gonna kill the target" round until the .50 as a sniper weapon or the 338 was the venerable slow moving 45-75. But I hit you in a non vital spot with my GEE WIZ cartridge gun? Now I hit you at 1500 yards with a slow moving .50 380 grain slug that take your arm or leg off? OK, they found out in WWII that a kinetic energy round could kill armored vehicles. It wasn't a matter of caliber it was effect on target at a given range. A hyper velocity 88MM or 90MM (both that started life as anti aircraft guns design to launch round 25/30 thousand feet) could launch kinetic energy rounds (WWII tungsten steel , today depleted uranium) at enough speed to penetrate armor. The uranium round 36" of armor steel at 2,000 meters. And that was in the early 90s. Smaller guns that shot the same type of projectiles at the same or greater speeds failed to penetrate. So it boils down to both speed and the weight of the projectile. The math is simple for accuracy. If round A drifts 5 feet in 10 MPH cross winds and drops 40 feet at 1000 yards and round B is 1/2 half that then round B is more accurate. But here is where the rubber meets the road. In combat. What matters? Target effect? Or accuracy? I'm an old soldier. I know the guys i served with. If you would have shot at us at range that would have hit us then the round had fallen to the ground? Maybe a slight wound? It would have become a huge joke. If you missed often but every time you hit you cause serious injury or death? Well it wouldn't have been very funny. Wanna see accuracy? Want to see how good you really are? Short range so all you guys can join in! Work out. Push ups/sit ups. Run in place ! Get that old heart rate up to 120 BPS ( beats per second) then while wearing a hoisted weapon have someone yell NOW! Now present and engage but only engage the bad guys. One shot? One kill! And if they are outta range? Rick
  8. oldtanker

    308 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    LOL Seth: I love history! Any history! And I have a God given ability to remember stuff like this. Basically if I watch it and or read it I remember it. Was funny but a few years ago my wife was taking some college courses. She's doing some studying one night and said her professor had ask what Douglas MacArthur had said about Ike. I was reading and didn't even stop and told her that Mac had written in Ike's efficiency report that Ike was the best clerk he'd ever had when Ike was on his staff (first as a Major then as at Lieutenant Col). Now to a civilian that doesn't sound bad at all. But in the military that's terrible for a field grade officer. Clerks are enlisted people! Had WWII not come along Ike would have retired as a LTC of no distinction. Macs efficiency report would have killed him promotion wise. But I knew that off the top of my head. Again, a gift I was given. Rick
  9. oldtanker

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    Jesse, opinion? We may be looking to go a bit newer here soon. We currently have a 2013 Yukon. Been eyeing the Expedition/Navigator. Rick
  10. oldtanker

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    Paul I'd be the first to tell you to go with a Suburban/Yukon. Great vehicle IMO. Our first one went 258,000 before the first major issue, the transmission. We traded it at 312, 5XX miles. Cost us the transmission, pitman arm, one wheel bearing, heater motor, one starter, wiper control board, one alternator and a couple of idle pullies. It was used to pull livestock trailer, loaded hay wagons/gravity boxes and a few implements home. But like I say in the price/mileage you are looking at? I really doubt you are going to find that. Most 5 year old low mile pickups and SUVs are going to be north of 30K. Anything under about 12,000 miles a year average is low mile. So a 5 year old vehicle on average is going to show 60K and in that 25K or higher price range following your requirements. Rick
  11. oldtanker

    Lorenzo in his younger days...

    Dang, you guys need to fix that? What happened to the color? Or are you guys so old you grew up with before man evolved and could see color????不不 Rick
  12. oldtanker

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    And 1/2 by law is hers不......according to her law it's all her's! Rick
  13. oldtanker

    USS Hornet

    Most of the stories we got didn't have much to do with actual combat. The navy guys mostly talked about what they thought was funny mostly in port. Like my dad talking about guys from his infantry company. They were first pulled back for a couple of weeks in New Guinea for a short rest and a couple of "hillbillies" building a still then getting the native porters drunk. Then he would talk about getting evacuated after getting wounded to Australia where he was treated and returned to duty, assigned to a different unit getting ready for the Philippine landings. Dad would talk about the action that cost him his leg. They got hit with a mortar attack not actually engaged at the time. Wrong place wrong time kinda thing. Just 3 or 4 rounds. And what he talked about there was everyone trying to occupy the only 2 holes close by all at the same time. The other guys were the same. About the only time to get a good story was to get to em at a neighbor hood BBQ once they had had a few beers. Mr. White (best friends dad) like his beer. Once he had 3 or 4 we could get him to talk. He'd been Navy and had been at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7. Except he was on liberty when the attack went down. So mostly he was in on the rescue and recovery there. Mr Manconi (Jimmy's dad) was the gunner. He was a little younger and only got to England in late 44. Not much fighter action but he would talk about the flak and how scary it was because all you could do was hold on and pray as a gunner. You have to remember that these guys were my heroes. I spent a lot of time around them till I was 16. So there were a lot of years to pick up a bit here and piece there. I don't recall any of them sitting for any great length of time recounting story after story. Kinda funny. But shortly after we moved on to the farm dad met a local guy that he had fought with on New Guinea. The other guy had a full beard. Visited with dad a couple of times then one day out of the blue said "Gene, don't you remember me"? He had a lot of fun with that. It was only then that I got the bad stories both dad and this other guy had from New Guinea. The only time my dad opened up to me about the horrors of combat was when I had told him I was joining. He sat me down and talked to me to make sure I really understood what I could face. Then he ask me what I was going to do and I told him that I didn't know. He, a retired SGM told me fastest route to promotion is combat arms. Then he said it's easier to ride a weapon than it is to carry one. Rick
  14. oldtanker

    New joke

    This one goes hand in hand with that one. Old boy lived in a remote cabin by himself. Local game warden (carp cop) was convinced he was poaching. He'd even seen the guy in town buying groceries and never ever bought any meat. So he starts going out and setting in the woods where he could observe this guys house. Every morning the game warden was out there it was the same thing. Lights would go on at 5AM, bout 5:15 smoke would start coming out the chimney from the wood stove. Bout 5:45 the old guy would come outside and get another arm load of wood and call out. "Hey game warden, coffee is done and I'm fixing to put on some eggs, you may as well come on in and warm up"! Finally the old guy's health went south and he was forced to move into assisted living. Game warden stopped to visit one day and asked that old man how he'd known he was out there every time he's waited in the woods. Old man told him with a grin, "didn't know if you was out there or not. I did that every morning"! Rick