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  1. Mike? Still wearing the same hat? You should think about replacing it!🤣 Rick
  2. I don't have one of their tuque wrenches but i have a 3/8ths to 1 1/2ths combination wrench set I've use for the last 20 years. I'd rank they at the professional level. If you are worried about anything send em out and get em calibrated. Darn sure wouldn't be afraid of buying em. Rick
  3. Great news! Glad he's getting better and it's even better that he has a mother hen to keep in line! Rick
  4. OK here is what I got. You can leave it set about about 11 months, After that the def starts to good bad and must be drain, purged, refilled. This guy works for a private service. The other service my son works at is owned by a country hospital. They are in the process of going back to gas. Rick
  5. Thanks guys, Ray thanks for that offer. I think I caused enough ill will here in the past. Don't need to be spreading hate and discontent. Rick
  6. I have small cell cancer both adrenal glands and left lung and it seems to migrated to bone. Of course lymph nodes. Also had a few spots in my ever shrinking brain. So it looks like the radiation worked on my brain. Will know more later about the Chemo. Rick
  7. My oldest is a Paramedic. He's been talking to some of the guys who work in maintenance. See If I can pass anything onto you. Rick
  8. Dale things are going OK I guess. I'm trying to be a good boy on the internet cause right now with the chemo I'm pretty much house bound. Can't do much except complain and don't want to take out on you guys. The treatments seem to be doing what they are suppose to just won't know for couple of weeks. I said I will keep you guys posted and I Know things for certain I will. Right now my hair is funky! Rick
  9. I'm jealous! Not of the very nice looking equipment. Of you being able to get out of the house and do something! Still not looking for sympathy but this radiation followed by chemo is kicking my a$$. The shop heater I was going to order is on hold for at least another couple of months until we know what's going on. Still got the Ford 860 to finish. Then a good start on the 340T would be good and I'd like to get the D4 done. But I do thank you for the pictures, they gave me bright spot in my day. Rick
  10. I'm a little late here but very happy your wife is OK and has a new vehicle! Rick
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