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  1. I wonder why all the fuss about a tattoo? Long as it isn't your body why worry about it? I don't have any. Never could justify the cost. But they don't bother me. Rick
  2. That is a story about H&K pistols and a magazine with the rounds in backward. Is says nothing about a medium belt fed machine gun that for the little of it I can see is appears to be a M240 variant manufactured by FN Herstal, U.S. Ordnance, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing or Colt Canada. I still think it was staged. I spent way too much time on a military range to think that someone could take a picture from the wrong side of the firing line on a live range. Could also be a public affairs photo and someone (trainee) got nervous and fed a belt in wrong. But you cannot load ammo into the feed tray of a belt fed machine gun on a range with someone on the wrong side of the firing line. So we are back to staged. Rick
  3. Staged......in the first place no one would be allowed in front of the shooter on a live fire range. Rick
  4. Must got their looks from your other half! Good looking kids. Rick
  5. Yep, business 101. Rule #1 you have to make a profit! And if they are not selling enough plow shares they will stop selling them. Same thing with other tractor parts. Rick
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