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  1. A D18 Beach went down about 4 blocks from our house in NJ back in the late 60's. No survivors. One of my school teachers husband was supposed to be on that flight but got to the field just in time to watch it go in right after takeoff. Was late cause his son who was supposed to drive him to the field overslept. SCared the crap out of me cause my dad flew out of that field about once every 6 weeks. Rick
  2. What is the route home? I live right on MN highway 210. You would be more than welcome to stop in for a few minutes! Rick
  3. You guys gotta remember that the government is forcing this crap on the manufacturers with rules and regs. Rick
  4. You can look it up is you chose to. But the elites as you call them account for about 97% of federal income taxes collected after refunds are paid out. That's just plain and simple stuff you can look up yourself. Just for tax rates https://www.bankrate.com/finance/taxes/tax-brackets.aspx#:~:text=2021 tax brackets,314%2C151 or more . Just because someone claims they don't pay their fair share doesn't mean it's true. The rich pay 35-37%. You may remember someone claiming that the rich at one time paid about 50% and were OK with it. Way back then there were so many loopholes that the that 50% resulted in 0% actually being paid. Plus they pay far more in sales taxes because they can buy more. While you and I may spend 100 dollars they spend 1000 or more. Normally their property is valued much more too and they wind up paying far more in property taxes too. You or I may buy a used vehicle. Then do as much maintenance and repairs ourselves. They take their stuff in for everything. So they spend more on services that keeps people employed too. I happen to know a few wealthy people. To them eating out 4-6 nights a week is normal week to week dining habits. And no, that's not fast food. New 60,000 plus vehicles every 2-3 years is normal too. They create more jobs without thinking about it by accident than you or I do deliberately. No, I personally get nothing from them. But I begrudge them their good fortune either. A few facts for you: The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (38.5 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (29.9 percent). The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid a 26.8 percent average individual income tax rate, which is more than six times higher than taxpayers in the bottom 50 percent (4.0 percent). In 2017, the top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97 percent of all individual income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent paid the remaining 3 percent. (last complete year reported). Don't fret. Greed is a normal human trait that all of us have. We are born with it. Have a great day! Rick
  5. There is a lot more to it than that. Part is the environmentalist who have stopped cutting in some areas (have to remember that some environmentalist have no problem with a forced reduction in the earths population and forcing the people to go back to living off the land in an environmentally friendly manner?). Some has to due with US Canada relations. Seems Canada is not really enthusiastic about shipping lumber to the US sense the Keystone Pipeline got shut down by the current administration. Seems that the PM of Canada has pretty much shut down the lumber industry claiming COVID concerns. Now I'd like to know what's wrong with making money? I'm sure you make money. I bet you don't cut your spending to the bare bone and then give any extra money left over to charity. You know like no computer, no internet access, no TV or cable/sat service. Heck look at it this way. A rich person spends more money in a month than I make in a year. Money that pays for goods and services that keep a lot of people employed. Plus they pay sales taxes on a lot of stuff. Plus they actually pay far more in income taxes than is really fair. I pay between 3-5% of my annual income into state and federal income taxes. They pay something like 20-40%. I know some people who pay in 2-3 thousand every year and get returns of 4-6 thousand because of things like earned income and child care credits. We each followed a path in life. Mine lead to a satisfying life. I do OK but there are others who make far more than I do. I don't hold that against them. If they hadn't taken risks they would not have created jobs or built and developed the things I want. A lot of the time the greater the risk the higher the reward. Nothing wrong with that. Rick
  6. Not sure but it's looks like it's slow. Rick
  7. They didn't because Japan said they would eject anyone who did that from the games. That was the only thing that stopped them. Rick
  8. Just why do they deserve our support? They are seeking flame and glory. If they win a medal you can bet they will get product endorsements and make a bundle. Haven't watched the games sense the late 60's. Ain't gonna start now. Rick
  9. Why not just leave the guy alone and let him spend HIS money as he sees fit? End world hunger? Who are you kidding? You all should visit some of those poo hole counties and see for yourself. You would have to build an Army to take out all the tinhorn dictators and destroy their armies just so you could insure that the food actually got to the people. Why don't farmers once they have made back costs and stuff donate all the extra crops/livestock to feed those who are starving? I hear all these complaints about the folks working at Amazon. I actually know someone working there. They have decent pay and work rules. The rules are unless sick or injured you don't clock out early and while at work you work. Lowest pay you get is 15 an hour. Once you start they tell you you are supposed to work X number of hours a week but you are allowed to go over on that if you wish. Not into overtime though. Those who put in extra hours get raises and promotions much faster than those who don't. OK I don't like his political activism. But it's a free country as of yet. But no one tells us how to spend our money, why should we tell him how to spend his? AS far as him driving small businesses out of business? They failed because they didn't adapt to changing business environments. Like our local hardware store. Town is pretty much a bedroom community anymore. Most folks leave town about 7AM to commute to work and don't get home till about 6PM. Hardware store was open 10AM to 5 PM. Owner failed to modify business hours to meet the customer's needs. Seems to me that we as a whole should stop worrying about how rich folks spend money. Rick
  10. OK thanks! Don't know. Rick
  11. Old pump is shot. No big deal. Got a good pump for cheap. Got it in now getting it gone through before it's installed. Going to run around 500 all said and done. Now I still need to find all the TURBO stuff to put it back to stock. PO had a tree fall on it. Took out the hood, a fender, rear wheel casting (have a replacement) broke the turbo and the plumbing for it. He put a hood, manifolds and air intake system off an 806 on it. I'd like to restore it. Rick
  12. My take on this is a soldiers view. I swore and oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Among the rights granted in the Constitution is the right to peacefully protest. Taking a knee while being disrespectful is a form of peaceful protest. I did not give up my right to peacefully protest and shall do so by boycotting any sport when the athletes are disrespectful of our country. Sorry Seth. On this matter I cannot agree with your view at all. I've needed food, thus needed farmers. I've needed goods therefore needed factory workers and truck drivers. Having served overseas I've needed mariners and seaman. Like anyone, doctors, nurses and a large selection of medical services. I've needed snot nosed kids behind the counter to ring up the things I buy. I've needed road workers to maintain the highways and the other folks who keep my electricity going. I have never ever needed and athlete. Rick
  13. The big problem with a chopper is the auto rotate method of sitting a bird down. You have to have a certain amount of altitude for it to be successful. You don't have crop dusting. Another problem with choppers is they are much more expensive to to fly per hour than fixed wing. I had the opportunity to talk to a long time chopper piolet about spray a few years back. He claimed that most chopper accidents spraying occur very shortly after starting or a refill when the weight is at it's heaviest. Most sprayers want as much product on board so the can cover more ground in less time thus being more profitable. Most of you guys know the US Army Blackhawk chopper. It's capable of carrying external fuel tanks. When the Army first bought them a number of them crashed with the external tanks. Something to do with fuel transfer. This was back in the day they were still selling "Lawn Darts". Because of the way the wrecks looked on the ground for a couple of years some soldiers referred to the Blackhawk as a lawn dart...... Rick
  14. OH man that sucks! Praying for her! Rick
  15. Well I'm waiting to here how much for a rebuild if it's rebuildable. I have been looking around at remans and used too. It won't be down too long. And yea the M wouldn't have died like that. But then it would have gotten any work done either. The M won't pull that 5 bottom plow, the disk or run any implement I own except the poo spreader. And sense we got rid of the livestock we ain't got no poo to spread.....so it would just be yard art.....ugly yard art!??? Rick
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