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  1. Ordered a reman this morning. Thanks! Yep! Not sure if it's coming Speedy, Fedex or UPS but all 3 deliver right to the door. Rick
  2. A certain amount through the years have been to protect kids. Now I grew up in the Burbs. I mowed a lot of lawns before we moved here. But things were changing even back then. In the 80's kids had to be a certain age to mow lawns, then it was they could only mow their lawns. So the protect the children from all dangers folks made that almost impossible. Move on inside. Kids under a certain age can only work X number of hours a week and only so late at night. Kids under a certain age can't cook as they may get burned. Local small town bakery had issues with that. Certain age and a kid wasn't allowed to even turn on a mixer. Yea lawyers and insurance companies had stuff to do with it but so did the government. Rick
  3. Mark if you go back through history and read about some of the more notorious gangsters many did work before turning to a life of crime. Stealing not only was less labor intensive it certain circles it earned respect. Pretty interesting reading on some of it. Plus some of them thought working people were idiots when you could rob, steal, mug or murder with far less "labor" involved. Many who have had the opportunity to make an honest living have thrown it away to lead a life of crime. Go figure???? Rick
  4. My dad loved to do that to people. Pull up to a gate in a 63 Ford all steel front end truck till he was touching the wire, the the passenger to open the gate and as the passenger got out tell em to close the door..........He thought it was funny as heck! Have a friend who did the rubber soled shoe thing. Visiting any farmer he knew with an electric fence would just reach out and grab the fence and while holding it say "fence ain't working". Hoping you would grab the wire to check. Rick
  5. oldtanker


    Mark I've just seen too many people hurt doing dumb stuff. Maybe becoming disabled myself has helped to curb my attitude. When you are in a situation where it has to be done or people will die, yea then you take risks. But only when lives are at stake. Same thing with combat. You have to make decisions as a leader that is going to get people hurt and maybe killed to accomplish the mission. But you do your best to minimize the risks and use all assets available too. ANd doing it without getting hurt? Doesn't make it smart. It's still dumb. Someone just got lucky. Luck and smarts don't always go hand in hand, Rick
  6. Well Mark you want to sit here and be insulting? Better pull up yer big girl pants up then cause to can play at that game. Calling me tilla is insulting. So calling you a liberal is about leveling the playing field. Rick
  7. oldtanker


    Nope not at all. Rick
  8. oldtanker


    And service leaders regardless of branch are trained in risk management. In other words "does the situation demand the risk". Even an actor wouldn't do that unless the mission demanded it. Rick
  9. oldtanker


    Hey I ain't saying I wouldn't want it fixed. But they can do it in a safe sane way. If I had to without for an extra day or 2 till that had the correct equipment I'm OK with that. And I do appreciate the folks who do this type of work greatly. Enough so that they I don't want them injured or killed doing stupid stuff. Rick
  10. Then that black dude embargoed grain to Russia didn't he? Plus grain prices tanked while the black dude was in office, and office he'd hold for another 3 years. Wish we could say what our taxes was to be used for. Well it's kinda hard to pin this on the President currently in office. See you libs can't read a calendar it seems. Grain prices tanked in 2014, Jan of 14 to be more specific. Obozo was still firmly in office and the POTUS had not even been nominated at that time. So farm prices start to tank, 2 YEARS and 5 MONTHS before the POTUS is even nominated and 3 YEARS and 1 MONTH before he's sworn into office and it's Trump's fault? Tell me, do you have to practice to become that disassociated with the truth or does that just come naturally? I'd tell you what to do with yourself but you's most likely hurt yourself trying........🤣 Rick
  11. Id' just mark it "return to sender" as the sender wants to be insulting, but much like the other liberals can't get his facts straight. Rick
  12. oldtanker


    OK, guys, how'd they get that setup and tied off without getting out there without it being tied off? So that excuse doesn't wash. And sorry. Nope. I'd do without power, phone or internet for a reasonable amount of time. I'm not important enough for someone to die for that stuff. It ain't like he's defending his country doing that. Mark you keep asking what the Army did to me? This! It taught me what was important enough to die for and what's just dumb trying to prove you are a man. Rick
  13. oldtanker


    Simple picture showing stupidity. Rick
  14. 50 minutes from St Paul? Not bad....if you live in St Paul. But I'm 3 hours from St Paul.......🤣 I'll check em out. Thanks. Rick
  15. I take great delight in pointing out to certain people that he is indeed their President! Not just on here either! Rick
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