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  1. Proud parent

    Very cool.........just wait now pop.......she's gonna want her own car! Rick
  2. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Darn, was looking for something nice like a full cab with heat and AC........ Rick
  3. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    That shouldn't be a problem...firehose is right there.......that is if it was long enough to reach! Rick
  4. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    yea, I said I do 43 years ago.........at least glass is cheap! Rick
  5. New member has question in the front row

    Nice looking tractor. Is that 1K plus materials or are materials included in the price? Rick
  6. This guy walks in the shop today...

    Funny but when I was working as a wrench bender we had a customer who had an old POS Chevy pickup. He'd come in and say "fix it, don't care what it cost". He always paid up in full. Guy would drive maybe 15 thousand miles a year but we'd have to put in 3-4 clutches. Could not convince him that the clutch pedal wasn't a foot rest. Guys like him paid the bills and my wages. Rick
  7. Fireman`s Rule

    OK I think that cool heads should set some standards here. For example, a family camping gets caught in a flash flood through no fault of their own. Happens a lot more often than one would think. But not in the same league as a rock or mountain climber. These people are taking great risks for self gratification and when they get in trouble rescue workers and cops have to really put themselves at risk to save an idiot. Making the idiot responsible for the cost of the rescue and any injuries suffered by the rescuers might make some of them think about what they are doing. Kinda like the ice on the lakes here. Each year DNR tells everyone when it's safe to walk on then drive on the lakes. Every year we have multiple people go through the ice because they ignored the warnings. Them cops and volunteer fire and rescue people have to risk their lives trying to save that idiot that just had to go fishing. Or search and RECOVERY (not rescue) divers have to try to find the bodies and recover vehicles and equipment. The same thing happens in reverse each spring. No deaths this year near me but more than one truck through the ice. Here they passed a law that says when the local or state law enforcement says "no travel" that's what it means. So if say you go out and get stuck and pull out your handy dandy cell phone to call for help........they can bill you for the cost of the plow truck and operator to get out to you, the cost of the wrecker and the cost of the cop going out there with the plow, both mileage on the cop car and the cops time......so the cop can write you a rather expensive ticket for being out there. Well is they can do that cause you were determined to prove your manhood they should be able to bill you when do something else stupid too. Rick
  8. No horses after this round!

    Now that there is funny! Rick
  9. Fireman`s Rule

    Bob the thing is a drunk knocking over a candle or doing something else stupid that start a fire accidentally shouldn't count. Even though they are of diminished capacity it wasn't intentional. On the other hand let say it's a deliberate act of arson. The arsonist should be held accountable and liable. I see where Mark is going with this. If for example you are in a car wreck and you are trapped and the car catches fire. It's not the same as if I rammed your car in a fit of road rage. In one case a LOE or firefighter is responding to a simple accident and may be injured trying to save a victim. In the other case they are being exposed to those dangers because of deliberate actions spurred by anger. I myself think it's time we held these people who are responsible for these things accountable for their actions. I don't really care if daddy didn't love them. Rick
  10. Lost my sister this afternoon

    My condolences. Rick
  11. neat farmall toy sale

    Very neat, good thing we have this small old house........if I had room ours kids would have a lot of crap to go through in a few years...... Rick
  12. prayers desperately needed

    Thanks for sharing that info! Rick
  13. prayers desperately needed

    Great news, thanks for the update! Rick
  14. prayers desperately needed

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. My wife and I have been through this. We know how hard it is. An update would be appreciated when you have time. Rick