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  1. Face it guys. It's coming here too. No planting? Who you kidding? Be like back in the day when guys were supposed to dump milk. They guys that can afford to will either do it or see dollar signs and the guys with a lot of debt load have to plant. I think the people will push back though. When they can't afford meat for the BBQ grill or a loaf of bread? They will raise up. The Netherlands don't stop and consider other things too. The ability to feed the population is part of national security. They have relied on US and NATO for national security for decades. We mostly have to rely on ourselves. The help we get from allies is minimal. Rick
  2. All over the place rentals are hard to come by. Lot has to do with tenants tearing stuff up. Lot of times a landlord can't get damages because the now former tenant has nothing. Then add in some to the rules forced on the property owners regarding electrical, plumbing and even in house/apartment sprinklers. Many are priced right out the market. That's one of the big problems I read about in CA. Then other areas regulate how much of a rent increase a landlord can demand in a year and it doesn't matter what inflation or government mandated updates had to be done. In CA they say some landlords have closed up apartment buildings and walked away from them leaving the city or county to seize them for taxes. Often the cost of renovations and or demolition really sticks it to the local government. Even cheap apartments in rural areas run 1000 or more a month. Lot of folks in our area renting are on rent assistance which makes it difficult at best to evict them. Then the state government can't figure out why no one wants to build or own rental properties. Rick
  3. Have a great trip Tony! My traveling is done until the doc give me a clean bill of health. Maybe early next month? You gotta be proud of a kid like your grand daughter! Rick
  4. Lot of the stuff going on in CA is because of referendum vote. Like a lot of their taxes. They convince the middle class that the wealthy are going to be the ones paying the taxes. And the voters believe it. Sorry. I have no sympathy for the people who vote themselves into poverty. Or crime for that matter. Maybe these people should think about moving to another area? The first thing a business has to do is make a profit. With out that the business fails and everyone is out of work. So if a state taxes a business to the point they cannot compete the business either fails or moves. Rick
  5. Actually Seth they will roll the added cost of transportation into the price charged to retailers who will then pass it on to the customer. Rick
  6. Be that as it may Art. I'm not a threat to the government of the United States nor will I be. I know some veterans talk a lot but most of them are not a threat either. In fact I heard more about gang members joining the military then getting out to go back to their gang than I have of ex military becoming extremests. Rick
  7. LOL! I worked in the shop by myself for about 5 hours today. Wife popped in about every 30 seconds it seems, more like 30 minutes, to check on me. While considering my current health I'm ok with her checking. Got a lot more done that what I would have thought but still not up to what I could have done just a couple of years ago. Then I started to mow some lawn. My earth came crashing down when my ball and chain demanded that I stop for the day..... Women, can't live with em and can't make babies without them! When my wife got to Germany in 1995 with our 6 children I told here that is she got pregnant again that I'd shoot myself. Couple of months later she tells me that she's in the family way.....then ask if I was going to shoot myself.....I told her NO, I might be shooting an innocent man! I can make this worse.....true story! Rick
  8. Tony I hear ya. Getting 3-5 hours a day in the shop depending on how much I'm doing and how much I'm supervising. Wish I could make a RPRU right now. Just isn't in the cards this year. Be safe, have fun and follow the doc's orders! Rick
  9. Depends on how much weight is transferred to the towing vehicle. Rick
  10. Sorry to hear that. You just gotta fight back as best you can. Just turned 67. I was shocked when after my little medical emergency a couple of months ago when my doc told me "you are old and need to slow down". Then even more when my wife twisted that knife in my back and agreed with the doc. Heck to be honest just a few months ago I was looking at guys my age and thinking "old Far# needs to get out of the way". Now all of a sudden I realize I'm he!
  11. Kinda funny but pure rubber for something like a tire doesn't work. So going back to rubber is a silly notion. Rubber needs to be vulcanized for it to be useable. What make a tire weak a long time is how hard the rubber is. High mileage tires have a drawback. Hard rubber has terrible adhesion. The softer the tire is the better it sticks to the pavement. Or ice and snow for that matter. For example I'm running BF Goodrich Dueler AT tires on my wife's Suburban. Fantastic traction in ice and snow conditions. But I only get about 65,000 miles out of them. Yea sure I can get a longer lasting tire but then I sacrifice traction in ice and snow. Living in MN that's an issue. If I lives down south I'd be buying 100,000 mile tires. You should see some of the high performance tire life stuff. Some are not even warrantied for mileage. Rick
  12. After many months my T340 started and ran for a few minutes this morning. Getting the ceiling up in the shop got in the way some. Then I had those medical issues a couple of months ago. Had it apart for a water pump and wiring. Not done but getting close! The only down side is the couple of months on heavy medical restriction and I'm lacking in upper body strength and my stamina isn't where I'd like it to be. Hope the have the T340 back outside and usable by tomorrow evening. The next on the block is the Ford 800. Then the 1947 7u D4 Cat. The 800 has a governor issue and the Cat needs some work on the pony engine plus the hydraulic pump leaks. I did get an old Wheel Horse D200 back in operation. Had a gas tank issue and sat for several years. Wiring was trashed. The D series WH was kinda big for it's day. Tipped the scales at about 1200 pounds give or take. At the time the "other" big garden tractors were about 800 pounds. I'll try to get a few pictures up over the next couple of days. Guys, speaking from experience, when down physically you have to get back up! You also have to know your limits. I can work 2-4 hours but that's it. If I push it I'm down for 2-3 days. I'll build back up. Just gonna take time. Be well and safe my friends....and adversaries. Rick
  13. Back in the day so to speak some states had limits on overall length. MN was one. 55' overall length. You don't make money with a big (long tractor), you make money with a big trailer. Most old cab overs could pull a 45' trailer here where a cab over would be lover sized and have to have a permit. In Europe the roads sure do make a difference. In some areas hair pin curves are common. Lot of narrow roads too. Rick
  14. Been kinda wet here. Very thankful that I have a chainsaw and enough woodlands to build an ark if needed..... Rick
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