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  1. Man they fixed that problem a long time ago. Now a service member leaving an overseas assignment who has a privately owned vehicle (POV) has to prove that they legally got rid of it or shipped it before they can out process. They have to prove they sold it LEGALLY, shipped it or signed it over the the MWR strip lot. They had a huge problem with abandoned vehicles back in the 70's. By the time I returned to Germany in 83 those rules were in place. Transferring title to a German civilian had it's own issues with the Germans making sure the buyer paid the taxes and such. Rick
  2. She came here looking for the American dream.....then she found out she had to actually WORK for it! Rick
  3. Hey that might be an interesting tour.....ANTIFA said they were going to disrupt Sturgis this year and destroy the Hexxs Angles MC!!!🤣😈🤣 Rick
  4. Well if you went west out of Vining and into Battle Lake you drove through our place. We have 40 acres north of 210 and 160 south. Nyberg is really an artist. Art His daughter Karen was an astronaut. Karen Rick
  5. oldtanker

    Thank you LORD!

    Heck I thought yer yard would sound more like Fruit Loops......🤣! Rick
  6. I'm about 25 miles from Dalton, near Vining. MN Highway 210 cuts through our farm. Glad to her that your wife's friends came though that alright! So you get back out here give me a shout. Rick
  7. I'm familiar with the area. In fact I was just on County Road 82 last evening going from Ashby to Dalton. If your friend is near that #42 one of the tornadoes may have hit them or was very close. You may want to call them. Rick
  8. Did you get took on it? I learned a long time ago as long as you are happy with it you did OK. As far as the 223 round? I agree. I don't much care for 223. For those who think it's OK cause the military uses it? When the military went to it the thought was that it would wound more than kill (this was a talking point to congress when they were trying to justify dumping the 7.62 NATO cartridge). A wounded solder eats up resources. 2 stretcher bearers, a medic and an armed security man to get the wounded soldier off the field of battle. Plus that hurts moral. Then vehicles or air to move the soldier to a medical treatment facility. Then the doctors, nurses and staff to care for the wounded plus of course the needed medical supplies to threat the soldier. On paper it looks good. In reality a hard pressed enemy will just leave the wounded lay for you to pick up and expend assets on. Or declare it an act of God and leave em to die. So that doesn't work out too well. Of course they were also thinking about the weight a soldier could carry. Seems kinda silly that they are worried about that and are now teaching infantry to triple tap, 2 in the chest and one in the head even with the rifle. Rick
  9. Nice setup. You guys don't spoil the grandkids do ya? Rick
  10. The storms early in the morning did some wind damage here. My daughters yard right up the hill from me about 200 yards had 5 big red oaks suffer major damage. Didn't touch the house. The tornadoes were about 14 hours later. 4 AM and 6PM. Rick
  11. Tornadoes touched down yesterday in west MN by Dalton, Ashby and south of Vining. Some damage. Tornado more The man killed is well known to my wife and I. His father was a groomsman at our wedding. Seth himself was a young father. We feel this loss deeply because of his children and his widow. I know this will be a terrible blow to his mother and his dad. Rest in peace Seth. Rick
  12. You hit the nail on the head. While we don't like to admit it corruption is part of human nature. I don't care if it's a government official elected or not including LEOs, a business leader or a preacher running a mega church. The reason that corruption is part of human nature is that greed is part of human nature. We all want more. Even the hyper wealthy either want more money or power. We in the west like to pretend that corruption doesn't exist. Other than a handful of western European countries, the US and Canada corruption is a way of life. Eastern Europe, Russia, most of the Mid East, Africa, India China, South East Asia, all of south America and Mexico it's part of daily life. Starts at the lowest levels and goes up from there. Little bribe here and there just to get anything done. I'm not saying it's right. Just the way things are. Rick
  13. This all started a while ago. They started telling kids in school to expect respect. So the kids sucked it up. my own daughter came home and told me that I had to respect her. When I ask her why? What had she done to EARN respect I got that deer in the headlights look. But other parents didn't notice that. Add in the government started calling public assistance "entitlements". That's another load of BS. An entitlement is earned. But we, the voting public let them get away with it. And this is exactly what they were trying to build. A whole generation who thought the world owed them something even though they didn't earn a darned thing. Rant over! Rick
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