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  1. True but production numbers are not that important in the grand scheme of things. The actual prices are going to reflect speculation based on global supply. No, because global production affects everything in today's markets Look, I know that the USDA's numbers are off. Nothing you, me or anyone else can do much about that. Do I see a conspiracy? NO. What I see are production numbers. Total for the world. The higher that actual production number is the lower the price. The lower the numbers the higher the price. I've seen that ever sense I started watching those numbers back in 1972. Yea little things like grain embargoes can effect those prices to an extent too. What that does is create a temporary surplus. Famine in another part of the world creates a temporary demand. The USDA numbers will affect markets for a couple of months. When the crop actually comes in and the numbers start to tell the markets adjust. Always has. Don't know about the reat of the country but hardly anyone is moving much grain here. The few guys who lack storage sell at harvest. Gotta take what they can get. Lot of the guys with storage already contracted before the numbers came out. So these numbers that just came out? Who knows? Rick
  2. The old M60 series tank used an air cooled diesel V12. When those engines let go 17 gallons of hot oil was in the belly of the tank in a fraction of a second. Pus the fuel tanks were on either side of the engine and when full held 375 gallons of fuel. It also wasn't uncommon to have a cell ruptured by flying debris from the oil pan or block as a rod went through something. Now when we still had those tanks in Europe we kept a combat load of ammo on board. Mostly HEAT (high explosive anti tank) and Sabot. But always 13 rounds of HEP (high explosive plastic) and WP (white phosphorus) in the vertical storage rack. But 63 main gun rounds for the M68 105MM gun. We were maneuvering in the German countryside when a call came over the net. One of the tanks in our platoon had blown the engine and a fire resulted. The crew had pulled the mounted fire extinguishers and they had discharged into the engine compartment. Flames died down and as soon as the CO2 dissipated it flared back up. There were flames leaping out of the rear deck grill doors about 5 feet of so. They were very concerned that the fire would get into the crew compartment and set the ammo off. So much so that an officer tried to order the crew to open said grill door and use 5 pound CO2 hand held extinguishers to try to put the fire out. Absolutely no way to do that without someone getting burned badly. He was worried about an "international incident" if the tank exploded. Our BN Commander relieve that guy. Luckily the German FD showed up and seeing as were were in a rural area they had blankets used to smother a fire like that. No one got hurt. The tank commander, friend of mine, had stayed on top of the turret long enough to radio for help and to respond to the order to open the grill doors with "sir, I don't understand what you mean, can you drive over here and show us?". Closest German civilian was over a mile away and in no danger. But the point is had we been in a small town of village evacuation would have been the correct solution. Nothing there worth dying for. Rick
  3. AH but we have a global economy now. They are growing lots of beans and corn in South America. You can lay the blame for that when a president decided to use food as a weapon and embargoed grain to the USSR. Countries like the USSR greased a lot of palms to get other nations to grow more food and they themselves drastically increased their farming technology. Russia now exports wheat. Brazil and Argentina are exporting massive amounts of corn and beans. Heck a couple of years ago it was cheaper for ethanol plants on the Gulf Coast to import corn from Brazil than it was to buy it in the mid west and either sip via rail or barge. So farmers today have to look outside our borders too. But it boils down to supply and demand. A speculator is not going to buy corn at 5 dollars when he thinks it will sell for 4. He buys when he thinks he can make money. Rick
  4. LOL that was meant to be sarcastic. About the only thing our representatives are interested in is their paycheck and mugging for the news cams. Rick
  5. WOW, sad state of affairs. Son in laws brother ran into a burning machine shed. Got a 1086, IH utility (don't know the model) and a 1480 combine out. Was at his father in laws place. I though his father in law was going to kill him. Said everything was insured and there was "no need to risk life and limb" over a couple of tractors and a combine. He didn't want his grand kids growing up without their father. Hope Steve pulls thought this OK. Rick
  6. Don't know about the cooking but I bet she ain't no slouch at the dinner table.....🤡 Rick
  7. Man it's am government alphabet agency. The FBI is a joke. So is the TSA. So is the ATF. So is the CIA. So is the EPA. Let toss the good old IRS in there for good measure. And you expect the USDA to get it right? Heck look at the DEA and the war on drugs. They are making estimates based on the way they are allowed to collect data. You got a problem with that call your representatives and tell em you want this problem fixed right now. Rick
  8. OK, The Ferguson came out in 1946. I hope it was superior to the 9 and 2 Ns. The 8N had the 4 speed transmission and the same HP as the 20. Had both position and draft control on the 3 point. So at the same HP, and both being rates as 2 bottom tractors both at 23 HP. I seriously doubt the 20 would outwork the 8N. But overall? Yea I believe the 20 was slightly superior just because it had the OHV engine. I've wondered for years why Ford stayed with the flat head, that was just dumb IMO. Both would leak oil on the brakes. New seals made with today's materials will fix both tractors. Most of you guy don't like the N's cause they far outsold them ugly H's. Heck someone had to do it......🤣! And you don't like em cause today they hold value better than an H too 🤣🤣!! Yes the 9N originally had an aluminum hood. Highly sought after by collectors in case one of you guys find one. No, not me. They had cracking problems and as someone else said were replaced with steel. PTO setup is the lever under the seat behind where your left foot goes. Rick
  9. Yea but even without those numbers the markets would still do that. Want to place the blame for poor prices? Look at supply and demand. If you over produce prices go down. If you under produce prices go up. It's really that simple. Want to see beans and corn go up? Next year get every grower to plant 20% less. Instead of making it a buyers market make it a sellers market. And no don't blame it on people wanting cheap food. Not when you are planting acres of corn and beans that will never get close to the dinner table. If we were that hard up for cheap food the government would not allow acreage to be wasted on BIO and ethanol and other non food products. Rick
  10. Yes.That is because a commander has to launch an IIRC Article 32?? investigation as part of court martial proceedings. Basically the commander is responsible to insure that the charges being brought are actually justified. Their career can actually hang in the balance. And that is basically to prevent the abuse of power. Very good question. But not if you are a Clinton supporter. I keep telling people, I voted for Trump not because I supported him. I voted against broomhillary. OH? What about a community organizer, narcissist, opportunist former president? Funny how you fail to mention him. Or how about a draft dodging, womanizing, lying former president? Why don't/didn't you call them out? Under the American (not USSR) legal system they have to have enough to convict. And basically they said there wasn't enough of this thing called evidence to secure a conviction. ANd that's what they said. Because the thinking of the liberals we are supposed to get free medicare for all (never mind that seniors have to buy extra insurance under part B out of pocket) and free college. Never mind no one has a viable plan to pay for it except to raise everyone's taxes, not just the rich or businesses. And while Trump is in office no one is going to buy off on that. Some, union trolls believe that Trump will destroy the unions. Even though as president he doesn't have that power. But they fear him so they spread lies and disinformation. Rick
  11. I still fail to see a conspiracy. Look at any other government agency. The FBI fails to catch about 30% of bank robbers. The CIA has a terrible track record. The Military controlling money is a joke. Like I say, they base their numbers off of data collected by old methods. Those come from reports to local farm service offices by farmers, crop insurance, grain with a lean on it. Modern techniques are better but the government hasn't forked over the money to buy it. The USDA is like any other government agency. When they pass a budget they get told how much gets spent and where it gets spent at. X amount for building new buildings. X amount to maintain old buildings. X amount to renovate buildings. And no, they by law cannot cross those monies over. So if congress doesn't authorize the money for new technology they have to use what they have. Heck they even watch transferring money around at lower levels. When the unit I was in was supposed to turn in our M60A3 tanks for M1 tanks it was decided that we would inspect and repair out old tanks and they would be inspected by Anderson Army Depot and transferred to the TX Nation Guard. Our BN was first. They allocated 25,000 dollars per tank. BN set a target of 10,000 thinking they could fold the extra money into training. They day the last tank was turned in the bean counters stepped in and took every cent of the unspent money back. When the next BN started to turn tanks in they spent the full 25K per tank. Took em half the time. And in the end? All those tanks had to go into rebuild because TX rejected ours. They were pretty sad. So I don't see this as a deliberate thing. What really controls the market is supply and demand. Rick
  12. I think this is where the old way of estimating is being surpassed by technology. And like any government agency that technology has to be proven before they are allowed to actually use it. A son in law was an electrical engineering student at UND in Grand Forks ND 15 years ago and was in on the development of some of the new crop monitoring technology being used today. He had printouts he could show me and explained how they were figuring things. Pretty interesting. But do I see a conspiracy? No! The method they use is based on the amount of grain stored by the farmer that has leans against that stored grains for government backed loans and based on average yields and number of acres planted. That's not the basis for a real accurate estimate. Sorry, I just don't see dirty work going on. Rick
  13. No, I don't have a problem with all democrats. I do however have a problem with both billy boy and broomhillary and obozo. If you bother to go and look at things I said in the past I almost always talk about the Carter/Reagan recession. Even though the economy crashed under Jimmy's watch. Do I think Carter was a good president? No. But he wasn't fully responsible for the recession. Things happened there no one could control. Trump may have been registered as a democrat but action speak louder than words. And his actions don't show him to be a democrat. Maybe an old school democrat. And I don't particularly like him either. I voted for him not to support him. What I really did was vote against broomhillary. And no that's not sexiest. I have no problem with the idea of a woman president. I just have a problem with the idea of that woman as the president. Several other women out there I would not vote for either. But women like Margret Thatcher have proven that they can be tough effective leaders on the world stage. Rick
  14. LOL no idea. Just pointing out that higher HP was available for the BTO of that day. So did they opt for the bigger tractor? Or did the opt for another 450 and hire another operator? And back then lot of farmers paid under the table and or with providing room and board were not required to pay minimum wage. Heck of a lot of farm jobs were X a month plus room and board. Rick
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