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  1. Actually the opioid problem is somewhat overblown. They think that about 200,000 Americans are addicted to opioids with at worst 47,000 dying a year from them. Now do the math. 47,000 is what percent of 320,000,000? Heck 1 full percent of the us population is 3.2 million people. So about .065% have a opioid problem. Now not all of those got addicted by illegal means. A bunch were injured and became addicted because they were over medicated by doctors. I would not call .065% a huge problem but if I were trying to draw attention to that problem I would not state it as .065%. I claim it was a huge problem and try to keep the actual numbers out of it. But even then saying 200,000 sounds way worse than .065%. Heck they figure that not counting tobacco that about 20,000,000 Americans are addicted to drugs and or alcohol. That's still under 1% of the total population. These figures are from the government. Not plucked out of thin air and anyone can readily do a quick search and find these numbers. Now the feds spend about 32 BILLION a year on the war on drugs. Drugs are easily available just about anywhere you go in the US. And the evidence is in. That's not even creating a speed bump to the drug traffickers. Come up with a way to spend that money that will work? I'll back it 100%. But I fail to see where it's worked at all. I believe the key here is the money. Take the profit out of it and it will take care of itself. Rick
  2. OK Tony, Indonesian drug laws are harsh. If you are caught with marijuana you can get up to twenty years in jail. Other drugs carry jail terms of up to twelve years, and the sale of drugs is punishable by death. And they execute people every year. And people including foreign nationals are sentenced to death and EXECUTED every year. And they keep trying. Plus their prisons make ours look like country clubs. So just how is prison time going to work? I said I don't have the answers. I wish I did. And no, I too think our prisons are too nice. When roughly 80% of convicts will wind up back in prison within a year or 2 of release for a similar crime it's not a deterrent. Most prisons should just install revolving doors. I bet I could cut our costs of operating a prison in half without any early release. Rick
  3. Tony I think where Indy and I agree is that we at local, state and federal levels are spending an heck of of a lot of money fighting drugs and in no manner shape or form are we even making a dent in supply. With the crazy amounts of money involved if they seize 20 Keys of Cocaine within hours if not minutes the cartel that suffered the loss has a replacement batch in the pipeline. Supply and distribution doesn't suffer much if at all. Heck this stuff is terrible and the money unbelievable. The money is so good that people will risk their lives to smuggle drugs into countries that have the death penalty for possession of drugs. So we know death isn't a show stopper. Nor is jail. And the money is so great that people are willing to risk their freedom and or life. My oldest son is a volunteer EMT in Henning MN population about 800 . If you look at a map they cover an area that includes Vining MN (pop 78) Clitheral MN (105) and Deer Creek (319) . He tells us that at least 1 or 2 calls a week are from drug overdoses. But a mostly rural area. While he can't say anything about particular cases he can tell us how many of those calls are drug related. Now with a large elderly population they get a lot of heart attacks, strokes, woke up dead and lift assists. After the elderly? It's the druggies. The old government way of fixing things by throwing money at it hasn't worked. CA turning into a cesspool has more to do with sanctuary policies and the open to homeless cities than it does with drugs. Granted many of the illegals are involved in the drug trade as many of the homeless have drug or booze problems. But CA's problems are not solely caused by drugs. It's cause by crooked politicians trying to lure people in who will continue to vote them into office. They are being slick about it. Instead of trying to fudge votes by rezoning districts they just invite people in who will either vote illegally with the approval of the party or will vote for the side that will allow this crap to go on. The same type of people are the ones here in MN who want to make the twin cities sanctuary cities. Heck the governor would like to do that with the state but most of the rural areas are firmly against that. I'm guessing that soon MN will legalize pot. Rick
  4. Yea they all move in the same direction. Unlike the tiller of yesteryear where the front tines pulled the tiller along or a rear tine with conventional tine rotation in the same directing as the tires the tires are driven and the tines rotate as a unit in the opposite direction. I think almost all rear tine tillers counter rotate today. Rick
  5. We have a counter rotating tiller now that I got new a couple of years ago. It's easy enough to run that my 63 year old 115 pound wife can run with ease. The tires drive it forward and the tines more or less work against the tires. I went with Husqvarna because of the quality of a local dealer. Rick
  6. My mom bought one years ago. Yea Troy Built. Except she got a rear tine with conventional turning tines. In soft ground not bad. In hard ground or sod? It would pull you all over the place. Things was old and burning oil. When I retired from the Army. mom ask me to put a new engine on it and then gave it to my sister! I was not sorry to see it go. I never saw and evidence that they ever used it! That same year I got a counter rotating model that was a dream to use. Rick
  7. Thanks, still thinking about it. Don't know if I'm ready to pull the trigger on something or not. Got a choice of 2 JD dealer nets here. The one that got me mad or RDO. Guess I'll have to swing my RDO next time I'm in town that way. Rick
  8. Google what type of grants they would have qualified for. Should be easy enough to find out. Only really good grant programs I know of in recent history were only for minorities and women trying to farm unless WI has a state grant? Rick
  9. Hate to say it but to an extent I have to agree. I really doubt the wall will effect illegal immigration and I know it won't effect drugs at all. Illegal drugs are worth about 270 million a day in the US. With that kind of money involved something like the wall isn't even a speed bump. Have you seen footage of some of the tunnels they have dug between San Diego and Tijuana? Or the potato type cannons they are shooting drugs over the areas where the wall is built? I don't think much of liberals in general but sometimes they can be right. We did a 45 day border mission in 95. Mex, AZ border. Observe and report only. In 45 days we reported one semi crossing illegally which was caught, full of illegals and one single person who turned out to be a US citizen who would walk across the border to a little Mex bar, got drunk and staggered back. That's it, 45 days. Why we were watching that area is beyond me. Best I can figure is good ole Billy boy had us there, where nothing was happening, to prove how tuff he was on illegals. Rick
  10. Asking and selling are 2 different things. Rick
  11. Who in the current climate would be crazy enough to to start one up? I'm not in favor of the big corporation farms but the small 30-40 cow dairy is dead, just hasn't fallen over yet. I don't see that as a success. Ain't gonna bring back the small dairy. I know here that the banker doesn't want to talk to you unless you are willing to milk at least 80 head and they really like 100 or more. No way at current prices to get started unless someone is giving you the start up capital or you are going to inherit/take over an already operational farm with little to no debt load. I know here in MN the politicians are paying lip service to the plight of the small farm. Lip service because they at best will pass some type of low interest loan money but that's it. A farm today has to be able to support a family at todays standards. This is 2019, not 1919. That is the farm has to be able to pay the farmer 60-80K over operating costs. This "well they can do without stuff" doesn't cut it. That's exactly why JR goes off to college and only visits the farm till dad dies and then sells it as quick as he can. You want JR to stay the farm has to pay dad that 60-80K a year and be able to pay JR 60-80K a year too. And no, most people are not willing to work a full time job plus farm on the side. A few, very driven people? Sure. But again, unless the land is handed to you or you win the lottery a crushing debt load will quickly kill that dream. Just how I see it in the current economic conditions. Rick
  12. Ford issued a a safety recall for about 1.2 million Explorer SUVs in the U.S. due to a suspension issue that could lead to a dangerous crash. The auto company said it issued a safety recall on select 2011 to 2017 models of Ford Explorer vehicles after a consumer reported hitting the curb when the rear suspension toe link of the individual’s Explorer broke. Rick
  13. Depending on the state of the ones who have legalized pot some are taxing it so high that it's cheaper to buy illegally. That's been in the news lately. So that ain't helping. Rick
  14. Tow it 150 KM????🤣😈 Sorry couldn't resist. Rick
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